The Autumn War Update

1500 word update, new content at “You want to fight, you want revenge,”

Update on the Audiobook project today. The cover is well underway, I’ve received some WIPs, and the recording is in the final stages of editing. It may be a little time yet before it’s out, as I want to time the Patreon release with the Audible release, and it will have to go through their approval process, but I’ll be posting teasers and samples as soon as I’m able.

Conjunction Cover

Here’s the finished cover for Conjunction, featuring Caden and Kadal facing down the Borophage in the coral sea! I love the detail that went into this one, check out the petrified corals on the ground, and the crystal spires in the distance. This story will be getting a bit of a re-edit prior to its retail release, along with the next batch of Ebooks.

This piece is the work of our friend Sickjoe, and you can check out more of his artwork over here:

The Autumn War Update

2000 word update, new content at ‘The squad made their way through the winding corridors of the Omaha’