“So…you press your mouth parts together, and it’s called kissing?” Veraia asked skeptically. Ben nodded enthusiastically, edging closer to her on the couch. There was an odd flanging sound to her voice, almost as if two people were speaking at once, exotic and musical to Ben’s ears.

“It’s fun, give it a try.”

“But we’re not even…I don’t have lips, Ben.” She brought her three-fingered hand up to her face and tapped her claws on her hard, beak-like mouth parts. Despite her avian ancestry, her smile almost made her look like a cat. Ben found her adorable.

“Turians don’t kiss, then?”

“We don’t do it on Palaven, no. At least I’ve never heard of anyone doing it before.”

“Well you’re on a human station,” Ben said, crossing his arms adamantly as he grinned at her. “You have to abide by our laws and customs.”

She frowned in mock exasperation, pushing him away gently.

“Oh you’re impossible!” Her laugh petered out and her expression turned more serious, she angled her amber eyes down towards the metal deck and fidgeted with her fingerless gloves. “I don’t know Ben, I’ve enjoyed these last few days with you. I thought I’d be bored to death having to spend a week on this station while I waited for our ship to be repaired, but you’ve shown me a good time and…” She seemed to hesitate, looking up at him again and smiling. “I really like you. But I don’t know…it sounds kind of…sexual. I’ve never done anything like that before, not with a human at least. Will you be mad if I say no?”

“It’s not sexual,” Ben insisted, “it’s a show of affection. Of course if you said no I would respect your wishes, but you’ve enjoyed everything else that I talked you into trying while you’ve been here, right?”

“Like the movie with the animated creatures?”

“That’s right, you enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

She sighed and leaned her bony chin on her hands.

“I did…”

“And after I talked you into trying the dextro-chocolate, you didn’t regret it, did you?”

“I guess not…that was really good though.”

She seemed to perk up, then stood abruptly on her long legs, walking over to the automatic door that led to the hallway and locking it with a swipe at the touch pad on the frame. They were now alone together in Ben’s quarters, and they would not be disturbed. She marched back over to the couch and sat daintily, her legs crossed, and peered nervously at her human counterpart.

“Ok, I’ll give it a try, but you’ll have to talk me through it step by step.”

Ben realized that his heart was racing, he hadn’t thought she would actually do it, but now she was waiting patiently for instructions. Ben cleared his throat, trying to compose himself as she stared at him with those reflective eyes, her reptilian pupils tracking him expectantly.

“Well, the idea is that when two people like each other a lot and they want to express it, they press their lips together and sort of…coil their tongues together I suppose.”

“That doesn’t sound hygienic,” Veraia complained, frowning at him.

“What are you, a Quarian? Now come here.” Ben shuffled closer to her and took her alien hand in his, her two fingers and one opposable thumb interlocking with his more numerous digits as she gazed up at him. He cupped her cheek in his other hand, stroking her rigid exoskeleton, or would calling it dermal armor be more accurate? Turians looked as if they were covered in layers of hard bone or chitin, but now that he was touching it, it was far more flexible and delicate than it had appeared to be. The bone-like mask that made up her face had tribal patterns painted on it, red streaks that broke up the beige armor and traveled from the top of her forehead down to her chin. It almost made it look as if she was wearing lipstick, painting her mouth crimson.

“It’s supposed to be intimate,” he said, leaning closer to her as she blinked at him. The two mandibles on her jaw twitched with anticipation as he closed in. “You open your mouth a little, part your lips…” She did as he requested and opened her mouth, he could see pointed teeth and a blue tongue, her breath warm on his face. This might end up being more difficult than he had anticipated, but it was too late to turn back now.

He guided her with his hand, and pressed his fleshy lips up against her firm face, approximating a kiss where a partner’s lips would have been on a human. He rotated his head a little as he attempted to get their mismatched mouths to lock, and Veraia closed her eyes as he found a position that worked for them both. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, and it was met with her own, longer and more tapered than that of a human. She tasted metallic, like copper, and her organ was strangely cool compared to his mammalian flesh.

Her fingers closed around the sleeve of his jacket, not trying to push him away but clinging to him, pulling herself into his embrace. He felt her long tongue wrestle with his own more ardently now, a little saliva escaping from the corner of her mouth, and he felt a gentle shudder roll through her body. He coiled his tongue around hers, slippery and smooth, and she seemed to lick at him as if trying to taste him.

He held it for a moment, feeling her organ trying to worm its way into his mouth, before breaking away with a wet pop and giving her a moment to breathe. Her chest heaved as she wiped a stray string of saliva from her rigid jaw, flustered and embarrassed, and Ben realized that he had begun to blush too. She swallowed conspicuously, fidgeting with her gloves again.

“That felt…odd. Humans do this all the time?”

“Odd good or odd bad?” Ben asked, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Good, I think. Did I do it right? I didn’t spoil it?”

“You did fine,” he laughed, squeezing her hand in his. “A kiss is supposed to be two people letting go of their inhibitions and showing their partner how they feel, it isn’t an exam, I just wanted to show you that I care about you.”

“So, it’s like…proof that you care about someone?”

“In a way, I suppose.”

“Can we do it again?” Veraia asked, gripping him by the sleeve. “If it’s an important part of your culture then I want to get it right, and show you how much I’ve enjoyed spending time with you.”

“Er, sure!” Ben stammered, shifting his weight around on the couch as he prepared for another kiss. This time he risked placing a hand on her narrow waist, an inch above her flared, hourglass hip. Turians were hard and lanky, but Veraia was shapely in a way that drew his gaze, no chest to speak of but hips to die for. That was what had prompted him to strike up a conversation with her at first, that and a natural curiosity of aliens, who would have thought that spending time with her would have been so much fun?

She came to him this time, planting her hard beak against his lips and pushing her tongue into his mouth. She had gotten the hang of it quickly, though it was a little more crude than a human embrace. Something about it sent a pleasant shiver down his spine, she had no idea what she was doing really, but she was enjoying it and her enthusiasm was evident in her immodesty. She was greedy, wanton, exploring his unfamiliar anatomy with a shamelessness only possible through ignorance of what such an escalation implied. She was Frenching him now, licking his inner cheeks and the roof of his mouth as she roved, tracing his gums with the tip of her tongue. It was long enough to tickle his throat, and she pushed it deeper, pulling back a little when she felt his muscles reject her intrusion. She contented herself with bulging his cheeks, seeming to enjoy their smooth and yielding surface.

He placed a hand on her chest, a little overwhelmed, and gently eased her back. She planted her forehead against his, gazing into his eyes, her blue tongue retreating back into her mouth as she breathed laboriously.

“Did I do it wrong? I just wanted to…you taste good Ben. I like this.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you were just going a little fast is all. Try slowing down, take your time, enjoy the sensations.”

She nuzzled, rubbing her rigid mask on his burning cheek, tugging at his jacket with her claws. She seemed to be crossing boundaries, and quickly, might this encounter go further than just a salacious kiss? As if to answer his unspoken question, she pressed up against him again and slipped her azure tongue past his lips. This time she paced herself, slow, thorough glances that made the hair on his arms stand on end. She was taking to it like a duck to water, and he felt her cool hands rise to cradle his face as she mimicked his gesture. Her palms felt scaly, smooth and much softer than her armored skin. She smacked wetly, coiling her tongue around in his head, a strand of her saliva escaping to hang from his stubbly chin. Her copper taste filled his mouth, her agile tongue stroking his own as if trying to goad him on.

He wrestled with her organ, fighting back and returning the inelegant embrace, her cool flesh slippery as he eased her down to lie with her head on the armrest of the couch. He could feel her needle-like teeth on the tip of his tongue, sharp and carnivorous, two rows to either side of her jaw that were open to the air where cheeks would have been on a human. She couldn’t create suction as he could then, and it made kissing her wonderfully messy, she seemed unable or unwilling to stop her saliva from escaping. Her mouth parts moved strangely, struggling to interlock with his soft lips as he mouthed, and though his tongue was far shorter than hers he could still give her a run for her money.

He cradled her face in his hands, feeling her thighs rub together as he subjected her to a long, deep kiss that left her gasping and shivering when he eventually broke away. He looked down at her, the alien running her fingers through his hair as she lay dazed, her mouth parts trembling as she stammered a question.

“Are we even…can this work?”

“Are we compatible? I don’t know, guess we’ll have to find out.”

“I want to. I want to do it with you, you’re cute and you’re fun.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, then Veraia began hurriedly removing her clothing. She wore a strange suit that clung to her oddly feminine figure, besides a large flared collar that she was rapidly pulling over her head. After a moment she was lying naked on the couch, her scaly skin colored in varying tones of brown, beige and cream and her exoskeleton enclosing it almost like a suit of armor. It was hard to tell where the skin ended and the armor began, but there were smooth, soft patches of exposed skin and that was where his fingers were inexorably drawn. He ran his fingertips from her chest to her hip, feeling her squirm, and she parted her armored thighs to present herself to him.

She reached a hand down between her legs and splayed her blue labia with her two fingers, revealing the glistening flesh within, strands of her excitement dripping to fall to the deck. Ben wasted no time, dropping to his knees and placing his hands on her inner thighs as he drew closer, breathing warm air on her swollen loins.

“H-Hang on,” she protested, “I don’t know how humans do it. Where’s your reproductive organ? Aren’t you going to-oh!”

He silenced her, pressing his lips against her vulva and feeling her fingers delve into his hair, taking handfuls of his blonde locks in alarm and gripping him as he started to mouthe and kiss. Her wide hips writhed as he explored the folds and creases of her loins, tracing the contours with the tip of his tongue and feeling the Turian buck and gasp as he teased her.

“Y-You…with your mouth!? That’s…this is better than kissing…”

She was giddy now, her spine arching and her fingers pulling at his hair as he circled her twitching opening with his tongue, her thighs closing around his head as if she was afraid that this new sensation might abruptly end. The more he thought about it the more it made sense, Turians probably couldn’t go down on each other with their rigid mandibles and hard mouth parts, and he grinned as he realized that he was the first person to touch her in this way.

She was positively gushing, her sour juices leaking around his tongue as he pushed it deeper into her tunnel, feeling her smooth muscles close around it as they sought to pull it deeper. They rippled and contracted around him, massaging and milking as her slimy walls contracted in rhythmic waves.

“You tongue is so warm,” she murmured, looking down at him with a bewildered expression on her face. Her eyelids fluttered as he lapped at her, dragging the surface of his tongue up and down her vulva as he eased a finger inside her. He went gently, slowly, unsure of her limitations and not wanting to accidentally hurt her if it turned out that humans were dramatically more endowed than Turians. That didn’t seem to be the case though, and he eased a second finger inside her without much resistance, save for the relentless squeezing of her muscular tunnel. His fingers were glazed with her syrupy emissions, it was dripping from her thighs as he roamed upwards with his lips, raking his tongue between her bruise-purple labia and finding a firm bud of flesh.

She shuddered, her claws scratching his scalp, and loosed a low whine in that strange timbre that was so distinctively Turian.

“Damn it, there, do that again!”

He stroked the smooth surface of her inner thighs, running his fingers over the delicate flesh and feeling her steely muscles tense beneath a layer of soft fat. He circled her engorged clitoris with the tip of his tongue and heard her warble and trill in response, her alien voice ringing out in an expression of surprise and pleasure. He applied suction, trapping the firm nub of flesh between his lips and drawing it out from beneath its protective hood, painting it with his tongue as she arched her spine and tugged somewhat painfully at his long hair. She was beside herself, seething with barely contained arousal as she grinded her wide hips against him, gyrating as she attempted to fuck his face reflexively.

As he played his tongue over her sensitive bud, she clenched her thighs around his cheeks, and he felt her passage squeeze his fingers tightly as a ripple ran from her head to her curling toes. She heaved, her ass rising off the couch as her tunnel narrowed even further, compressing his digits together, and a flood of clear fluid spilled forth to splash his face.

Strings of her come hung from his chin as he rode her orgasm out, keeping pace with her in order to draw out every last wracking spasm from her unfamiliar body, the Turian eventually relaxing back onto the couch with a long sigh and releasing his sodden face from between her thighs. She looked down at him between her legs, a rope of her viscous excitement linking his lips to her labia, and one last aftershock rolled through her. She rested for a moment, more of her juices oozing from her twitching hole in clear ropes, catching her breath as her chest rose and fell sharply.

She leapt from the couch suddenly, a rush of sudden energy and excitement propelling her into his arms, knocking him on his back. She straddled him on the floor, her firm thighs gripping his hips like a vice, her two-fingered hands planted to either side of his head as she gazed down at him with a bawdy expression. His throbbing erection pressed against her still damp loins, the residue of her orgasm staining the fabric of his pants with dark splotches. She slipped her hand down into his underwear and gripped his burning member, wrapping her fingers around it and feeling it pulse in her palm.

“I want more,” she grumbled, squeezing his member in her hand and making him buck. “Let me show you how Turians mate, I want to feel that heat deep inside me.”

It was an offer he couldn’t refuse, and he watched with a dazed expression as she released his member from his pants to let it jump in the air, then took it by the shaft and angled it towards her sopping opening. She rubbed his tender glans up and down her vulva, feeling him shiver as her damp, moist flesh rubbed against the tip. She crooned softly as she pressed it against her hole, applying pressure to slip it past the entrance, tight enough to offer some resistance despite the lubrication that drenched it.

She lowered herself onto it gingerly, baring her pointed teeth as his organ penetrated her, poising over him as she grew accustomed to the feeling of it inside her. She could sense the hot blood pumping through his veins as his cock throbbed and pulsated inside her passage, and in turn Ben could feel the way her silken tunnel gripped him like a damp glove, the smooth walls of muscle massaging him with every twitch and gentle shudder.

Finally she slammed herself down on him, taking his member to the hilt and spilling her copious juices around the shaft as she forced it deep inside her alien vagina. The fit was odd, mismatched much as their lips had been, the folds and contours of her loins evolved to accommodate a member that was shaped differently from his own. It was maddening, her tight insides wringing him as they shifted and squirmed around his manhood in order to better envelop him.

Veraia plunged her face down to press her beak against his lips, sliding her blue tongue into his mouth and subjecting him to a clumsy and obscene kiss as she started to move her hips. She gyrated and writhed, clearly having trouble with the alien shape of his human penis, but enjoying it none the less as it hit her in ways and at angles that no Turian member ever would. There were curves and textures to her that he couldn’t even imagine in his mind’s eye as his member was driven into her, overloading his senses and scrambling it all into a blur of slippery flesh and narrowing muscles that teased his tender head in all the right ways.

The taboo of it drove them harder and faster, they weren’t meant for this, their kisses were unnatural and their bodies didn’t match but that just heightened the intensity of their frantic coupling. She bouncing atop him, slamming his member into her deepest reaches as she rose up on his shaft, her slimy flesh clinging to him and dragging across his skin like wet satin. Once she reached her peak, she let her weight fall down on him, her tongue lolling from her mouth in an expression of raw desire as his shaft impaled her.

She was practically rutting, if this was how Turians mated then he never wanted it to end, she was so vigorous and energetic. She slammed down on him, gripping him like a vice with her steely thighs, peppering him with kisses and gently biting his neck with her sharp teeth. She licked his skin, tasting the salty sweat that coated it, her pace increasing as she pushed the both of them inexorably towards a shared climax.

She was so tight, he couldn’t hold on, and he gripped her narrow waist with his hands as he released inside her. She stopped moving, grimacing as she felt the warm wads of his ejaculate splash her insides like magma, the heat and quantity of it driving her over the edge along with him. He felt her tunnel flex and shiver, her muscular contractions drawing more of it from him as the two clung to each other and loosed pained gasps. Waves of wracking pleasure washed over them, the harsh sensations turning to placating afterglow as the spasms ebbed and a kind of satisfied tranquility overcame them.

Veraia rolled off Ben, lying beside him on the deck and catching her breath, pawing at her splayed loins as his milky emission leaked forth to drip down her thigh. She wiped away some of the juices that still clung to his face with her thumb, then kissed him again, tasting herself on him but too turned on to care. She shuddered as one last stray pulse of tingling pleasure rolled over her, then draped an arm across his chest and rested her face in the nape of his neck.

“I think I need more practice,” she whispered, “let’s keep going until I get the hang of it.”