The Autumn War Editing Phase

Now that all of the versions of Goetic Justice on the various stores and websites are up to parity, and I’ve had a bit of a rest, I’m beginning editing work on the Autumn War. I’m aiming for a schedule of 20,000 words a day, with an ETA of 26 days, but due to the extreme length of the story, I will likely need to take rest days here and there to prevent burnout. As such, it will almost certainly end up a little longer than that estimate.

The Goetic Justice audiobook has passed quality control and is currently being distributed to retailers. I don’t mean to keep teasing you guys, I just have no control over the process once the files have been sent off to the distributor. As soon as it goes live and is available for purchase, it’ll be in your hands and inside your ears. I will of course need to take a day off editing to handle the launch.

Just an FYI, since the Autumn War is being restructured into four volumes (and four separate pages on the site), I will be removing the draft story from the website at some point. If you’re still reading through the draft version or you want to keep it for any reason, I would recommend downloading it or saving it pretty soon.

For the time being, you’ll be able to follow the editing progress here:

The featured artwork is by SickJoe: