Imprinting by Meklab

My buddy Meklab did a Halloween animation featuring a Knightess, a female version of the Hellknight from DOOM. He wrangled me to write a short story to go along with it, which features a UAC report of some interesting physiological and behavioral traits exhibited by the specimens. I like to share everything I write with you guys, even the small stuff, and I think the animation came out great.

Hi-rez animation with sound + accompanying story:

Mek’s Twitter:

Widow’s Welcome Update

2000 word update, new content at ‘Her hands began to move again’

Widow’s Welcome

Did a bunch more art stuff today (the next Autumn War cover is shaping up great) but just scraped enough time together for an update. Also fixed an issue where the Heart of Riven wasn’t appearing correctly in the drop-down menu.

Goetic Justice Audiobook Concept Art and WIPs

Here’s some concept art and a cover WIP for the upcoming Goetic Justice audiobook project. These pieces come courtesy of our old friend Oouna, who has given their own take on Nahash that was heavily inspired by Meandraco’s original designs. These are early sketches, but I’m really liking how it’s progressing already.

If you’d like to check out more of Oouna’s content, you can find it over here:

I didn’t have time for an update today due to art stuff, but I’ll add what I wrote today to tomorrow’s update.