Friendly Competition

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James downed his second shot of whiskey, trying to ignore the fumes from the cigarettes and cigars that clouded the air in the recreational facility. The haze of grey smoke swirled around the ceiling fans as they spun lazily, their dingy light illuminating rows of tables and booths, most of which were occupied. The sound of other UNN personnel and a few aliens socializing and playing pool behind him distracted him as he tried to enjoy his drink. He was new to the Pinwheel, and he had just shipped in with another two dozen recruits to undergo Marine training. After some basic orientation, he and the other recruits had been set loose into the massive space station to explore, and James had found himself alone at the bar. He’d had no direction besides for the colorful lines that were painted on the floor of the station, so he had followed the one that had promised recreation, and here he was.

It was all rather overwhelming. He had gone from the strict regimen of a planetside boot camp to being thrust into this new environment with no instructions other than to be present for roll call the next morning. This place had a different vibe, it was still a military installation by any measure, yet things felt more laid back. The people who were stationed here treated it as their home, that much was obvious from the way that they carried themselves, and the way that they interacted with each other. The fear of addressing a superior incorrectly, or doing something wrong seemed entirely absent. Marines, aliens, engineers, and even civilians mingled freely when they were off-duty. The recreational center was bustling with activity, and James felt like an outcast among them. He didn't know anybody yet, and without the structure that boot camp had provided, he felt lost.

He took another sip of his beverage and turned to watch his new colleagues, crowding their tables as they drank and ate, the murmur of a hundred overlapping conversations filling the room. Aliens and humans alike competed at games such as pool and poker, laughing riotously, or cursing at their bad luck. He watched a Marine pat the broad shoulder of his Krell companion in encouragement, the giant reptile puffing on a cigar as it lined up a shot with its pool cue, their cohorts around the table cheering as they watched the play.

Despite the mellow atmosphere in the facility, everyone wore their uniforms, variations of the same blue jumpsuits that denoted their positions in the hierarchy. There were a few standouts, engineers wearing yellow overalls, and civilians wearing casual clothes, but the room was a sea of Navy blue for the most part.

James did not yet understand the social dynamic here, people formed cliques and insular communities wherever you went, and he wasn't sure how to approach them. Logic dictated that he should make friends with some of the other recruits, there was safety in numbers, yet he seemed to be the only one who had made their way here so far.

He was alone at the bar, people came up to order drinks and food before departing, but nobody sat beside him on the vacant stools. Just as he was about to cut his losses and make his way back to the barracks, something large and heavy took up a seat to his right. He glanced up at the figure through the haze of smoke and was alarmed to see a Borealan sitting beside him.

The alien was huge, eight feet tall at least, and apparently female. Her weight was enough to depress the stool that she was sitting on, the large spring that coiled around the metal support compressing to sink her down level with the bar, apparently designed to accommodate multiple species. Her sandy-blonde hair was cut into a short bob, and a pair of round, furry ears protruded from the top of her head. She wore the same blue uniform as the other personnel, and he could make out more fur on her exposed hands, the same straw color as that of her hair. Her fingers were tipped with black claws, making her look like she was wearing novelty monster gloves. Her long, digitigrade legs gave her away as truly alien, however. They were furred like her hands, ending in paw-like feet, the alien foregoing shoes. From a hole in the back of her Navy uniform trailed a long, furry tail that flicked idly as she shifted her weight to get comfortable. There was no fur on her face, which was remarkably human in appearance, save for the flat brow and the pink, feline nose. Her skin was a healthy tan color, her eyes a striking amber, reflecting the light in the dimly-lit bar like those of a cat.

James had been informed about Borealans, or rather warned. They were members of the multi-species Coalition to which the UNN belonged, and they were allied with humanity in the war against the Bugs. They were notoriously ill-tempered, and there was a whole list of do's and don'ts when it came to interacting with them, unlike the Krell who were said to be friendly to a fault.

The alien lit an e-cigarette, taking a long draw, then exhaling another cloud of smoke to join the smog that lingered in the air. James averted his gaze, not wishing to anger her, turning his attention back to his beverage. She slammed her dinner-plate sized hand down on the counter, making him jump out of his skin, the wicked talons that tipped her fingers rapping on the imitation wood.

Barkeep, raises the hair.”

James didn't understand the request, but soon realized that it was a drink as the bartender slid an enormous glass across the counter and into her waiting hand. She lifted the pink beverage to her lips and took a sip, then noticed that he was looking at her. A few emotions crossed her face in sequence. At first, her flat brow furrowed, and she wrinkled her feline nose at him. Then, her expression turned more sly, and she placed her drink back on the counter as she examined him with her feline eyes.

What's this?” she purred, “fresh meat? What are you staring at, you so muddy you've never met a Borealan before?”

Muddy, a term used by those in the service and the well-traveled to refer to people who had never left the surface of a planet before, in reference to the terrestrial dirt that they liked to imagine still caked their boots. He was indeed muddy, but he didn't want to admit to that, especially not to the first person who had engaged him in conversation so far. He fought against the instinctual desire to skulk out of view of the massive predator, choosing to assert himself instead. It was perhaps ill-advised, but she couldn't do much to harm him in this crowded venue if he messed up.

I know what a Borealan is,” he replied, trying to appear more confident than he really was.

Her ears twitched, swiveling to focus on him. He wasn't quite sure what her reaction would be, but then she laughed jovially and gave him a playful punch to the arm that almost knocked him off his seat. She took another draw from her beverage, drinking around her e-cigarette in a way that he found extremely loutish.

And what are you doing here, little recruit?” she asked. She must have noticed the rank insignia on his lapel, or rather the lack of one. “You an alcoholic, or are you just lost? Drinking alone, has to be one of the two.”

She had caught him out, and he couldn't think of a way to spin his situation positively.

Well...I'm not an alcoholic.”

She chuckled at that, he seemed to be making a good impression so far. The insignia on her considerable bust identified her as a PFC, a Private First Class, not dramatically more qualified than he was. She might not have been here for much longer than he had, though she was still his superior.

How about you?” James asked. “You're drinking alone too.”

I'm not drinking alone, I'm drinking with you.”

And what are you drinking?”

She raised the glass so that he could see it, it looked like fruit juice, pink champagne maybe.

Raises the hair, a drink from my home planet. I can't abide that poison humans make. I want to get buzzed, not black out, and have my liver shut down.”

It sounded like Borealans couldn't handle their alcohol, maybe there was some biological reason for that, but he suspected that raises the hair was little more than fruit punch.

So why did you come to the bar?” she continued, taking another puff of her cigarette. “Most of the new recruits end up in the tourist quarter, or they hang around the barracks because they're too scared to leave on their own.”

I followed the painted line on the floor, and it took me here,” James replied with a shrug. “I didn't know that recreation meant a bar. Well, it's not just a bar, but I don't know anyone yet, and I'm not about to intrude on card games played between Marines and Krell.”

Those big dumb lizards love their games,” she grumbled, turning to get a look at the expansive room behind them. “Most Borealans spend their free time at the gym, we're not used to downtime, and this low gravity plays hell with our muscle mass.”

Now that she brought it up, she really was huge. He could make out the outline of her biceps through the sleeves of her uniform, and her thighs were similarly packed with muscle. Her physique wasn’t quite as pronounced as that of a bodybuilder, but she was certainly in very good shape, a product of the high gravity of her home planet if what she said was true. She was large in other ways, too. Her bosom strained against her jumpsuit, appropriately sized for someone of her stature, but each one must have been larger than his head. He quickly averted his gaze, and requested a refill from the bartender, handing over some more UN currency as the man poured his drink.

So...what is there to do on this station?” he asked.

She scoffed and blew a cloud of cigarette smoke into his face, James waving his hand to clear the air as he coughed.

What am I, a tour guide? Go check it out for yourself, pretty sure that's what you're supposed to be doing right now, not sulking at the bar. You're not going to make any friends if you don't talk to people.”

I'm talking to you,” he shot back, and she exposed her sharp teeth in a grin.

I think technically I'm talking to you, but it's a start. You're pretty feisty, what's your name?”

It's James.”

Well, James, didn't they brief you on how to interact with Borealans, or do you just not care?”

You don't seem too ill-tempered to me,” he replied, taking another drink from his glass. “I figure if you've not clawed my face off so far, I'm probably in the clear.”

Hey, I'm a civilized Borealan,” she replied. “I don't make a point of clawing up humans.” She leaned in closer to whisper to him, her pink lips an inch from his ear. “Not unless they ask me to.”

He wasn't sure what she meant by that, choking on the drink he had been in the process of sipping as she laughed at his reaction.

Datz, have you found a new human to torment?”

Her expression turned sour, and she spun around on the bar stool to look over her shoulder, her fuzzy ears swiveling to track the source of the voice. Another Borealan was walking towards them from the entrance, this one a head taller than his drinking companion. She was covered in a thick coat of snow-white fur from head to toe, patterned with circular, black markings. Her hair was shoulder-length, slate-grey in color. James wasn't sure what to make of it, all of the Borealans he had seen so far had been mostly naked, much in the same way that humans were. They had fur on their forearms and lower legs, along with their tails, but their skin was smooth save for that. It was another female, even more endowed than Datz was, she might have been downright fat if her weight hadn't been distributed so...attractively. She looked like she was built for cold weather, with wide hips and a paunchy belly that protruded beneath her civilian clothing. This one wasn't military, her abundant chest was stuffed into a white lab coat, and she wore a black skirt that was riding up on her round thighs. Perhaps she was medical or science staff?

She passed by Datz, who scowled at her as she took up a seat on the stool to James' left, the spring creaking under her bulk as her ample rear spilled over the sides of the cushion. James had never seen a creature with such sheer mass before, besides the reptilian Krell, who were used as living tanks and battering rams.

He found himself sandwiched between the two giant Borealans, pressing down on him from both sides as the bartender looked on sympathetically, drying a glass with a rag.

What are you doing down here, Railha?” Datz spat.

I'm off-duty, just the same as you. Now, who is this human that I've just rescued from your boorish company?”

Her accent sounded odd, almost Russian to his ears.

I'm James,” he replied sheepishly. The alien called Railha shook her giant head and turned her attention back to Datz.

Still preying on the new recruits, Datz? I would have thought you might have set your sights a little higher by now.”

What business is it of yours?” Datz replied, taking a long draw of her e-cigarette before continuing. “This one doesn't need a tetanus least not yet.”

Railha must be some kind of doctor then, and the two knew each other? James suddenly felt as if he was sitting between two angry dogs who were about to go at it, but they had involved him in their conversation now, and he was unable to slink away without them noticing.

Are you lost, little one?” Railha asked. She looked down at him with her sapphire-blue eyes, framed by the dark patterning on her fur, spots and rings like coffee stains that must have been camouflage. It gave the impression that she was wearing some kind of mask, like a raccoon, or something that one might wear to a masquerade ball.

He's fine,” Datz blurted before he could reply. “He knows where he is, ain't that right, James?”

He looked back and forth between them, unsure of how to respond, nursing his drink uncomfortably.

Oh, we're overwhelming the poor thing,” Railha crooned. “He might never have seen an alien before today if he's come straight from Earth.”

You're the one overwhelming him, puffball,” Datz grumbled over another mouthful of her pink beverage. “We were getting along just fine before you showed up.”

Datz and I are good friends,” Railha clarified. “And by that, I mean she hates me, and we spend all of our time together arguing.”

Maybe I should go,” James said apologetically, beginning to rise from his seat. He felt two heavy hands on his shoulders, the aliens to his left and right preventing him from leaving. He sank back into his seat, and Datz patted him on the back with a little too much force, knocking the wind out of him.

Stick around kid, we're having a good time,” she said as she blew another cloud of acrid smoke in his direction.

Now now, let's not be too hasty,” Railha chuckled. “You're new to the Pinwheel, and we should be making you feel at home. Isn't that right, Datz?”

You only want him because I want him,” the dark-skinned Borealan replied bitterly. This situation was rapidly spiraling out of control. James was out of his element, he had to find a way to turn this around before he ended up in the middle of a literal cat fight. do you two know each other?” he volunteered. “Are you from the same city, maybe?”

Datz laughed at that, then realized that he wasn't joking.

Fuck no. I'm from Elysia, and she's a Polar, are you really that muddy?”

Calm down, Datz,” Railha cooed. “Maybe he doesn't know the difference. He's new here, we should be teaching him the ropes, not berating him for being uninformed.” She puffed her chest out proudly, very nearly concussing him with her breasts as he leaned out of her way to avoid them. “I'm a Polar, our bodies are furred because we come from the polar region of Borealis, which has a very cold climate. Humans consider my people friendly and sophisticated, and we pride ourselves on our social prowess. Datz is an Equatorial...the other race,” she said dismissively. “Don't worry, she's gone through the integration program, so she isn't quite feral.”

Keep it up, and I'll show ya feral,” Datz snarled. James leaned back towards Railha, alarmed.

Don't make threats that you can't deliver on, Datz,” Railha chuckled. “I've had to patch you up enough times to know that you're all hiss and no claw.”

The Equatorial grumbled and took another draw from her massive glass, downing what must have been half a liter of the pink liquid in one go. James wasn't sure if getting drunk would make her more or less sociable.

Elysians are warriors,” she muttered, “Polars think they can solve all of their problems by talking. Cowardly, if you ask me.”

I don't believe that he did,” Railha replied. James felt as if he was going to melt into the floor. It was hard to tell if this was banter between friends or genuine aggression, he had no idea how to read Borealan social cues. Datz’s ears were flicking, and her tail was winding along the floor behind her stool, a sign of irritation perhaps.

A-a round on me,” he blurted, trying to diffuse the tension. “What are you having?”

Now that's more like it,” Datz said, “I'll have another one of these.” She tapped her glass with her black claws and leaned across the counter to wave over the bartender.

James looked to Railha, who seemed to be considering as she scratched her furry chin pensively.

Well, I won't refuse, it would be ill-mannered of me. I'll have the same.”

The bartender poured two more glasses of the pink liquid and passed them to the aliens, James ordering another shot of whiskey, at this point just to steady his nerves.

So, James,” Railha began as she took a conservative sip of her drink. “Are you from Earth, or one of the colonies?”

I'm from Earth.”

And how long have you been on the station?”

Just one day, I'm still getting my bearings.”

Sounds like you need somebody to show you around, what do you say I give you the tour?”

Before he could reply, Datz slammed her furry fist on the counter, making her glass of pink liquid jump.

I saw this one first,” she growled, “go find your own.”

Railha smirked, leaning on the bar and resting her head in her hand as she batted her long lashes at the snarling Equatorial. Her chest spilled across the counter from within the confines of her lab coat, James struggling to keep his eyes off the furry cleavage that was visible through her open collar.

If you're not able to keep it, then it doesn't belong to you, isn't that the Elysian philosophy?”

James was growing increasingly nervous, he wasn't sure what they were implying exactly, but he didn't particularly want to leave with either of them. It felt as if they were about to come to blows, and one misplaced claw swipe could probably sever his head from his shoulders. A plan was forming, however. Datz had let on that her species couldn't handle much alcohol, and judging by the way that Railha was sipping at her drink, the same must be true for her too. If he could get them both wasted, then he might be able to slip away. It was worth a shot.

I have an idea,” he said, and the aliens turned their attention to him. “When humans want to resolve an argument, they have a competition. If they're in a bar, then a drinking competition is customary. Whoever can drink the most alcohol wins.”

I don't know if you're aware,” Railha began, “but Borealans can't metabolize alcohol very well. Anything much stronger than traditional drinks from the homeworld will floor us pretty quickly.”

Then the argument won't take long to resolve!”

Railha considered for a moment, scratching her fluffy chin with her black claw again, then Datz leaned across the bar with a determined expression on her face.

I'll do it,” she hissed, “Elysians never turn down a challenge.”

James turned to look up at Railha expectantly, and after a moment of hesitation, she shrugged.

Very well, I also accept the challenge.”

May the best...alien win,” James said, calling over the bartender.

What are we drinking?” Datz asked. “Raises the hair, or some human drink? Railha, you know medicine, what is safe?”

Wine should be safe for us to drink in large quantities. It's similar in taste to raises the hair, and while the alcohol content is far higher, it should not be immediately dangerous. We would lose our faculties long before it did our bodies any lasting damage.”

James ordered a bottle from the bartender, realizing when neither of his companions offered up any credits that he was expected to pay for it all. Good job they couldn't handle their drink, or he'd be eating MREs for the next couple of weeks...

The portly man placed a shot glass in front of both aliens, then set a bottle of red wine before James, who was starting to suspect that he was a mute. Maybe he was just used to dealing with Borealans and found it best to stay out of their way. It certainly seemed wise from where James was sitting.

So, how do we do this?” Railha asked as she took the first shot glass in her hand. It was minute in her giant, sausage-like fingers, as if she was holding a glass from a dollhouse.

You drink at the same time, and the first one to quit or pass out loses,” James explained.

Datz picked up a glass too and waved it at James, who filled it with wine. It was all rather absurd, drinking wine in shot glasses as if it were the strongest vodka known to man. But as long as it did its job, he might be able to weasel his way out of this situation before either of the aliens laid claim to him.

Datz was the first to go, slamming the drink and grimacing as she swallowed it, glaring defiantly at Railha. The Polar followed suit, downing the glass of red wine in one gulp, and placing her shot glass back on the counter. James suppressed a smirk as he refilled the glasses, watching the aliens take a second shot. It was so hard to take them seriously

I won't lose to you,” Datz spat, “my body is the peak of physical fitness. Unlike you, you...fat hairball.” She had been drinking before the competition had started, and she was already beginning to slur her words. James was starting to worry, the plan wouldn't work if Datz lost outright.

My fat is for insulation,” Railha whispered to James. “My weight is entirely appropriate for my species. Besides, I think I carry it quite well, wouldn't you agree?”

James didn't reply, pouring the pair a third shot as he tried to keep his eyes off her ample bust, her chest straining against the fabric of her white lab coat as it rested heavily on the counter.

Leave him be, we're not done yet,” Datz grumbled. “Besides, you won't get anywhere that way, they don't respond to your Polar conniving.”

They most certainly do,” Railha shot back, “they prefer it. I know from experience.”

Nope,” Datz spat as she raised another glass to her lips and drank it down. “Humans like it when you take charge.”

I'm sitting right here,” James protested, but they ignored him as they continued their feud.

You can't just take them by the hair and have your way with them,” Railha continued. “What if they don't like you? What if they fight back? You'll get in trouble, and they'll throw you in the brig. Did the integration program teach you nothing about human social norms? Besides, they're fragile creatures, you can't just treat them like a subordinate pack member.”

Strength is the norm, they respond to it, as does everyone. Can you honestly say that if the biggest, strongest Patriarch on Borealis took you, you'd fight him off?”

Well...he would certainly have to woo me first,” Railha said as she drank another shot. James had decided to just keep quiet and continue replenishing their drinks, with any luck, they would lose track of how much they had consumed.

Bah, have you seen Patriarch Elysiedde? He looks like he was chiseled from bedrock by artisans, you'd fall on your back and open your fat thighs at the sight of him.”

See, this is the problem with you Equatorials,” Railha said, her own speech now starting to come through a little less eloquent. “No appreciation for romance, all you want to do is fuck like savages, and then go your separate ways. Humans don't like that any more than Polars do, they want to make a connection, they want you to make them feel special and...wanted.”

Say that to the last recruit I had,” Datz laughed, “he wasn't complaining. He wasn't walking straight afterwards, either.”

And will he come back because he can't get you out of his head? Will he bring you gifts and shower you with attention in that adorable way that humans tend to do when you've charmed them?”

What's the point of all that?” Datz asked skeptically. “If I can have him now, why wait? If I want him a second time, or a third, then I'll go fetch him.”

Railha shook her head in disbelief, and sighed, gesturing for James to pour her another shot.

When you eat, do you go straight for the main course, or do you savor the entree? Every subtle taste contributes to the overall dining experience, you want the flavors of your cheeses or your veal to complement and enhance the main course, even the garnish adds to the mood. The strawberry and rhubarb in your pavlova is as much a component of the meal as your suckling pig, the condiments as important as the choice of meats.”

Trust a Polar to compare sex to food,” Datz laughed. “Screw the entree, I want juicy meat and lots of it. When I attend a banquet before the winter, I want my pick of the dishes, and I want to eat my fill until I pass out. No waiting around for the servers to bring me this and that, I want to sink my claws into a freshly roasted carcass and strip it until I see the white of its bones.”

And this is why Elysian cuisine doesn't make it out of Elysia,” Railha said, turning her nose up at her surly companion.

Sex should be raw and violent,” Datz clarified, her eyes glazing over as she daydreamed about the subject. “Like a good fight, you listen to your gut and trust your instincts. If you overthink it, you lose that primal fire.”

Railha shook her head as she drank another helping of wine, what were they on now, five or six shots each?

You know, we have a human in our company, maybe it would be best to just let him decide who is right?” Railha leaned down so that she could whisper into James' ear. He could feel her warm breath on his skin, carrying the scent of wine. “How about it, James? What would you choose?”

His cheeks flushed red, and he looked around momentarily as if someone in the room might be able to help him, but the crowds had thinned as their competition had gone on. Most of the personnel had gone back to their quarters to get some rest before their next shift.

You're already doing it wrong,” Datz complained. “Here, watch this.”

She discarded her cigarette and exhaled a cloud of smoke, then set upon James. She gripped him by the collar and spun him in his chair so that his back was facing the bar, then lifted him out of his seat with the ease that one might lift a doll, slamming him onto the counter and looming over him. She sank her clawed fingers into his hair, gripping him somewhat painfully, then slammed her oversized lips against his. His yelp of surprise was cut short as she forced her long, rough tongue into his mouth, the wet muscle wriggling like some kind of fleshy serpent as she subjected him to a deep and sordid kiss. It just kept coming, like some kind of party trick where a magician would pull a length of ribbons from his pocket, thick and powerful as its tapered tip explored his head. He did his best to fight it off with his own tongue, but the muscle was so wet and vigorous, slimy with her saliva as it bulged his cheeks. He felt it glance the back of his throat, and he choked a little, the organ painting the inside of his mouth as it roved and coiled.

Nobody had ever kissed him like this before, it was wanton and greedy, callous in its indifference to his human limitations. Something about that made his heart hammer in his chest, his legs going weak as she dragged the kiss out. Datz tasted of wine and tobacco, her tongue wrestling with his own as she held him by the hair, her claws pricking his scalp. She had him pinned against the counter, trapped between the fake wood finish, and the weight of her body as her large breasts rested atop his torso. They were so damned heavy, it was like having two military backpacks laden with gear perched on top of him.

Shivers ran down his spine like questing fingers as she licked and mouthed, her lips full and soft as they interlocked clumsily with his own, a strand of her thick saliva escaping to wet his chin as her organ grazed the roof of his mouth. This wasn't a kiss, it was an invasion, crude and bawdy. Yet he couldn't help but push back against her in search of more. His cheeks burned fever hot as he started to see stars dancing before his eyes. He was beginning to run out of air, and with her larger lung capacity, Datz might not even notice. His spine arched off the bar as she delivered an especially deft and salacious swipe with her slippery tongue, his brain fogging.

Just as he was starting to feel as if he might pass out, she released his hair and drew back with a wet smack. A strand of her viscous drool connected her rosy lips to his, before she wiped it away with the back of her hand, grinning down toothily at the panting wreck that she had created.

She lifted him again, and dropped him roughly back into his seat, turning him to face the bar as if nothing had happened. James took a moment to get his bearings as he leaned on the counter for support. His chest was heaving, his heart pounding, an unwelcome erection now straining against the fabric of his underwear.

Look how red he is,” Datz declared to Railha with a wave of her hand. “That's how you woo a human.” She turned her attention back to the beleaguered James and leaned in close, pinching his ear between her sharp teeth before murmuring to him in her husky voice. “If I told you to, you'd come back to my quarters with me, wouldn't you? You'd do anything I wanted, right?”

Before James could stammer his reply, Railha wrapped her long arm around his shoulders, pulling him away from the Equatorial and hugging him against her paunchy body as if to protect him from her. He felt himself sink into her bust, as soft as melting butter, the fluffy fur of her chest tickling the back of his neck where it protruded from her collar. Datz frowned at her, crossing her arms.

Nonsense, I'm sure he's shocked and insulted by your unsolicited advances, isn't that right James? So uncouth...” He didn't reply, still recovering from Datz's invasive kiss. “You just skipped all of the foreplay, there's no tact, no finesse. A kiss should start slow and gentle, then build along with your arousal. It grows more intimate until it reaches a crescendo, where you can't help but fall upon each other. All you did was stick your tongue down his throat,” she added with a disparaging glance towards the scowling Equatorial. Datz slammed another shot of wine, getting comfortable in her seat as if she was about to watch a show.

This is how you're supposed to do it,” Railha declared, cupping James' face in her furry palm and turning him towards her. Her eyes were so stunningly blue, reflective in the low light of the dingy bar, her feline pupils expanding into dark circles. Her unwavering stare sent a fresh shiver rolling down his spine as she leaned closer to him, and again, he felt his heartbeat begin to quicken. Her fur was silky and soft against his cheek, and she stroked him with her padded thumb as she closed in, placating and considerate in comparison to Datz's ruthless attentions.

Relax,” she whispered, her voice low and reassuring. “I won't bite.”

She touched her forehead against his, chuckling softly, then drew him in for a kiss. Her lips were smooth and soft, her first embrace little more than a peck, then she caught his lower lip between her teeth and tugged it gently. All the while her downy hands were cradling his face or stroking his hair, warm and fluffy, the prick of her claws sending pleasant shivers rolling down his spine. He felt as if he were floating on a cloud, surrounded by white velvet as Railha mouthed a little more ardently, slipping her tongue into his mouth ever so slightly to tease him with her copper taste. She too smelled of wine, but it was joined by the wonderful scents of the soaps and perfumes that she must use to treat her fur.

She seemed reluctant to push deeper, modest, and measured in her gentle embrace as though waiting for him to reciprocate. Finally, the teasing became too much for him to bear, an unfamiliar urgency rising in his chest as he met her kiss. He leaned into her inviting body, delving his fingers into the delicate fur on her cheek as she wrapped her arms around him tightly. He felt her hand on the back of his head, another crawling down his spine, her dexterous tongue swirling in his mouth with such practiced skill that it set the hair on his arms standing on end.

She rewarded him with placid strokes and doting flurries, tender and loving, as if she might express some deep longing for him through nothing more than her deft movements. Her organ was just as long and as rough as Datz's had been, but the way that she maneuvered it was so much more sympathetic and subdued. James felt his muscles relax, letting her hold him with a hand on the small of his back for support, her fingers combing his hair and sending pulses of tingling pleasure through his body.

She broke away for a moment, keeping him close, wetting her lips as he panted.

Do you like it? Do you want me to stop?”

God, d-don't stop,” he mumbled. Railha smiled and closed in again, leaning him over so that he was almost prone in her arms, Datz grumbling to herself as she watched them with her drink in hand. This next kiss was stronger and more passionate, her long tongue sliding past his lips and coiling around his own like a snake ensnaring its next meal, his breath coming in sharp gasps whenever she relented a little and gave him room to breathe. It was so thick and meaty, its somewhat rough, feline surface grazing him as she piled more of its obscene length inside. The upper surface was covered in fine barbs, but the underside was just as smooth and as velvety as that of a human, slick with her saliva. She moaned softly as she roved, the sound making his erection throb beneath his clothing, his eyes watering as she explored his throat.

He sucked it and played his tongue over its surface, their slimy flesh entwined in a wonderful dance, Railha relentless in her efforts. James worried that he might climax if she were to touch him below the belt right now, such was the intensity and raw sexuality of her kiss, becoming less measured and more erotic as it dragged on.

She broke off suddenly, her tongue sliding back out his mouth like a giant strand of spaghetti, leaving him feeling cold and dissatisfied as she propped him up on his chair again. It took him a moment to remember where he was, and what he had been doing, his face a shade of beet red as he looked up at her.

See?” Railha said with a proud tone, directing her comment towards Datz. “That's how it's done, I have him wrapped around my finger. I wouldn't even need to ask him to follow me back to my quarters, he'd do it of his own accord. That's the beauty of a little foreplay, a bit of tenderness.”

James shook his head as he tried to dispel his dizziness. The damned aliens were using him as a prop in their game, treating him as if he wasn't even there, and it was starting to get on his nerves.

It's plain to see which approach he prefers,” Railha continued as she took another shot of wine. Datz sneered, following suit, both of them growing drunker as the competition went on.

That was only a kiss,” the Equatorial protested. “If I had him on his back, he wouldn't look twice at you.”

Is that so?” Railha replied, a sinister smile curling her lips. “Would you care to put that claim to the test?”

Datz slammed a newly empty shot glass down on the bar and wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

Any day, Polar.” She leaned her arm around James' neck, putting more of her weight on him than he could support and almost knocking him off his chair. She was uncoordinated and clearly inebriated. “Lemme take him into the supply room for a quickie, I'll show you how Elysians fuck,” she slurred. James' face burned again, this time with embarrassment at the alien's vulgarity. “See? He's down for it.”

Blushing doesn't necessarily mean that he's happy,” Railha stated, “they do that when they're embarrassed or angry too.” The Polar had started on the drink later than Datz had, but she too was growing clumsy. “Making love in a supply closet, the very idea...” She stood unsteadily on her long legs, placing her heavy hand on James' shoulder and pricking him through his uniform with her pointed claws. “Let's take him back to my quarters, then he can decide who the winner is. Straight from the horse's mouth, as the humans say.”

What's a horse?” Datz mumbled.

What about the drinking competition?” James protested as Datz rose from her bar stool and brushed herself off. “You're not finished yet!”

Railha steered him towards the exit to the Pinwheel's torus, Datz following behind them.

This is a matter of philosophy now, my dear James. You must settle an age-old feud, and decide once and for all which of the two races does it better.”

I don't know about this...I'm supposed to be back at the barracks for roll call tomorrow morning,” he protested as she guided him towards the door.

So you're already expecting to spend the night with me?” Railha said, glancing down at him with a smirk. “How presumptuous of you, James.”

I-I didn't mean anything by it, I'm just...”

Relax,” she said, leaning closer to him to nuzzle his hair like a cat. “We're going to have some fun. You want to come with us, right? Did you like my kiss? Do you want me?”

His heart quickened again, he wasn't accustomed to this kind of attention, and he stammered his reply.

Y-yes, I suppose, I mean-”

Excellent,” Railha declared as she clapped her enormous hands together. “Follow closely now, you wouldn't want to get lost on the station.”

Far from making the Borealans pass out and allowing James to slip away, his plan had completely backfired. The two aliens were now as drunk as sailors, intent on settling a disagreement that clearly pre-dated their encounter at the bar. Oh well, it was sure to be more interesting than languishing in the recreational facility or heading back to the barracks for an early night, and he felt a sort of morbid curiosity overcome him as the pair of aliens led him away.


The trio marched along the torus, the donut-shaped habitat that housed most of the Pinwheel's facilities, weaving through the crowds of personnel that clogged the walkways. The structure was spun around the central hub like a wheel to create artificial gravity, as it was too large for the AG fields that were used on spacecraft. It was decorated to give the illusion that the occupants were walking through a street on some terrestrial planet, rather than the interior of a giant space station. The structures that extended from the walls on either side of them were sculpted to look like the facades of buildings, complete with windows and colorful awnings, and there was an abundance of flowers and trees in planters. The ceiling above their heads was painted sky-blue, dotted with fluffy clouds, and the massive lamps that simulated the sun were now darkening as the station neared its night cycle.

How much did you drink, Datz?” Railha asked. “I swear, if I have to pump your stomach again...”

I had a few drinks before you arrived to poach my human,” she muttered. “I'm fine, ain't gonna slow me down. Besides, I fuck better when I'm drunk.” She looked back over her shoulder at James with a sadistic grin, and he averted his eyes sheepishly.

This is the problem with you Elysians, you learn your English from Raz and the Marines. That damned instructor has a mouth like a waste recycler, and most of the Marines are no better.”

Well I didn't go to no fancy medical school, do you see a white coat on me, hairball? What's it matter to you, anyhow? Better to be direct, that's what I say. Not gonna dress up my words all fancy rather than say what I mean.”

James was doing his best to keep up. Even when walking slowly, the aliens outpaced him on their long legs, and he kept having to jog to stay close as Railha held his hand. He suspected that it was more to stop him from scurrying away than any show of affection. Datz seemed to notice, sighing, and turning towards him. James recoiled reflexively, but too late to escape her grasping hands, and his stomach lurched as she lifted him off the deck and threw him unceremoniously over her shoulder. Railha put her hand to her mouth and laughed at the sight, James' head spinning as he looked down at the floor from what to him was a considerable height.

Be gentle with him,” she said, staving off her chuckling. The gesture had drawn some attention from a few of the personnel around them, but the crowds had thinned as the night shift neared, and this kind of roughhousing didn't seem to raise many eyebrows.

They made their way towards the residential quarter, at least that's where the painted line on the station's deck told him they were going, and they soon arrived at what looked like row houses built into the hull of the Pinwheel. The engineers obviously couldn't build up, and so they had laid out the buildings horizontally along the walls to either side of the concourse. There were hundreds of them, as if someone had turned a tower block on its side, and there were a few decorative touches to make them feel less clinical. The designs varied a little. Some almost resembled brick houses, with imitation masonry sculpted from the white hull material, while others were more spartan and functional. Everywhere he looked, there were trees and plants to break up the uniformity of the structures, flower beds and shrubs adding a splash of color to the otherwise matte white of the station. Datz dropped him down onto the deck now that they had reached their destination, and he scowled at her as he straightened his uniform.

I did say I'd give you the tour,” Railha mused as she noticed his obvious curiosity. “This is the residential quarter, where most of the civilians and higher ranked staff members live. It's designed for long-term habitation, and so they went to quite some lengths to make it feel less like you're on a military installation.”

Waste of space,” Datz muttered, “what the point of all this? A cot is all you need, they could have fit six or seven railgun batteries in the space that these dwellings take up.”

Not everyone on this station is a soldier, Datz. Some of us are scientists or doctors, some are civilians or dignitaries who are merely visiting the station, and others simply require a more comfortable environment in order to operate at peak efficiency. We can't all slum it like you do.”

Railha led them towards one of the doors, pulling a keycard from the pocket of her white coat and swiping it past a scanner that was embedded in the frame. She stepped inside as the automatic door slid open to let them through, sealing behind them with a whoosh of air as the apartment's computer turned on the lights for them. James found himself in an open-plan apartment, and he noted that all of the furnishings were Borealan-sized, from the couch to the kitchen counters. The building had been made with her stature in mind, if not for Railha specifically, then at least for others of her kind. Rather than feeling as if the aliens were oversized, James now felt as if he had been shrunk down to the size of a toddler.

Datz took him roughly by the collar, pushing him up against the nearest wall and leaning down to bury her face in the nape of his neck, blowing warm breath on his skin as if she was taking in his scent. Alarmed, James couldn't do anything but shiver as he felt her lips press against his jugular, her sharp teeth emerging to prick him.

Not yet!” Railha complained, tugging Datz away from him. The Equatorial turned and snarled at her, Railha planting her hands on her hips, apparently unperturbed by the display of aggression. “Honestly, you're going to exhaust him before I've had a chance to lay so much as a claw on him. Let's have another drink first, I'm entertaining guests, you know.”

That seemed to calm Datz, and she shrugged, had her anger just been for show?

Alright, you can probably afford the good stuff on your salary, don't hold out on me.”

I wouldn't dream of it,” Railha replied as she made her way over to the adjoining kitchen, swaying a little as she used the walls to steady herself. She was still remarkably well spoken despite her drunkenness, but alcohol affected everyone a little differently. Case in point being Datz, who was practically belligerent.

James followed behind them, and the aliens sat down around a table that was about six feet off the ground relative to him. Railha had a human-sized chair, no doubt for visitors and colleagues, so he sat down on it as he watched her pour more drinks. She brought out a bottle from the cabinet, it was wrapped in what looked like rope or dried vines, and it had unfamiliar lettering on its label that looked suspiciously like claw marks. Must be Borealan text, James surmised.

Straight from the homeworld,” Railha declared as she poured the drink. “Raises the hair, fermented from Elysian fruit, I believe.”

Now that's more like it,” Datz said as she rubbed her hands together greedily. “We might not see eye to eye on most things, but I won't fault your taste in booze, Railha.”

Datz took a generous gulp from her glass, Railha watching with a disapproving expression, then she walked over and handed a smaller glass of the pink liquid to James.

You'll like it, it's barely alcoholic by your standards,” she said as he took it from her furry hand and chanced a sip. It tasted like fruit juice, red berries, like strawberries or raspberries. It was refreshing, not at all what he had expected, it has less of a kick than even wine did. He drank the rest of it happily as Datz finished off her helping.

You should take time to savor it,” Railha complained. “That bottle traveled seventy-five light-years to get here, and you drank your share in a minute.”

I believe,” Datz said as she steadied herself on the table and raised a clawed finger, “that we're just talkin' in circles. You want to take everything slow. Probably because you're a fat, lazy Polar,” she added as she snickered at her own insult. “I know what I want, and why should I wait for it?” She eyed James hungrily, as if he were just another bottle of wine, and he felt an involuntary thumping in his chest. “If I'm hungry, then I eat. If I'm thirsty, I drink. If I want a male...”

A good guest should not insult their host,” Railha scolded. “But you're terribly drunk, so I'll forgive you.”

Come on Railha, we're not gettin’ any younger here, let's get started already.”

Oh, fine,” she conceded. “But I'm going first. I won't be able to make my point if you send him to the ER.” Railha turned to James and beckoned to him, her expression now warm and inviting. “Come, James.”

There was something about Railha that just made her impossible to refuse, and so with a new excitement welling in his chest, he rose from his seat and walked over to her. She took his hand again, her palm soft and silky against his skin, and led him out of the kitchen. Datz followed them as they made their way to the bedroom, bringing the bottle of raises the hair with her, the automatic door that sectioned off the room from the rest of the apartment opening to reveal a bed the size of a car. It was huge, its metal frame reinforced in order to carry the considerable weight of the aliens.

Datz flopped down into an armchair in the corner of the room and settled in to watch, crossing her legs, and pressing the bottle against her lips as Railha sat James down on the edge of the bed.

If you want to enrapture your human, you have to think about what they want too,” she said. Datz laughed at that, cocking her head at the Polar as James sat there nervously, his eyes darting between the two.

What kinda attitude is that?” Datz demanded, waving her bottle as she gestured. “A subordinate should feel lucky to be included. Any pleasure they get from the encounter is just a perk, or at best, for my own amusement.”

Giving pleasure can be as fun as receiving it, and humans aren't subordinates in your pack, they'll rarely submit in the way that an Equatorial would.”

I'll believe it when I see it,” Datz sneered, turning her yellow eyes to James and taking another generous swig of her drink. “Besides, I love that they fight back. Equatorials become wet blankets the moment you give 'em a good scarring, but humans don't know when to quit. They keep pushin', they keep challenging you, keeps the fires stoked. Even when you think you've beaten 'em down, and you have 'em mewling like kittens, they'll go straight back to provoking you. Fuckin' turns me on...”

There are other ways to make them submit,” Railha said, kneeling in front of James and starting to unbuckle his belt with her oversized fingers. The bed was tall enough that she was at about chest height to him, her mammoth breasts practically resting on his thighs.

H-hey, wait a minute, I-”

You Equatorials think that you have to resolve everything with violence, but the path of least resistance is often compromise, to placate and appease. With a little social maneuvering, you can have someone give you what you want happily, willingly, rather than needing to take it by force and incurring greater risk because of it.”

Bah,” Datz spat, “strength is the only constant. Why should the stronger party make an agreement when they would have more to gain from simply taking what they want? The strong do not need to placate or appease.”

We'll see,” Railha said, starting to unzip James' uniform. She exposed his chest, planting a kiss on his belly with her soft lips, a warmth rising in his loins as she moved slowly downwards. “You have to set a mood,” she added, “it needs to be memorable if you want them to keep coming back. Computer, set lighting to thirty percent and play...track fifteen.”

The lights in the ceiling dimmed, and a slow, tranquilizing music track began to play over unseen speakers.

She dragged the zipper all of the way down, then tugged off his jumpsuit, casting it on the carpet beside the bed. She hooked her claws around the waistband of his underwear and pulled them off too, exposing his growing erection. It was such an odd situation, he felt vulnerable, out of his element. He had met Railha mere hours ago, and Datz was watching the whole affair like it was a play being performed for her sole benefit.

Relax,” Railha whispered, “let me make you feel good.”

He gasped as she took his member in her hand, feeling it sink into her downy fur, Railha letting it pulse in her palm as she held it for a moment. She slowly slid her fingers up his throbbing shaft, her touch gentle, applying only light pressure so that her silky fur tickled him. She pulled back his foreskin and used the fleshy pad on her index finger to rub the tip of his glans in gentle circles, his welling excitement making it slippery. James shifted and fidgeted on the bed as she gazed up at him with her sky-blue eyes, framed by those odd, mask-like markings on her white coat. She breathed warm air on his member, teasing him as she rubbed, then leaned back and began to remove her lab coat. She kept his erection in her hand as she used her black claws to pop the buttons free, her breasts straining against the fabric to the point that it looked as if they might just burst out of the garment under their own weight. She opened the coat to reveal her fluffy cleavage and her paunchy belly, along with a black brassiere that looked sturdy enough to carry a pair of cannonballs.

She shrugged the lab coat off, releasing his member for a moment to let it twitch in the air, the motion making her bust wobble from within the confines of her underwear. She reached behind her back and unfastened the lacy bra, the two cups falling away as her breasts spilled from within its confines. They bounced gently as they settled, fighting against gravity, keeping their teardrop shape in spite of their heft. They were easily larger than his head, one of her breasts alone could have filled his lap. They too were covered in fluffy, white fur, and he could make out a pair of pink nipples that protruded from beneath the velvety coat. She pressed the generous globes together, the supple flesh bulging between her fingers and deforming like putty as she lifted them, and dropped them heavily onto his thighs.

His member was engulfed by them, buried in velutinous, feathery fur. It felt like his erection had been wrapped in a fine mink coat. The wonderful scents that he had picked up on in the bar rose to his nose as she pressed closer to him, perfume or shampoo, exotic aromas that he couldn't identify. He shifted with some minor discomfort as her chest pressed down on him, sinking him deeper into the mattress. How did she walk around with these things? Her voluptuous figure gave the impression that she was somewhat overweight, and yet the muscle mass required just to move around while carrying this kind of bulk would make her underlying strength the envy of any human athlete.

James leaned back on the bed, his heart pounding in his chest as Railha watched his reaction with a knowing smile, pressing her ample chest around his throbbing member with her hands and rubbing gently. He had never felt anything so damned soft in his life, like yielding flesh that had been wrapped in the most exquisite silk. A gasp escaped his lips as Railha gripped the orbs in her hands, and started to raise them. She lifted them, then let them fall again, slamming them down on his lap with a considerable impact. She kept them tight, crossing her arms around them and squeezing them together with her biceps, ensuring that they trapped his cock like a vice. He felt his hips moving of their own accord, thrusting into the depths of her fluffy cleavage, and she held them steady for him as she watched him with a satisfied expression.

See how he bucks and writhes?” Railha said to Datz, who was still watching them from the corner as she nursed her drink. “This is the beauty of the Polar method, I don't even have to move. He comes to me of his own volition, like a living, lusting metaphor for our ways.”

Yer fulla shit,” the Equatorial shot back, her drunken vulgarity contrasting sharply with Railha's measured eloquence. “They're like any male, they know what to do with their cock. You don't have to coerce 'em once you get 'em goin'.”

Datz is not satisfied with the demonstration,” Railha whispered, turning her attention back to James as he looked down at her with a dazed expression. “Looks like we'll have to put on a better show for her.”

She plunged her face into her copious bust, the curtain of her silvery hair falling over his lap like a blanket. He jerked as he felt her long, sinuous tongue snake out of her mouth, creeping down between her breasts to curl around his member. She manipulated it with the slimy appendage, sucking it into her warm mouth, and pursing her puffy lips around the tender glans.

James yelped, feeling her hot, slippery muscle coil down his shaft as she sucked and kissed. Although her feline tongue was somewhat rough, her saliva was viscous and slippery, making the glances of her dexterous organ smooth and spine-tingling as she painted his erection with her drool. He grimaced, gritting his teeth against the pleasure and digging his fingers into the bed sheets, Railha's chuckling only adding to the stimulation as her lips vibrated around his shaft.

She pressed deeper, teasing the underside of his member with her tongue as she took him into her mouth, struggling to dig him out from between the mounds of her bust. There was so much movement, her slimy muscle twisting, curling and licking with an intensity that made him shiver and filled his mind with fuzzy warmth. It was like a kind of worship, gentle and supplicant, affectionate and compassionate. She felt every twitch and pulse of his member in her mouth, modifying the pace of her stroking accordingly, the pressure that was welling in James' loins growing as she worked.

What are you gettin' out of that?” Datz asked from her seat across the room. “Foolin' around a little to get him hard is one thing, but you're not servicin' an Alpha here.”

Railha let his member fall from her lips to rest between her breasts, linked to her lips by a mess of stringy saliva as James panted. Her cleavage was so deep that he couldn’t even make out the tip between her heaving mounds of flesh.

Maybe I want him to feel as if I am.”

What for?”

Because if I drive him half insane with pleasure, he'll do anything I ask of him, willingly and without reservation.”

Datz sneered as she took another draw from her bottle, leaning back in the armchair in a decidedly un-ladylike position, her legs splayed immodestly as she reclined.

If you want somethin' from him, just twist his arm and make him give it to you. Why go to such lengths to appease him?”

That's what you and your fellow Equatorials can't seem to understand, Datz. The difference between someone doing something because you coerced them, and because they want to do it. Equatorials always strive to be the leader of their entourage, they want to dominate, but love is a more effective motivator than fear.”

Datz laughed heartily at that, slapping her thigh with her clawed hand.

Sounds like you've never been afraid, never felt that pit in your stomach when your Alpha overpowers you, the taste of your own blood on your lips as that need to mate bubbles up inside you and takes control like a fever.” She bit her lower lip as her eyes glazing over, as if reminiscing about some past event in her life. “Humans feel it too, they just need a little...encouragement.”

She leaned forward in her chair and set the bottle down on an adjacent table, resting her hands on her knees as she grinned toothily at Railha. “Want me to show you? I doubt that a Polar has ever fucked you like that before. Let me be your Alpha for the night, and I'll show you both what yer missin'.”

I'm not nearly drunk enough for that, Datz” Railha replied. James bucked in surprise as she plunged his erection back into her mouth, gripping his hips in her hands to keep him steady, slamming her head down on his lap. Her lips closed around the base of his shaft, and she held him there, the suction incredible as she locked him in her tight throat. The muscles of her gullet spasmed and rippled around his sensitive glans, hot and smooth as they massaged him, trying to either swallow or reject the foreign object. Her tongue left her mouth to graze his balls, her saliva dripping down his thighs as she licked. She almost pushed him over the edge in that one motion, and she felt his member bounce in her mouth, curling her lips into a smile as she realized that he was getting close.

She withdrew abruptly, letting the wet mess of saliva slide down his shaft and fall to the bed sheets, wiping her mouth with the back of her furry hand.

Another important point,” she continued as she turned to look back at Datz, “is that you mustn't give him everything that he wants immediately. Give him a taste, then leave him wanting, make him work for it. He'll do anything for you if it means relief.”

James scowled, frustrated and increasingly irritated by their disregard for him. He wasn't a prop, and he wasn't going to keep letting them treat him like one, even as good as it might feel.

Hey!” he exclaimed. The two aliens turned their attention back to him, surprised by his outburst. “I don't much appreciate the way you two are talking about me like I'm not even here. I'm not going to let you toy with me. If you keep playing games, then I'm just going to leave, and then you'll have to find somebody else to settle your argument for you.”

Datz laughed, and Railha smirked, not the reaction he had expected. He realized that he was sitting on the bed nude, covered in drool, and still red in the face. It wasn’t a position that garnered a lot of respect or credibility.

Seems your method ain’t working,” Datz chuckled.

Well, I'm not usually giving a step by step explanation,” she protested. “If he knows what I'm doing, then it spoils the mood.”

I told you that this one was feisty,” Datz said as she rose to her feet and cracked her knuckles. James recoiled as the Equatorial made her way over to the bed, her amber eyes fixed on him, predatory. Railha moved out of her way, and soon James found himself sitting before the giant alien, her hands planted on her wide hips as she looked down at him with a sinister grin.

My turn now,” she said, and Railha shrugged. The Polar retreated to the corner of the room and took up a seat on the now vacant armchair, picking up the mostly empty bottle and squinting at it unhappily.

Looks like sharing isn't on your radar either,” she grumbled.

Datz looked James up and down, her furry tail flicking back and forth behind her, her feline pupils expanding into black circles like a cat that was about to pounce on a mouse. He would have described it as undressing him with her eyes, was he not already in a state of undress. She was lecherous, her pink tongue leaving her mouth to wet her lips as she played her eyes over his naked body.

You want to fight me, don't you, little human? It frustrates you to be overpowered, it makes you angry when I do this...” She leaned down and placed a finger against his forehead, pushing him over onto his back. He quickly sat up again, angry, but not wanting to fall into her obvious trap. She repeated the gesture, pushing him so that he lost his balance, and toppled backwards onto the bed. Again, he struggled upright, Datz exposing her pearly fangs as she grinned down at him.

C-cut that out,” he grumbled.

Good, but not enough. I want you pissed off, and throwing punches.”

She pushed him over once more, too fast for him to dodge out of the way. It didn't hurt, but it was infuriating, his face reddening as he balled his fists.

Stop it, or I'll-”

You'll what?” Datz asked skeptically.

See? I told you they get red when they're angry,” Railha added from her seat on the chair.

This time Datz shoved him harder, knocking him backwards onto the bed, and he rose back up intending to hit her. She made no effort to avoid him, letting the punch connect with her belly, his fist crumpling against abdominal muscles that felt as if they had been poured from concrete. He winced, waving his hand to dispel the pain, Datz smirking at him from above.

She lunged at him suddenly, pinning his wrists against the mattress with her massive hands, her grip like iron as she slowly crawled up onto the bed. She straddled him as he fought and writhed beneath her oppressive weight, squeezing her powerful thighs around his hips, the bed frame creaking ominously under the strain. Her muscles were as hard as steel, bulging from beneath the fabric of her blue uniform, and she doubled over to press her feline nose against his neck. He tensed, an instinctual reaction, as if some massive predator was a moment away from delivering a killing blow. She sniffed, blowing hot air on him, then dragged her rough tongue across his skin. Why was his body reacting this way to her? His heart was beating like a hammer, an unfamiliar excitement overtaking him.

I smell fear, and arousal,” she hissed. “I taste it in your sweat, it's like an aphrodisiac to me.” He struggled, and she tightened her grip on his wrists, James looking up at her with furious eyes. “Do you hate me right now? Have I made you angry? Tell me what you think of me, don't be shy.”

I think you're an uncivilized brute,” he spat.

Oh, I'm sure you can do better than that,” she purred. “Call me a bitch, really go for the throat.”

She leaned closer and punctuated the request with a swift bite to his neck, hard enough to draw a little blood as her teeth pierced his skin. He groaned, feeling oddly compliant, his muscles relaxing as she lapped at the red mark that she had left. She mouthed and kissed, her lips and tongue roaming across his neck and shoulder, pinching him with her teeth and leaving trails of her sticky saliva. His mind fogged, his spine arching as his renewed erection pressed against the crotch of her uniform.

Railha misses the point,” she whispered. “To hold the status of Alpha is not only to dominate, but also to nurture, to protect. The pack becomes a part of you, their welfare is your welfare, their health and morale are as important as your own. The group must work as one organism, be of one mind. For that, they must obey the strongest and most qualified member unwaveringly.”

She raised his hands above his head, her long, fuzzy tail coiling around from behind her to tie his wrists together like a furry rope. Her hands now free, she pressed her pointed claws into his chest, then raked them down to his belly. James bucked, a tingling sensation spreading through him. She hadn't cut him, but she had left burning, pink trails in his skin. It roused him from his stupor, he suddenly felt awake, alive, as if his nerves had just been cranked up to their maximum sensitivity. He gasped, and she sat upright as she straddled him, her fingers moving towards the zipper on her blue jumpsuit.

She hooked it with her claw, pulling it down slowly, letting the weight of her breasts spread the garment open as she went. She wasn't as endowed as Railha was, but while Datz had more of a sporty figure, her chest was still massive by human standards. They were firmer and perkier than those of her Polar counterpart, each globe as large as his head, contained within a grey tank top that cut off just below them. He could see straight up her top from where he was lying, her underboob peeking out from beneath it.

She moved the zipper down past her navel, exposing twin rows of chiseled abdominal muscles, protruding from beneath tanned skin that stretched over them like vinyl. His eyes traced their contours, the low lighting in the room illuminating the prominent bulges, casting subtle shadows to accentuate them as she shrugged off the upper part of her jumpsuit. Her caramel skin was dimpled by muscles that James hadn't even known existed, she looked like she had been carved from marble, her figure would have made the most obsessive human gym rats green with envy. She carried it well, however. Her sheer size made her brawn more understated, the fat on her hips and thighs giving her a soft, feminine figure. She followed his gaze with a smile, shifting and flexing a little to make her abs bulge from beneath her skin, teasing him.

I've seen that look before,” she said, “you're realizin' that what I'm saying is the truth. That you would be happier if you submitted to me, that you'll prosper with me as your Alpha. So give in, and let me take control. It's only natural.”

She lifted herself off him for a moment to slide the pants of her jumpsuit off, along with the white shorts that she wore beneath, then planted herself firmly back on top of him. She was now nude, save for her tank top, James’ eyes tracing the hourglass curve of her wide hips. Her thighs closed around his waist like a trap, as smooth as polished stone, muscles like steel cables flexing beneath a cushiony layer of fat. They were as large as his torso, so thick that he would have needed to use both arms to reach around them, her burnished skin giving way to straw-colored fur just below the knee. Her mound was smooth, with just a tuft of blonde fluff where the pubic hair would have been on a human, her loins already dripping strands of her thick excitement down onto his erection as she hovered above it.

Why was this making him so hard? Why was his heart beating so quickly? Was she right about him on some level? Did some primal part of him, locked away for millennia and buried far beneath his conscious mind, crave this?

He watched a glob of her nectar fall from between her legs to roll down his shaft, he longed to rise from the bed and thrust into her, but she was too high up on her long legs. To his despair, she shuffled upwards, away from his pulsing member and up towards his face. She poised over him, a droplet of her juices falling to his burning cheek, his hands still bound by her sinuous tail as she gripped a handful of his hair. She hovered with her swollen, pink lips an inch from his nose as he looked up at her glistening vulva, her feminine scent washing over him and awakening a primal need. Her flesh was wet with her fluids, the delicate folds and creases of her loins like pleated silk, or the dew-soaked petals of a rose.

As Alpha, I eat first. I get the choice cuts of meat, and my pick of the dishes. But it's also my responsibility to ensure that my pack eats well. When I want to mate, I fuck whoever I want, and their enjoyment is just a perk of the job. The thrill of being taken by your Alpha, pleasing them, is its own reward.”

You should know,” Railha commented from across the room, “Alphas don't usually end up at the bar on their own.”

Datz turned to scowl at her, was the Equatorial just roleplaying, then? Maybe that was why she seemed so into this.

Don't ruin the mood, hairball. Turn off this shitty music, too.”

Fine, fine. Computer, stop audio.”

The calming music switched off, and Datz turned her attention back to James. She closed her enormous thighs around his head, her flush skin cool against his burning cheeks, and lowered herself down onto him. Her pink, flushed lips met his, the tuft of soft fur on her mound tickling his nose. It wasn’t coarse and curly like that of a human, it more reminded him of cat hair. She tasted salty and sour, but not unpleasantly so, the giant alien shuddering appreciatively as his tongue found her vulva.

See? Assert yourself, and they're willing, they don't need much instruction.”

She parted her labia with her furry fingers, exposing the pink flesh within, encouraging him to drag his tongue across its hot surface with a sharp tug of his hair. She was so wet, it leaked down her inner thighs and wet his cheeks, sticking to his tongue in strands as he traced her contours. She reacted strongly to his lapping, shivering, suddenly appearing less sure of herself.

Damn it,” she gasped, “their fucking tongues...”

That's their best feature,” Railha cooed. James could no longer see her with Datz sitting on his face, but it sounded like she was finishing off the booze from her seat in the armchair. “Smooth tongues, who would have thought? It's like they're built for going down on us.”

Datz tugged his hair again, goading him on, her thighs tightening around his head as if she was threatening to pop it like a ripe cherry. She pulled her tank top over her head, letting her breasts fall free, giving James a wonderful view from directly below as they wobbled with the motion. She brought up a hand and sank her fingers deep into one of her boobs, the flesh yielding like wet clay as she sank her fingers into it and began to knead. She was so heavy, he was sinking a good inch into the mattress under her bulk.

Her viscous juices ran down his chin as he mouthed and kissed, now determined to show her up in front of Railha. He pushed his tongue into her twitching opening and felt her smooth walls tense around it, a tremor passing through her sculpted body. Datz gasped and fell forward, propping herself up on her hands and letting her pendulant breasts hang above his head. Her wide hips began to grind against his face as her arousal deepened, beads of perspiration welling on her tanned skin.

Distracted, she released his hands from her tail, the appendage winding across the sheets like a furry snake. Now free from his bonds, James took the opportunity to run his hands across her thighs. Her dark skin was as smooth as glass, damp with a sheen of fresh sweat, making her slippery to the touch. His fingers sank up to the first joint in the fat that sheathed them, as soft as memory foam, James feeling her steely muscles tense beneath it as his fingertips reached them. Datz shivered contentedly, and he watched her abs tense, the sheen of moisture making them shine as they caught the light.

He slid a hand up her inner thigh, her breathing growing ragged as his digits neared her mound, her sumptuous bosom shaking with the effort. When he encountered heat and dampness, he plunged a finger into her tunnel, her muscles gripping it with surprising strength. Despite her immense stature, her passage was almost painfully tight, and her flesh undulated around his digit as if trying to massage it. It made sense, if she was so outwardly toned, then it stood to reason that her pelvic floor muscles would be just as developed.

He found her clitoris, pursing his lips around it and sucking it out from beneath its hood, circling it with his tongue as Datz shuddered on top of him.

He's only this enthusiastic because I got him going for you first,” Railha grumbled. Datz didn't seem to be listening, gasping as she rolled her hips rhythmically, as if trying to fuck his finger. He obliged, pushing it deeper, exploring her textured insides with his digit and feeling her muscles clench around it. Her grip on his hair tightened, stinging his scalp, Datz growling as he dragged the surface of his tongue over her swollen nub of flesh.

He gripped a thigh for purchase, digging his fingers into her soft flesh, hearing her utter an adorable yelp as he clawed at her supple fat. Her tanned skin was fever-hot, dripping with moisture, droplets of her sudor following the deep channels that her abdominal muscles carved into her belly on their way down her torso. He released her clitoris with a wet pop, mouthing and kissing her sensitive inner thighs for a moment. He kept his finger inside her, pushing against her slimy walls as she looked down at him between her hanging breasts with covetous eyes.

I knew you'd come around,” she giggled, “doesn't it feel good? Wouldn't you want to live like this? A good Alpha would see to your every need.” Her tail coiled around his member, sliding up and down his shaft, the soft fur tickling his skin. “You'd be...rewarded...for your obedience.”

He arched his spine, his hands slipping on her wet skin, and she pulled him back into position by the hair. She pressed her loins down on his face, her thick essence leaking free in ropes, his mind fogging as the heat and scent of her overcame him. He licked more ardently, Datz's chuckling trailing off into a low moan as he roved and mouthed, glancing her tender flesh with his organ and running his hand over her taut abs. He traced their bulges with his fingertips, his erection throbbing in the odd grip of her tail. Pink scars broke up her coffee-colored skin in places. There was a large one on her hip, and he ran his finger along it, his lust mounting as he explored her absurdly toned figure.

You look like you want to taste every inch of me,” she whispered, “I can arrange that...”

She sat up straight again, her head lolling back as he pushed her closer to the edge, his reservations forgotten as he serviced her. Her breathing became less regular, her movements less graceful, his relentless licking and kissing fueling the fire that was rising inside her.

Fuck...if you stop here, I'll give you a pretty scar,” she panted. “Keep going...I'm...”

He felt her thighs tighten around his head, Datz thrusting against him, her powerful vaginal walls gripping him like a vice as an orgasm tore through her body. Her muscles bulged, beads of sweat dripping from her skin, her massive figure shuddering as she loosed a pained mewl. She bit her lower lip between her sharp teeth, twitching and writhing as she rode out her climax, her fluids escaping from her tunnel to wet James' face. He sputtered, but kept up his licking, battering her clitoris with the tip of his tongue to draw out every last pulse of pleasure.

Her breathing slowed, her taut body relaxing as she released the pressure around his head, and she rolled off him to land heavily on the bed beside him. The displacement was enough to bounce him into the air, and he fell back to the mattress in alarm, his face dripping with her nectar. Datz caught her breath, enjoying her afterglow as she rested a hand on her belly, a wide grin spreading across her face.

Isn't that proof enough, Polar? I came, you didn't.”

That was fast,” Railha chuckled. “Are you sure that you were the one in control there, Datz? From where I was sitting, it looked as though he was getting the better of you towards the end.”

N-nonsense.” She scraped a finger through the mess on his red cheek, watching a thick strand of gelatinous fluid form, sticking to her digit as she pulled it away. “That's a good look for you, human, covered in my come.”

He batted her hand away, embarrassed by her crude comment, but very conspicuously aroused by it all the same. His erection throbbed and jumped in the air, aching and neglected.

Railha had finished the rest of the raises the hair, the pair had downed a full bottle between them. Based on how they had reacted to the shots of wine, they must both be extremely drunk by now. The Polar rose to her feet and made her way over to the bed, swaying a little as she walked, sitting heavily on the edge of the mattress and bouncing James into the air again. She rested a furry hand on his thigh, peering down at him as he sat there with Datz's stringy juices dangling from his chin.

He wanted to declare a winner, and then leave, but some part of him wanted to stay and see this through. Most likely the part of him that was as hard as a rock and throbbing in the air.

Now it's my turn,” Railha declared, climbing up onto the massive bed. Datz rose to kneel beside him, a scowl on her face.

He's mine now. You saw, he submitted.”

I saw no such thing,” Railha protested. “And besides, this competition isn't over until he chooses a winner, unless you want to concede?”

I'll never concede to a Polar,” Datz spat, “my mark is on him. You can see it as plain as day.” She pointed to the red bite mark on James' neck, and he rubbed it gingerly with his fingers, it was still sore.

Well, he certainly smells like you,” Railha replied as she wrinkled her nose. “But that doesn't mean that he belongs to you. If you're going to break the rules, then you have to forfeit.”

I won, my method was better, isn't that right?” She directed her question towards James, who hesitated, glancing between the two aliens. “Obey your Alpha!”

It might have been better for you, but not for him.”

What do you know? You...big fat hairball.”

James didn't know what to say. The tension was rising, and Datz looked like she was about ready to strike Railha.

More than you, apparently.”

As if on cue, she swiped at the Polar with her long, hooked claws outstretched. She missed completely, falling on her face, too drunk to be of any real threat to either of them. James was shocked, but Railha didn't seem to find it unusual, looking nonplussed as Datz grumbled to herself with her face buried in the bed sheets.

You drank too much again, why can't you control yourself?” Railha turned to James and shook her head in exasperation. “She always does this, she won't be able to perform her duties tomorrow, silly kitten.”

You guys are close, aren't you?” James asked. This went beyond bickering, these two had a longer history together than he had initially suspected. The way that they interacted was so permissive, and it went beyond the expected Equatorial rudeness.

You could say that,” Railha replied, “we've known each other for a while. Polars and Equatorials don't usually get along, as you can probably imagine, but we have a kind of...rapport.”

Frenemies?” James volunteered, and Railha laughed.

That is an apt expression, yes. She starts fights that she can't win, she drinks more than she can handle, and I'm usually the doctor on call when she ends up in the ER. We've spent enough time together, gotten to know each other. I guess that makes us friends, in a manner of speaking. When you're stuck in a room with someone for a couple of hours trying to rehydrate them with an intravenous drip, you don't have much of a choice but to chat and get to know them.”

She noticed his concerned expression as he looked to the grumbling Equatorial.

Don't worry, she isn't out of the ordinary for an Elysian, nor is she unhappy. This is just the way they are, they like to get drunk and brawl, Datz just isn't especially good at either of those things.”

Railha's expression warmed as she watched Datz roll over onto her back, glaring up at the pair, her blonde hair damp and messy.

I am too good at fighting, I could take you, you...fur face.”

Railha sighed and rolled her blue eyes, then leaned over, cupping Datz's face in her hands and subjecting her to an upside-down kiss. James' eyes widened as he watched them, Datz's long tongue meeting Railha's and entangling like a pair of mating snakes before their puffy lips connected. Datz rubbed her thick thighs together, relaxing as Railha's long organ coiled around inside her mouth, bulging her cheeks as the Equatorial met her sordid embrace with equal vigor. They smacked wetly, James' erection throbbing as he looked on, his face turning a deep shade of crimson as the uninhibited aliens made out a mere foot away from him.

Railha pulled back to catch her breath, letting her serpentine tongue hang from her mouth, connected to Datz's lips with a thick strand of saliva. After a moment, she plunged back down again, James catching glimpses of their pink, slimy muscles intertwining between their lips as they fought. They were so vigorous and strong. Seeing them so unbridled, James was amazed that they could even kiss a human without choking or suffocating them. Their embrace was so deep and salacious, ruthless, and he felt a pang of envy as Datz gripped Railha's furry forearms for purchase as she took her tongue deep into her throat.

They finally broke off, Railha gazing down at Datz as her ample chest heaved, the Equatorial looking up at her with a lustful expression as a rope of drool feel to her cheek.

Oh, Railha,” Datz mumbled drunkenly. “I hate that you won't fight me. Every time I challenge you, we just end this.”

You know you'd lose, you're a terrible fighter.”

Losing can be fun too...”

I won't be your Alpha, or your subordinate. But if you just want to hang out and fool around, you know where to find me.”

You could claw me a little,” Datz pleaded. “You're a doctor, you know it'll be healed by tomorrow. Come on Railha, I'd get off so hard...”

I took an oath to do no harm when I became a physician,” she said with a smirk.

You're no fun,” Datz grumbled. “Now stop talking and kiss me again, you furry idiot.”

Railha obliged, James feeling left out as the two Borealans embraced, but he didn't want to intrude on their moment. He jumped, feeling Railha's tail coil around his member, squeezing him tightly as she locked lips with Datz. It was like a feather boa, the delicate strands tickling his skin.

Don't think I'd forgotten about you,” she said as she pulled away from her gasping friend. “I'm just drunk enough that a threesome with an Equatorial is starting to sound like a good idea.”

Datz rolled onto her hands and knees, eyeing him with a predatory grin, her fuzzy tail flicking in the air indecisively.

Enough messin' around, let's fuck.”

Railha shrugged her shoulders, pulling off the rest of her clothes as Datz pounced on James like a giant cat, pinning him against the bed and pressing her sharp teeth into his neck again.

You smell like me,” Datz giggled drunkenly, “I like it.”

He winced as she bit and sucked at his skin, leaving more red welts on his neck and shoulders, his spine arching off the bed as she jammed one of her meaty thighs firmly into his groin and pressed down on his erection. Her skin was so sleek and soft, her sweat making his member slippery as it pressed into the subtle layer of fat. Railha snuck up from behind, pulling Datz upright, her fluffy fingers closing around the Equatorial's neck as she squeezed her against her body. Her fat, malleable breasts squashed against Datz's muscular back, and she wrapped her free arm around her waist to run her clawed fingers over her prominent abs. Railha's white fur contrasted beautifully with Datz's caramel skin, the sheen of sudor making it appear reflective in the low light, and she slid her hand slowly upwards to grope one of the Equatorial's pert breasts. She pinched her pink nipple between her padded fingers, Datz squirming as she teased her, then dragged her long tongue across the Elysian's shoulder to taste her sweat.

You can take a break every now and then, you know,” Railha whispered to her. “Let yourself go a little, you don't have to be in control all the time. Does it even count if you submit to a Polar?”

Datz's arousal leaked from between her burnished thighs, a rope of her clear fluid falling to drape over James' member. Overcome with desire, he rose to a sitting position, gripping her wide hips and planting a kiss on her belly. Datz jerked as she was assaulted from both the front and the back, squirming as James ran his lips and tongue over the contours of her six-pack, watching him with a lascivious gaze. He tasted the salt on her warm skin, biting her hip gently, slipping a finger between her labia as her thick nectar wet his digit. He pushed it inside her, feeling her hot flesh grip it like a fist gloved in damp silk.

Datz's moan was cut off as Railha gripped her by the cheeks, turning her head as she subjected her to another penetrating kiss. She sank back into Railha's bust, her usual combative attitude ebbing as Railha worked her over, her tunnel contracting and twitching around James' finger as the Polar's tongue roiled in her mouth. She released her, and Datz shivered happily, her hand crawling down her taut belly to grip James by the hair. Railha took her by the wrist and pulled her hand away, she was surprisingly strong, even compared to Datz's obvious brawn.

No way, it's my turn, you got head already.”

Datz started to complain, but Railha cut her off with a cruel pinch of her nipple, the Equatorial shuddering as a wave of pleasure washed over her. She positioned herself over his pulsing erection, her loins dripping like a faucet as Railha released her and shuffled up towards his head, casting her shadow over him as he felt her furry thighs brush his cheeks.

If you'd be so kind, James...”

He didn't protest, and so Railha lowered herself down on top of him, her thighs already sodden with her excitement as they cushioned his face. She smelled stronger than Datz had, feminine and inviting in a way that tickled the back of his brain, and he grazed her slick vulva with his tongue as soon as she came into range. Railha shivered happily, the insulating fat on her belly and thighs wobbling, and then it was James' turn to cry out as Datz slammed herself down unceremoniously onto his cock.

She forced him all the way inside her, her satin walls wringing him as her powerful muscles rippled, stroking him in wracking waves. She was almost hot enough to be uncomfortable, and so wet that his penetration was almost frictionless, despite how tight she was. Her thighs were long enough that her knees reached his underarms, James able to treat them like the armrests of a recliner as he stroked her silky skin. She came down hard enough to bruise, grunting like a beast, her weight sinking him deep into the mattress. Railha chuckled as she felt his demeanor change, his licking becoming more fervent and desperate as Datz began to move.

Fuck...this is just what I needed,” Datz muttered, rocking her hips back and forth as she found a punishing pace.

James felt Railha’s weight shift as she leaned forward to kiss the rowdy Equatorial, the lewd sounds of their tongues entangling carrying over his own labored breathing. Railha's fluffy coat felt wonderful against his cheeks, his face sinking deep into the plumpness of her thighs as she squeezed them around his head, like a pair of down pillows. He ran the tip of his tongue up and down her vulva as she perched atop him, painting her sex with his saliva, exploring her every fold. Her juices wet his face, strands of her white fur sticking to his skin, mingling with the residue from Datz in a way that was at once obscene and erotic.

The massive Polar rolled her hips, seeking out more stimulation as he dragged his tongue across her slippery flesh, teasing her engorged clitoris with gentle licks and flurries. Appreciative shivers ran through her body, making her husky thighs tremble around his head, her low moans interrupting her ongoing kiss with Datz. He couldn't see anything with her sat on his face like this, her smell, texture, and taste were his whole world. He could hear her though, wrestling with Datz, the two Borealans locked in a seemingly endless embrace. The Equatorial was relentless, pounding him with a ferocity that might have fractured his pelvis was there not a thick mattress beneath them to cushion the savage blows. His hips were going numb as she drove his member deeper and harder into her sopping, searing tunnel, his tender glans gliding against her slippery insides. Her burning flesh had the texture of silk that had been soaked in syrup, smooth and delicate, despite how harshly it gripped him. It was like plunging his cock into a Chinese finger trap full of lube, Datz seeming to suck on him even harder every time that she withdrew, her passage clinging to his shaft like a second skin.

She rolled and twisted, gyrating to scrape his rigid member against her deepest reaches as though trying to scratch some maddening itch, her powerful pelvic floor muscles clamping down on him. She raised herself on her steely thighs, her flesh sticking to him like latex, then let gravity aid her descent as she fell back down. She bounced on the mattress, taking him as deep as he could reach, skewering herself on his pulsing erection. It throbbed inside her, he could feel her twitch when it flexed, blood pumping through the swollen organ with enough force that she could feel it.

Her fluffy hands were wrapped around his hips, large enough to encompass his lower body almost completely, her claws pressing against his belly and digging into his butt. He was a little worried that she might forget her own strength in her state of drunken arousal, but the prospect was equally exciting, she already had him teetering on the edge of what his body could tolerate.

Datz kept up her relentless pace, tireless and greedy, her lack of consideration for his human frailty driving a raw and coarse pleasure through his beleaguered body. It was harsher and more primal than any sex that he had ever experienced before, her sharp claws pricking his lower back as she lifted him off the mattress to pull him into her downward thrusts. He translated that unbearable stimulation into his licking, mouthing and kissing Railha's loins as she rubbed them against his lips.

Oh my,” the Polar moaned, “he's going wild down there. Whatever you're doing, Datz, don't stop...”

Datz seemed to be ignoring her, lost in her fugue as she fucked him ruthlessly, the sound of their flesh slapping together and the lewd noises of their coupling making Railha chuckle as she watched them. He could feel the warmth of Datz’s syrupy juices leaking from her opening as she thrust, forced around his buried member to slough down her thighs, pooling on his belly.

He lifted his hands and sank them into the doughy cheeks of Railha's ass, as ample and as heavy as her breasts, delving his fingers past the silky fur and into the soft meat. She yelped and squirmed in surprise, and he pushed his tongue into her opening for good measure, feeling a shudder roll through her body that made her flesh quiver. He heard a scuffle, they were kissing again, he could hear the wet smacking as Railha set upon Datz and her pace became more erratic.

He could scarcely breathe under Railha’s bulk, and his mind was starting to fog as the haze of seething pleasure from Datz's fierce mating flooded through him. He redoubled his efforts, sucking the Polar's engorged clitoris into his mouth, drawing shapes on it with his tongue to push her closer to the edge. Her tail coiled around one of his arms reflexively, like a snake clinging to a branch, and she loosed a growl that shook his bones. It might have been frightening, had he not known that it was borne from lust.

The three of them were locked in a feedback loop, a crescendo of pleasure that spiraled ever higher towards an inevitable climax, every twitch and throb from one felt by the others. Datz came down especially hard, driving the air from his lungs, and he moaned into Railha's dripping loins as a wracking shiver crawled up his spine. The ache of their barbarous union was turning into satisfaction, as if he could no longer tell the difference between pleasure and pain. The Polar arched her long spine, mewling happily as she felt James' finger enter her, her insides just as hot and slippery as Datz's.

K-kiss me you fat idiot,” he heard the Equatorial mutter, feeling Railha shift position to oblige her rude request. Datz's gyrations were becoming faster and harder as the aliens locked lips, almost unbearably so. She had to be getting close now. For all her posturing, she seemed to come very quickly, it was almost cute.

Ah! Fuck, Railha, I'm close. I'm...please bite me, please...”

He felt the Polar move suddenly, strong and fast, her rump rising from its seat on his face enough that he could glimpse Datz between her sodden thighs. A rope of her excitement that connected his lips to hers broke to fall to his chin as he watched Railha take a handful of Datz's hair and tug her closer, planting her teeth into the Equatorial’s neck. Her insides contracted around his member in surprise as she leaned her head back and loosed a pathetic, breathy whine, shivering as Railha wrapped her arms around her tanned body. The Polar bit down on her, a trickle of blood escaping her lips as Datz convulsed, her voice high and pleading as her orgasm tore through her. She sank her hands into the fur on Railha's back, as if afraid that she might float away, her blonde coat contrasting with her partner’s snow-white.

Her passage wrung James with a ferocity that made him wince, her taut walls rippling up and down his shaft as if trying to draw out his emission, her thighs clamping around his hips to hold him inside her as her muscles bulged. Her abs flexed as she climaxed, the sweat on her skin catching the light as she hung onto Railha and let slip and unbecoming moan, aftershocks dancing through her nervous system like sparks of electricity as she slowly started to come down from her high. She sank into Railha's fluffy bust, giggling softly as afterglow and euphoria overcame her, the Polar releasing her hold on her neck to reveal a ring of tooth marks that looked red and sore.

I didn't know you had it in you, Railha. That was...nice...” She trailed off, burying her face in the nape of Railha's neck and nuzzling contentedly. She lifted off James, her copious juices spilling free to dampen the sheets, leaving his battered member cold and throbbing in the air. Railha slipped a finger between Datz's smooth thighs to rub softly, easing out one last pang of pleasure that almost made her lose her balance.

I guess sometimes it feels good to be a little...dominant,” the Polar muttered.

She pressed up against her and kissed her again, now softer and more placating, James watching them with a mixture of frustration and longing as they embraced.

Railha broke off, Datz sitting down heavily on the mattress, catching her breath as she recovered. She noticed James' expression, starting to stroke his sticky erection as he lay beside her. He sighed, leaning back as her deft fingers kept him hard, her fur matted with her own gooey juices. Railha gazed down at him, a smirk on her lips.

She finishes fast when she's drunk. Don't worry, you'll get your turn.”

She leaned closer to Datz, whispering into her round ear. A salacious grin spread across the Equatorial’s face, and she shuffled to the top of the bed to rest almost upright against the stack of pillows by the headboard. Railha lifted James under the arms and planted him between Datz's splayed thighs, lying with his back against her damp, washboard abs. Her heavy breasts sagged over his shoulders like melting wax, cushioning his head, her satin skin slick with her perspiration. She crawled her hooked claws across his chest and belly, teasing him with gentle pricks and light scratches as he squirmed in her grasp, eventually wrapping her arms around him to pull him tight. She trapped him there, her body made slippery by her sweat, holding him immobile as Railha crawled up from the front.

Her generous bust swaying, the Polar positioned herself above him, opening her legs to straddle him. He found himself sandwiched between the two aliens, fat and fur from the front, glass-smooth skin and firm muscle from behind. She took his erection in her hand, pulling back his foreskin and rubbing the exposed, tender glans between her labia. She glazed it with her honey, lowering herself down on top of him, and taking the tip inside her. There was a brief moment of resistance, and then it pushed past her opening, penetrating her silken passage. She loosed a long sigh as she slid down onto his shaft tentatively, until she had taken him up to the hilt, the two of them wincing and shuddering as they grew accustomed to each other.

She wasn't quite as tight as Datz had been, as she was somewhat larger, and her muscle tone was different. But in a way, it was a reprieve from the athletic Equatorial's cruel lovemaking. She started to move, her pace slower and more attentive, her smooth walls sliding up and down his erection like wet velvet. He leaned back into Datz’s bust, her breasts making for admirable pillows, and she rested her chin in his hair as she watched his member slip in and out of Railha's dripping loins. He could feel the Equatorial's massive heart beating faster, pounding in her chest as she watched them fuck, Railha starting to come down on him a little harder now as she became more excited.

She leaned forward, the soft paunch of her belly resting on his torso like a furry beanbag, her weighty boobs pressing into his face. He breathed in her flowery scent, the delicate fur tickling his nose, his body now completely wedged between the two aliens. The Borealans kissed above him, Datz's chin still resting on his head, their embrace slow and sensual. He looked up between their cleavage to watch their puffy lips meet, their long tongues seeming to braid together. They were so close, he could hear everything, see their pink muscles writhing and coiling around each other as a strand of their mingling saliva fell to his burning cheek. Railha felt him throb inside of her, pulling back for a moment to look down at him with a knowing smile as Datz buried her face in the Polar's furry shoulder.

Do you like to watch us, James?”

He couldn't muster a reply, his mind becoming hazy and unfocused as she chuckled, resuming her kissing. There was movement all around him. Below him, Datz was writhing and squirming as Railha subjected her to one of her deep and drawn-out kisses, her firm muscles slippery against his back as her damp skin rubbed against him. From the front, Railha bounced slowly on his cock, her furry breasts wobbling against his face as she leaned closer to reach her Equatorial counterpart.

James couldn't do anything. He couldn't move, he couldn't thrust or grasp, he couldn’t reach anyone to kiss them. Not with Railha pinning him, and Datz holding him in a bear hug. Instead, he let himself melt into his alien lovers, allowing the pleasure to wash over him without resistance as they writhed together. Railha’s leisurely pace was increasing, her tunnel squeezing him, the cushiony walls of her sodden passage stroking him in maddening waves. Where Datz had been brutal and vigorous, the Polar was slow and tender, his mind and body were now so muddled with conflicting sensations that he could hardly see straight.

Look at him,” Datz giggled softly, peering down at the red face that was almost completely submerged in breast meat. “I think he likes Polar pussy.”

Don't ruin the mood,” Railha chided, and Datz laughed again. She raised a hand to rub her bite mark gingerly, wincing as her padded fingers grazed the wound.

Fuck, that smarts. I'm gonna be feelin' that for the rest of the night.”

Isn't that what you wanted?”

I fuckin' love it,” she replied drunkenly. “You wouldn't make a bad Alpha, you know...”

The Equatorial leaned down to suck James' ear into her mouth, chewing it softly with her pointed teeth, feeling him squirm as she cradled him in her arms. Railha found a steady pace, thrusting down on him rhythmically, and pressing him against Datz's firm abdominal muscles with renewed force. Her breathing became shallow and less regular, her motions losing their usual grace as she ground her hips against him.

It felt like every nerve in his body was tingling with electrical energy, his senses heightened by the seemingly endless encounter. The sensation of her slippery flesh gliding against his shaft was almost unbearable, it molded around him like she was trying to take a cast of his member, conforming to his every vein and contour. She rose on his erection until only the head was still lodged inside her spasming passage, giving him a scant glimpse of his glistening length as it emerged from her rosy flesh, his skin drenched in her slimy juices. Then she let gravity carry her down again, driving him into her deepest and most intimate reaches, a familiar pressure beginning to grow inside of him as she pressed him into the mattress below.

Railha,” he mumbled into her furry bust, “I can't...”

J-just a little longer,” she gasped, her voice low and husky. “I'm...getting there.”

She increased her pace again, rising on her chubby thighs, then letting herself slam down on him, much as Datz had done. His pelvis was sore from all the abuse, but his mounting pleasure overrode his aches and pains, a growing euphoria spreading through his body to warm him. He realized what a mess they were. Railha's fur stuck to him, wet and matted with a mixture of both Borealan's juices, her long hair falling over her face. Her breath blew the fine strands as she pounded, carrying the sweet scent of their alien wine, Datz's sweat blending with his own as their damp skin pressed together. The smell of their fluids, their scents, it set his head spinning as the heat from their bodies baked him. Railha's insides were feverishly hot, Datz's warm tongue probing his ear wetly as she watched the pair, her grip on him tightening as she grew more excited.

Railha shivered, her thrusting becoming harsher and faster, baring her sharp teeth as her passage squeezed and milked his rigid erection. He couldn't stand it any longer. He tried to raise his hands to his face to cover them in embarrassment as he felt a painfully strong orgasm force its way out of him, but Datz held them down, scrutinizing him eagerly as he shot his first load into Railha. The Polar's thighs closed reflexively to lock him inside her, pressing around his hips with a force that would have been uncomfortable had he not been lost in the throes of his climax, crooning happily as she felt the warm ropes of ejaculate splash against her insides.

James tried to arch his spine, but he couldn't move, all he could do was moan into her furry cleavage as her mammoth breasts stifled him. Every fresh pulse of pleasure made him feel as if his head was filling with static, bright points of light dancing before his eyes as he groaned and fought against his bonds, his partner trying to drive him deeper as he filled her with his seed. She started to come too, shuddering violently as the blissful tremors wracked her enormous body. Her velvet walls rippled and undulated around his twitching erection, forcing more out of him with a cruel milking motion that seemed designed to drag his emission towards her womb. She wrapped her long arms around both he and Datz, pressing him between the pair and forcing the breath out of his lungs. She clung to him as she gyrated her hips instinctively, each wave of orgasm more intense than the last, her powerful contractions drawing his emission from his body.

Their labored breathing slowed as they remained locked together, riding out their climax, Datz watching with a sultry expression as they slipped into a warm and satisfying afterglow. Railha fell off him, his diminishing erection sliding out of her, along with an unspeakable mess of fluids. Datz rolled him over, dropping him onto the mattress between the two aliens, Railha catching her breath as she lay on her back and recovered. With the Polar's furry body on his right, and Datz's brawn on his left, he looked between them sheepishly. Datz reached down to take his semi-erect member in her palm, playing with the mixture of his milky come and Railha's thick emission between her fingers, watching the strands break as she slowly pulled her hand away. It looked like glue, or liquid soap.

She draped her arm across his chest and turned to face him, spooning with him as she buried her feline nose in his damp hair. Railha followed suit, rolling over and letting the meat of her ample bust engulf his shoulder, her furry arm passing over him to rest on Datz's hip. The two aliens kissed again, then Railha moved down to include him, her tongue pushing past his lips as she subdued him with a passionate embrace. Her movements were slow, measured, seeming to drain him of his strength as her agile organ filled his mouth. When she broke away, Datz gripped his face in her hand and turned him towards her. Her clumsy, drunken embrace contrasted sharply with that of her counterpart as her long tongue roiled in his mouth, but it was no less welcome.

James was exhausted and sore, covered in a sordid mess, the bite mark on his shoulder aching. He had no idea what time it was, or how long they had been in Railha's apartment, but he no longer cared.

Computer...lights off,” the Polar mumbled. James was plunged into darkness, the sensation of their warm bodies pressing up against him, and the sound of their breathing amplified. It was peaceful, soothing, and he suddenly realized how tired he was. He couldn't think straight, his glow was still simmering, filling him with a kind of peaceful happiness that he knew wouldn't last. He wanted to enjoy it though, and let sleep take him as he lay between the two Borealans.


James was awoken by an alarm, jerking upright, the Pinwheel's artificial sunlight flooding into the room through the blinds as he looked around groggily. He was sat between Railha and Datz, his lower body caked with the sticky residue of their coupling from the night before. It came back to him in a flash, his cheeks starting to redden as he went over the details of their sordid encounter in his head.

He slid down and hopped off the bottom of the bed, wincing at his bruised hips and the pink claw marks on his chest, wondering where Railha's shower was as he fumbled through his discarded clothes. He found his watch in one of the pockets and switched off the alarm, hearing the aliens stir behind him as the noise roused them.

James..?” Railha muttered, yawning widely as she looked down at him. “What time is it?”

He looked at the face of his digital watch, his eyes widening in alarm. He was nearly late for roll call.

Damn it, I'm gonna be late on my first day,” he complained as he tried to pull his shorts on. There was no time to wash off the gunk, he had to get down to the barracks as soon as possible. Datz sat up, cradling her head in her furry hands as she blinked unhappily at him.

What's that fuckin' noise? Fuck, my fuckin' head...”

Good morning to you too,” Railha muttered as the foul-mouthed Equatorial flopped back down on the bed. “You always drink too much, and you never listen to me. When are you going to learn your lesson?”

Datz batted her away, grumbling incoherently as she covered her eyes with her forearm.

I have to go,” James announced, pulling on his shirt. “I, um...last night...” He struggled to find the words to express himself with Railha's ice-blue eyes piercing his soul. “ guys really made me feel welcome here. On the station, I mean.”

You're very welcome,” she crooned, smirking as he hurriedly zipped up his pants. “Shoes are over in the corner, I think,” she volunteered. She rested her head in her hand, her elbow perched on her knee as she watched him scurry over to retrieve them.

Just a tip,” she added, “don't go near any other Borealans until you've had a thorough shower. They'll be able to smell everything we did last night.” Great, that was all he needed, more of the damned cats sniffing around. “Oh, and you may want to pop your collar. I fear that Datz has left a rather...prominent declaration of her ownership on your neck.”

He touched his fingers to the red welt and cursed.

Hurry along now,” she said as she waved him out of the bedroom. He hesitated for a moment at the door, turning to look back at her. “Don't worry,” she chuckled, “you'll be able to find us both again. One by one, or together. Don't be a stranger.”

He nodded, unable to suppress a smile as he made his way to the front door, stepping out into the torus and jogging off in the direction of the military quarter.

Railha lay back down in the bed next to Datz, wondering how long she would have to spend in the shower before she'd be presentable for her shift at the hospital. The surly Equatorial sat up suddenly, startling her.

Hang on a minute! Who won!?”