Uninvited 2

Please note that this is an older story that has not yet been edited to bring it up to my current standards.

Her body undulated, creeping around me, fat, heavy coils lined with scales so imperceptibly smooth they might as well be skin brushed against me. Her chubby tail encircled me in a prison made of taut muscle that flowed like liquid. I struggled impotently, my limbs bound tightly against my body, but it was pointless, I could no more escape from her clutches than a fly could escape a spider. Images of monstrous snakes played through my mind as the great animal loomed over me, its imposing shadow casting me into darkness. It struck with the speed and force of a moving train, bringing it's vicious teeth down towards my face. I braced myself for the killing blow, hollow fangs puncturing my fleshy neck and injecting me with corrosive toxins, but it never came. Instead I felt large, soft lips press against mine, and a warm, wet tongue snake it's way into my mouth. My tense body relaxed and I began to see stars, the kiss was deep and long, the thick organ almost covetous as it entwined with my own. She pulled back, a strand of saliva linking our lips, and those penetrating amber eyes burned into me.


I awoke with a start, sweat dripped from my chin and my groin ached. My sheets were damp with perspiration, the night air from an open window failed to alleviate the uncomfortable heat of my small apartment. I threw the sheets off me, and swung out of bed, wiping sweat from my brow.

Another dream. I had been having them for days. I walked across the cramped space in a few short strides and pulled a carton of orange juice from the fridge, taking a long draw. I hated this new apartment, my family's farm house had been taken from me by ADVENT, the clinic my guest and her cohorts had been assigned to protect had been destroyed completely by XCOM terrorists in a daring raid, and in the fallout many of the surrounding farms and residences had been evacuated, mine included. My house was miles from that clinic, but it was all very hush-hush, they didn't want anyone snooping around out there. The Elders, in their infinite grace, had provided me with a shitty 10x10 cube in the nearest residential district. I scoffed, and took another swig of juice. ADVENT took care of all your needs, your employment as well, and now they had me working down at the bottling plant, the work was more tedious and paid less than my assembly plant job had, and if I didn't like it I was free to complain to the civil police and have them wave stun batons at me. I hated this apartment, I hated this city, I hated those XCOM rebels and I hated ADVENT for putting me here, I had been a good citizen, I had done everything I was supposed to do, and I had lost my property and my job as a result.

I couldn't get her out of my head. That damn alien who had been foisted upon me, that girl who had intruded into my life and shown me experiences I didn't know existed. She had left so abruptly, and by the time she was gone I had only just started to realize how much I wanted her to stay. Thinking about her made my head spin, the whole ordeal had short-circuited my brain and now all I could think about, all I could see when I closed my eyes, was that creature. There might be plenty more fish in the sea, but friendly Vipers were in short supply. Most nights she intruded into my dreams as she had my house, taunting me with memories of her unearthly grace and her ravenous lovemaking. I wondered if there might have been some way to stay in contact with her, but it had never been in the cards, she was tied to her job, as were all aliens, they had traveled millions of miles to be here, it was no idle undertaking. Still, I missed her terribly, and returning to my bachelor lifestyle after she had left had been jarring, I felt empty and alone. I looked at the wall clock, it was 5am, I might as well make some instant coffee and power through, I'd be due at work in an hour and a half.


My boots splashed on the sidewalk, the neon signs of the service district reflected in puddles as I marched, my head bowed, braced against the downpour. The smell of rain permeated the cool morning air, and the sun was slowly rising behind the buildings as I made my way to the factory. Every intersection here had a checkpoint, where ADVENT peacekeepers would demand your papers and push you around if you gave them any lip, and they weren't exactly the highlight of my daily routine. I dug in my pocket for my ID card and walked up to the checkpoint, stopping at the barrier. One of the soldiers waved me forward and swiped my ID, scrutinizing it through his opaque visor. He babbled to his companion in some offworld dialect and handed my card back to me, motioning impatiently for me to continue.

Something caught my eye through the rain, a familiar movement that set my heart beating like a drum, rolling hips, a serpentine tail. I met the gaze of a Viper, tall and sinewy, black armor covering her torso and hood. My heart leapt into my throat and my eyes met hers. Her gaze was cold and predatory, she stared through me, not seeing me as a person but as a potential threat to her checkpoint, she fingered the trigger on her oversized rifle as she watched me cautiously. The troops had been placed on high alert due to the clinic incident, they had been displaying holographic WANTED posters of known insurgents all over the city and there were rumors they had been given orders to shoot on sight. I turned my gaze back to the ground, it wasn't my viper. My stomach churned and I chided myself for my foolishness, I would never see her again, and jumping at shadows wasn't going to help me deal with that fact. I trudged on, away from the checkpoint and towards the bottling plant, eager to start my day's work and get it over with.


I clocked out, the sun was already getting low in the sky, painting it a deep orange as I left through the plant's chain-link gates and began to make my way back to my apartment. My shifts were long and tedious, a farcry from the more complex and technical work I had done at my assembly job where I had been a valued employee. As I walked I wondered idly if any of the turrets I had assembled had been used to defend the clinic, and if so, had they scored any hits on the insurgents? I hoped I had at least wounded one in revenge for the loss of my property and my current sorry situation. I had thought long and hard about trying to find a new job, about advancement or promotion at the plant into a less menial managerial position, but in the end the concentration of soldiers and police in this district had kept me from making any waves. I just wasn't comfortable around them, beat cops these were not, they were mean, heavily armed, and they had a propensity to harass pedestrians who loitered or made trouble. Wherever XCOM operated, so too did you start to see a larger concentration of what people liked to refer to as “X-rays”, a term popularized before the end of the contact war that referred to enemy combatants of an extra-terrestrial origin. The term had become somewhat of a slur by those with pro-rebel leanings, who saw them as a foreign occupation force, and much preferred to be policed by soldiers of human origin. My experiences had changed my position on X-rays, and I no longer saw them as alien monsters but as people like any of us, thrust into a hostile alien environment that they were not familiar with, which would absolutely account for their twitchy and hostile behavior. This was rapidly becoming their Vietnam, and as much as I disliked their temperament, I had my sympathies.

After a while I came back into view of the checkpoint, I cursed under my breath and subconsciously removed my hands from my pockets so as not to appear suspicious. What awful luck, there were a lot of checkpoints in this district, but to have one directly between my apartment and my place of work was just snake eyes, and after such a long day of tedium I was in no mood for a shakedown. I didn't know this area all too well yet, but I wondered if there was an alternate route I could take to avoid it. I thumbed my phone idly, bringing up a GPS map of the local area. Yes! It looked like there was an alley that would lead me around the checkpoint and back out near my apartment, it might add an extra 10 minutes to my route, but it would be worth it. Trying my best to appear casual, I took the turn off the street into the alleyway.

The tall buildings cast deep shadows from the low sun, and the alley was steeped in gloom, trash bags and discarded litter covered the ground, and rusted fire escapes lined the walls. ADVENT were big on appearances, they kept the streets clean enough, but these forgotten alleys and old back roads seemed to have escaped their attention. Ever since they had taken over, crime besides sedition was basically non-existent, the penalties for things like mugging were harsh and disruptions to civil society were not tolerated, so I didn't feel vulnerable as I made my way through, absent-mindedly kicking a crushed soda can out of my path.

Then I saw the viper. It looked like the same one from earlier in the day, and I cursed myself for my lapse in judgment as she had been conspicuously absent from the checkpoint, I had noticed but it hadn't registered in my mind. She was coming down the alley from the opposite direction, her massive, winding coils pushing the trash aside as she passed. She was smaller than my viper had been, and I noticed her bust was less impressive, but she was still an imposing creature, her reflective eyes sending a shiver down my spine in the relative darkness. I panicked a little, of course ADVENT would patrol this alley, because it bypassed the fucking checkpoint, oh you moron, now you're really in the shit! Trying to avoid the checkpoint I had passed through without incident this morning looked mighty suspicious, and she had been there to see my face, I had gawked at her like someone seeing an X-ray for the first time. Now I didn't have any choice but to pass her, she would have seen me by now and if I tried to hide or I turned around to go back the way I came, she might just shoot me.

I was shaking, I braced myself and marched on, desperate to keep my eyes to the ground but unable to take my gaze off her, they darted back and forth like a frightened dog. I was walking stiffly and I must have been sweating, they could smell that, vipers could taste fear on the air. She approached me, cocking her angular head and slipping her long, gaunt finger into the trigger of her weapon. Her tongue flicked the air as her glare followed me. The alley was barely large enough for me to pass her, it would be uncomfortably close.

As I neared her, she moved her weighty coils to block my path, her massive bulk filling the space between the two buildings, and trained her weapon on me, scrutinizing my face. I could barely tell vipers apart, could she tell humans apart? I raised my arms slowly and deliberately, doing my best to appear inoffensive. I was a country boy, I had never been stopped by an alien before, what was I supposed to do? Somehow I doubted “evening officer” would diffuse the situation. I wanted to reach for my ID, but if she thought I was pulling a weapon she would kill me faster than I could explain myself. She warbled something into her wrist display, keeping me in her sights, then after a few moments I heard the pounding of boots on the moist ground. Two of the three ADVENT soldiers from the checkpoint had come running down the alley, she had undoubtedly called for backup, or perhaps she just wasn't trained to deal with humans and needed their help. I remembered that my viper simply lacked the vocal organs for human speech and so was forced to use an unwieldy translator that she soon abandoned once our interactions became...less verbal.

One of the soldiers pulled out a stun baton that fizzled menacingly, its blue arcs of electricity reflecting in his glossy red armor, and shouted at me angrily in some language I didn't speak. I stayed motionless, and the second moved closer to frisk me, eventually finding my ID card. This one seemed to speak some broken English, and chewed me out for using the back alley instead of the checkpoint. Because of the recent terrorist activities nearby, a viper had been assigned to patrol this alleyway, I was told that I was lucky to be alive and that ADVENT would not have been held responsible if I had been killed for my suspicious behavior. They would let me go, but only because I was known to the security services at the checkpoint and their records showed that I lived nearby. I apologized profusely, and as the viper continued on her patrol route down the alley the soldiers escorted me back to the road and sent me on my way.


I rushed home and fell into my bed, grateful to be alive. Enough excitement for one day, I would use the checkpoint tomorrow and just suck it up. As I stared at the ceiling, my thoughts turned to the viper again, that was the closest I had gotten to one, or any alien really, since my guest had left and I had been moved to the residential district. As scared as I had been, her intimidating size and fluid movements had sparked memories of my past encounter. My mind seethed with half-remembered images and sensations, running my hands over her firm abs, her skin like silk, the soft swell of her hips tapering into a muscular tail, the weight of her on top of me, pressing me to the ground, those exaggerated, heavy breasts hanging in my face like two watermelons made of flesh, her probing kisses that turned my legs into useless jello.

This was becoming an unhealthy obsession, a fetish, but the things she had done to me, the way she had made me feel, the sensations she had forced on me, I couldn't forget them, conflict wracked my mind as I tried to reconcile her aggressive sexual advances and my own poorly suppressed craving for them. The fact that I couldn't experience those things again drove me insane, and my groin swelled with dissatisfaction and frustration. There was no solution, I had to find a way to deal with these emotions, but their nocturnal intrusions from my subconscious were impossible to suppress, no matter how much I busied and distracted myself during the day. Perhaps I would see a doctor at the local clinic, yes, I would tell him I was having trouble sleeping and maybe he'd prescribe something to induce dreamless sleep, then perhaps I could just focus on my work and I'd be free of these intrusive thoughts. With a potential solution to my problem in mind I felt a little better, and decided to chance sleep.


The next morning I passed the checkpoint as usual, and I was relieved to see that the guards had been changed since the previous night, they didn't recognize me and gave me no special attention, merely impatiently hurrying me through. I noted that the viper was not present today, perhaps she was on a different rotation now, or maybe she was half way down the alley keeping an eye out for insurgents that might be rooting through the garbage. It was as good a start to my day as I could expect, and I continued on to the bottling plant feeling refreshed. I would make an appointment at the clinic during my lunch break and inquire about some sleep medication, and then maybe I would be cured of my obsession and I could live my life again, make a go of it here in residential and see if I couldn't get a promotion. A less self-conscious man might have whistled a happy tune.

My work day was uneventful, at noon the lunch break whistle blew, and I walked into the parking lot to make my phone call. The clinics were always running efficiently and it was as easy as ever to get an appointment for later that afternoon, many of them even ran into the night. Public health was a huge concern for ADVENT and one of the things people appreciated them for. The secretary assured me that sleep problems were common and that there were many medications the doctor could recommend for different symptoms. I ate my lunch, elated by this, and returned to the production line once my half-hour was up with a positive attitude.

As I left the plant in the late afternoon, the sun was just beginning to bleach the sky a cool pink, framing grey clouds with a pleasant glow. There was very little traffic and few pedestrians as I made my way to the clinic, it wasn't too far out of my way and didn't add much time to my usual route. I entered through automatic doors and greeted the secretary, presenting my ID that also served as a healthcare card. She motioned for me to take a seat in the waiting room, which was fairly populated, many younger people took advantage of the new healthcare system to get gene therapy and cosmetic surgery to correct perceived flaws or hereditary problems. If you had brown eyes and fancied blue ones, the clinics could do that for you, if you had a club foot or a family history of heart disease, the doctors could fix that too. The technology being used was poorly understood by humans, far in advance of anything developed on our planet, but it's effects were obvious to all. Again doubts about the origin of the vipers swam in my head, the oddly human mannerisms and scents of my viper had made me question if she had really come from space or if she was some sort of genetic chimera, created on Earth for some unknowable purpose. I banished it from my mind, soon such doubts wouldn't matter, I was done with vipers, and if I could just dispel them from my dreams my normal life could resume. The lofty concerns of wars and political upheavals were not something I had time for. Eventually my turn came, and as I had hoped the doctor was sympathetic, he advised gene therapy to correct what he suspected might be a thyroid problem preventing me from sleeping soundly, but after I declined he was happy to prescribe sleeping pills, which he ensured me would bring on a refreshing, and dreamless, sleep. I left the clinic satisfied, and made my way home, anticipating the first good night of sound sleep since I had moved to the residential district.

The sun had gone down now, billboards and streetlamps illuminated the sidewalk with their incandescent glow, and my footsteps echoed between the tall buildings as I walked alone through the streets. The cool wind blew between them and ruffled my hair, and only one vehicle passed me on the road, it was a peaceful night. I saw the light of the checkpoint in the distance and it soured my mood. I had had a good day today, a great one even, and I didn't want those damn jackboots giving me a hard time because I was out late. I toyed with the idea of taking the back alley again to avoid them, I had not seen a viper at the checkpoint this morning, and I had the morning before. ADVENT liked to stick to routine to the point that it could become grating for humans, and I doubted that she had been on patrol at that time, was it safe to assume there was no viper today? I didn't want to take the risk after the scare I had gotten the previous afternoon and the talking down I had been subjected to, but maybe I would just stick my head around the corner on the way past, and if I saw her coming towards me I would just continue on my usual route. I crossed the street and made for the alley, and once I was close enough I leaned in. The alley was vaguely U shaped, inverted in relation to the street. There were two blind corners, I would have to enter to see past the first. I crept in, trying to minimize the noise I made, and peeked around the first corner. No vipers in sight. The alley was almost pitch black, only one inward facing window on an upper floor was illuminated and it cast a dull yellow rectangle across the floor and the opposite wall. I listened, and heard no telltale shuffling or scraping.

I mustered my courage and continued on, my shoes squelching on the moist ground. I got about half way down the alley when I heard trash bags rustling. My heart stopped, and I froze, listening intently. Shuffling, what sounded like something heavy being dragged across the ground. My body went cold and I looked around frantically for a hiding spot, it might be futile but it was better than just waiting to be shot. I spied a recessed door in one of the walls, perhaps the rear entrance to a restaurant judging by the dumpster just outside it. I hurried over trying not to make too much noise, I crept into the recess and tried the handle, it creaked audibly and I cursed under my breath, it was locked. I heard shuffling drawing closer and I pressed myself up against the door, hoping against hope that the viper, or whatever it was, wouldn't see me hidden here in the shadows. My breathing grew heavy and fast, I tried desperately to slow it and stay quiet. I feared for my life, why hadn't I just gone through the fucking checkpoint like I had been told to, why was I risking my life to preserve a fleeting moment of happiness? I saw a large shadow pass through the orange glow of the window, and the noise grew closer, slower now, cautious. It must have sensed me somehow, maybe it could smell my fear, see my heat, hear my heartbeat?

To my abject horror, a hooded, sinewy neck snaked around the dumpster at chest height, yellow eyes fixed on me, unblinking. It was a viper, a big one, and she had found my hiding spot. When she saw I wasn't armed she brought her massive bulk into view, her head staying level as if it were on a gyroscope, overpowering in her size. I cowered in the recess, completely fenced in by the monster. She did not have her weapon out, and I wondered what she might do to me here, alone, unsupervised by the more restrained humanoid soldiers, would she crush the life out of me like a boa constrictor? Spit acid in my face? Swallow me whole? The great creature was poised like a cobra, and she slowly and deliberately brought her head down towards me, her tongue flicking the air. She sniffed me, and glanced her tongue across my face, tasting me as if I were a cookie on the counter of a bakery. In a flash her powerful tail coiled around my legs and up my body, compressing me painfully in it's muscular folds, she whipped me out from the recess and dragged me into the light of the window. The viper held me slightly off the ground, had I been in this position before? Yes, when...

She brought her face closer to mine, not an inch away, and scrutinized my features, her eyes narrowed. I saw familiarity. Recognition. Was this my viper? She was certainly large enough, and she hadn't killed me yet. As I waited with baited breath, her large lips parted, and a thick, slippery tongue twisted towards me, pushing past my lips and into my mouth. The metallic taste was familiar, the slick sensations of her tongue probing inside my mouth and throat made my knees weak. She brought her face in and her lips met mine, her tongue roving with renewed force, spiraling around mine as if she wanted to strangle it. My mind fizzed and popped, it was her! How? What were the odds of meeting her here? My mind flashed back to the plastic bag that contained my prescription, discarded on the ground. I had wanted to be free of this bewitchment, but what could I do against this renewed assault? I wanted this, I wanted this so badly, my body burned for her. She finally pulled back, and I let out a gasp, her tight coils now cradling me like cushions as she ran her long, gaunt fingers through my hair.

“It's you! How did...” She purred happily, crooning at me in her odd reverberating speech. This time it was I who leaned forward, pressing my lips against hers almost desperate in my desire, and she accepted, rumbling softly as I ran my fingers under her fleshy hood and did my best to kiss her with my inadequate human organ. I hugged her tightly, and her metal chest plate frustrated me.

She must have been rotated in and put on patrol at the checkpoint, she might have been moving from checkpoint to checkpoint ever since I arrived here, after all why would they send her to another city or another remote facility when she was already here? My train of thought was interrupted by an affectionate squeeze, and my viper met my gaze, beautiful amber eyes glowing in the darkness. My cheeks were burning, and she ran her knuckles over them, hunger in her eyes.

“Not here, we have to-” She brought her head down again and soft, fat lips delivered another kiss, leaving me dazed. I couldn't fight her, and I didn't want to. This wasn't an addiction I could beat with a prescription. Still wrapped in her tail, she angled me down, popping off her torso armor which fell wetly to the ground. Her breasts bounced out of their restraints, as huge and firm as ever. She pushed my head into them, and her scent filled my nose. They closed around me like silken beanbags, soft and bouncy, but made of firm tissue. I felt drunk, I had been ready to write off this chapter of my life and move on, but here she was again, hitting me like a freight train, all of the desires I had tried so hard to suppress came flooding back and blanked my mind, I kneaded, and she squirmed at my aggressive touch, rocking her hips. I probed for a nipple with my tongue and found one, sucking it into my mouth and chewing it gently, she groaned and her eyelids drooped. We knew eachother's bodies well enough that communication was no longer a problem for us. She tightened her grip on me suddenly, and dragged me down her body. My face slid over her impressive abdominal muscles, her skin smooth and soft on my cheek. She leaned back, sitting on her coiled tail as if it were a couch, and dragged me further down still. She rested my face on her lap, her soft “thighs” cushioning me where her voluptuous hips tapered into her winding tail. She reached a long finger down, and pulled apart her genital slit, revealing slippery, pink flesh beneath puffy lips, a trail of clear liquid ran slowly from the opening. Maybe she had been thinking about me as much as I had been thinking about her? Did she have an intrusive human infatuation she couldn't shake either? I glanced up, and she was looking down at me between her hanging breasts, eyes low, breathing heavily. I knew what she expected, and I complied, leaning in and pushing my tongue inside her. She let out a low, rumbling purr and placed a hand on the back of my head, pressing me deeper. Her familiar copper taste flooded my senses and I felt my stiff, almost painful erection pressing into the soft fat of her tail that still imprisoned me, she seemed to feel it too and gently rubbed against it as I traced her folds with my tongue, her occasional bucking and muscular contractions threatening to pull it from my head. I teased her for a while, sliding my tongue across her slimy walls, roaming deeper until I found the meaty papillae that lined the depths of her vagina with a forest of fleshy barbs, seemingly designed to drive her mate over the edge with little effort. She pressed one of her coils hard into my groin, and I groaned into her, which made her shiver and croon. I found a hard protrusion with my lips and sucked it into my mouth, flicking my tongue over it, she grunted, and took a handful of my hair, forcing my face into her groin. I felt the tip of her tail snake it's way up my body and around my neck, I worried she might strangle me in her fugue, but it only applied a light pressure, keeping my head where she wanted it to be. The tapered end of it slid past my cheek and pushed it's way into her opening below my mouth, it entered a surprising length, and then began to writhe rhythmically. I understood what she was trying to do, and began to suck hard and run my tongue in circles over her inflamed clitoris. She masturbated vigorously, and squeezed my neck, her squirming and bucking reaching a crescendo. Just as I felt as if I might be strangled, she came, every muscle in her body tensed, including the ones wrapped around me, and then in a slow, shivering wave she sank down into her bed of coils, murmuring in soft satisfaction.

Her grip on me waned, and I felt myself lowered gently to rest on her chubby tail, propped upright within the circle of smooth skin and muscle. Her chest heaved with exhaustion, her pert breasts bouncing with each inhalation as she eyed me, satisfied by my performance it seemed. Somewhat meek now, I rubbed her belly in circles with my hand, gliding my palm over her bunched abdominal muscles, now slick with a layer of sweat. She leaned her head back and rested her arms on her coils, reclining, and rumbled happily. As eager as I was for my turn, I was basking in the warm sensation filling my belly, I was back in the arms of my viper again as if by fate, and whatever happened next, in this moment I was utterly content. I leaned forward to rest my head on her stomach, and she reached a hand down to stroke my hair, the sensation sent shivers down my spine and I wriggled happily.

Our peace was broken by a buzzing and hissing from the viper's communicator on her wrist. She snapped back into reality with a start and pushed a button on the holographic display, then chattered back in her indecipherable alien tongue. After a short reply she looked back down at me, her expression apologetic. She gave my hair one last ruffle then uncoiled, lowering me to the ground. I bent to pick up her breast plate and passed it to her, it felt metallic and was shockingly heavy, she clipped it back on and hoisted her giant rifle. They must be asking where she was, her patrol must be late reporting back to the checkpoint. I gave her a glance, concerned I might have caused her trouble, but she returned a sultry smile and prepared to leave. Almost as an afterthought, she turned and glided back to me, and crouched down for a farewell kiss, long and smooth. My mind clouded and I felt my knees go weak, as she pulled away she gestured using a phone's touch pad. I understood and retrieved my phone from my pocket. She reached out a long arm and took it, she tapped on it's screen for a few moments, then entered something into her wrist mounted communicator. She handed the phone back to me then leaned in and displayed her wrist's screen to me. It showed a GPS coordinate, it must be my phone! Was she able to track my location now? Would we be able to stay in contact? I looked at her quizzically, but she seemed happy. She turned again and wound her way away from me down the alley to continue on her patrol route, pausing before she turned the corner to gaze longingly at me for a moment before disappearing from view. I tried to regain my composure, my legs were shaky and I was nursing a dissatisfied erection, it had all happened so fast, not fifteen minutes ago I had been ready to wipe her from my mind with prescription drugs, and now here she was again, never invited but always welcome. I didn't care, I was euphoric, I eyed the discarded plastic bag containing my prescription, shrugged, then made my way home.


I waited in my tiny apartment with baited breath, surely she would come back tonight? She couldn't have been satisfied with just that brief encounter after all these weeks, and she had left me frustrated and wanting. I paced in what little living space had been allotted to me, agitated, I tried to eat but was disinterested in food, I watched television briefly but was not entertained. I felt as if I couldn't relax until I saw her again, like someone had hit the pause button on my life. I considered showering, making myself more presentable, but doubted she would care. The hours ticked away on my wall clock, and I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed staring at the carpet. What if she didn't come back? Was I destined to live forever in this cruel state of uncertainty and unfulfillment?

Eventually it got too late, and I couldn't delay sleep any longer if I was to wake up on time for work tomorrow. I walked over to my window and threw it open, letting the cool night air wash over me. I leaned my head out to look down the street, hoping to see her giant winding frame making her way towards me, but the streets were deserted. Dejected, I removed my clothes and fell into bed, awaiting the tormenting dreams that would surely come, my stomach churning unhappily. I lay on my back in the darkness, examining the ceiling, and wondered if the the way I felt about my viper was the blossoming of love, or the cravings of a deviant. Both thoughts worried me equally.


I was floating in a wide river. The water was calm, and mangroves lined the shores on either side of me, their great roots penetrating the water like gaunt fingers. I floated on my back, looking up at a featureless blue sky, carried along by the current. I felt a deep sense of unease as I watched those roots glide past me, their dark recesses might conceal all manner of predators. My heart skipped a beat as a massive shape moved in the corner of my eye. I turned my head just in time to see a gigantic python slip quietly into the murky water from it's hiding spot between the mangroves. It looked to be as round and fat as an oil drum, and it snaked into the water for an impossible duration of time, it's body seemingly of infinite length. I tried to swim to the opposite shore but the water was as thick as molasses and I couldn't kick through the muddy soup, I tried to call for help but my mouth filled with foul water and my cries were silenced. I turned to look behind me as I began to sink and drown, and saw a great winding monster cutting through the river towards me, it's undulations sending a primal revulsion and panic through my body. As my head dipped under the surface, I felt the beast's claws close around my ankle and pull me down. A sudden moment of clarity. Snakes did not have claws?


I awoke with a gasp and sat upright, cold sweat dampening my sheets. Another nightmare, perhaps I had been foolish to discard my medication. I felt a pressure on my ankle and looked down to see a large clawed hand closed around it. A massive, dark shape loomed over my bed, reflective amber eyes peered down at me from beneath an ominous hood. It's fat coils almost filled my apartment and I heard a table grind on the floor as it was pushed out of the way, the length of it's tail slithered in through the open window and fell to the ground with a heavy thud. In my post-nightmare state I might have screamed, had she not filled my frightened mouth with her meaty, slippery tongue first. She crawled on top of me, pinning me to the bed with her weight. She was partially supported by her tail, but the bred springs creaked in protest. As her tongue roiled inside my mouth, her fat, muscular coils slipped under my bed frame, lifting it somewhat off the ground. Her long tail slid around me, pressing me against the mattress until she held both me and the bed in a vice grip. She had me tied to the bed now, completely at her mercy, was this fun for her or did she genuinely expect me to resist? Either way she hadn't given me the option. She had finally come to me! I couldn't see what time it was, the room was too dark and the kiss had dazed me, but right now I didn't care. She withdrew her ropy tongue and sucked it back into her mouth, leering at me as she considered her next move. I wanted to reach up a hand and play with her breasts that were hanging mere inches from my face, tantalizing me, but my arms were pinned to the bed by her sinewy tail. I felt a flush spread from my head to the tips of my toes, and my loins stiffened and began to ache. I had butterflies in my stomach, I was downright giddy in anticipation. Why did I enjoy her aggressive, dominating demeanor so much? How could it be wrong when it made me feel so wonderful? I failed to rationalize it, but I craved her affections, I needed her almost desperately, she looked me over like a lush reading a wine menu in a restaurant, and her predatory gaze only made me want her more.

She seemed to decide what she wanted to do with me, and in the gloom I felt her thick lips press softly against my neck, she tickled me with her tongue, and mouthed wetly. I was surprised, she was being unusually gentle, I remembered the time she had bitten me in an attempt to reassure me and the surge of vulnerability made the sensations all the more powerful. She gummed my neck and I felt the points of her retracted fangs pricking my skin. I felt as if she was expressing a different kind of affection, perhaps a longing, almost maternal love brought on by our time apart? Had she missed me too? I squirmed against my bonds, but I was firmly stuck, and in response she moved more of her weight on top of me, her chest pressing into my groin. My shorts were unable to contain my excitement and my erection pressed between the soft globes, the thin barrier of fabric teasing the soft, smooth textures beyond. She followed my eyes, and saw the tent pressing between her breasts. She glanced at me, and gave me a sardonic smile, then slid slowly down my torso, teasing me with gentle bites and kisses. My head began to spin as I felt her hands pull my underwear down, and my member bounced free, I felt her breath on it's head and tried to writhe but she did not allow it, tightening her coils around my body. She pressed her boobs together and slid them around me, burying me in their warm pressure. Her skin was glass-smooth, and the layer of soft fat that cushioned them gave way to firm tissue when she increased her grip on me, they were so large that my member was completely buried in them. She began to squeeze them against my shaft, alternating from left to right to create friction. I wanted to move my hips, to thrust deeper into her warm, inviting pillows, but she would not allow it, her tail tightened around my hips and she pressed me down into the mattress. She wanted to be in control it seemed, and I had little choice but to allow it. As she kneaded and squeezed her breasts against my penis, she never took her glowing eyes off mine, eager to drink in every involuntary flutter of my eyelids and every pained gasp, every flush of my cheeks as she toyed with me. My breathing became ragged as I felt an orgasm welling up within me and I began to struggle against my bonds, desperate for release. Seeing this, she abruptly halted her kneading and rubbing, and roughly grabbed the base of my penis with a firm hand. It hurt a little, and stopped my orgasm in it's tracks. I mumbled an “ouch”, and glared at her indignantly. She replied with a smug expression, and stroked my shaft apologetically. The message was clear enough, she would decide when I was done.

Now she nursed my penis, stroking it slowly, her firm grip renewed my mounting excitement and I began to squirm again, her soft palms glanced over the head on their way up and down, slick with my own precum, sending jolts of harsh pleasure down through my lower body. She rested her head on her free hand, ignoring my cock as she stroked, her eyes fixed on my face instead. Her staring was making me feel self-conscious, and my cheeks were burning, but her slow, relentless pumping was forcing me to gasp and bite my lip as she eroded my self control. Her piercing gaze was too intense, too personal, I had to avert my eyes as she scrutinized me, her eyelids drooping as she enjoyed the show, playing me like some kind of organic instrument for her own amusement. It was too intense, I wanted to at least raise my arms to cover my face, but she wouldn't let me, firm coils held them in place as she watched me writhe. Her tongue snaked out of the side of her mouth, dripping strands of saliva, and without taking her eyes off me she absent-mindedly teased the tip of my penis, coiling around it and squeezing gently. I bucked my hips, but strained against her tail, I wanted so badly to come, the stimulation was driving me crazy, but once again all I found was a firm grip on the base of my member, cutting off the burgeoning orgasm before it could spoil her fun. I groaned in frustration, my body shuddering, and I looked down at her with a pleading expression. Her tongue wound back into her mouth and her bright eyes leered at me hungrily, an unspoken “no” on her cruel smile. I became indignant, how dare she treat me like a toy after I had given her head so eagerly earlier, seeing the flash of anger in my face she rose up, placing a cool hand on my cheek, and melted my resistance away with a greedy kiss. Her soft, spongy lips closed around mine and her thick tongue probed my mouth rhythmically, turning my brain to mush. She cradled my face in her palms, her roving tongue twirling expertly around my own, just as I began to get short of breath, she withdrew with a smack, my mind swam with dull, happy sensations. Ok, I thought, whatever you want...

She purred at me, totally engrossed in her torturous game, my cock ached and pulsed, my legs were numb and I flinched as she dragged her dull claws across my chest, leaving red welts in my skin. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't concentrate on anything besides my trembling body and my thumping heart. I wished the encounter would end so that I could be free of the mounting pressure in my loins and her unbearably intense and intimate affections, and yet another side of me was in paradise, the only thing that existed in my addled mind was my viper, we were alone in the universe, together. The conflicting emotions confused me, but the confusion only added to my seething arousal.

Now she moved her imposing figure up, mounting me, her wide hips and tapering thighs squashing my burning member against her taut abs, then slid it down leaving a trail of preseminal fluid over her belly until it pushed up against her puffy vulva, her viscous juices leaking over the shaft. She prodded her opening with it, a sly smirk on her face, my exposed and sensitive glans pushing infinitesimally through her thick, soft lips and meeting the bare flesh within. The teasing was too much, even the heat radiating from her inflamed loins pushed me close to the edge, as she crooned expectantly. I knew what was coming, I had been in there before, I remembered the myriad of papillae that lined the depths of her vagina, a forest of tiny tongues that would drive any man fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough, to enter to the peak of ecstasy with a few gentle thrusts. In my current state of heightened sensitivity it might as well have been an iron maiden. Her breathing became deep and ragged now, and her eyelids drooped as she gloated at me from her elevated position. When she made love she became unreasonable, almost bestial, and panic rose in my chest as I considered that she might not heed any pleas to slow down or stop. She had never hurt me before, at least not unintentionally, but I was totally at her mercy and I wasn't sure she really understood what an effect her teasing was having on me. But then again maybe she did, she was a powerful predator, undoubtedly a killing machine employed by her Elder masters for a singular purpose, and like a mouse caught by a house cat starved of the hunt, she would toy with me until she had her fill. She struck again, another soothing, placating kiss that sent shivers down my spine and set my heart beating like a drum. It occurred to me that I loved her kisses, that no human partner had ever kissed me so wantonly, no previous lover had ever sought to entrap me like she did.

I felt her soft hand on my shaft, and she gently maneuvered it, rubbing the head along her genital slit, coating it with a slippery, viscous fluid. I flinched as the soft wrinkles of her labia rubbed my exposed head. She hovered there for a moment, my penis pressed against her leaking, wet lips, taunting me, then just when I thought she might pull away, she slammed her weight down on me, forcing me all the way inside her and pressing her soft belly against mine. Her huge breasts smothered me and muffled my cry of surprise as my member was engulfed. Her hot, taut muscles milked me in rhythmic contractions, and the papillae that clustered in the depths of her vagina, like a thousand tiny tongues, subjected me to an unbearable massage. She abruptly released my arms, perhaps my struggling excited her, and they flew up, wrapping around her waist and gripping handfuls of her butt. I squeezed and kneaded, the soft, bouncy fat giving way to steely muscle as I probed and grabbed. She began to grind slowly, and crooned happily as my hands ran over her velvet skin, clawing and squeezing wherever they found purchase. Her long, flexible neck snaked down and her face descended next to mine to nuzzle the nape of my neck, purring as she moved. I felt her warm, full lips closing around my jugular in a mock attack as her breasts engulfed my face. I freed a hand and ran my fingers inside her rubbery hood and I felt her twitch and spasm, her muscles clamping around my penis almost painfully. I wasn't completely powerless, I knew her weak spots as well as she knew mine. I tickled her where her hood connected to her neck and her body writhed like a snake trying to crawl on ice, her undulations adding a new dimension to the stimulation I was barely enduring. Her loins were almost painfully warm, her grip was like a clenched fist, but the slippery walls slid back and forth with little resistance, just tight enough to feel every wrinkle and barb.

She started to move faster now, I felt her breath grow irregular on my ear, and her contented rumbling shook my bones, she began to chew my earlobe, her retracted fangs pricking me almost imperceptibly. My eyes rolled back and I breathed in the scent of her bust, my hands roaming up and down her back and across her springy haunches. Her movements were slow, but rhythmic and deliberate, her massive body pressed into me and her wide hips gyrated with every thrust, adding even more friction and sensation to her cruel, relentless dance. The bed springs screamed their protest, and the frame would have shredded the floor had she not propped up the entire thing on her fat tail. I was beside myself, my toes were curling, my face was beet red and I held on to my viper as if she were driftwood in a stormy ocean, lest I sink and drown in the roiling waves of pleasure that rolled over me. She was enjoying every second of it, not so lost in her own pleasure that she didn't take the opportunity to observe my pitiable state, practically grinning at the scene she had caused. She looked down at me, nestled between her firm globes, and her hungry eyes met mine. I felt a shiver run through my body, starting in my chest and flowing down to the tips of my toes, in that moment I loved her desperately, she was my entire world, I would have done anything she asked of me. I didn't care if the world fell away from us and exploded into a million tiny fragments as long as we were together, entwined in the darkness. She seemed to guess what I was thinking, and brought her face down to mine for an awkwardly angled, yet no less passionate kiss. The taste of copper tickled my tongue as she ran her long fingers through my hair and crooned affectionately. I felt an urgency rising in my chest, an uncontrollable pressure that might explode if I didn't release it. As her lips parted from mine I gasped, and blurted “I-I think I might be in love with you!”

She paused, her movements halting, and cocked her head like a dog, looking down at me still with my head firmly lodged between her boobs. She looked quizzical. Why had I said that? I knew she didn't speak English, I knew she didn't have her translator, so why did I do that? My face burned even hotter and I began to sweat, I felt embarrassed, I tried to bury my face so she couldn't see it, but she took it firmly in her hands and angled it up, scrutinizing my expression. She cocked her head again, this time in the other direction, was she miming a question?

“I said I...that I love you.” I repeated, my voice trembling. Whatever she saw in my face, if she read my body language, smelled my pheromones, or if she just felt me throb and twitch inside her when our eyes met, she liked it. She smiled with her eyes, not a mocking grin, not a predatory smirk, but a warm, loving smile. Her coils tightened around me, and she pushed my head back into her bosom with a firm hand, and kept it there. I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her close, and she began to move again, gaining speed, impacting my pelvis so hard I thought it might break under the assault. Had she accepted my confession? Heat surged in my chest and combined with my building orgasm, it became too much to bear and her quivering muscles clenched around me as I moaned into her cleavage and released into her. She rumbled like thunder, and her body shuddered as if in it's death throes, every twitch sending bolts of pleasure up through my body. Her contractions eventually diminished into contented shudders as she slumped on top of me, our combined juices ruining my mattress. I passed out.


I awoke in a sticky mess, I flopped out of bed and stretched, the morning sun flooded past the parted curtains and illuminated a disaster area, a table with one leg smashed off, a potted plant knocked down with it's soil strewn across the floor, a pile of discarded bed sheets, she must have half trashed the room on her way in and out through the window, this apartment was barely large enough for one human never mind a giant viper. It appeared that she had left some time in the morning, there was a great depression on one side of the mattress where she had fallen asleep after I had passed out. My body was sore and my groin ached after the previous night's activities, I inched to the bathroom, every tentative step and burning muscle reminding me of our violent lovemaking. I leaned over the sink and splashed cool water on my face, I would need to shower before work. What time was it? I checked the wall clock, I was two hours late, oh well, no reason to rush then. I was disappointed that the viper had not stayed, she was not one for extended farewells as I had learned the first time we had met, but I thought that this time she might at least have stayed until I woke up. Was it because I said I loved her? Did she understand what I had expressed to her? My stomach went sour as I imagined her moving on to another, less clingy human lover after my spontaneous confession had driven her away. How could this work? What would we do? I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, five o'clock shadow, a monstrous hickey and messy, matted hair stared back at me. I decided I'd take that shower.

I was already late for my first shift, so I showered, had a leisurely breakfast and made some futile attempts to straighten out my apartment. Eventually I made my way out of the building and down the street intending to catch my second shift at the bottling plant after a posthumous apology to the acting supervisor. This time I didn't take the alley, no more alleys for me, I'd pass the checkpoint like a good citizen and avoid getting scared out of my wits by giant aliens this time. As I got closer I noticed a viper was at the checkpoint again, I must have caught her between patrols. As I approached the gate I realized it was a large one, well endowed with wide hips and a massive, tapering tail. As the guards scanned me through and shoved me on my merry way, I slowed briefly, staring at the viper as I passed her. Could it be? She looked back at me, not as an animal tracking it's prey or a soldier assessing a threat, but with a warm, loving gaze that lingered. My face lit up, I wanted to run to her, embrace her, but I controlled myself, who knew how the other soldiers would react? Fraternizing with civilians was often prohibited even for human soldiers. I looked at her imploringly, and she replied by raising her wrist mounted computer and gesturing to it, her eyes narrowed and she smirked.

“I've got your number” she seemed to say. I smiled, and patted my pocket where I kept my phone. She nodded almost imperceptibly, and I continued down the street. Oh I would see her again, every night as long as we were in the same city, I suspected. My dreams had become manifest, rather than being visited by tormenting visions in my sleep, the torments visited upon me each night would be made flesh. I might have skipped the rest of the way to work, had my knees not suddenly become weak. City life might be tolerable after all.