Fanart Drop

Here’s another collection of fanart pieces that readers have submitted recently. I always love seeing this stuff, so keep them coming!

The first one we have today is a really impressive Jump Freighter made from Lego, which was submitted by DapperTrapinch. He included a little animation of the ship being constructed, as well as a more detailed render with lighting effects, which you can see below:

The use of those little bricks to make the shipping containers is really creative, and I think it’s an awesome little project.

Next up we have a portrait of Mizi from The Rask Rebellion, depicted beside her trusty Timberwolf in the Dune Sea. It’s cool to see some artwork of this character, and I like the big wheel behind her (as well as the oversized wrench!)

This is another submission by Quake-1, and you can check out more of their content over here (NSFW):