Outpost 2 – Bisexual Edition

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Disclaimer: This work of erotic fiction is intended for adults only. The story contains the following themes: gay, bisexual, blowjob, deepthroat, assisted blowjob, kissing, long tongue, biting, scratching, femdom, maledom, size difference, large insertion, dark-skinned female, size queen, MMF, oral, anal, double vaginal.

Please note that this is an older story that has not yet been edited to bring it up to my current standards.


Schaffer was awoken by a familiar sensation, opening his eyes and blinking sleepily as he lay in a pile of slumbering aliens, the sky outside one of the outpost's tiny portholes was still dark. It must be early morning, the Borealan sun had not yet risen, and the Polars that lay around him like a pride of idle lions were not yet awake. Their chests rose and fell softly, their breathing deep and regular as their paunchy, furry bodies cushioned and insulated him.

He had been living with the pack for months now, they had saved his life after he had been exiled to a remote listening station in the Borealan tundra by a corrupt Admiral, they had found his freezing body in the snow and had nursed him back to health. They had taken him in as one of their own, made him a part of their pack and their family, and now they lived together in the base with the UNN's consent. Schaffer had been put in charge of maintaining the station's eavesdropping equipment, intended to spy on the other alien nations of the planet, and in return he was allowed to live here along with his pack. It was warm, safe, and they were periodically resupplied with food and amenities. A far cry from the subsistence living the Polar pack had been accustomed to when they had come across him.

He was enveloped by their giant, feline bodies, downy white fur and insulating fat pressing on him from all sides. The Polars liked to sleep in a big pile, partly to conserve warmth in their harsh environment, and partly because of their tendency towards spontaneous and permissive sexual behavior. For that reason he slept in the nude, there were no other humans for thousands of miles and the aliens had no comparable concept of shame, wearing revealing and often purposeless garments that completely failed to preserve their modesty.

In some ways he had 'gone native', turned feral by human standards, choosing to live with his adopted family over the people who had betrayed him and had sought to kill him through exposure and starvation. The criminal organization that had stranded him here had been systematically deconstructed by UNN security services, and the figurehead had been put into a coma after resisting arrest, but even though the whole sorry affair had been resolved he still felt more at home with his pack. It was a simple life, fulfilling, he wanted for nothing and there were none of the day to day worries that had plagued him in his old job. His only human contact now was weekly status reports and the supply shuttle that came by once a month.

He looked around him in the gloom, trying not to disturb the sleeping aliens, someone's fat thigh was cushioning his head and there was a heavy arm draped over his belly. They were in one of the dorms of the small base, originally it had been full of bunk beds and cots, but the aliens had been far too large and heavy to use them and so they had removed the mattresses and piled them on the floor. There were a few of these dorms, and the whole pack couldn't fit in just one, so they tended to wander between the different groups depending on who they felt like sleeping with.

Schaffer realized that he was leaning on Osha, a near nine foot tall female who had taken a shining to him almost immediately upon his arrival, adopting him like a stray animal. Her pudgy thighs were as large as his torso, and made an admirable pillow. He couldn't see the faces of those piled to his left and right, but he recognized the patchy, camouflaged fur markings of one of them and determined that must be one of the twins.

He turned his gaze downwards, seeing what had woken him, a pair of familiar blue eyes staring up at him expectantly as they reflected the low light. Runt was rubbing Schaffer's thigh with his silky hand, so named for his unusually small stature for a Borealan, putting him on par with a taller human in terms of height. Meek and submissive, he had warmed to Schaffer due to their similar circumstances, the little alien tagged along with him everywhere he went like an adoring puppy. He seemed to see Schaffer's initial refusal to sleep communally and participate in their occasional orgies as neglect, and had taken it upon himself to satisfy his needs, a behavior that had continued long after Schaffer had accepted the ways of their pack as his own.

“Runt?” Schaffer whispered, keeping his voice low so as not to rouse the others. “What are you doing up so early?”

Schaffer didn't speak their language and the aliens didn't know English, but they understood each other well enough to communicate through a makeshift system of contextual gestures and basic phrases. The young alien parted Schaffer's legs gently with his fluffy palms, then planted a soft kiss on his inner thigh, Schaffer realizing that his prominent morning wood had drawn the Borealan. Schaffer was still growing accustomed to the pack's laissez-faire attitude when it came to sex, it was both a recreational act, and one of bonding. Runt had interpreted that his dear friend was in need of relief, and Schaffer could think of no good reason to deny him.

His erection bounced in the air, and Runt took that as an invitation to continue, rubbing his furry face against the underside of his member and lapping softly at the human's balls with his obscenely long tongue. It parted his lips and snaked out of his mouth, almost a foot of pink, wet muscle that roved and coiled with a life of its own as its textured surface wrapped the base of his cock and cradled his testicles. Schaffer covered his mouth with his hand, stifling a groan so as not to disturb his sleeping neighbors, and reached down to sink his fingers into the Polar's soft hair. He scratched his scalp, hearing Runt croon happily, delighted to please Schaffer as he painted the human's loins with his viscous saliva.

He took Schaffer's shaft in his hand, wrapping his large fingers around his pulsing member and letting his velvet fur tickle his skin, careful to avoid cutting him with his hooked claws. His drool made his fur wet, the sensation slippery and pleasant as he began to stroke, Schaffer doing all that he could to keep still as the alien licked and teased below.

Runt was so doting, eager and dutiful, constantly glancing up for approval as he worked. The pack structure was still something that Schaffer had a hard time adjusting to, it was just so alien compared to human society, they were led by an Alpha male and then each member of the group was ranked in descending order with Runt at the bottom. Far from abusing him, the pack seemed to take special care to ensure that its weaker members were looked after, Osha especially fawned over him like a concerned mother. Being at the bottom of the pack however usually meant...well...being at the bottom of the pack. Zagza, the enormous Alpha male, seemed to take a special interest in subjecting the small alien to long and exhausting sessions that left the poor creature scarcely able to walk. That was to say nothing of the larger females who seemed to particularly enjoy his oral attentions. From one perspective it might be a blessed existence, the plucky little Polar never seemed to refuse or complain, but Schaffer always found himself rooting for the underdog and wanted his friend to come out on top one day.

Today didn't seem to be that day however, and he lay back, letting his head sink into the soft fat of Osha's thick thigh and enjoying Runt's indulgences. The Polar mouthed and kissed as he crawled his lips up Schaffer's shaft, an expert on human anatomy by this point, pulling back his foreskin and taking his sensitive glans gently into his mouth. He coiled his slimy tongue around the head, feeling Schaffer's member throb between his lips as he grazed it, then sucked him deeper into his throat as he pressed his head down in one smooth motion to kiss the base.

Schaffer jerked, arching his spine in alarm as Runt's smooth throat muscles closed around his erection, massaging and squeezing as the alien swallowed a mouthful of saliva around it. Schaffer combed the Polar's hair with his fingers, scratching him behind one of the round ears that protruded from the top of his head, feeling him shiver appreciatively. Runt struggled, eyes watering, and took Schaffer's erection even deeper. His tongue lolled out to lick the human's balls, his saliva leaking to wet his thighs, the fleshy walls of his gullet rippling and massaging as the alien struggled to hold him there. Finally he pulled back, releasing Schaffer's member along with a mass of stringy drool, clinging to his furry chin and sliding down Schaffer's cock in globs. Runt used it to wet his hand, stroking as he caught his breath, wiping some of the mess away with the back of his forearm.

Schaffer felt something heavy on his head, it was Osha, it appeared that she had been roused by the activity. Her dinner plate sized hand rested on him, her black claws tickling his scalp as she stroked his hair. She didn't seem to want to participate, she was just watching sleepily, yawning widely as Runt bowed his head to resume his work. He started to go faster now, wrapping his tongue around Schaffer's erection and adding a new layer of sensation, encompassing his length in wet muscle as he sucked and bobbed his head.

As much as Schaffer wanted to encourage him to be more assertive, it was very difficult to refuse his eager, affectionate advances. It was as if his one purpose in life was servicing the other members of his pack, and he never missed an opportunity to make himself available to them. Schaffer most of all. It was also fairly hard to communicate to the little Polar that he didn't want sex, especially when he was already burying his face in Schaffer's crotch and pulling his member into his mouth with his agile tongue.

Runt found a punishing pace, sending pleasant shivers crawling up Schaffer's spine as he licked and sucked, swallowing the organ as deep as he could take it as he peppered its length with licks and gentle glances. Schaffer's glans hit the back of his throat, sliding against the slick muscle, the suction the Polar was creating nearly enough to draw his emission from his very body. He let his saliva flow freely, lubricating his gullet, the obscene noises of his wet blowjob drawing a smirk from Osha as she observed them from her reclined position.

Schaffer gripped Runt's silky hair more harshly, taking a handful for leverage and thrusting into the alien's eager mouth as his arousal started to overpower his restraint, fucking the willing Polar in earnest as he looked up at Schaffer with yearning in his eyes. The salacious plea went unspoken, but Schaffer understood it well enough, feeling his orgasm rising in his loins as his alien partner begged silently for him to release into his waiting throat.

“You little...” Schaffer growled, his curse petering out into a pained groan as his erection pulsated, releasing a thick wad of his ejaculate directly into Runt's waiting gullet. The Polar swallowed him deeper, his lips clamping around the base of Schaffer's cock, gulping down each fresh flood of come as it came. The beleaguered human sank both of his hands into the alien's fur, grimacing as Runt drew more of his emission from him, draining him with the cruel massage of his throat muscles as he drank.

Euphoria washed over Schaffer, his muscles tingling and aching as he shot his final load into the alien's mouth, a pang of harsh arousal coursing through him as he watched the alien swallow conspicuously. Runt scraped his lips up Schaffer's still twitching shaft, careful to take as much of his own slimy drool and whatever had escaped from his mouth with him, leaving the human basically clean and panting as he lay against Osha's squashy body. The giant female lay her head back down on the mattress, losing interest and resuming her sleep now that the show was over, Runt licking his pink lips and looking to Schaffer for praise.

He reached down to pet the alien, Runt purring happily and crawling up to lie beside him, wrapping his furry arms around Schaffer and burying his face in the nape of his neck to nuzzle contentedly. Schaffer felt like sleeping too, the damned alien had drained him, but it was still early in the morning and he could probably catch a couple more hours before the other pack members started to wake up. He heard snow battering the windows as he closed his eyes, must be a storm rolling in.


The snow was really coming down now, and Schaffer was glad to be inside the outpost, the heating system kept them cozy while elements that would kill an unprotected human in a matter of minutes battered the base from the outside. He sipped a mug of steaming coffee, it was a little gritty, but the heat of the beverage spread through his stomach and put a smile on his face. The Polars didn't like the caffeine in coffee, and their tongues seemed almost indifferent to sweet flavors, but a mug of rehydrated milk and cream warmed on a stove top had turned out to be their drink of choice.

Runt sat beside him on a couch in the common room, a large space full of chairs and coffee tables that had been intended for the outpost's original staff to hang out and relax in. Unlike most of the pack, Runt was short enough that he could sit on human-sized chairs rather comfortably, and he shared a seat beside Schaffer as the pair watched the blizzard outside the windows.

They didn't really chat, there wasn't enough of a common language to have in-depth conversations, but they were tactile creatures and Schaffer was happy to just cuddle with them. He didn't miss human interaction, the small talk and forced smiles, the stifling falseness of it all. Here there were no such barriers, mental or physical, and letting someone know how you felt about them was as simple and as uninhibited as trapping them in an unsolicited hug.

Runt leaned down, lying his head on Schaffer's lap and purring as he scratched him behind the ear. The vibrations got him hard, and Runt noticed, dropping quietly off the couch to kneel in front of him, his furry hands rubbing Schaffer's thighs expectantly. Schaffer found him hard to refuse, lying back and relaxing as he prepared for another one of the Polar's servile blowjobs. But as Runt unzipped his pants, releasing his member to bounce in the air, Schaffer took him by the wrist and moved him away. Runt cocked his head at him, not understanding.

“No, you know what, enough of that.”

Schaffer lifted Runt by the arm and stood him up, then kneeled in front of him, the alien peering down at him from above with a confused expression. Schaffer was tired of it, the little alien didn't have to be subservient to everyone, Schaffer wasn't, and the two were of a similar stature. It was time to give something back to his friend.

Runt wore nothing but an animal hide loincloth, tied around his waist with a leather belt, his erection already tenting the fabric as if to brush against Schaffer's nose. He was lithe and skinnier than his peers, though still soft around the belly and lower body, and Schaffer began to untie the belt. The loincloth fell away, catching on the alien's member for a moment before dropping to the floor, exposing Runt's erection. He wasn't as massive as Zagza was, the pack Alpha was almost a foot long with a girth that made him very had to take. Runt had about eight inches, not dramatically larger than the average human. His anatomy was red and shiny, with a tapered head and small, vestigial bumps that ran along its length. At some point in their evolutionary history they must have been barbs, but now they were atrophied and simply served as an extra dimension of stimulation.

The tip was already leaking clear fluid in anticipation, and Schaffer wasn't sure how to handle the odd organ, he had always been on the receiving end before today. Runt was trembling, having realized what his friend had in mind, he was standing as still as his quivering legs would allow and seemed unsure of how to proceed. After eyeing the organ for a moment, Schaffer decided that it would be a better idea to simply bite the bullet, so to speak. He wrapped his lips around the tapered glans, and drew it into his mouth. Runt shivered, his furry fingers sinking into Schaffer's hair for purchase, pointed claws pricking his scalp as he felt the alien member pulse on his tongue. It tasted of flesh, with a hint of salt, Runt's musky smell in his nose as he placed his hands on the Polar's downy thighs.

Runt certainly didn't seem to be used to this, he was so excited that he was leaking a steady trickle of precum, his legs shaking as Schaffer circled the tip with his tongue. He recalled how the females responded to his oral attentions, Borealans had tongues that were long and impossibly agile, but they were also rough and oral sex could be a bit of a delicate procedure. Human tongues were soft and smooth, maddening to the aliens, and it seemed to be having the same effect on Runt as he shivered and gasped.

He was a little large for Schaffer to take him to the base, besides that tapered tip looked as if it would stab him in the throat, but this was just the beginning of what he had in mind for the little Polar. He wanted to build up his confidence, show him that despite his small stature, he could be a contender in the pack just as Schaffer was. He wanted the meek Polar to mount him, and this was the best way to get him in the mood.

He slid his tongue up and down Runt's shaft, feeling the smooth flesh and the small bumps as the alien's cock throbbed between his lips, fever hot and dripping like a faucet. He could feel Runt's heartbeat through it, the organ jumping in tandem as Schaffer painted its length with his saliva.

When it was good and wet, he drew back, letting the strands of drool that connected its slippery surface to his lips break as the alien looked down with an excited and somewhat flustered expression on his face. He seemed a little disappointed, thinking perhaps that the encounter was already over, but Schaffer had something else in mind.

He stood and began to unfasten his belt, Runt dropping to knees, ready to reciprocate. Schaffer shook his head, slipping off his pants and underwear, then stepping out of them and lying back down on the couch. He removed his shirt too for good measure, Runt watching him as he waited for further instructions. Schaffer splayed his legs in invitation, and again the alien bowed his head, lowering himself down submissively, assuming that Schaffer wanted to make use of his mouth.

Growing frustrated with his sheer obliviousness, Schaffer leaned forward and took Runt's member in his hand, guiding him forwards and down between his cheeks. The alien gave him a quizzical look, as if to ask him if he was really taking such a submissive position, and Schaffer tried to be reassuring.

Finally understanding, Runt spat into his furry palm, and coated his member in a further layer of thick saliva to act as a lubricant. His was thicker and slimier than that of a human, viscous like honey as it dripped from the shaft, Schaffer's tentative blowjob rendered pointless. Oh well, Runt had clearly enjoyed it, maybe he'd make a point of doing it more often in the future.

Runt shuffled closer, Schaffer feeling his silky fur tickle his inner thighs, and the Polar pressed his glans against the human's bud. Schaffer surprised himself by how much he wanted it, the anticipation he felt, an emptiness inside him that could only be filled by the alien's member. It pulsed as it pressed against him, beating like a heart, and Runt gave him a look as if asking for permission to proceed. Schaffer gripped a handful of the fur on his hip, and pulled the alien into him, the pair gasping in unison as Runt's rigid member penetrated deep inside him.

There was a moment of pain as the organ's girth stretched him, which soon gave way to a dull pleasure as the two stayed still, growing accustomed to each other's anatomy before daring to move a muscle. Schaffer could feel the Polar's member flexing and throbbing inside him, every twitch making its hot surface bump against his prostate. He shivered and clenched, Runt planting his claws into the cushions that lined the back of the couch as he gritted his pointed teeth at the intense stimulation. They fed into each other, their excitement rising, finally finding it impossible to resist escalating their coupling as Runt began to slowly thrust into him.

Schaffer's eyelids fluttered as he arched his spine, feeling Runt's member pierce deeper inside him. Zagza was larger and he had been subjected the enormous Alpha's advances more than once, but despite how intensely pleasurable it was, his exaggerated size resulted in a kind of numbing of the senses. Having the giant male force his face into the mattress and go to town resulted in an intoxicating blend of harsh pleasure and uncomfortable soreness, but this was different, Runt was smaller and his movements were more tender and careful. He could feel every tiny nub on the alien's erection, grazing Schaffer's prostate as he moved inside him, pressing against him in all the right places and just endowed enough to be comfortable.

Schaffer started to shiver, he had never really felt like this before, it was as if someone had hooked his body up to a jumper cable and was running an electrical current through his body. He felt no urge to accelerate and reach a quick, powerful climax as he did with Zagza, this was almost like being massaged from the inside-out and he wanted it to continue for as long as Runt could keep it up.

The Polar seemed to notice his change in demeanor, panting warm breath on Schaffer's neck as he leaned over him and used the back of the couch for support, moving his hips in a slow rhythm as the human lay beneath him. Schaffer reached a hand up to run his fingers through the velvet fur that lined his chest and belly, feeling his firm muscles beneath the insulating fat, every gentle thrust blurring his vision.

The endless prostate stimulation was milking him, the bumps that decorated Runt's shaft were positioned just right, a stream of clear fluid leaking from Schaffer's painfully hard erection to pool on his belly as they rubbed against his insides. His tight walls gripped the foreign object like a glove, Runt's thick saliva enough to ease its passing, yet not quite so slippery that their coupling was frictionless. Those damned bumps, the way the Polar's cock throbbed inside him, every beat of his heart sending a flood of warm blood through his veins that Schaffer could feel against his passage...it was unbearable.

Runt seemed to be getting into the swing of things, his posture was more dominant now, his breathy gasps replaced by a deeper growl that escaped his lips whenever Schaffer squeezed him. He wrapped his legs around the Polar's hips, pulling him closer, forcing another masculine grunt from him as the alien peered down at him with a fresh lust in his eyes that Schaffer had never seen before.

The alien sank his teeth into Schaffer's neck, not hard enough to break the skin but enough for him to feel it, classic Borealan dominance behavior. It stung, but Schaffer was accustomed to it, a pleasant shiver rolling down his spine as Runt lapped apologetically at the red mark he had left.

“That's what I want,” Schaffer whispered, trying to make his tone sound reassuring. “Don't lose your nerve now, this is...I love this.”

His alien partner began to move faster, stronger, pushing deeper inside him as those intolerable bumps raked his most sensitive reaches. Electrical pleasure shot through his body, making his muscles weak and shaky, as if every glance of that throbbing shaft against his prostate was sapping his energy to leave him gasping and pliant. It was so thick, the alien's girth enough that if felt like it was pressing against every nerve ending at once. The Polar's tapered erection pushed deep, much of it passing beyond the point that he could feel anything besides a dull sense of fullness, but the sensations were so intense that he felt his mind slipping away..

Runt was growing more fervent, lifting one foot to rest on the couch for leverage as he increased the pace and strength of his thrusts, Schaffer taking handfuls of the fur on his chest and belly as the alien pressed him into the cushions. He felt flowery, giddy, unable to concentrate on anything beyond the pleasure. A strange new excitement washed over him as he looked up at Runt's face with a new appreciation that bordered on adoration, his heart skipping as their eyes met and he felt the Polar's cock flex inside him.

Runt leaned down to force his lips against Schaffer's, soft and full, parting them with his tongue and pushing the long, slippery organ into the human's mouth. Schaffer's hands rose to sink into the silky fur of his cheeks, meeting the kiss as best he could, the alien's oversized tongue painting the inside of his mouth and grazing the back of his throat. It was so thick and powerful, its texture rough on the top but smooth on the bottom, Runt's embrace greedy and sexually charged. The damned thing was almost the size of a cock in its own right, wet with copper flavored saliva, Schaffer pulling Runt closer as he cradled the Polar's velvet cheeks in his palms.

Their pace increased again, a fresh hunger rising inside the pair, tongues entwined as Runt plunged into Schaffer with what could only be described as ferocity. The salacious kiss dragged on, wanton and probing, Schaffer feeling almost as if he were being fucked from both ends as Runt licked and teased. A strand of saliva fell from their lips to join the pooling fluid on Schaffer's belly, beads of it dripping from the tip of his member continuously as the alien ravished him.

Damn, it was like a hammer was hitting his prostate, every blow fogging his brain and deepening his lust. He broke off the kiss, their lips linked by a rope of thick drool, and wrapped his arms around the alien's neck to pull his face into his shoulder. He clung to Runt, the Polar practically lifting him off the couch with the force of his thrusts and throwing him against the cushions behind him, his skin slick with sweat as it slid against the faux-leather. Runt mouthed and kissed his shoulder and the nape of his neck, pinching Schaffer with his teeth and teasing him with glances of his tongue. He seemed to like the taste of the human's sweat, his claws still planted deep in the fabric of the cushions, his fur tickling Schaffer's thighs and balls as he pressed against him.

He bit Schaffer's neck again, and the human arched his spine, loosing a guttural groan that he had never heard himself make before. It was like Runt had been born for his, and Schaffer was taking the brunt of his newly discovered purpose, the raking of those bead-like vestigial barbs against his sweet spot making his toes curl.

He gripped the fur on Runt's back and moaned into his shoulder, losing himself to the pleasure, becoming less and less inhibited as their dance went on. He couldn't have imagined that Runt would be able to just...fuck him into the couch like this, the wooden frame was creaking its complaints as they rocked it and the cushions were torn. They were running out of furniture, at this rate the pack would destroy every surface in the damned base through their habit of over-enthusiastic sex. Fooling around with Runt was not as overwhelming as it was with Scarface or Zagza, but it was somehow more intimate and personal.

The alien sucked his ear into his mouth, trapping it between his sharp teeth and chewing gently, probing with the tip of his tongue as Schaffer shivered and panted. This was all becoming too much, he could feel a pressure rising inside him, the pangs of a welling orgasm scratching at his senses. He clenched involuntarily, squeezing Runt's member as the alien bucked and growled, his cock pulsing inside Schaffer as his warm blood pumped through it.

Runt rolled his hips, his pace becoming less measured and more frantic, the sound of tearing fabric in Schaffer's ears as the Polar's grip on the cushions around his head increased, stuffing falling free as his sharp claws shredded the material. Schaffer could feel the alien getting closer, his breathing becoming ragged, his member plunging deeper and faster as his excitement mounted.

Runt pressed his lips around Schaffer's neck again, sharp teeth gripping him as if to hold him there as the alien's member jumped and pulsed inside him. Schaffer yelped as he felt Runt's fingers wrap his cock, his fluffy palm wet with the human's leaking fluids, squeezing his aching erection and adding a new dimension of pleasure to their frenetic coupling. He began to stroke hard and fast, Schaffer's eyes rolling back into his head and his spine arching, the stimulation inside and out mingling and sending bolts of cruel pleasure rippling through his body. Every pump of the alien's damp fist was like an electric shock, Schaffer's mind fading into a warm haze as he felt his orgasm creeping up on him.

Runt's body shook, and he forced himself deep inside Schaffer as a powerful climax washed over him, forgetting the human's limitations for a moment and grinding his bumpy cock against his prostate. Schaffer jerked and bucked, the alien's member buried up to the hilt as it exploded inside him, flooding his guts with hot come. It was like lava as it poured into him, thick and syrupy like honey, every throb of Runt's member pressing against his sweet spot as it pumped ejaculate into his passage. He came too, ropes of his emission spraying from his member as Runt held it in his furry hand, splattering his naked belly and coating the Polar's fist.

A prostate orgasm was different from a standard one, a wave of warm, tingling pleasure sapping the strength from his body and making him quiver and shake as his contractions milked his shuddering partner. It wasn't concentrated in his loins, but instead spread up his spine and out through his nervous system as if he had been frozen and was now being thawed from the inside-out. He trembled and gasped, his hands covering his burning face as Runt kept his hold on his neck, teeth breaking the skin to draw a trickle of blood as his hot breath washed over him.

Schaffer couldn't think, his conscious mind had left him, he was lost in a mire of sensation and mingling pleasures that threatened to unhinge him. Runt just kept going, the usually submissive alien lost in a fugue, emptying into Schaffer and then fucking the obscene fluids deeper. Globs of his come leaked from Schaffer's hole, his own erection oozing a continuous strand of white emission as the alien hammered his prostate.

It just kept going, he could feel the endless wads of alien semen sliding against his insides as the pressure forced them downward and out of him, the callous treatment of his prostate prolonging his orgasm way beyond anything he could have anticipated.

When Runt finally withdrew Schaffer was a shivering wreck, lying limp on the couch as viscous ejaculate leaked from his splayed hole, his own fluids pooling on his belly as his erection slowly receded. A euphoric afterglow fell over him like a warm blanket, almost giddy as he recovered. Runt still leaned over him as his fleshy penis throbbed and bounced, a few stray drops falling from its tip to fall to the couch.

Runt kneeled in front of him, parting Schaffer's thighs with his furry hands, his long tongue leaving his mouth to curl around the human's still sensitive member. Schaffer winced as the Polar cleaned his shaft, scraping away the come with his rough organ and sucking off the residue that still hung from his glans. When he was done he moved up his body, licking the ejaculate from Schaffer's belly as he watched from above with drooping eyelids, the barbs of Runt's feline tongue tickling his skin as he lapped at the slimy mess and pressed his lips against the human's abs to suck and mouthe. He left trails of saliva, his tongue warm and slippery, Schaffer's fingers pressing tentatively against the bite marks Runt had left on his neck as the alien cleaned him up dutifully.

The little Polar had surprised him, exceeding his expectations, he had thought that the meek alien might have been convinced to take the lead but he had fucked Schaffer into a shivering mess with little encouragement. They would have to do this more often...

Runt crawled up onto the couch beside him, pressing his lips against the red tooth marks on Schaffer's neck apologetically, nuzzling and crooning.

“Don't worry about it,” Schaffer mumbled, “you did great.” He reached up to scratch the Polar's head, feeling him wrap a fluffy arm around his belly as he settled in next to him. Schaffer could still feel Runt's member inside him, like some kind of imprint, that satisfaction and sense of wonderful fullness lingering long after they had decoupled. He was still full of his come no doubt, he could feel its warmth in his belly, the alien's now flaccid member pressing against his thigh and almost hot enough to burn him.

Might as well sleep here for a while, he was exhausted, his muscles were sore and there was the dull ache of sex in his nethers. They could clean up this mess later. He rested his still rosy cheek against the Polar's downy chest, giving in to his fatigue and closing his eyes, letting the beating of the alien's heart lull him to sleep.


Riya steered her dropship through the blizzard, the winds buffeting the little craft as it glided on its stubby wings, a sensor overlay projecting on her cockpit window in an attempt to help her see through the almost opaque flurry of snow. It was coming down harder than she had ever seen it, battering the craft's hull, audible even over the sound of the thrusters as they pulsed to maintain altitude.

This should have been a routine supply run, she had been tasked with delivering a cargo bay full of food to a remote station located on this planet's northern pole, but on the way down from the orbiting jump carrier a storm had rolled in. Weather patterns on Borealis were unpredictable on the best of days, and seemed downright hostile on others, as if the world itself was trying to knock you out of the sky. This was one of those days, and she struggled with the vessel's flight stick as she tried to locate her destination, circling as best she could in order to shed some of the speed she still retained from atmospheric insertion.

She had coordinates to the base, but this planet was primitive and did not have GPS satellites in orbit, so the computer had to rely on surface mapping to determine her location. The scanners were having problems penetrating the thick snow, and so the ghostly, orange line drawing of the ground that was scrolling across her HUD was patchy and incomplete.

Just when she thought she might have to fire her main engines and head back to space, she saw it, a geometric blob on her display that could only be a man-made structure. She angled her dropship towards it and began her descent.

Schaffer was jolted awake by the sound of engines, the storm was in full swing and the pack was taking shelter inside, could it be the supply shuttle? They usually called ahead to let him know that they were on their way, but he had received no such message, perhaps the blizzard was interfering with their communications?

He scrambled out of the pile of furry aliens, many of whom had also been roused by the noise, their round ears swiveling atop their heads to track its source. They weren't afraid, they knew what shuttles were by now, but this was still an unannounced visit. He rose to his feet and pulled on a nearby pair of pants, hurrying through the sterile corridors of the installation on his way to the entrance. He looked out of the porthole embedded in the reinforced metal door, squinting his eyes against the ceaseless torrent of snow, trying to make out the shape of a shuttle or the telltale flare of a thruster through the powder.

He couldn't see three feet in front of him, landing a shuttle in these winds would be dangerous enough, never mind the low visibility. He needed to get out there and find out what the hell was going on. He retrieved an environment suit from a rack by the door, they had internal heating elements that would protect him from the planet's blistering cold for a time, they also had a flashlight attachment that he might be able to use to signal the pilot.

He heard footsteps behind him, claws clicking on the deck as Zagza approached, the massive Alpha male's head skirting the ceiling. He looked concerned, standing with his arms crossed across his barrel chest and cocking his head at Schaffer. He was by far the largest...anything, that Schaffer had ever laid eyes on. Broad shouldered, and with a weight lifter's gut to match his impressive musculature, he stood almost nine feet tall and served as the pack's leader.

“I have to go out, big guy,” he said as he gestured to the door. The alien understood well enough, and Schaffer signaled for him to stay put. “Too cold out there, even for you.”

He pressed his shoulder against the door, turning the handle and trying to force it open, but the buildup of snow on the other side had it stuck fast. The wind howled as it blew through the gap, cold air flooding the corridor, and Zagza planted his massive hands above Schaffer as he leaned over him to help. With the Polar's immense strength, he pushed the door open, baring his sharp teeth as he heaved against the weight of the snow to open a gap that Schaffer could slip through. Zagza slammed it closed behind him, and Schaffer found himself alone in the freezing tundra.

It was cold enough to penetrate his suit, pricking at his skin despite the heating coils that kept his body temperature in the safe zone, and his visor automatically darkened to lessen the glare of the snow. He couldn't hear much now, the outside noises were muffled by his suit, and the blizzard hammered him with enough speed and force that it sounded almost like applause.

He struggled forward in the snowdrifts, deep enough to sink up to his knees, scanning the sky for the shuttle. Only a few feet away from the outpost, he was already beyond the comforting yellow glow that emanated from its windows, hopefully the flashlight beam would penetrate further than the interior lights did.

If he knew anything about dropship pilots, they'd be looking for a flat surface to set down on, and that might prove difficult with the dunes of snow that the winds were forming. He felt a fresh blast of air coming in from a different direction, warmer than it should be, and looked upwards as flecks of snow splashed his face plate. There, he could make out the blue flare of the shuttle's thruster jets, but only just. There was no way his flashlight would penetrate that far.

It seemed to be circling, there was no way the pilot could see anything in this storm, and so they must be trying to locate a landing site with their scanners. He watched the ship sway as it hovered, moving off a short distance from the base before attempting to set down. He could make out its silhouette now, a large, dark blob with an angular hull and stunted wings. It lowered itself tentatively, then a strong gust of wind took it and the pilot had to fight to stay level. It looked as if it was about to spin out of control, but then the pilot made the decision to set it down regardless, and it dropped abruptly to land heavily on the side of a snowdrift. It slid down the side of the dune, its thrusters sputtering out, the engines winding down as Schaffer hurried towards the vessel.

When he arrived it was already beginning to disappear under the snow, the dropship was resting at an odd angle where the pilot had been forced to set it down, tilted on an incline at maybe thirty degrees. Schaffer climbed up onto the cockpit and smacked his gloved hand against the glass. The pilot within, a dark skinned woman with long, black hair jumped as he startled her. He waved, and gestured towards the rear of the craft, and she nodded her understanding. He clambered across the vessel's hull then hopped off into the snow near the tail, waiting for the pilot to lower the landing ramp.

When there was enough of a gap for him to slip past, he stepped inside and hit the emergency close button, waiting for the ramp to seal behind him before removing his helmet. He took in a breath of stale, recycled air, the heating system in the shuttle working overtime as he felt the cold he had let in dissipate. He was surrounded by crates, no doubt containing food and supplies, anchored to the floor with straps where the crash couches would have been in a troop carrier. The whole thing was slanted, and he gripped one of the handholds in the roof to steady himself.

“Hey! You ok?” Schaffer shouted.

The pilot poked her head through the door that separated the troop bay from the cockpit, in the process of removing her flight headset, and looked him up down before replying.

“I think so, but I'm not sure about the shuttle, you see any obvious damage on your way over?”

“You're parked on the side of a snowdrift, but beyond that I didn't see any damage, no.”

“Had to set her down quickly, the winds are unpredictable, nearly lost control back there. I figured a controlled crash was better than an uncontrolled one.”

“My name's Schaffer, I suppose you're here to bring me my groceries?”

“That's right, can't believe how fast this storm rolled in, one minute I had clear skies and the next I was flying through the middle of a blizzard. I'm Riya by the way, guess I'm going to be grounded for a while.”

“At least until the storm blows over. This shuttle is gonna be buried under a foot of snow within an hour, we're gonna have to wait until the blizzard runs its course, then we'll dig you out.”

“We?” Riya asked. “I was told there was only one guy manning this base.”

“You didn't think there was a little too much food here for one person?”

“The thought had crossed my mind,” she said as she stepped into the troop bay, steadying herself against the hull. “I know this outpost isn't on the books, didn't think I should be asking too many questions.”

Schaffer struggled with how to explain his living situation to the pilot, while he was technically the only UNN employee on site, that didn't account for the two dozen Borealans who lived in the base along with him. UNN personnel would be aware of their furless cousins who served extensively in the armed forces, but the Polar variety were a lot less common, and these ones were locals. He decided it would be a better idea to get her into the base and out of danger first.

“You have an environment suit with you?” Schaffer asked her.

“There are some emergency suits, do I need one?”

“Temperatures out there are thirty below zero, I don't recommend making a run for the outpost without a suit. Trust me, I've done it before,” he added.

He waited while she retrieved the garment from a compartment in the cockpit, then pulled it on over her flight suit, zipping it up and securing her helmet. She activated the short range radio, and Schaffer tuned in, hearing her voice come through with a hiss of static.

“Ok,” he said, “take my hand and follow behind me. You can scarcely see a few feet in front of you out there and I don't want to risk getting separated.”

Schaffer hit the door control, and there was a rush of frigid air as the wind flooded the bay, it was like stepping into a walk-in freezer. He led her out of the dropship and into the snow, giving her a moment to examine the tilted vessel as it lay on the drift, then after ensuring that the landing ramp had sealed properly they set off towards the base. She staggered, the planet's high gravity increasing her body weight by about thirty percent once she was free of the shuttle's artificial gravity field.

“Don't worry,” he said to her over his helmet radio, “the base has an AG field set to Rarth norm.”

The footsteps that Schaffer had left in the snow had already vanished, but he knew which direction to go in based on which way the shuttle had been facing.

The wind was almost strong enough to blow them over, and they had to hunker down against the hail of snow that battered their suits, Schaffer's heart skipping for a moment as they entered the white void between the shuttle and the outpost where neither were visible. He was relieved when the structure came into view through the blizzard in front of them, and they arrived at the main door, a fresh pile of snow now blocking it. He felt Riya's fingers tighten around his hand, her suit radio fizzing to life.

“Is the door blocked?” Schaffer could barely hear her over the cacophony of sleet and hail hitting the roof of the base. “Can we get inside?”

He hammered his fist on the cold metal, and stepped back a little, seeing a glimpse of Zagza's white fur through the window as the massive alien put his shoulder to it and forced it open. The two humans scurried inside, the Polar slamming the door closed behind them, and Riya removed her helmet with a hiss as she broke the suit's seal. She wiped her brow and breathed a sigh of relief now that she was in standard gravity again, looking back at the door and the pile of snow that had followed them in, then she turned towards Zagza and yelped in surprise.

She saw a wall of white fur before her, the fairly short woman standing just below chest height in comparison to the nine foot alien, a golem of muscle and insulating fat contained within a wholly inadequate animal hide loincloth. He looked down at her quizzically with his piercing, blue eyes, from what to Riya was quite a height. She leapt backwards in alarm, Zagza scratching the beard-like fur on his chin with his curved, black claws as she pressed herself up against the door.


“Don't be afraid, he's friendly,” Schaffer said as he took the woman by the arm in an attempt to calm her. “This is my friend, Zagza. He's one of the Borealans who lives in the base with me.”

“One of? How many are there?” Riya stammered.

“About two dozen.”

“Is this...does the UNN know they're here? Is this legal? I thought this base was classified?”

“They're not UNN personnel, but they're here with the consent of the Admiralty, I maintain the equipment and my pack lives with me. The brass kind of owed me a favor, it's a long and complicated story that I'm not permitted to tell you.”

“Your...pack?” She gave him a strange look, and he immediately regretted referring to them that way, it had been a while since he had talked to another human for longer than it took to unload the supply crates from a shuttle and he was out of practice. This might be a good opportunity to refresh his human social skills.

“It's ok, they're not dangerous. Besides, you know what they are, so you must have at least a passing familiarity with Borealans.”

“We have them on the station of course, yes, but as a pilot I don't interact with them often. Besides, these ones are all furry.”

“They're Polars, a sub-species of the Borealans you're used to seeing. They're actually quite a lot friendlier than their cousins.”

“I'll take your word for it,” she said as she brushed herself off. “Sorry, you took me by surprise.” She directed the apology towards Zagza, but the alien just cocked his head at her.

“They don't speak much English, they're native to the region,” Schaffer clarified.

“What the hell is going on in this base,” she muttered to herself as she began to unzip her environment suit.

After stowing her suit, Schaffer gave her the tour of the base, starting at the kitchen where a few of the aliens were clustered around the dining table eating their breakfast. He wasn't sure if her clearance level allowed it, she certainly couldn't access the room that contained the monitoring equipment and transmitter controls, but he couldn't leave her in her crashed shuttle and he couldn't very well lock her up in the store room either. Before Schaffer had been able to provide the Polars with canned vegetables, most of their diet had consisted of meat from the wild game they hunted, and while it was still their primary source of nutrients they enjoyed supplementing it with human dishes. Today the meal was some undisclosed seared meat, along with some canned sausages from last month's delivery that they seemed to have taken a liking too.

Osha was cooking, the giant female was the only other member of the pack that rivaled Zagza in size, and she greeted Schaffer with a wave and a warm smile. She noticed his companion, and lumbered over to get a better look at her. The base was built for humans and while the ceilings were high enough to be comfortable for Borealans, the taller ones still had to be wary of hitting their heads on hanging pipes or light fixtures. Osha's wide hips bumped against the table as she leaned down to run her claws through Riya's straight, black hair, examining the long strands with interest.

Riya seemed a little alarmed, the Polars had no concept of personal space or the boundaries that humans took for granted, and he eased the curious female away as she chatted to Zagza in their native tongue.

“She came on the ship,” Schaffer told her, gesturing to the air and miming the noise of a shuttle's engines. She understood and nodded, a gesture the aliens had picked up from him, then she leaned over the table and hooked a dripping steak from some native animal in her curved claws. She offered it to Riya, who recoiled, wrinkling her nose.

“I'm a...vegetarian.”

Ever matronly, Osha would not be satisfied unless she was sure that everyone was being fed, and so Schaffer accepted it instead. He took a large bite, it tasted good, they had discovered the barbecue sauce and had been putting it to good use lately.

He led her out of the kitchen as the other pack members craned their necks to get a look at her. The base was circular, with one corridor that ringed a large, central room built to house the computers and satellite equipment. The installation was designed to intercept communications traffic from the different territories of the planet, which functioned somewhat like countries would on Earth, then parse that information and relay anything sensitive to the UNN's intelligence branch. It had originally been designed to house several crew members, with living quarters, dorms and even a common room that branched off from the main hallway. Over time, the extremely remote location and harsh environment had driven many of them stir crazy, and after a series of suicides and desertions the staff of the base had been steadily reduced until it was completely automated.

After discovering a black market being run right under his nose out of the UNN's largest space station, Schaffer had been 'reassigned' by a corrupt Admiral, in effect banishing him to the base in the hopes that he would simply die of exposure or kill himself. He didn't want to say that he had twisted the UNN's arm, but after the whole situation had been resolved, they had agreed that having him man the base along with his new friends was the best solution for both him and the UNN. He was immune from reprisals by any remaining mobsters who might have escaped the net, and he wouldn't be leaking any details of the scandal to the public.

Zagza still trailed behind them, his black claws clicking on the metal floor, the alien tall and wide enough to almost completely fill the hallway. He probably wanted to vet her, to make sure that she wasn't a threat to his pack, he was a kind-hearted creature but protecting his family was still his primary responsibility. Schaffer showed her the common room, the location of the bathrooms, and the store room where their supplies of food and replacement parts were housed. There were aliens milling about all over the place, and while Schaffer was used to living in such close proximity with them, he understood how it might make Riya uncomfortable.

The common room was empty right now, the smell of Osha's cooking had spread through the base and drawn most of the Polars away, and so they took a seat on one of the couches. The room was fairly large, there were low tables intended for tablet computers and drinks, vending machines that were now empty, and a few game machines intended to keep the staff of the base sane during their long deployments.

“Would you like anything to drink?” Schaffer asked. “We have most things, besides fresh fruit juice, anything like that will be dehydrated.”

“I'll take a tea if you have any bags,” she replied, and Schaffer left to find some. Zagza lingered at the door for a moment longer, then followed behind Schaffer, leaving Riya some time to herself.


Riya played her eyes around the common room, noticing that one of the couches seemed to have been destroyed, as if something large had torn it up and crushed it. The vending machines were empty and had not been restocked, they appeared to have been unplugged from the wall, too. Everything looked old, not necessarily unkempt, but it was obvious that at some point the base had been left to decay for a long period of time without any kind of maintenance. There was old water damage on the walls, the furniture was all scuffed or torn in some way, there were loose pipes and wires hanging from the ceiling. This whole situation seemed very odd to her, why would the UNN have allowed these aliens to live in a classified listening post? Why did they seem to be feeding these natives along with their one staff member? This Schaffer fellow was behaving strangely, almost as if he was uncomfortable around her, awkward. Was it because he hadn't seen a woman for a while, or had he been living with these 'Polars' for too long? He had referred to them as his pack, maybe he was just a 'crazy cat person', albeit with 'cats' that were twice the size of a human.

For now she was stuck here, she could see the snow hammering against the windows, but at least with the help of the aliens she might be able to dig out the shuttle once the storm had blown over. It wasn't all bad however, the base was heated and they obviously had ample supplies remaining. There was that giant male too...woof.

She had indeed known what Borealans were, while she wasn't familiar with this local breed, she saw the strapping smooth-skinned variety on the Pinwheel frequently during her downtime between deployments. They were huge, heavily muscled warriors hailing from the temperate regions of this planet, the high gravity of their homeworld endowing them with the bodies of Greek Gods. Rumors abounded about their...'interactions' with the recruits who shared dorms with them during integration training, where the bad tempered aliens were taught how to interact with humans and how to behave in a military setting. As a pilot, Riya had never needed to undergo any such training, her interactions with the aliens were limited to ferrying them to and from combat zones when her carrier was operating on the front.

The aliens were not exactly approachable, colloquially referred to as 'Mad Cats' by the Marines, their ferocity in combat was matched only by their notoriously antisocial behavior. Were she to approach one, she had as much chance of having her head cleaved from her shoulders as being taken to bed, and her meek demeanor had never allowed her to try. It was something that she had fantasized about on many a lonely night, the stuff of trashy romance novels that she would never admit to enjoying, 'Claws of the Tiger' being a personal favorite of hers.

Now she was stuck on this base for at least one night, snowed in with a whole pack of Borealans. While they were a little more portly than the chiseled Adonises she was used to seeing on the station, that one male in particular looked like he could crush a marble pillar in his arms, after getting over her initial surprise it had taken all of her willpower to avoid conspicuously drooling over him. She felt butterflies in her stomach at the thought of it, she could really do it, she could really make her fantasy a reality tonight if she played her cards right. The snowstorm was now seeming more like a stroke of luck, clouds with silver linings and all that, now the question was how to set her plan in motion.

Schaffer had given Riya the run of the base, he didn't seem to think that any of the aliens might pose any danger to her, their curiosity appeared to be benign. The only room that she was forbidden to access, the one that no doubt housed all of the spying equipment and computers, was locked with a key code that she didn't possess anyway. The outpost was not very large, yet she never saw more than a few of these 'Polars' at once, they somehow managed to vanish into the woodwork.

Most of them seemed to be clustered around the dining table in the kitchen, sharing meat and canned food between them, judging by their size and considerable weight it must take a lot of calories to keep them healthy. No wonder they had packed so many food crates into her shuttle, she hadn't known if she was resupplying a base or delivering famine relief for an entire damned city.

They seemed to spend a lot of time in the showers too, whenever she passed the cubicles in the bathrooms they were grooming and splashing around, no doubt their pristine fur coats required a lot of maintenance. Schaffer almost seemed to be avoiding her after first giving her the tour, almost like he didn't know how to behave around her, it seemed to Riya as if he was going native and could have used some shore leave to help straighten his head out.

Still, she kind of envied him, living with so many Borealans day after day. If these furry aliens were anything like their smooth-skinned cousins, well, he wouldn't be wanting for company on cold nights. This variant seemed friendlier and less aggressive than the breed she was accustomed to, did that mean that they were less sexually aggressive too? Would they take offense to her advances? While she started to blush at the very idea of offending them, the more logical side of her knew that it didn't really matter, it was very unlikely that she would see any of the inhabitants of the outpost again and even less likely that she would have time to socialize if she did.

She felt odd as she wandered the circular hallway, peering in on the aliens where she found them, met by curious glances from the blue-eyed creatures. Should she just go back to the common room and wait for one of them to come to her? Oh, what was she thinking? She was blinded by lust, practically trembling with excitement, her skin tingling as if electrified. What would her mother think of her right now, prowling the hallways like some kind of...lady of the night? Perhaps it would be better to just forget the whole thing and abandon this girlish fantasy.

She turned a corner, lost in her doubts, and ran face-first into a wall of fur. She yelped in surprise, stumbling and falling on her ass. She looked up at the giant male she had met earlier, what had his name been, Zagza? Something with a lot of Zs. He looked even larger from her seat on the floor, a massive loincloth his only clothing as he cocked his huge head at her, he was soft around the belly like a power lifter but his chest and arms were bulging with hard muscle. He reached a hand down, the size of a dinner plate with fingers almost as thick as her wrist, and she took it as he helped her up.

She felt like a little girl peering up at an adult, she had to crane her neck to look him in the eye, two piercing azure orbs that scrutinized her with an alien aloofness. She realized that she was staring, and averted her gaze, rubbing her arm nervously as she began to blush.

“S-Sorry...I didn't see you there.”

The alien gave her a thumbs up, a gesture that made her giggle despite herself, he understood some basic English and a few human gestures at least. That would make things easier. Now that she was standing in front of him, the words weren't coming to her, she couldn't find the courage to talk to him. She could hear her heart pounding in her head, the Polar's round ears tracking her like radar dishes as if he expected her to speak, but all she could do was step out of his way so that he could pass.

As Zagza passed by her in the hallway she cursed her shyness, she had never been so close to living out her fantasies, and now she was just watching as the man of her dreams walked away down the corridor. Come on Riya, you'll never know if you don't try, the worst he can do is refuse you. As she watched his long tail vanish around the corner, she felt a new surge of courage rise in her chest like a fire, her trembling muscles seeming to move of their own accord as she set off in pursuit.

She jogged a little and caught up to him, he had gotten quite far with his long strides, and he turned to stare down at her again with those ice-blue eyes. She swallowed hard, attempting to control her hammering heart and trying her best not to look the way she felt, like she was melting into a wet puddle on the floor.

“C-Can you show me around?”

He cocked his head again like a curious dog. Damn it, did he not understand? She had to remember that they spoke limited English at best, perhaps gestures might help her get her point across more effectively?

“Why don't you show me around?” Riya repeated, gesturing around her with her hands. “Me...you...erm...hang out?”

He wasn't getting it, and her heart began to sink. She considered finding Schaffer and fetching him to translate, but she would be too embarrassed. While he was no doubt guilty of exactly the same behavior, she didn't really want any coworkers or UNN personnel to see this side of her.

“I don't have much to do. I'm stuck here,” she said, growing frustrated and starting to ramble. “The snow,” she gestured to a nearby window, “I have to stay here.” She pointed at the ground, the alien's eyes following her finger. “Me and you, let's hang out?”

Zagza scratched the furry tuft on his chin with a black, hooked claw, like a short beard as he considered. Finally he nodded, and gestured for her to follow behind him with a wave of his giant hand. Riya tried to suppress her excitement, trailing after him as he made his way back towards the common room.


Riya sat on one of the decimated couches in the common room, twiddling her thumbs nervously as the massive Zagza perched beside her, the frame creaking and sounding as if it might finally give out under his exaggerated weight. She had to grip the armrest to save herself from falling towards him, the couch sagging and woefully inadequate as it strained to support him. It was like sitting beside a damned rhino, he was enormous, each arm almost as long as she was tall and covered with slabs of muscle that would have made a champion weight lifter look like a twig. He smelled good too, oddly. She had expected his scent to be unpleasant and bestial, but he was impeccably groomed and she could pick out the various shampoos and soaps that he must have used, his snow-white fur was silky and seemed to have fewer markings than that of the other pack members.

She wasn't sure what he intended to do with her, she doubted that he had really understood her request to have him show her around the base, what did these aliens do for recreation? Besides...no, come on Riya, head out of the gutter.

They watched the blizzard hammer against the windows for a few minutes, unable to make conversation due to the language barrier, then the alien rose from his seat and vanished into a side room for a moment. When he returned he was carrying an armful of items, and he scattered them on a low coffee table, waiting expectantly for her to examine them.

She leaned forward, suppressing a laugh as she looked over what could only be described as Zagza's interpretation of 'human items'. Not knowing what she might like to eat, drink or play with, he had brought her a few examples of everything. He didn't know what she had asked for in the hallway, and so he had tried to cover all the bases. There were cans of soda, packets of snack foods and cans of beans for some reason, a tablet computer and what looked like executive toys or maybe puzzles. He took her incredulous grin to mean that she was pleased, thankfully, and he sat heavily beside her as she sifted through the pile.

She chose a carbonated drink, a packet of dried vegetable chips, and the tablet computer. She lay back on the couch as he watched her curiously, cracking open the soda and taking a draw, pleasantly surprised by the grape flavor. She found the power switch on the tablet and turned it on, chuckling as what seemed to be base maintenance reports scrolled on the screen, it wasn't exactly a multi-media center. She couldn't deny that she was entertained however, and Zagza seemed satisfied as she laughed and sputtered into her beverage.

She felt a little less intimidated by him now, as much as she was attracted to him, it didn't escape her attention that he could have popped her head like a grape in his gigantic fist. But far from being a dangerous warrior, he just seemed like a big goofball, he reminded her of a new father attempting to take care of a baby.

She took another sip of her drink, and started on the vegetable chips. Though somewhat misguided, his instincts were right, she was famished and hadn't eaten since the morning. She wasn't sure what time it was locally, but the sun seemed to have set, the flurry of snow outside the windows was illuminated only by the golden glow of the interior lighting now. Just how long was this damned storm going to last?

She shivered, realizing that her thin jumpsuit was not adequate for this weather, even despite the interior heating the cold of the polar landscape seemed to penetrate the building. She felt warm hands around her waist suddenly, Zagza plucking her off the couch like a doll and planting her in his furry lap. Before she could protest, his muscular arms pressed around her like a cage made of fur and brawn, the alien squashing her into the soft paunch of his belly and warming her with his body heat.

She trembled, dumbfounded, personal space and human social conventions not something that Schaffer had taught the aliens along with the simple words and gestures apparently. He was warm, and she could feel his package under her butt through his animal hide loincloth, it was like sitting on top of a pool noodle. Her face burned, she felt like her brain was about to boil and steam out of her ears, a bicep as large as her head was pressing against her cheek as his body heat warmed her.

Keep it together Riya, don't start foaming at the mouth now, you'll blow it!

Zagza took her excited trembling for shivering due to the cold, his fur tickling her nose as he hugged her against his body. Her head rested against his bare chest, his pectoral muscles as hard as stone beneath a thin layer of fat, her heart hammering hard and fast enough that she feared it might break her ribs. He seemed oblivious, but she prayed that he wouldn't smell the arousal on her, rubbing her thighs together through her suit as he held her.

The alien leaned down as if to smell her, Riya going as stiff as a statue as he sniffed, then she shivered with barely contained arousal as he dragged an obscenely long tongue across her skin. This went beyond a simple ignorance of human social conventions, was he tasting her? Was he going to eat her?

She felt his member swell beneath her, rising from beneath his loincloth to press against her ass, and she realized that he was becoming aroused too. Why? Could he taste it in her sweat? Could he smell the pheromones coming off her body? She squirmed as she felt his member throb beneath her, still rising, with almost enough strength to lift her as it swelled. She could feel her sodden panties sticking to her loins, there was no way he didn't smell it, and what further proof of her willingness would such a brutish creature require?

She could feel his hot breath on her neck, panting in her ear, his muscular arms still trapping her against his plush body. She had never been so turned on in her life, she couldn't think straight, her reason was drowning in a sea of boiling excitement.

Zagza wasn't tearing off her clothes with his hooked claws however, he was just waiting, did he expect her to initiate? Did he want some further invitation that her burning body had not provided him? She looked up and back, craning her neck to see his face, eyes like sapphires peering down at her as she trembled in his lap. She had always believed that a woman should not make the first move, she should wait for a man to come to her rather than debase herself by asking, but how had that strategy served her so far? Fuck it, everything was out of the window right now, she had a once in a lifetime chance to live out her most salacious fantasy as she wasn't about to let it slip through her fingers.

“F-Fuck me...”

Had he understood? Her face burned bright red as she waited, her chest heaving as his member pushed against her thigh, as hard as a piece of steel rebar and hot enough that it could have come straight from the forge. Her heart pounded in her chest, she felt lightheaded, swallowing hard as her mouth began to water. It was like torture.

Suddenly the alien gripped her face with a massive hand, his fur as soft as silk on her skin as his claws pressed against her cheeks, holding her head steady as he leaned closer for an upside-down kiss. His oversized lips pressed against hers, a tongue that must have been at least a foot long invading her mouth, thick and slimy as it probed and bulged her cheeks. This wasn't a kiss, it was a penetration, and her eyes rolled back into her head as she gripped handfuls of his fluffy thighs for purchase. She tried to meet his embrace with her own organ, a mere inch or two of wet muscle that couldn't hope to match this behemoth, coiling around and tickling the roof of her mouth. There was so much of it, it just kept coming, her eyes watered as the massive organ tasted the back of her throat, and she found herself sucking on it reflexively as if it were his member. She was past embarrassment now, all restraint forgotten as the alien's metallic flavor filled her head, relaxing and taking his roving organ as deep as she could manage.

He licked inside her mouth, the surface of his tongue a little rough and textured, an obscene amount of his saliva escaping the corners of her mouth to dribble down her chin and wet her collar. She tried to wrestle his tongue as best she could, but it was just so large and strong, filling her and pushing into her esophagus. She choked a little, and felt him withdraw, his long tongue sliding out of her mouth as he broke off the bawdy kiss with a wet smack. A strand of his thick drool linked their lips, breaking and falling to her chest, sliding down into her cleavage.

He was at full mast now, a leather tent emerging between her thighs, Riya wetting her lips as she watched it bounce subtly beneath the fabric. She reached down with trembling fingers, peeling back the animal hide, watching his erection emerge as it fell away. Immediately she smelled his musk, heady and masculine, a penis larger and thicker than she could have imagined revealed as it pulsated and dripped clear fluid in anticipation. It was as long as her forearm and as thick as her wrist, vascular and tapered, red and shiny like that of an animal. It was brutish and primal, she started to have second thoughts due to its sheer size, but her arousal cut through her apprehension like a knife. She drooled as her eyes played up and down its length, this was an organ designed with a singular purpose in mind, breeding. She wasn't even sure that she would be able to take it, but it was too late to turn back now.

She brushed her slim fingers over the tapered glans, touching her fingertip against a bead of fluid that welled at the tip, watching it form a thick strand as she pulled her digit away. She ran her hand down its length, feeling the alien shudder and grunt. As well as the protruding veins the damned thing was covered in small bumps, as if there were hard beads beneath the skin, she felt dizzy at the mere thought of what this thing would do to her. It was like it had been purpose built for ruining women, and she pressed her thighs around it, feeling its heat permeate her suit as Zagza panted and his erection throbbed in the air.

She wrapped both hands around it, her fingers scarcely meeting such was its thickness, and leaned forward to press her lips against the head. She took it into her mouth, running her tongue across its firm flesh, tasting the salt in his leaking fluids as she struggled to accommodate it. She lapped at it, feeling Zagza jerk in surprise, crawling her lips down the shaft and attempting to hold the glans in her mouth. It was so damned big, she couldn't fit more than the tip in there, at least not without risking catching it with her teeth and spoiling the mood. She withdrew, contenting herself with licks and kisses, mouthing and sucking at the huge organ.

She felt giddy, almost manic, in a moment she had been transported into a fantasy that she would scarcely have been self-indulgent enough to imagine in her most depraved solo sessions. She hardly knew what to do with him now that he was in her grasp, stroking and licking the totemic organ as if worshiping it. The alien didn't mind, she could hear his breathing growing ragged, her comparatively tiny lips and fingers playing over his sensitive head. She could feel blood coursing through his veins beneath her hands, driven by his massive heart, his organ flexing like a muscle and jumping as if trying to break free of her.

She felt his massive hands on her chest, squeezing her breasts, gentle in consideration of her small stature but rough and greedy none the less. He kneaded her pliant flesh, pressing her erect, sensitive nipples against the padding of her bra. It sent jolts of harsh pleasure rippling down her spine to smolder in her loins, as if she wasn't already hot and eager enough. His fingers were huge, and they began to fumble with the zipper on her flight suit, Riya leaned back into him so that she could watch him undress her.

He succeeded in hooking the black claw on his index finger through her zipper, dragging it down past her navel and wasted no time plunging his fluffy hands beneath the garment. She gritted her teeth and groaned, feeling the silky fur on her damp skin, his claws pricking her as he groped and squeezed. She released his member from her grasp, her thighs still closed firmly around it, and reached up to help him with her underwear. She hastily pulled off her bra and threw it clear of the couch, releasing her breasts to bounce softly as they settled, the size of stress balls in his giant paws as he engulfed them. Riya twisted and squirmed in his lap, gasping as he played with her supple flesh, her sweat making his fur damp as he teased and massaged her chest.

She was burning up, her skin feverishly hot, she felt like she was about to melt into a puddle. She pulled her zipper the rest of the way down, kicking off her shoes and pulling the one-piece garment down around her knees. She struggled with it, Zagza's massive cock was in the way, but he saw what she was attempting to do and reached a hand down to help her. Now free of her flight suit and clad only in a pair of sodden panties, the alien's hands played over her dark skin, her naked thighs pressing around the base of his erection as the conspicuous wet patch on her crotch darkened. It had been a bad day to wear grey, she hadn't exactly been anticipating this situation when she had thrown on her clothes that morning, but she doubted the Polar would have had any appreciation for lingerie. Not that she owned any, damn it.

Her head spun as he roamed his thick fingers down her body, leaving red trails in her skin with his claws, not breaking the surface but making her buck and writhe as he lightly played them down her belly. He reached her soaking panties, hooking a claw around the waistband, and Riya lifted her butt off his lap to let him pull them down. He threw them aside, exposing her, and slipping his index finger between her quivering legs. His fur was soft like a loofah, her leaking juices wetting it, and he rubbed the fleshy pad on his finger between her labia. She shivered and crooned, unable to close her thighs due to the enormous rod of meat that lay between them, her hands rising to cover her red face as he stroked her. His finger was slick with her emissions, she had never been so wet, as if her body knew exactly what she intended and was doing its level best to prepare her for the ordeal.

She had toys at home, large ones, she had spent many nights riding them in anticipation of an opportunity like this but she had never really believed that it would ever come. Fantasies are safe, imagining that you'd do something if presented with the option is gratifying in itself, but this grotesque organ seemed even larger than she had imagined. She felt a pinch of fear mix with her surging arousal, garnishing the excitement that drove her onward despite the danger.

Her eyes played over Zagza's erection, drinking in its contours and veins, wishing that she could fit more of it in her mouth. Were he a little smaller she'd blow him for hours, it was hard not to let herself become obsessed with the thing, it was like some monument to masculinity as it throbbed between her thighs.

The alien seemed to be becoming impatient, he rubbed her vulva with his giant finger, careful to keep his hooked claw clear as her juices matted his fur. His breath was on her neck, warm and heavy, and his other hand still mauled her breasts as she arched her spine and writhed under his touch. She felt like her head was full of pop rocks, she had wanted this so badly and now finally it was happening.

A sudden impulse took her, and she broke free of his teasing fingers, crawling down his massive body and past his member to kneel between his legs on the couch. His erection pressed against the smooth skin of her belly, damp with sweat, the tapered head of his penis high enough to press between her breasts as she wrapped her arms around it and hugged it against her. God, it was like an animal in its own right, constantly moving and twitching as it leaked that clear fluid from the tip. Zagza looked down at her from what felt like a great distance, watching her as she brought her head down to run her tongue around the glans.

She loved the flesh taste, the salty, somewhat sour flavor of the thick syrup that welled at the head. She ran her slim fingers up and down the shaft, unable to wrap a hand around it in order to jack him off as she would have done with someone of more conventional size, she hoped that her light touch would please him all the same. She struggled to wrap her lips around the tip again, it was like trying to fit a fist in her mouth, and she snuck one hand between her thighs to play with herself as she licked and sucked. She couldn't think straight, she could feel his heartbeat on her lips, his cock swelling and flexing rhythmically as more of that viscous fluid filled her mouth and ran down his shaft. His precum alone was almost as much as a human partner would ejaculate, and it just kept flowing, mixing with her saliva and making her head spin as its metallic taste pricked her tongue.

She used her upper arms to press her breasts together around it, letting some of the mess that was pooling in her mouth slide down to moisten her cleavage, following the channels that his veins drew in his skin. Its surface was red and shiny, vanishing into a tuft of fur at the base, two testicles the size of damned cantaloupes hanging beneath it. The organ was almost hot enough to burn her skin, and she started to move her whole body, rising and falling on her knees to slide her bust up and down the alien's member. She planted wet kisses on the head, feeling Zagza flinch and swell, her smooth tongue drawing shapes on his flush glans.

She wasn't sure if she could get him off like this, he was just too large to handle in the ways that she was used to, but he seemed to be responding to the glances from her tongue. She nibbled and kissed around the head, hearing a low rumble emanate from deep in his throat, like a lion purring. He was enjoying it, and emboldened, she gripped the meat of her breasts in her hands and squashed them around his member.

He bucked a little, fucking her cleavage, her dark skin slick with sweat and saliva as his rigid erection bumped against her chin. She peppered it with kissed and licks, crossing her arms over her bust to apply more pressure, feeling its surface graze her flesh with its protruding veins and those tantalizing bumps.

He just kept leaking, there was so much of it. Clear, sticky fluid was sliding down his shaft to pool in her bust, glazing her chest and making her breasts shiny in the room's halogen lights. She felt so...sexy, so wanted, every nerve in her body was lit up like a Christmas tree and this giant beast was enraptured by her. He could have crushed her like a soda can if he were so inclined, but right now she was in control, the thought of it gave her butterflies in her stomach.

She wanted to get him off quickly, if she was actually able to take that giant thing inside her, she wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible. This would be hard for him too, she might well be tighter than anyone he had ever been with and she didn't want him losing interest too quickly.

Riya began to slide her breasts up and down his shaft, squeezing them together, meeting his thrusts as his hips rolled reflexively. She did her utmost to take him in her mouth, wrapping her lips around the head as best she could, sucking and licking to drive him closer to the edge. His breathing was ragged, his lips pulled back to expose his sharp, carnivore teeth as she teased him. Now it was her turn to grow impatient, it felt like there was a void inside her that could only be filled by this brutish organ, an ache that only it could soothe. Toys were fun, but they didn't pulse and throb, they didn't burn with searing heat as fresh blood pumped through their veins. Her mouth watered at the prospect, her loins leaking strands of excitement that clung to her trembling thighs as she rubbed and mouthed.

She felt him getting closer, his pace growing erratic, she had to wrap her arms around his oversized organ to stop him from pushing her off the couch. She squeezed him between her breasts, painting his shiny glans with soft strokes of her tongue.

He growled like an animal as an orgasm made his member jump and flex, startling Riya, then his thrusting ceased as he shot a jet of come directly into her mouth. She tried to swallow but there was so much of it, bulging her cheeks and creeping down the back of her throat. It was like having her lips wrapped around a fire hose, and she pulled back as the torrent of thick, milky emission filled her mouth to capacity. She sputtered, the liquid sliding out of her mouth to coat her chest, its pearly color contrasting against her dark skin. It kept coming, every pulse of his member sending forth another spray of viscous fluid to hit her in the face, drenching her in his emission as it hung from her face in ropes.

She kept her arms wrapped around her boobs as the Polar released the last of his emission, then she uncrossed them and let his erection bounce back, a mass of his ejaculate that had collected in her cleavage sliding down her belly and falling wetly to the couch.

She ran her fingers through the slimy trail it had left down her torso, not sure if she should be amazed or aroused, he must have come a quart of fluid. Her head was full of his taste, the slimy residue clinging to her tongue, his member throbbing gently as a fat strand linked it to her lips. She wiped her mouth on the back of her arm, Zagza looking down at her apologetically as she knelt in front of him, his taste and smell coating her.

A fire was kindled inside her as she looked down at her naked body, covered in his slime, and she met his gaze with renewed desire. She scrambled up his body, his eyes widening as she stood over him on the couch with her feet planted by his hips, his member large enough to brush her mound as his own mess dripped between her thighs. She gripped his erection, still hot and hard, and spread some of the thick goo over it with her hand. They could use it as a lubricant, it wasn't as if they needed to use protection. His erection didn't seem to be receding, no refractory period then? All the better.

She lowered herself slowly, gingerly, legs shaking with a blend of fear and anticipation as his tapered glans pressed against her vulva. She could get the tip in no problem, but the shaft widened and grew fatter in the middle, she might have to take things slow at first. She angled it towards her opening, feeling it part her labia and push into her, the mixture of his syrupy come and her own juices making the penetration almost frictionless. After a moment of resistance the head popped inside, and she bent her knees to get lower, feeling the smooth flesh graze her walls as they contracted around the intruder.

He was so hot, almost enough to burn her insides as she gripped his fat shaft in her hand and pulled him deeper. He was splaying her open, her muscles struggling around his fat head, massaging and wringing it as she shivered around him. She slowed, catching her breath for a moment and just getting used to the sensation of him being inside her, his member twitching and leaking more of that fluid.

It hurt a little, but that pain was quickly fading and turning into a deeply satisfying, dull ache that hinted at the pleasures to come.

She resumed her tentative coupling, rising a little to grind on the glans, before again dropping down and taking him further inside. She started to feel the veins and bumps scraping against her tender walls, her eyelids fluttering as Zagza grunted in response, no doubt enduring a struggle of his own due to her narrow passage.

She rose and fell on the enormous organ, her heartbeat quickening and her excitement mounting as she fucked herself on it, only able to get about half way down for the moment but enjoying it none the less. Even the mess of fluids that lubricated their coupling could not lessen the sensation of the bumps and contours that scratched against her insides, his girth such that his organ pressed against every sweet spot she had, every downward thrust a confusion of sensations and textures that filled her head with blinding light.

Shivers crawled up her spine like electrical fingers, a warm, tingling sensation flowing through her as if every muscle in her body was vibrating. Her loins gripped Zagza's cruel organ as best they could, contracting and clenching, her silky flesh rippling across its surface and drawing pained grunts from his throat.

She could feel every vein as it pulsed against her tunnel, every maddening bump that lined his shaft, it was as if someone had designed this organ for the sole purpose of making her foam at the mouth. It was almost too much to take, she had barely gotten him half way inside her, and yet she could already feel the claws of her impending orgasm scratching at the back of her brain.

Riya could handle it though, she had to hang on a little longer, she could take him deeper than this. She had toys almost as large that she had taken to the base, but those silicone replicas didn't flex inside her, they weren't attached to an avatar of male sexuality that was able to push back.

Zagza lay prone on the couch, remarkably passive for such a large and powerful creature, perhaps in consideration of her small stature. He could injure her were he to just grip her around the waist and drive his member up to the hilt, and he seemed to be aware of that, letting her set her own pace and grow more accustomed to his size as she perched atop him. She could see the impatience in his blue eyes however, the desire, wetting the tip was not enough to satisfy him.

She fell to her knees, his soft fur tickling her thighs, taking the thick shaft about two thirds of the way in. There must be eight or nine inches inside her by now, she could feel it pushing against her belly, hitting places that were hard to reach even with her favorite toys. She sank her fingers into the downy fur on his belly, gripping handfuls of it for leverage, his powerful abdominal muscles protruding from beneath the layer of fat as she leaned her weight on him.

Zagza reached up to rest a heavy hand on the curve of her hip, his black claws pricking her skin, his thumb pressing into her flat belly. His other hand found her thigh, running his fingers across her skin, as if enjoying its smooth texture. Her bust bounced as she slid up and down his shaft, each downward motion taking him a little deeper, her pace slow and cautious so as not to let those harsh barbs drive her over the edge and end her pleasure too soon. She shivered appreciatively as the alien mauled her butt with his thick fingers, testing its springiness as he kneaded and explored her alien anatomy. Riya was in shape, all military personnel had to be, but her lithe and muscular figure was usually hidden beneath her flight suit or a UNN uniform. Dating in such an environment was inconvenient, many encounters boiling down to infrequent one night stands, and so it was nice to have someone appreciate the work she put into staying in shape.

Her breasts were firm and pert, small by the alien's standards but bouncing gently and drawing his covetous gaze as she moved, the trail of sticky come he had left still clinging to her bust and belly. Her coffee-colored skin was glistening with sweat, catching the light as she bobbed and gyrated, accentuating her lightly muscled frame. Zagza licked his chops with his long tongue, his own arousal mounting as their encounter went on, she got the feeling that was waiting for something.

Finally, with a protracted moan Riya let herself slide all the way down his shaft, impaling herself on his erection as she took it to the base. The Polar growled like an angry tiger, his grip on her hip tightening, his cock swelling inside her. Riya's eyelids fluttered as her smooth mound pressed down against his furry groin, made damp and sticky by their shared juices.

That was it, it was all the way up to the hilt. Twelve inches or maybe more, with a girth to match, splaying her wide open as her copious fluids leaked around it. She could feel the bulge in her taut belly, trying to regulate her breathing as she sat with the gargantuan organ lodged inside her, always in motion as it throbbed and twitched. She didn't want to move, her thighs clamped around her alien lover's hips, his damp fur tickling her clitoris as she pressed down on him.

Knuckles white as she gripped his snowy fur for purchase, she started to roll her hips, keeping him lodged deep in her passage as she ground his bumpy shaft against her sensitive walls. Her eyes lost their focus, a strand of drool escaping her lips as bursts of seething pleasure tore through her, the thick veins and hard barbs scraping her delicate flesh. Everything felt so much larger and more exaggerated to her mind's eye, her muscles clamping down on his monster erection like a fist, her slippery emissions gushing around it and coating its length in a futile attempt to ease its passing.

She had never felt so...full before, there was something about the almost scalding heat that radiated from it, the way that it beat like a heart inside her that made even her largest dildo pale in comparison. She got used to it as she rolled her hips, her body growing accustomed to the sensation of having his organ skewer her, that satisfying ache that she had so enjoyed slowly morphing into a honeyed pleasure that made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

She risked her first real thrust, rising on the shaft until only the tip was still lodged inside her, then letting herself fall back down on it. The bumps and contours scoured her passage, clawing at her flesh as they threatened to turn her inside-out, as if careful attention was being paid to each individual nerve ending that lined her tunnel. He was large enough and thick enough that not one square millimeter of her passage was left untouched, where she might have needed to search for her g-spot with a questing finger, now he hit it like a hammer through virtue of his sheer scale.

Riya doubled over, letting her long, damp hair fall over her face as she pressed her trembling thighs together and attempted to endure the raw pleasure. She felt Zagza's hands on her rump, sinking into her flesh as he raised her on his shaft, Riya gasping in alarm as he slammed her down again. She grunted like she had been punched in the gut, her eyes rolling back into her head as a fresh wave of crippling euphoria tore through her beleaguered body.

“Oof, fuck...hang on...”

He lifted her again, her heart hammering in her chest, her small hands gripping his wrists in anticipation as he fucked her. His pace was slow and no less careful despite the force of it, hefting her as if she weighed nothing, then pulling her back down to drive his member into her most intimate reaches. It got a little easier every time, became more pleasurable, a giddy grin spreading across her lips as her head fizzed and popped like someone had replaced her brain fluid with seltzer water.

It was hard to concentrate, the pleasure that spread up through her body like a fever sapping her strength and turning her legs to jelly, the alien relentless as he pushed into her. She patted his belly with the flat of her hand, and he took it as a signal to slow, the sensation becoming overwhelming and too intense for her to bear. He let her rest on top of him, her body trembling, beads of sweat rolling down her caramel skin as she recovered from their short but intense session. She was sore, but in a gratifying way, and she let herself imagine for a moment what it might feel like were he to treat her as one of his own kind. Two of these aliens going at it in earnest would probably destroy the entire room.

She felt his hand reach up to knead her breast again, Riya biting her lip and arching her spine as he squeezed, even subtle movements making his swollen erection press against the walls of her slippery tunnel. She took a few more moments to get her bearings, then started to move again, bouncing on his shaft as he gripped her like a doll. She felt so uninhibited, they had crossed so many boundaries that it hardly mattered any more, and she leaned back a little to watch the bulge in her stomach grow and then recede as she rode him.

She felt his furry, sinuous tail coil around her waist suddenly, and then her stomach lurched. He lifted her off his member using his tail like a tentacle, then flipped her, rising from his prone position on the couch and dropping her into the cushions on her back. The massive alien loomed over her, casting her into deep shadow, his massive fists planted to either side of her body as she peered up at him. She realized that her sodden thighs had parted of their own accord, inviting the beast to resume his activities, he wanted her on her back apparently and as he pressed the warm head of his member against her opening she felt a fresh shiver ripple through her body.

Yes, take me, fuck me into the couch.

He leaned down and pressed his teeth against her throat, sharp and pointed like those of a carnivore, his lips sucking at her skin as he licked and kissed her. He mouthed around her neck and shoulder, tasting her sweat, pinching her with his teeth and making her writhe under this new assault. He was at once commanding and affectionate, dominating and considerate, she knew that he wouldn't hurt her but the idea that he could was exciting and dangerous.

He gripped her by the hips, his fingers large enough to almost wrap around her waist, and pressed his erection against her loins, hot and as hard as steel as he rubbed its leaking tip up and down her vulva. He pushed inside her in one smooth motion, burying his cock to the base and driving a gasp from her lips, scouring her tunnel and sending a burst of electricity through her nervous system. Riya felt a glob of his saliva fall from his lips to splash on her chest, the great alien leering down at her as if he were about to devour some sumptuous meal, beginning to thrust in and out of her with a slow but forceful pace.

He seemed to have decided that she was ready for the main course now, but was she? She could take him as deep as he would go, and she was wetter than she had ever been, so she banished the niggling doubt that was holding her back and felt her heart flutter as she gave in to him.

Thighs quivering, she reached a finger down to rub her clitoris, swollen and slippery with her juices. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth against the harsh pleasure, that wonderful, deep ache returning as he rammed his bumpy organ into her. He panted hot breath on her face, her pelvic floor muscles struggling to accommodate him, baring his sharp teeth as her tight walls clamped around him. The friction was incredible despite the syrupy emissions that leaked wetly from her hole, veins and maddening barbs grating against her silky flesh, so tight that she could feel each and every imperfection on his shaft as he moved inside her.

She placed her hands on his belly, feeling his abdominal muscles bulge and flex as he fucked her, slamming down with enough weight to bury her in the already sodden cushions. No wonder the furniture in this room was all ruined, this wasn't the first time someone had fucked a couch into a pile of splintered wood and torn lining.

He was just so...huge. His shoulders were as broad as three men standing side by side, his arms like tree trunks, his weight oppressive as he pressed down on her from above. She got butterflies in her belly whenever she looked at him, he was raw and primal, a force of nature. She yelped, her back arching off the cushions as he delivered an especially powerful and penetrating blow, knocking the wind out of her as he drove his bestial member to the hilt again.

She felt an orgasm tear through her, sudden and devastating, brought on from just a few thrusts of his rigid member. Her legs snapped shut, but her thighs were blocked by his bulk, her glistening body starting to shiver and tremble as she covered her mouth with her hands to stifle her cries. He just kept going, indifferent, tearing her up as her hypersensitivity amplified the sensations a hundredfold. Her tunnel narrowed and clenched around him, closing like a vice as it massaged his length with rolling contractions, but he bared his teeth and endured it as he increased his pace.

He drew out more climaxes, again and again, almost painful as they rocked her body. She couldn't think, she could only feel, each sensation more powerful than the last as the alien's thick organ plunged into her. Her mind went blank as she writhed and bucked, Zagza keeping his hold on the squirming human as he pounded her into a shivering wreck. Her spine was a live wire, muscles she didn't even know she had tingling, his organ scraping against her reaches in ways that she had never felt before.

He leaned down and dragged his rough tongue from her belly to her chest, taking one breast almost completely into his mouth and scouring the engorged nipple with licks and glances, Riya beside herself as she struggled beneath him. She was drenched in a veneer of sweat, mingling with Zagza's viscous saliva, her thighs sticky and dripping with her own come as he rolled his hips relentlessly. She could hear it through the sound of her moans and the panting of the beast above her, an obscene squelching that emanated from their wet coupling, lewd juices flowing as he drew out her wracking orgasms. She had lost count of how many times she had come on his throbbing member, could no longer tell what fluids belonged to who, the only prevailing thought that pierced through the haze that had overtaken her mind was a longing for more.

She reached up and gripped a handful of the Polar's soft beard, pulling him closer and pressing her lips against his, pushing her tongue into his mouth with a hunger that surprised even herself. He met her embrace, his dexterous organ so much larger than her paltry human example, filling her to capacity and subjecting her to a wanton kiss that made her head spin. She sank her fingers into the downy fur that lined his cheeks, gripping him as if trying to drag him closer, deeper. The tip of his wriggling tongue glanced her throat, another wave of pleasure washing over her as he drew out an aftershock with his steady thrusting, slower and more placating now that he was focused on the kiss. She sucked his tongue, trying to coil her own around it as it piled into her mouth like a snake, too large and mismatched for any subtlety or tact. She loved it though, it was as if the alien's dial was always cranked to ten, incapable of making love in any way that didn't overwhelm her.

She made out with the creature as best as she could manage, his saliva leaking from her lips as his tongue roved deeper, exploring her head and making her eyes water as it pushed into her throat. It was invasive, exciting, so large and thick that she might as well be getting spit-roasted. His copper-flavored saliva dripped from her chin in strands to wet her bust as he roved and teased, finally pulling back with a pop, looking down at the red-faced human as she smirked and returned his gaze with adoration.

Damn it Riya pull yourself together, you're not in love, you just get all flowery when you come. Especially when you come several times in a row...

Zagza wasn't done however, and neither was she, she had tasted the pleasures that this alien could subject her to and she wanted more. Though sore, she let him continue his slow thrusting, building his pace imperceptibly as Riya recovered from the first flurry of orgasms. Again the soreness and aching slowly subsided as her excitement began to build, and she found herself meeting his thrusts, his unwieldy member scraping against her most sensitive reaches and easing her into a renewed state of lust.

She rested her head against the faux-leather cushions, letting him press her down into them, sweat and leaking fluids making her skin slippery as she rocked back and forth underneath him. She gripped him with her thighs, feeling his soft fur brush against her, and again he leaned down to take one of her pert breasts into his mouth. His tongue coiled around the soft globe, squeezing it with surprising strength, sparks flying in her brain as its textured surface glanced her nipple. He sucked, his teeth pressing into her pliant flesh, circling the hard nub with his slimy muscle as she gritted her teeth against the stimulation. He could fit her whole boob in his mouth, painting her skin with his tongue, letting it bounce back as he released it from his lips. She took it in her hand and kneaded it roughly, sharp pangs of pleasure tickling her senses as her fingers sank into the meat, made slick by his drool.

He pinned her arms suddenly, his mammoth hands trapping her wrists against the couch, excitement coursing through her as he started to thrust harder and faster. It was enough to drive her crazy, unbecoming moans and cries that she wouldn't have imagined that she could make escaping her pursed lips, Zagza pushing down to slam his erection into her welcoming passage with enough force that she could feel the impact reverberate through her whole body.

He went faster and faster, harder and deeper, his slaver raining down on Riya's body as she watched him bulge her flat belly with his relentless thrusting. She could feel another orgasm creeping up on her, her hips rolling of their own accord to drive his bumpy member against her satin flesh, as if she were trying to scratch some burning itch. He was so rough with her, pounding her into the couch as its frame creaked and shook, the pressure and heat welling inside her becoming impossible to bear.

Zagza seemed to be having trouble too, his movements becoming erratic and less regular, his burning member swelling and twitching as he plunged it into her sopping loins. She could feel him getting close, every throb and every rush of blood that traveled through his absurd length translating into her satin walls, wringing him like a fist as the pair pushed each other towards a crescendo.

“C-Come in me you brute, don't hold back...fill me,” she mumbled. She didn't know if he understood the words, but her tone was sultry and inviting, his eyes narrowing and his hands leaving her wrists to wrap around her waist for leverage.

“Oh! Fuck,” she exclaimed as his fingers closed around her hips and his sausage-like digits sank into the meat of her ass. His thumbs pressed on her belly from the outside, his member jamming against her tunnel from the inside, her eyes glazing over and her head rolling back as he jammed her g-spot between the two.

Her body contorted, beads of sweat flying from her caramel skin as she bucked and struggled, Zagza holding her down as a powerful climax pulsed up her spine like a lightning strike. Nobody had ever made her come like this before, it was usually an incremental process, a steady buildup that ended in her either getting herself off or sneaking a finger between her legs to help her partner in his efforts. Now she could scarcely help herself, as if the creature had merely flipped a switch, her body acting completely outside of her control as it convulsed and shook.

Zagza gave one last, grunting thrust, forcing his member as deep as it would go as her ceaseless contractions drove him over the edge. A new sensation added to her crippling orgasm, a flood of warmth that filled her in an instant, a torrent of thick ejaculate that pumped from his twitching member to swell her belly. She crooned in delight and reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, burying her burning face in his furry chest, the Polar continuing to gyrate his hips and fuck the slimy mess deeper inside her. It was so gratifying, satisfying her on some primal, biological level that her conscious mind was barely aware of as he pumped her full of his seed.

She clawed at his fur with her fingers, moaning into his broad chest as his rigid member jumped inside her, it just kept coming and coming. Every time his member swelled and released a new wad of his emission into her waiting passage, the pressure forced the excess out of her in a jet, come with the consistency of jelly clinging to her thighs in clumps and pooling on the cushions beneath her butt as the Polar raised it off the couch.

As the euphoria washed over her she found herself trembling and giddy, drowning in warm afterglow as the alien withdrew, the harsh textures of his shaft drawing out another pulse of pleasure as he rested his monstrous organ on her belly and released the last of his semen to splash on her dark skin. It coated her breasts, strands of it landing on her face, Riya realizing that she was drenched inside and out in her lover's essence. His taste, his smell, she was covered in it. She ran her fingers through the viscous mess that had pooled on her taut belly, it was clumpy and thick, she could still feel it inside her and she seethed with arousal as she imagined the load that he had emptied into her.

She sat up, ignoring the soreness in her abdominal muscles, taking his still erect member in her hands and bringing it to her mouth. She licked and sucked, stroking his shaft with her fingers, indifferent to the mess they had made as she let more of his leaking ejaculate flow over her tongue to hang from her chin in ropes. She felt his hand on her head, claws pricking her scalp as he looked down at her, nursing at the end of his cock and dripping with his fluids.

Sore and happy, Riya looked herself over, thankful that Schaffer had shown her where the showers were. If she could make it down the hallway without running into him, she should be able to get herself cleaned up.

She rose on shaky legs, collecting her flight suit and underwear from where she had discarded them on the floor, holding them at arms length to avoid getting any of the alien's mess on the fabric. She patted Zagza on the belly, the Polar's monstrous erection now receding.

“You'd better join me, big guy.”


Schaffer sat at the kitchen table, a dozen Polars crowding around it as they dug into their supper, Osha doling out portions to the other aliens as they waited patiently for their share. Runt sat beside him, the mischievous twins were present too, along with a few of the hunters and some of the larger females. Tonight they were feasting on a large native animal that had been brought down the night before, its meat seared and served with some canned vegetables than the pack had taken a liking to. Despite his attempt to teach the Polars to use plates, they preferred their meat served on the metal table and they ate with their claws, hooking the slabs of dripping meat that the pack's matriarch passed them and tearing into it with abandon.

The base was built to human spec, and so there wasn't room for the entire pack to eat at one table as they had done in their longhouse, so they usually alternated by splitting the pack into two groups and having one forage and hunt while the other was on downtime. Schaffer ate with a knife and fork, lacking the hooked claws of the Polars, he had to stay pretty active these days lest Osha overfeed him in her endless quest to ensure that everyone ate their fill. For them it was a matter of survival, or at least it had been before they had moved into the outpost with him, their insulating fat could mean the difference between life or death out in the frozen wastes. They still had to range quite far to find game, and with no environment suits that would fit them, it was still a good idea to stay plump.

Schaffer looked up from his plate to see Zagza enter with the newcomer alongside him, Riya, that was her name. Her hair was damp, she must have just returned from a shower, and she waited hesitantly in the doorway as Zagza lumbered over and selected a large cut of meat for himself. Sensing that she expected some help, Schaffer rose from his seat and walked over to her.

“You're surely hungry, come sit with us, the large female over there will give you a share of the food.”

She seemed...happier than she had been when she had arrived, that was good, she must have gown accustomed to the Polars by now. She eyed the table apprehensively, the giant, furry aliens bustling and brushing shoulders as they chewed hunks of steak and shared side dishes between their neighbors. Though they had human cooking utensils, the Polars still preferred to cook their food in the traditional manner, the appetizing scent of food roasted over an open flame hanging in the air.

“I'm uh...I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat.”

“Oh, well we have some vegetables too, I'm sure I can find you something that you'll like.”

He returned to the table, Riya trailing behind him, the Polars making room for her as she pulled up a chair and sat down. The aliens simply sat on the floor with their legs crossed, tall enough that it put them at chest-height to the human-sized furniture, only the smallest members of the pack were seated in the same manner as their human counterparts.

Osha seemed delighted that their guest had decided to join in on the feast, immediately selecting a sizable hunk of flesh and dropping it heavily on the surface in front of her. Riya turned her nose up at it, looking to Schaffer for help, and he attempted to signal to Osha that their new visitor didn't eat meat. She seemed perplexed, but she got the picture when Schaffer reached across the table and handed Riya some canned vegetables, humans were still an oddity to Osha and she seemed to just accept all of Schaffer's comparatively strange habits rather than attempt to understand them.

Riya was able to secure some red beans and rice from a can, along with some tomatoes that Schaffer had roasted over the fire to supplement his own diet. The beans were popular with the Polars, they had the texture of meat and tasted similar when seasoned, and so there were always ample supplies in the store room.

Their guest seemed to relax a little more as she ate, unperturbed by the curious stares of the younger pack members, it occurred to Schaffer that they would not have been aware that humans could come in so many different skin colors. He felt as if he should strike up conversation with her, but he had spent so long alone with the aliens that he couldn't remember human social conventions anymore. Maybe he really was going native, he'd better make an effort now that a chance to refresh his social skills had presented itself to him. Perhaps some alcohol would loosen both of their tongues.

“You know,” he said as he leaned over the table, “the Polars don't take to alcohol very well and I have quite a large stockpile left over from the previous occupants of the base. It's good stuff, but I've not found a reason to drink it until now. You in?”

Riya considered for a moment, then nodded.

“I've had a very...weird day, I could do with a pick-me-up.”

Schaffer left the kitchen and made his way down to the store room, locating a bottle of bourbon whiskey that he had spied a few weeks prior, retrieving the copper colored liquid from a shelf and dusting off the glass bottle to examine the label. Kentucky origin, aged in genuine oak barrels, about twelve years old if his math was right. He didn't even know what month it was half of the time, there were fewer hours in a day here and the Borealan calendar was all screwy. If it wasn't for the status updates he sent back to the UNN he might have completely lost track of Earth-standard time.

He took the bottle back to the kitchen and brought out a couple of shot glasses from a cabinet, the Polars watching curiously as he poured the drinks and passed one to Riya. She sipped at it daintily, the whiskey warming her belly, and sighed happily.

“Yep, that's what I needed, they're so stingy with their booze on the carrier.”

“Yeah I hear that,” Schaffer replied with a chuckle, “back when I used to work in customs on the Pinwheel the alcohol was always the first thing to go missing whenever we took inventory.”

He swilled his beverage around in his mouth, enjoying the flavor, this really was a good bottle. He wondered briefly who it had originally belonged to, had the owner been transferred off-planet, or had he been lost to the tundra or the cabin fever like so many others before him?

“So, where are you from originally?” Schaffer asked. “Before I was stationed on the Pinwheel, and before I came here of course, I lived in Michigan back on Earth. I joined the UNN when I was able, though I quickly found out that I was better suited to managerial positions than infantry.”

“Mangala,” she replied. “I grew up there before becoming a pilot.”

“Really?” Schaffer asked, intrigued. “That's an Indian colony on Mars, right? That's quite a pedigree, I've never met anyone from Mars before.”

Mars was humanity's first colony, established long before the UNN had united the world's feuding countries into a single organization. With their population ballooning in the 2200s, India had laid claim to large swathes of the planet and had settled the plains of Utopia Planitia and Arcadia, establishing extensive habitats and cities there. Mars was rich in minerals, and before long the planet had become a gigantic shipyard, the low gravity and thin atmosphere facilitating the production of large spacecraft that had greatly extended the reach of human exploration. If she was born on Mars, Riya must have belonged to a wealthy merchant family, it was uncommon to see Martians abandon that lifestyle and venture out into space.

“Everyone who finds out where I'm from inevitably asks why I left, so I'll save you the trouble,” she said as she poured herself another glass of bourbon. “Mangala is a wasteland, sure the parks and gardens beneath the domes make a pretty picture for tourism pamphlets, but you take one step out into the big red and it makes the Sahara look like a more desirable vacation spot.”

“Big red?” Schaffer asked as he cocked his head, a habit he had picked up from the Polars.

“The planet-spanning desert, thousands of miles of dust and sand that's ten times colder than the tundra beyond these walls. You have to wear special environment suits to venture outside, because the sand is so fine that it gets into everything, it'll mess up the joints on a standard issue.”

“Surely that isn't a problem if you're inside the domes?”

“Not if you don't mind living in a snow globe,” she scoffed. “The planet is dead, inert, has been for millions of years. My ancestors started a new life there to get away from the crowded cities of Earth, but ironically Mars is even more restrictive and confining. People are stacked shoulder to shoulder like sardines these days, I couldn't wait to get out of there. They act like it's normal, but I don't understand how they can spend all day looking out of the windows at miles of emptiness and still think everything is perfectly fine. Sure the standard of living is high, and the habitats are designed to trick your brain into thinking you're taking a stroll through a forest rather than living in a glass blister on a corpse of a planet, but you can't walk ten feet without running into someone.”

“I didn't serve on many ships,” Schaffer replied. “The Pinwheel is very spacious, never had any feelings of claustrophobia or overcrowding while I worked there. So you're saying life on a jump carrier is more tolerable than life in Mangala? I find that hard to believe.”

“It's true,” she said, waving her half-empty glass to punctuate her statement. “Don't judge the colony based on beauty shots of the domes, I have larger quarters on the carrier than I did back home. I'll always resent that my ancestors never claimed a planet during the great expansion, they thought their little slice of Mars was so desirable, but now look at us. Did you know that the damned Amish have an entire planet to themselves, and we don't?”

“So I've heard.”

Runt watched them drink as he sat beside Schaffer, perhaps feeling left out as the two humans chatted, his claws drumming on the table impatiently as he glanced between them. He was used to getting his friend's undivided attention, and now this newcomer was getting in his way. Schaffer poured another glass of bourbon for himself, and Runt tugged at the sleeve of his jacket, giving him his best puppy dog eyes. He pointed at the drink, but Schaffer pulled it out of his reach.

“You won't like this, buddy, it'll probably shut down your kidneys.”

The little Polar pouted, tugging more insistently, it was probably Schaffer's own fault for encouraging him to be more assertive. Oh well, one sip would probably send Runt scurrying across the kitchen to wash his tongue under the faucet, a small amount wouldn't do him any harm. He drank from his glass, downing the amber liquid within until scarcely a mouthful remained, then slid it across the table towards Runt. The alien examined it, tapping the glass with a sharp claw, then lifted it to his lips and took a sip.

To Schaffer's surprise he didn't spit it out, closing his eyes and hissing at the unpleasant taste, the fur on his tail standing on end to make it look like a black and white feather duster. The Polars were primarily carnivorous and they couldn't metabolize alcohol nearly as well as humans, they'd get black out drunk on beer alone and drinking human-sized portions risked poisoning them.

“Good?” Schaffer asked.

Runt shook his head, returning the glass to his human companion, who reached over to scratch him between the ears apologetically.

“That one seems to like you a lot,” Riya said as she poured herself another helping, they had downed almost half the bottle already. “Is he like your pet or something?”

“He's the runt of the litter,” Schaffer replied as the alien rubbed his head against his shoulder, “so I named him...Runt. I guess he gravitated towards me because we're about the same size. If he has a name of his own he's never tried to correct me, when I first arrived here I couldn't even communicate as little as we do now.”

“I wanted to ask about that,” Riya said as she started on her next glass, “but I wasn't sure if I had the clearance. Just what the hell are you doing out here, and why are these Polars living with you? If you're even allowed to talk about it that is, I don't need some Naval Intelligence spooks breathing down my neck because the bourbon gave you a loose tongue.”

“No, I can tell you most of the story. I got stranded here a while back, I'm under obligation not to reveal how or why to anyone as part of my agreement with the UNN, but I ended up alone in the outpost without food or heat. With my options running out, I walked into the tundra to try to find help, my environment suit's charge depleted and I ended up passed out in a snow drift. I should have died, but these guys found me and nursed me back to health. They fed me, took me in as one of their own, and eventually we came back to the outpost and repaired it. The UNN needed someone to man the base and I had nothing to go back to, so we came to an arrangement whereby I would operate the equipment here, and my pack would be allowed to live with me. Most of their kind had already been relocated to a refugee colony in Siberia, this group had been left behind, and they had been eking out a living in the wastes before they ran into me. I might have called it fate were I a more superstitious man.”

“You don't miss living with your own kind?” Riya asked. Schaffer shook his head, swirling his drink in his hand and watching the liquid as it formed a small whirlpool. “You don't miss living on the Pinwheel? I've been there on shore leave, that place is more like a damned resort than a military installation. A lot of people would kill for a chance to be stationed there.”

“I don't miss it, my old life...my old colleagues, it very nearly got me killed.” He perked up suddenly, as if waking from a daydream, realizing that he might have said too much and taking a long draw from his glass. “Not that I mind a little refresher every so often, I'm almost glad you got stranded here, maybe I had gone too long without human contact. It's nice to be able to dust off the old English language once in a while.”

“Along with the bourbon,” Riya added.

They heard something scraping along the deck in the hallway outside the kitchen, the two humans turning their heads to track the sound as a Polar appeared in the doorway. She was tall and far leaner than her counterparts, what insulating fat she had was tastefully distributed in a way that accentuated her feminine figure, giving her meaty thighs and an ample chest that was concealed beneath a leather sling. Bandoleers that held large bullets hung from her shoulders, and around her wide hips was slung a leather belt, a loincloth dangling from it to preserve her modesty along with pouches and sheaths made from tanned hide. She had a cruel scar running down her face from her forehead to her chin, pink, knitted tissue exposed between the dead follicles. Other such injuries were scattered across her body, a patchwork of pink lines that broke up her off-white coat, which was decorated with more of the coffee-stain markings than was common for her people. She wore the snow-white pelt of some native animal as a cloak, serving to better camouflage her when she was stalking the tundra for prey. She dragged a fresh kill behind her, some nameless beast that looked like an antelope, but with too many legs and a layer of blubber that filled out its body. In her free hand she carried a long, ornate rifle, a primitive but powerful weapon of Borealan design.

It was Scarface, the pack's resident huntress, she was passing by on her way to drop off the take from her latest hunt in the store room no doubt. Schaffer waved to her, and she returned the gesture, the alien was surprisingly withdrawn for a Polar and seldom interacted with anyone besides him.

“She's beastly,” Riya commented as Scarface walked away down the corridor. “Looks a lot more like the breed I'm accustomed to seeing in UNN space. What the hell was that thing she was dragging along behind her?”

“I never gave it a name,” Schaffer replied, “I could probably register a dozen newly discovered species if I could be bothered to take pictures and call them in.”

“Call it a Keshi,” Riya volunteered, “that's a horse demon from Hindu mythology.”

“That's not a bad idea,” Schaffer said, leaning back reflexively to avoid a hunk of meat that Osha had decided to cast in his direction. It landed on the table in front of him, splashing him with juice, the enormous female smiling contentedly as he picked it up and began to eat without complaint. The pack was depleting the supply pretty quickly, soon they would set about cooking the kill that Scarface had brought back with her, preparing a meal for the next rotation when the other pack members returned from their foraging.

As they finished their feast, they started to wander off one by one, no doubt leaving to choose a comfortable pile to sleep in while they digested their meal. The kitchen steadily emptied until only Runt, Osha and Zagza remained along with the two humans. The pair of larger Polars bid them goodnight, Zagza paying special attention to Riya for reasons that weren't obvious to Schaffer. While Zagza was the pack's Alpha, Osha was their unofficial matriarch, and the two tended to sleep together most of the time.

Runt stuck close to Schaffer, both because he preferred to sleep with him, and because he was feeling neglected as the pair of humans shared a moment over their bourbon. They had drunk about two thirds of it, and they both seemed to silently agree that it was enough, setting aside their shot glasses and screwing the cap back onto the bottle.

“So where am I sleeping?” Riya asked, pleasantly tipsy. “I don't suppose you have a guest bedroom?”

“Well the pack sleeps in a big pile, usually I just throw myself into the mix and hope that whatever I'm lying on doesn't wake up and start moving before I do. There are couches in the common room that you can use if you don't want to get too friendly with the Polars, I can find you a blanket if you need one, but the temperature in here stays pretty constant.”

“Sounds good, I think I'll call it a night and turn in.” She stood up from her seat, walking over to the doorway and leaning against the frame for balance as she turned her head to look back at him. “You're alright Schaffer, this blizzard could have been a real shit show, but you and your furry friends turned it around. I'll see you in the morning.”

“Night,” he replied as she vanished into the hallway. He turned to Runt when he was sure that she was out of earshot. “Ok, you have me to yourself now, happy?”

The alien buried his face in the nape of Schaffer's neck, downy fur tickling his skin.

Schaffer heard Scarface returning, the alien pausing at the doorway as she passed by to look in on the pair, the kitchen now deserted save for Schaffer and Runt. She seemed to have been waiting for the other pack members to leave, and seeing that they had all gone to bed, she slinked into the room and made her way over to where Schaffer was sitting. The human was one of the few people that she interacted with, she had taken a liking to him and as far as he knew he was the only member of their pack that she chose to share a bed with. Scarface spent much of her time prowling the wastes, she had been the lead hunter of the pack and its main breadwinner before they had moved into the outpost, and she still liked to fish and hunt more than was really necessary now that the UNN was providing them with food and supplies. During her infrequent visits to the base, she usually found ways to get some alone time with Schaffer, and he had to admit that her unusually aggressive style of lovemaking made him look forward to those rare encounters. He was still unsure of her story, how she had earned all of her scars, and what the reason was for her silent and frankly un-Polar-like demeanor. At first her antisocial tendencies had worried him, but she always seemed happy when she was tracking some alien animal or sitting by a hole in the ice waiting for a fish to bite, and that was good enough for him.

She sauntered over to the table and leaned down beside Schaffer, rubbing her head against his cheek and nuzzling at the nape of his neck, pinching his skin gently with her sharp teeth. He knew the signals well enough, though she never spoke a word she could communicate what she wanted from him, his body responding on its own as he leaned into her.

Runt sat to his right, still clinging to Schaffer's arm and alarmed that his alone time with his favorite human was again being intruded upon by a female, the little alien scowling as he clung to Schaffer's sleeve and eyed the newcomer suspiciously. Scarface seemed indifferent to him, ignoring him completely as she urged Schaffer to follow her away from the table, to some private spot where they might go undisturbed for an hour or two no doubt.

As he rose from his seat, he felt Runt dig his claws into his sleeve, preventing him from leaving as Scarface cocked her head at the little Polar quizzically. He barked something at her in their rolling native language, and she seemed taken aback.

Schaffer had never seen anything of the like, were they fighting over him? Runt was usually so meek and passive, but perhaps a combination of factors had brought out this new passion in him. It was probably Schaffer's own fault for encouraging him to be more assertive, along with his long chat with Riya and a little Dutch courage from the shot of bourbon that the young Polar had insisted on drinking.

Thankfully, Scarface seemed amused more than annoyed by his uncharacteristic outburst. Schaffer had never witnessed a real battle for status between pack members, any disagreements usually resolved themselves pretty quickly through a reconciliatory roll in the proverbial hay, but Scarface was a lot more selective of her mates than the other females of the group.

Runt spoke to her, and she seemed to shrug her furry shoulders, taking up a seat on the floor at the table opposite them. He heard her assortment of tools and knives that hung from her many belts and bandoleers clatter on the deck as she sat cross-legged, resting her large hands on the table and appearing to wait for something. Runt's claws clinked on the glass bottle of bourbon as he slid it across the table towards her, and she examined it suspiciously, eyeing the amber liquid as it settled in the transparent container. Runt took one of the shot glasses and upended the bottle, filling it and gesturing to the drink as Scarface looked on.

What on Earth was he doing? Had Schaffer just witnessed the invention of an alien drinking competition? Runt seemed indecisive, his tail was flicking back and forth behind his chair in a way that Schaffer knew communicated embarrassment or internal conflict, but he was putting on a stalwart front for Scarface's benefit apparently. Still amused, the giant hunter examined his face, then lifted the shot glass from the table and sniffed it experimentally before bringing it to her lips and taking a tentative sip. Her blue eyes widened as the liquid met her tongue, and she sputtered, clearly not enjoying the taste but not willing to set the glass down either.

She seemed almost playful with Runt, humoring him in a way that Schaffer had never seen her afford the more senior members of the pack. She was respectful of Zagza and his position, presenting her catches to him as if he were her employer, but beyond that she stayed out of the way of the older Polars. She took another drink, her piercing gaze fixed on Runt as the little alien fumed and watched her.

Runt spoke again, Schaffer wishing that he had some resource available for learning their alien language so that he might have been able to follow this bizarre exchange, and this time the Polar filled his own glass and drank from it as Scarface watched. He already seemed a little tipsy, and now he was swaying gently as he downed his second helping and grimaced. Schaffer patted him on the shoulder, shaking his head at the alien in an attempt to convey that he should stop before his liver shut down, but the alien pushed him away and looked back to Scarface.

She refused to drink more, pushing her glass away, and Runt rose to his feet as his chair legs scraped against the floor. He marched around the edge of the table as Schaffer watched with alarm, coming to a stop beside Scarface, at head height to her as she sat on the deck due to their difference in stature. He seemed more nervous now, his tail flicking indecisively again, but then he appeared to steel himself and his brow furrowed. She cocked her head at him, then he reached out and took her face in his hands, Scarface tensing as a look of drunken determination crossed his face and he pressed his lips against hers. Schaffer waited for her to swipe at him with her claws and reward him with some scars of his own, but the blow never came, instead she leaned into the smaller male and Schaffer watched as their oversized, pink tongues entwined. He had never seen her kiss anyone besides him before, and he felt a pang of jealousy as the two aliens pressed together, Scarface wrapping an arm around Runt's lower body and pulling the smaller male into her. His excitement was obvious, unable to contain himself as the huntress explored his mouth with her long, winding organ. She squeezed him against her plush body, letting his hands roam over her furred face, Runt's eyes closing as he lost himself in her forceful embrace.

Their union lasted for a few more moments, Runt seeming to relax as it dragged on, then finally Scarface broke away and rose to her feet. She scruffed him by the back of the neck, like a mother cat catching an unruly kitten, and lifted him off the floor to let his feet dangle in the air. She planted her other hand on her wide hip, scowling at the little alien as he hung there impotently, his tail limp and his demeanor now submissive again. She didn't seem angry, just annoyed, but Schaffer could see that the whiskey was doing its work on her too. Even one glass was enough to intoxicate her despite her impressive size and weight, Borealan biology being completely unsuited to such strong spirits.

She placed Runt back on his feet, and he went scurrying over to Schaffer once he was free of her hold, shivering and burying his face in his human friend's jacket. Schaffer scratched his head apologetically, trying to calm him.

Did Runt have a thing for Scarface, then? Once the alcohol had stripped him of his inhibitions he had gone straight to her, conflicted about what he was doing, but obviously determined none the less. Maybe it wasn't only that the little alien wanted Schaffer all to himself, maybe he was jealous of the relationship his peers shared as well. Scarface watched them both, her eyes narrowing as she schemed, then she lifted her shot glass from the table and downed the last of her bourbon. She marched around the table and snatched Runt out from beneath the safety of Schaffer's jacket, taking him by the scruff again and lifting him off the floor with one hand. Her other hand found Schaffer's arm, taking a firm grip and guiding him out of his seat, steering him towards the door.


Scarface led them down the hall and past some bedrooms that were occupied by piles of sleeping Polars, searching for a free dorm and eventually finding one, thrusting the pair into the room and then closing the door ominously behind them with a click as the lock engaged. They landed on the mattresses that lined the floor, white hairs from previous occupants littering the space, the two bunk beds that were unable to support the weight of the pack members pushed out of the way towards the back of the room.

Schaffer had a good idea of what was about to happen, Runt trembling beside him on the mattress, whether from anticipation or fear it was hard to say.

Scarface was usually distant and reserved, her true personality only really flourishing when she was alone with her chosen partner, where her stoic exterior fell away and she fucked like an angry tiger. Perhaps this case was similar, the alcohol was eating away at her resolve like some kind of corrosive chemical, her underlying lust and playfulness shining through as she watched the two males with a covetous expression and wet her lips hungrily.

She stalked towards them, swaying as she tried to balance on the soft mattress beneath her feet, her head swiveling between the two friends before her eyes locked onto Runt. She crouched over the little alien, two or three feet taller than him, then pinned him to the ground. He sank into the mattress under her weight, Scarface burying her teeth in the fur of his neck, her biting and kissing out of view from where Schaffer was sitting but obvious from the way her quarry bucked and shivered. She seemed to be asserting herself over him, punishment for him stepping out of line and having ideas beyond his station back in the kitchen, perhaps?

Her large breasts hung enticingly in their leather sling, heavy and pendulant as she ravished Runt, the bewildered Polar loosing squeaks and whines as she licked and bit at his sensitive throat and shoulders. Schaffer had rarely seen him so overwhelmed and excited, not since the first time that he had goaded Runt into joining an orgy that he had been watching from a secluded hiding place, too afraid to participate. Perhaps this situation was similar, it seemed to be a pattern with the meek Polar, he fretted and hesitated until someone gave him the push that he needed to pursue his desires. Throwing himself into the roiling pile of furry bodies rather than just watching in secret, discovering his dominant side and taking the lead with Schaffer, and now pursuing a mighty huntress who wouldn't have given him the time of day had he not confronted her.

It seemed to have worked, if anything his sheer audacity had drawn Scarface's attention and now she was putting him in his place, in the sensual way that these aliens preferred to resolve their conflicts.

Runt's eyelids were fluttering as she played her lips and teeth over his vulnerable neck, the unspoken message that she could have severed his jugular with her sharp fangs were she so inclined, but they both knew that reasserting her higher position in the pack hierarchy would take...other forms.

Schaffer watched as Runt's erection strained at his leather loincloth, tenting the fabric as Scarface took his furry cheeks in her clawed fingers and delved into his mouth once again, Schaffer's own member starting to ache as he watched their serpentine tongues intertwine and wrestle. She was really laying it on thick, maybe because she was a little drunk for the first time in her life, but the little Polar's eyes were watering and she seemed to want him so affected that he couldn't hope to mount any kind of resistance.

She broke off to leave him panting and shivering, a strand of her thick saliva linking their lips as her obscenely long, slippery organ coiled back into her mouth. She turned her predatory gaze towards Schaffer, her blue eyes meeting his gaze, and he felt his heart skip in his chest as her fuzzy tail coiled around his ankle like a tentacle. She dragged him towards them across the bed, her tail strong enough to lift him on its own without much difficulty, and she deposited him besides the gasping Runt.

She glanced between them as her lips curled into a salacious grin, as if she were standing before a buffet with her favorite dishes laid out before her, bawdy scenarios no doubt coursing through her brain as she decided what to do with the pair. She tended to take what she wanted from Schaffer when they shared some alone time, her lovemaking was greedy and passionate, her relentless pace leaving him exhausted and satisfied. Now he saw that same glint her eye, beginning to remove his clothes in anticipation of what he knew was coming next.

Scarface watched him, her gaze playing over his familiar body, then she scruffed Runt again. She did it tenderly this time, rolling him over and dropping him beside Schaffer, the two of them bouncing on the mattresses as the springs creaked under their weight. She tore Runt's loincloth free, unfastening the knot that held his belt together from behind and discarding the garment, leaving the alien exposed as his fleshy erection throbbed and dripped clear fluid from its tapered tip. Schaffer was equally erect, sore and wanting as Runt crawled closer, their members knocking together as the now submissive Polar planted lingering kisses on his chest and shoulders. Scarface's aggressive attentions seemed to have made him pliant and obedient again, Schaffer feeling his erection jump in the air as the alien crawled his soft lips down his belly and his fluffy fingers wrapped around his shaft.

Scarface sat down heavily, her legs crossed as she plunged a hand beneath her loincloth, her fingers moving frantically under the fabric as she watched Runt roam lower. This was for her benefit then, not Schaffer's, and the human jumped as he felt the Polar's soft lips wrap around his glans. His textured tongue coiled around Schaffer's tender flesh, painting it with saliva and teasing the underside of the head where Runt knew he liked it. His mouth was so warm and the lining of his cheeks so smooth, pressing around his member like a silken glove as the alien sucked him deeper. His undulating organ coiled down the length of Schaffer's shaft like a fat worm, squeezing him and milking, the obedient Polar lapping at the excitement that welled at the tip. Schaffer let himself lie back on the mattress, relaxing and enjoying the sensations, Runt was a goddamned expert by this point and nobody else could compare to his tenderness and eager skill.

He glanced down and saw that his partner was reaching between his furry thighs, his eyes closing and his fingers seeking out his own neglected erection as she started to stroke it slowly, the pace of his licking and sucking increasing as he got himself off. Schaffer felt him shudder suddenly, as if something had surprised him, and he looked down past the Polar's bobbing head to see Scarface's tail wrapped around his wrist and pulling his hand away from his dripping erection. Her fingers still probed beneath the thin fabric that concealed her loins, it seemed that she didn't want Runt touching himself yet. She released him, and the Polar got the message, resuming his blowjob as she watched them intently.

Schaffer placed a hand in the alien's silky hair, pushing him down a little harder and guiding his speed, feeling Runt's velvet throat muscles close around his exposed head as he pushed deeper. The little alien gagged a little at the sudden intrusion, his gullet tensing and contracting around Schaffer's cock, wringing him like a fist as the human struggled to save from thrusting into the Polar's inviting throat and choking him as the burst of pleasure made his head spin.

Runt recovered quickly, no stranger to having the human's member buried in his gullet after all, and resumed his gentle bobbing as he dragged his lips up and down his friend's shaft and paused at the tip to circle it with his tongue. Schaffer felt himself getting close already, Runt's services being especially doting and attentive today, no doubt Scarface had knocked him down a notch so to speak. He gripped the alien's hair and thrust into his mouth as gently as he could muster, meeting his downward motions. Schaffer opened his eyes as he heard movement, seeing Scarface shuffling closer to them on her hands and knees to sit heavily beside them, leering at the spectacle as Runt's syrupy saliva drenched his shaft and dripped from the alien's chin in fat strands.

She placed her massive hand on Runt's head suddenly, gentle yet firm, and Schaffer watched the young Polar's blue eyes glance up at her as if begging a question. She forced his head down on Schaffer's cock, burying it to the hilt, Schaffer's spine arching and a grunt escaping his mouth as Runt's struggling throat encompassed him and his puffy lips wrapped around the base. She held him there for a few moments until he started to struggle, then let him up for air, her hand still resting on his head as she bit her lower lip and watched a mess of sticky fluids link his mouth to Schaffer's erection. Runt swallowed laboriously, letting the residue fall to Schaffer's belly, then she eased him back down again.

Schaffer winced, hot, wet muscles spasming and rippling around him. Runt's tongue writhed and struggled around his shaft as Scarface fucked him with Runt's mouth, very much enjoying the reactions from both parties as her eyes darted between them, again her free hand sneaking beneath her loincloth as her expression grew more and more lascivious.

Schaffer felt himself getting closer, an orgasm welling and sending tingling sparks of pleasure rolling up his spine, he chose not to resist it so as to spare Runt from much more of this relentless fucking. The alien's mouth was so wet, there was a cushion of sticky saliva that Schaffer's member pushed into each time that it probed the alien's throat, leaking out from between his lips and coating the throbbing organ in a sheen of it.

Seeing Schaffer's pained expression and sensing that he was almost spent, Scarface drew Runt's head back a little so that the tip of the pulsing erection rested on his tongue rather than lodging it deep in his esophagus, the Polar harrying him with licks and cradling his balls in his downy palm. It was too much, and Schaffer felt his orgasm tear through his body, a wave of pleasure crashing over him as he pumped a wad of his come into Runt's waiting mouth. His member bounced and throbbed between the alien's soft lips, Runt keeping still and gently stroking his testicles to ease more of it out as his mouth flooded with warm ejaculate, quickly filling to capacity as a few fat strands escaped to hang from his chin.

Scarface watched intently, aroused and fascinated as Runt pulled back and let some of the obscene mixture of viscous saliva and ropy come slide from his lips to fall heavily to splash his thighs, one last stray ejaculation hitting him in the face and matting his fur as Schaffer collapsed onto his back and let the afterglow consume him.

He watched as Runt made to swallow the mouthful of semen that was bulging his cheeks, but Scarface wrapped her hand around his neck to prevent it, turning his head towards her and slamming their lips together. Schaffer felt his heart hammer in his chest, watching with wide eyes as the two Polars kissed, his erection pulsing and bouncing with renewed arousal as the lewd scene played out before him.

Once Scarface had forced Runt's lips apart and pushed her sinuous tongue into his head, the profane mess that he had been holding in sloughed free, spilling down his chin to wet the fur on his chest and flooding Scarface's mouth as their pink tongues wrestled in and around the pearly mixture. She was completely unconcerned as Runt was drenched in drool and come, fat globs of it sticking to his coat, Scarface pulling back and letting a mass of strands and dripping blobs link their tongues so that Schaffer could see it. She plunged back in as Runt whined in a blend of disapproval and intense arousal, swapping the mess between them and letting it ooze forth like milky honey, holding his face between her hands so that he couldn't turn away as she explored the inside of his mouth with her tongue and pushed the concoction down his throat.

The perverse kiss dragged on until there was none of it left, at least that wasn't soaking into Runt's fur, Scarface breaking off with an audible pop and watching the last few strands that linked their dexterous tongues break and fall away. She released Runt and let him drop to the bed, Schaffer might have worried about him were it not for the bulging, vascular erection that protruded between his furry thighs. He was as hard as Schaffer had ever seen him.

Scarface began to remove what little clothing she wore, Schaffer's eyes tracking her breasts eagerly as they slipped out of her leather sling, hanging enticingly as she leaned forward and began to remove the belts that were draped around her wide hips. Her entire body was a patchwork of scars that broke up her unusually dark fur, more the color of dirty snow than the pure white of Zagza's immaculate coat. The pink trails of knitted flesh were not unattractive however, and Schaffer tended to think that it gave her character. It was also evidence of her exploits and battles, a little less elegant than the medals that might adorn the chest of a UNN admiral, but proof none the less of her fighting prowess.

Now naked, lithe and muscular, she discarded the garments and crawled on top of Schaffer as the more shapely fat deposits on her thighs and hips wobbled with the motion. She perched atop him, her furry legs to either side of his hips, Schaffer anticipating her usual passionate lovemaking. She didn't lower herself onto his erection however, she spun, planting her pliant butt on his face. Schaffer raised his hands in alarm, sinking his fingers into the soft meat of her ass, steely muscles lurking beneath the delicate fat layer as she wriggled and shifted to get comfortable.

She especially enjoyed oral sex, the tongues of humans being smoother and more suited to the task than the rough organs of her people, but she usually sat on one of the partially destroyed armchairs and pushed his head down between her downy thighs when she wanted that. This was new.

Runt looked on as she sat on Schaffer and his head vanished beneath her ample rear, chewing the black claw on his index finger nervously as he watched them, unsure of whether he should attempt to join them and now especially subservient thanks to Scarface's scolding. She reached out towards him, gripping him by the tuft of fur on his chest and tugging him closer, running her fingers through the mess of saliva and come that still clung to his fur once he was in range. She scooped some of it into one hand, scruffing the little alien with the other to keep him still. Scarface took Schaffer by the wrist and coated his finger in the gunk, sliding the human's hand between Runt's legs and carefully pushing a finger inside the shivering alien.

The Polars had wicked claws that were not necessarily ideal for such tasks, and so she substituted Schaffer's digit as she pushed the slippery, gluey fluid into Runt's body. Despite the pitiful noises he was making, Runt was still at full mast, every twitch of Schaffer's probing digit making him whine and tremble. The young Polar enjoyed anal of course, between Zagza and Schaffer it was practically his only sexual role, despite Schaffer's attempts to boost his confidence he was still as sensitive and receptive as he had ever been.

Now primed, with the obscene concoction leaking from his hole, Runt got the picture and climbed up on top of Schaffer obediently. He took the human's renewed erection in his fluffy fingers, positioning it beneath him, and looked to Scarface for approval as she released the scruff of his neck and leered drunkenly at him. Now more coaxing than demanding, she placed a hand on his narrow hip, pushing him down onto Schaffer's cock as Runt guided it towards his opening.

Schaffer bucked in alarm as the slippery mess of bodily fluids eased his passage, Runt practically falling down on him and taking him all the way to the base in one smooth motion, impossibly hot and tight walls of silken flesh enclosing him as a shiver of pleasure ran up his spine. Immediately he felt the alien's leaking fluids drip from his shaft to land on the human's belly, knowing Runt he had come already, and Schaffer felt a little guilty for the part he had played in training the submissive little alien to react in the way that he did. That wasn't to say that it was his fault alone, Zagza's member was the length of his arm and he had taken that monster himself, but he had shared more alone time with Runt and the Polar was ever eager to please.

Scarface was not satisfied with just that, wetting her pink lips lasciviously as she watched her quarry wriggle in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort, Schaffer's erection skewering him. She urged Runt to begin moving, guiding him with her hands, rolling his hips and grinding against Schaffer's member as his slippery insides cradled it. 'Dinner and a show', Schaffer thought to himself sarcastically as the huntress rubbed her loins on his face, her sour juices leaking from her vulva to wet his cheeks. He got the picture, and started to lick, pushing his tongue up between her labia and glancing her glistening flesh. She shivered on top of him, her thighs tightening around his head at the sensation of his smooth organ teasing her, his concentration waning as Runt's slow thrusting made his toes curl.

Scarface was unusually wet, it leaked from her twitching hole in clear strands, matting the fur around her loins and making the hairs on her inner thighs stick to his reddening cheeks. She was really into this, it was odd to see her so...uninhibited. Must be the alcohol, she was quite the lush once unbridled. Her hips moved in a slow rhythm as she ground against his questing lips, made slick by her flowing excitement, her long tail flicking back and forth above his head.

Schaffer delved his fingers into the pliant flesh of her ass and thighs, feeling her twitch and croon as he sank his digits into her plush flesh, despite her musculature she was clad in a layer of insulating fat no different than her peers. She was more athletic than they were which gave her a more slim figure, but that just meant that the exquisite paunch just ended up settling in more attractive places, giving her an hourglass figure and a butt that you could probably bounce a damned tablet computer off of. Her spotty fur was fine and silky, begging for his touch, he imagined that growing tired of groping these creatures would be an impossibility. She smelled good too, musky and feminine, her familiar taste filling his mouth as he serviced her ardently.

Runt seemed to be having trouble, Schaffer could feel his narrow passage tightening as he moved atop him, the alien's palms resting on the human's legs as he leaned back and tried to angle Schaffer's member so that it would push against his prostate. His fleshy erection leaked a continuous strand of excitement, Schaffer could feel it pooling on his belly, Runt's insides contracting whenever his alien cock throbbed. He was moving slowly, either savoring every aching pulse of pleasure as the rigid organ brushed his sweet spot, or because the huntress who was puppeteering the both of them had decreed it.

She was growing more and more excited, her grinding becoming less refined and more eager as he explored her folds and creases with the tip of his tongue. She responded to every light flick and each lingering stroke, tremors flowing up through her massive body as his smooth, wet flesh painted her most sensitive and intimate anatomy. He pushed his tongue into her tunnel, feeling it grip him with a strength that still surprised him, as if trying to pluck his organ from his head as it dragged him deeper with its muscular contractions.

Due to their size, one would expect the aliens to be loose by human standards, how else could they possibly accommodate the massive organs of their male counterparts? Yet their musculature was such that even the largest Borealan was as tight as a fist clad in silk, sometimes to the point that it became difficult to last more than a minute or two once those cruel walls pressed around you and began their relentless massage.

Runt was even tighter than that, his guts gripping Schaffer's member with a force that might have taken off the skin were it not for the syrupy residue of their prior encounter that lubricated it, the lewd sounds that emanated from their coupling audible even to Schaffer's ears as he lay buried beneath Scarface's rump. Runt's insides were feverishly hot, almost uncomfortably so as Schaffer's throbbing erection impaled him like a molten iron in a forge, every sigh and shiver adding to their mounting pleasure. His walls were so smooth as they rubbed up and down the human's shaft, downright luxurious, the stimulation such that Schaffer was having a hard time holding in his welling orgasm. When they made love alone, their pace was usually slower and more careful than this, but now that Scarface had taken the reigns the Polar was riding him into the mattress with a vengeance.

She watched her subordinate bounce on Schaffer's cock, one hand on his shoulder to dictate his pace, the other sinking into one of her breasts and kneading the pliant flesh as it spilled through her fingers like putty. She seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much, her blue eyes watching eagerly as the human's penis vanished into the little Polar's hole, only to reappear coated in the mess that she had forced inside him. Runt was beside himself, eyelids drooping, a hand applying pressure on his belly where Schaffer's organ bulged it as he tried to glean more stimulation. When he tried to reach a hand down grasp his erection as it bounced in the air, lonely and neglected, Scarface pulled it away. She wanted him to climax from anal alone, and she wanted to watch it, she wanted to see his face when he loosed a shuddering cry and came all over Schaffer's belly.

The beleaguered human slipped a finger into her slimy entrance, feeling her close around it, crushing his digit with her powerful pelvic floor muscles as she bucked in alarm. He maneuvered down towards her clitoris, feeling the stiff nub of flesh beneath its protective hood, trapping it between his lips and sucking it out to play his tongue over its shiny surface.

She was nearing her limit, Schaffer could feel it in the way that her tunnel tried to milk his finger, in the way that her ample chest rose and fell as she panted. She seemed to be losing her cool in her fugue, it was unusual for her, perhaps the bourbon was to blame?

Scarface leaned forward, taking Runt's face in her hands and jolting the Polar's eyes open. He rocked back and forth steadily, grinding Schaffer's cock against his prostate, a strand of colorless fluid trailing from the tip of his member as every movement milked more of it from him. She drew him close, pressing her lips against his and subjecting him to a slow and tender kiss, contrasting with the cruel pace that she had imposed upon the pair. Runt's tail stood up straight and rigid, its fur puffing out like that of a startled cat, the young male melting into his peer as she cradled him in her arms. A far cry from the greedy and wanton embrace she had foisted upon him earlier, now she was slow and considerate, teasing him with gentle glances and strokes as if they were lovers sharing a moment of intimacy. Like two snakes entwined, their tongues coiled around each other, wrestling as their lips locked and Schaffer felt Runt's insides tighten in response.

It was enough to send him over the edge, Runt shivering and whining as a powerful orgasm wracked him. He reached down to grab his member as he began to ejaculate, but Scarface gripped his wrist to prevent it, dragging out their kiss and muffling his cries as he convulsed. Schaffer felt a warm load land heavily on his belly, Runt's already tight insides now narrowing, the waves of his climax causing his muscles to ripple and clench rhythmically. It was all too much for him, and Runt's ceaseless movements forced out Schaffer's own emission, his hips attempting to rise off the mattress and push deeper into Runt as he flooded his guts with hot come.

The Polar yelped again as he felt the liquid spread up through his passage, filling him with viscous, milky ejaculate as Scarface still held him trapped in her embrace. Schaffer felt him start to move again, his reservations forgotten as he tried to fuck Schaffer's emission deeper, desperate for the human's erection to jam against his prostate as if there was some maddening itch inside him that he couldn't quite reach. Scarface helped him along, one hand on his hip to guide him, the alien's eyes rolling back into his head as electrical pleasure burned through his body like a short-circuit.

Schaffer fared no better, groaning into Scarface's sopping loins as his concentration waned, her sodden thighs trapping him against the mattress beneath him as he tried in vain to arch his spine. She was heavy enough to crush him under her weight, but she didn't rest all of it on him, just enough to keep him pinned and to show him who was in control. Something about being so restrained just added to the sensation, the frustration mingling with his arousal, his member bouncing and throbbing inside his alien partner as it pumped wad after wad of his essence into Runt's welcoming tunnel.

The Polar seemed to be spent, leaning against Scarface and burying his head in the nape of her neck, catching his breath as he drowned in afterglow. He twitched and shivered as a few stray aftershocks tore through him, every tremor drawing more out of Schaffer, translating into the taut muscles that enclosed him and stroking his shaft with silken flesh.

Finally Runt fell off him, lying on his side on the mattress, Schaffer's erection slipping out of him along with most of the fluid that he had deposited inside the quivering Polar. Scarface watched with a lurid expression, running her fingers through the pool of come that Runt had leaked onto Schaffer's belly, despite being relatively small by Polar standards he could really produce a lot of it.

She lifted herself off Schaffer, strands of her excitement trailing from her lips to his, his red cheeks stained with it as she looked down at him with a satisfied expression. She hadn't finished, so he had to assume that she had more planned for them, his suspicions were confirmed as she took the exhausted Runt by the scruff of his neck again and pulled him to his knees. She gestured for Schaffer to rise too, apparently trusting him to do it of his own accord, and he complied as she lay down on her back.

It was time for the main course apparently, and Schaffer wasn't sure exactly what that would be, she liked to open with some oral and then finish by fucking him until his hips went numb when they made love under normal circumstances. He hoped that she didn't expect Runt to just sit to one side and watch them. She waved them both forward, spreading her thighs, parting her lips with her fingers and exposing the glistening flesh beneath. She was drooling nectar, it hung from her opening in fat ropes, dripping to the mattress as the two males looked on. They crawled closer to her, and once in range she took a cock in each hand, the two of them gasping in unison as her fluffy fingers closed around their still sensitive members.

She tugged them closer, their hips bumping together as she drew them in, and she rolled over onto her side. She caught Runt in her tail, wrapping it around his waist and pulling him over to that he lay behind her, and then she guided Schaffer down to lie to her front. She closed her arms around him, pushing his face into her downy cleavage, burying him in soft flesh as she nuzzled his hair. Maybe she wanted him to know that he was still her favorite, and he took the opportunity to sink his fingers into the meat of her weighty boobs in response, feeling her grip on him tighten as he delved for the firm breast tissue that lay deeper and glanced her erect nipples with his palms.

He felt her grip his shaft again, angling it between her thick thighs, as round as tree trunks and almost as hard beneath the insulating fat that gave them their cushy lining. He felt his glans graze her slippery vulva, feeling her familiar warmth as she pushed him inside her. He winced, groaning into her bust as her slick walls wrapped around him in invitation, silken and delicate with a slippery texture that set her passage apart from Runt's. She left him there to soak for a moment, the two of them squirming as his member beat inside her like a heart, and her walls shifted and undulated against his skin.

Not forgetting the little alien, she reached a hand around behind her and took his member in her palm, guiding it closer as he gripped her wide hip for purchase. She was almost shivering with anticipation, she was eager and excited, and Schaffer considered that due to her solitary nature she might rarely get a chance to join in on the usual Polar orgies. The instincts were still there, clearly, the desire had not left her and the alcohol seemed to be bringing it bubbling to her usually stoic surface.

Schaffer expected Runt to take the back, and he the front, but his heart skipped in surprise as he felt something brush against the underside of his shaft. It was hard and hot, smooth and polished if not for the subtle bumps that lined its surface, and he heard Runt loose another helpless whine as Scarface's passage squeezed their members together inside her.

Schaffer had never tried anything like this before, both males were sharing the same hole as the huntress wriggled and shifted in order to find a comfortable position. Schaffer was of average human size, and Runt was no dramatically more endowed, despite her tightness Scarface seemed to have little trouble accommodating the both of them. Her syrupy juices flowed around them, glazing their members in her slimy essence, lessening the friction as the two frotted against each other.

It was incomparable, Schaffer had never experienced anything of the sort. The sensation of Scarface's smooth, velvet walls pressing around him and massaging his length like a thousand tiny tongues was enough to make his head spin, and now Runt's alien organ was rubbing against his sensitive underside and adding to the sensation. It was firm and warm, he could feel the Polar's heart beating through it as it throbbed, squashed together like two hotdogs in a bun as her powerful muscles enclosed them.

It was a tight fit but he started to move, points of light dancing in front of his eyes like sparks as Runt's dull barbs grazed him and harsh pleasure stabbed at his senses, its tapered glans tracing his frenulum like the tip of a tongue. Scarface felt them moving inside her, her passage contracting, as if his member were resting in a sleeve made of damp velvet and a fist was squeezing it from the outside.

It took a lot to get to Scarface, even when she came she was usually aloof and in control, but now she was more excited and more affected than he could recall seeing her. He could hear her heart hammering in her chest as she pressed his face into her bust, her breathing already labored and irregular, her insides clenching and quivering as her two lovers fought for space.

Schaffer was unsure of what to do, should he and Runt try to synchronize and thrust together? Should they alternate? Scarface never spoke a word to anybody, even Schaffer, and so she couldn't communicate what she expected of them. As if to answer his unspoken question, Runt began to move, sliding deeper into Scarface with a slow rhythm that caused his bumpy member to rub against Schaffer's. It was made slippery and wet by her overflowing juices, the friction might have been too much to stand otherwise, the pleasures of her silky walls and Runt's slimy member blending into a haze of sensations that dulled his mind.

Unable to stop himself, he moved his hips reflexively, bucking into Scarface as the trio clung to each other in a sordid pile. Questing hands roamed over the huntresses' body, Runt's furry fingers taking liberties with the pliant meat of her ass and her hourglass hips, Schaffer's naked digits delving into her bust and weighing the basketball-sized globes in his palms. She wriggled and twisted, sucking one of Schaffer's fingers into her mouth and coiling her long tongue around it as he reached up to cradle her cheek, her tail wrapping around Runt's body like a boa constrictor so that she might dictate his pace.

It was getting to her, too. Having two males lodged inside her, both of them moving erratically, their organs flexing and shifting as they pressed against her sensitive walls and filled her to capacity was enough to make her fur stand on end. She couldn't decide how to move, her instincts telling her to thrust her hips in search of further stimulation, but she was being taken from both sides. She elected to lie still instead, distinctly un-Scarface-like noises escaping her lips as she clung to Schaffer with her furry arms and gripped Runt with her tail. Little by little her control over them waned, her grip loosening as she let them set their own pace, too absorbed in her own pleasure to bother with staying in command of the situation.

Runt and Schaffer couldn't seem to synchronize their thrusting, it was hard enough to concentrate on what they were doing without the added stimulation of their members sliding against each other, slimy and wet as their own leaking excitement mingled with the viscous emissions that Scarface's quivering tunnel exuded.

The dull bumps that lined Runt's cock were driving Schaffer to distraction, as if the alien had beads lodged under his skin, rolling across the underside of the human's member as Scarface's leaking honey made them slippery. There was so much heat and friction, it was like a furnace inside her, Runt's erection forcing his own against her smooth walls in new and exciting ways.

Schaffer tried to drive his throbbing shaft deeper inside the twitching huntress, hearing girlish cries escape her lips, sounds that he had never heard the usually stoic female make before. She was so wet, her juices were leaking from her opening as the pair moved inside her, her fluffy thighs were absolutely sodden and their members were glazed with the stringy mess.

Their combined girth was clearly hitting her sweet spots, Runt's beads scraping her satin flesh, tearing at her nerves like cruel fingers as Schaffer's motions jammed it against her. He could feel her muscles contract, as if her body was trying to contain them, every ripple and quiver of her tight passage massaging his aching erection as their coupling grew more frenetic.

Scarface buried her face in Schaffer's hair, breathing in his scent as she nuzzled and crooned, her gasping breaths followed by low sighs and soft yelps as her two lovers pushed her higher and higher. The sensations were so intense, Schaffer doubted that he could last much longer, they had only been inside her for a couple of minutes and already he could feel an orgasm creeping up on him. Scarface wouldn't release him from her silky bust, her arms wrapped around him with renewed urgency, her claws pricking his naked back as if she was afraid that he might escape her clutches.

Runt was latching onto her like a baby monkey, his eyes closed as he pushed his face into the downy fur of her back, fingers clutching at the subtle paunch of her belly as he gripped her narrow waist for leverage. He was rolling his hips harder and faster now, perhaps nearing his limit as he lay locked in a union with the huntress that he had lacked the courage to approach, and the human that he so adored.

Scarface began to shudder more violently, her massive body quaking as Schaffer and Runt's movements became more desperate and fervent, her claws leaving red welts in Schaffer's skin as they dragged down his back. She let out a pained cry as Runt's bumpy member grated across her sensitive inner walls, Schaffer feeling her clench around the two organs like a vice as her powerful muscles tensed and squeezed them together.

The trio fed into eachother, every twitch and pulse felt by the rest, a relentless feedback loop forming as they drove eachother towards an inexorable climax. Runt's member jumped and throbbed as it rubbed against Schaffer's, flexing and probing as if it had a life of its own, rigid but with a flexibility and give that made its contact pleasant and enticiting. It was fever hot and drenched in Scarface's seeping honey, gliding against Schaffer's most sensitive spots as it battled for space in the narrow passage. He could feel the alien getting close, the clear fluid leaking from his glans, adding to the obscene mixture of their bodily emissions that swirled inside Scarface as they fucked it deeper.

Her body began to shiver, taut muscles tensing, yielding fat deposits shaking as Scarface started to come. Her orgasm rolled over her in wracking waves, her long spine arching and her tunnel contracting around their members like an angry fist, her two companions gasping and groaning in unison as her powerful loins wrung them. Runt couldn't hold on, wrapping his arms around her waist as if afraid that he might somehow float away into the sky, reflexively jamming his member as deep inside her reaches as he could manage. She tightened her tail around him, holding him against her, eyelids fluttering as she felt his warm ejaculate fill her tunnel and a fresh wave of pleasure set of fireworks in her brain.

Schaffer felt it too, a flood of warmth around his erection, as thick as jelly as it spread around his twitching shaft and forced itself into every crease and fold of Scarface's walls. Runt's member swelled and pulsed, pressing up against Schaffer's so that the human could feel every load as it traveled up and out of him, the human's thrusting quickening as he pushed into the thick soup of alien fluids. He was close too, tingling jolts of pleasure running up his spine, his body seeming to melt into hers as he lost control and moaned into her bosom.

His ejaculate joined Runt's, leaving his body in great, heaving spasms as Scarface clung to him. He felt as if someone was pulling a knotted rope out of him, he scarcely had time to take a gasping breath before a fresh surge of blinding pleasure spread through his body, and his aching muscles pumped more of his emission into her. He was on autopilot, his conscious mind taking a back seat to his animal lust as he thrust and ground his hips against his shivering partner, the mess they had created together leaking from her twitching opening to spill onto the mattress in fat globs as the pressure forced it out.

The three of them lay locked together, wallowing in their post-coital euphoria, stray sparks of pleasure tickling their senses as the occasional aftershock pierced the haze. Schaffer felt Runt slide out of her finally, and he followed suit, profane fluids sloughing out after them to matt Scarface's thighs as she purred contentedly. It was as much noise as Schaffer had ever heard her make.

Sensing that Runt might be feeling left out, she lifted him off the mattress with her dexterous tail, depositing him between her and Schaffer as she caught him in her long arms and pressed her cleavage around his head. Schaffer followed suit, delving his fingers into the Polar's silky fur and resting his head in the nape of his neck. Runt's excited shivering soon subsided, as it was almost impossible to stay awake under such circumstances, his exhaustion and his satisfaction getting the better of him as his body relaxed and he started to breathe deeply.

Schaffer listened to the rhythm of Runt's heart, feeling Scarface's warm breath blowing on him from above, letting sleep take him as the three friends lay together and the snow hammered on the windows outside.


Riya stood at the door of the outpost, looking out through the porthole at the mountains of snow that the storm had deposited the previous night, the air was clear now and she could see one wing of her shuttle protruding from the powder as the vessel lay almost on its side. Schaffer arrived from the corridor behind her, already pulling on his environment suit, fastening the seal on one of his gloves as he marched towards her. He came to a stop beside her, tapping the suit monitor on his wrist to check the battery charge as she waited patiently.

"The storm has blown over," he said, "looks like we can get outside now and dig up your shuttle. Think it'll be ok? I can't imagine that it would have taken any damage, as long as the engine intakes were closed so that no melted snow could leak inside, and I doubt you need me to remind you of that."

"It's a combat dropship," Riya replied as she began pulling on her own suit, dancing on the spot as she shuffled inside the tight-fitting garment. "Or at least that was its original purpose before they tasked me with being a glorified delivery service, I doubt the weight of the snow will have done the chassis any damage but I'd better give her a once-over to be sure before I risk taking off."

Schaffer nodded as she zipped up her environment suit and twisted on her helmet, there was a hiss of air as it pressurized.

"That reminds me," she said, "how are you planning on digging it out? It must be buried under two or three feet of snow at least. Won't that take all day?"

"Not with a little help from my friends," he replied as he grinned at her through his open face plate. He put his fingers to his mouth and whistled, then waited for a moment, and before long half a dozen of the furry Polars were crowding the hallway behind him.

"That'll do it," she laughed, then gestured to the reinforced metal door. "After you..."

Knowing that the door would be stuck fast due to the snow that had piled on the other side, Schaffer waved forth Zagza, the enormous male taking a moment to greet Riya with a sort of Eskimo kiss that left a wet smear on her visor as his nose rubbed against it. She didn't speak their language and so she couldn't tell the alien to keep it casual, her face reddening as it brought back memories of their encounter the day before, and he stepped past her to take the door handle in his massive hand. He twisted it and grunted, jamming his broad shoulder against the metal, the humans stepping back to give him space as his claws scarred the deck. He heaved, forcing the door open and pushing back the pile of snow on the other side, much of it spilling into the hallway along with a gust of freezing air that stung like knives even through their insulated suits.

They marched out in single file, the humans sinking up to their knees in the crisp snow, the tall aliens wading through it with relative ease as they followed Zagza over to the delta wing that protruded from a snow drift like the mast of a sunken ship. When they arrived the Polars immediately began to dig, using their enormous hands like shovels and breaking patches of ice with their hard claws, the two humans soon abandoning their efforts to contribute as the Polars outpaced them. They stood aside and watched as the pack worked, slowly unearthing the buried vessel like it was some forgotten archeological structure on a dig. Schaffer chuckled to himself as he imagined them using the ends of their fuzzy tails like brushes to clean artifacts of dirt and debris.

They got it done remarkably quickly, it couldn't have taken them more than half an hour, and Zagza had even instructed them to clear a small area around the dropship as he knew more or less how it worked. They stood back to admire their handiwork, the navy blue hull of the vessel now almost completely clear of snow, but it still lay at an odd angle as it rested on the snow drift that it had originally crashed on. Zagza was hesitant to have his people attempt to right it for fear that it might fall on them, and so he deffered to Schaffer who walked up and down the length of the craft as he examined it.

"What do you think Riya, can you take off like this?"

"I still have to unload the cargo," she said as she walked up beside him, kneeling to get a better look at the landing gear that lay partially submerged. "I think the best option will be for me to idle the engines for a while, see how much of the snow I can melt with the thrusters, then take off and attempt a proper landing nearby."

"Yeah, if you can melt most of that drift and get the wings mostly level, you shouldn't have too hard a time getting into the air again."

"She's a little bottom heavy because of the crates in the hold," Riya mused, "but I reckon I can get her righted. I don't see any damage to the airframe, I'll do an engine and hull integrity check once I'm inside, make sure she hasn't sprung any leaks. Have your friends keep their distance, unless you want to see what a steamed Polar looks like."

Schaffer waved the pack back to a safe distance as Riya lowered the landing ramp and struggled inside, making her way to the cockpit and getting seated. Schaffer could see her moving around through the cockpit windows as she flipped switches and pressed buttons, a loud whine emanating from the ship's engines as they came to life. She turned on the thrusters, keeping them at low power so as not to actually lift the craft, jets of blue flames appearing under the wings and belly of the dropship as the snow beneath began to melt under the heat. It created steam as the water vaporized, clouds of it billowing out from under the ship, Riya careful not to melt it away so quickly that she simply dropped.

Under normal circumstances landing in snow was not a problem, the intense heat of the thrusters would burn away a level surface upon which the vessel could set down safely, but it was the wind that had caught her and had dashed her against the drift before her engines had gotten a chance to do their work.

Slowly the dropship started to right itself, leveling out as the drift shrank, until it looked as if she might be steady enough to attempt a take off. Riya fired the main engines briefly, ensuring that their internal workings had not been frozen. The low temperatures of space were one thing, but having water seep into the engine and then freeze was quite another, if it somehow reached any of the electronics it could cause a catastrophic short-circuit. Everyhing seemed fine though, and Schaffer watched as the thrusters flared more brightly and the vessel began to rise off the ground. She was using manual controls, he could see the intensity of the flames changing as she did her best to control her pitch and roll, the craft slowly drifting right to avoid what was left of the snow pile.

Once clear, she gained some altitude, then pitched forward and slowly hovered in the direction of the outpost. She probably wanted to set it down a lot closer so that when they unloaded the crates they didn't have to carry them quite so far. She was as good pilot, Schaffer realized. He hadn't assumed that her crash landing had been her own fault of course, nobody could have made a perfect landing in that blizzard, but he had seen far worse flying in the Pinwheel's hangar bay during his time working there.

She lowered the vessel gently, ensuring that the thrusters on her belly melted the snow beneath her evenly, setting down with a gentle bounce as the landing gear absorbed the impact. Schaffer hurried over to her, followed closely by the Polars, and he heard the hydraulic hiss of the ramp descending as she stepped out from behind the dropship to greet them.

"And 'that' is how you land a dropship on snow," she laughed, "can't have these Polars thinking women can't fly."

"All systems green then?"

"Yeah, I'm all set, you want to tell your buddies to help us with the supply crates?"

"Sure, we'll have everything unloaded in no time. Might be a good idea to get on the horn to your CO now that the storm has cleared and explain why you've been dark for the past twenty four hours, before they decide to send a search and rescue team after you."

"Er...yeah," Riya replied, "I've been so distracted while I've been here that I didn't even think of that."

She hurried back up the ramp and into the cockpit as Schaffer waved his pack forward and directed them towards the crates. The vessel's AG field complicated things a little, the gravity on Borealis was thirty percent higher than the Earth normal that the field was calibrated for, which meant that everyone stumbled on their way down the ramp as they left the field and whatever they were carrying increased in weight. Still, the aliens had no trouble carrying crates that must have required a forklift to load onto the dropship, and they formed an orderly line as they took the cargo into the outpost's store room.

As usual there was enough here to feed the pack for a month or more, even considering the absurd calorie requirements that the aliens had. The UNN really wanted him happy, if he was happy then he wouldn't try to make his way offworld and reveal the scandal that had stranded him at the base in the first place.

When they were done unloading, Riya reappeared at the bottom of the ramp, leaning against the hull of her ship as she entered the high gravity.

"They seemed more worried about me talking to you than me wrecking navy property," she chuckled, "just what the hell are you doing down here that makes them so antsy? Scratch that, if you told me you'd have to kill me, right?"

"Something like that," he replied with a grin. "You know Riya, I've kind of enjoyed having you around. I've been down here on my own, well at least without human company, for longer than is probably psychologically healthy. It's been nice to get a refresh on the whole 'human interaction' thing, even if it was at your expense."

"Hey, I had a good time too," she stated. She planted her hands on her hips as she watched the aliens carry off the last of the crates, looking suddenly whimsical through her helmet visor. "This has been kind of a mini-vacation for me, I made some new friends, got a break from the daily grind..." Her gaze lingered on Zagza as he closed the base's door from the outside, presumably to stop the heat escaping. "If I was going to crash my ride again, I'd want to do it here."

"You know," Schaffer started as she turned her attention back to him, "we get supply runs like yours about once a month. The weather here is unpredictable and hard to monitor, so if you happened to be assigned cargo duty again, any problems that might prevent you from taking off for a day or two might he hard to verify."

Now it was her turn to grin.

"Schaffer, are you inviting me back to visit again?"

"I'm just saying, if unforeseen circumstances were to strand you on the planet a second time, I don't think your commanding officers would think it unusual."

Riya reached out a gloved hand, and Schaffer shook it, the two of them taking a moment as Zagza lumbered up beside them.

"I might take you up on that offer, lord knows people aren't exactly climbing over eachother to sign up for cargo runs, should be easy to take the next shift. Hell, I'd probably be able to trade the privelage for some extra rations, Briggs once gave me his vending machine coupons for an entire month because I volunteered to take his place on a personnel transport assignment. I just love flying, y'know?"

Schaffer nodded, peering up at Zagza.

"I think the big guy has taken a liking to you as well, I'll work out a way to tell him that you're coming back."

Riya nodded, hesitating for a moment before wrapping her arms around Zagza's belly and giving him a goodbye hug, the giant Polar returning it as he patted her back. Schaffer smiled, he wasn't dumb and he knew the aliens far better than she did, he had probably figured out what she had been doing with the alien in private. Oh well, she felt like she could trust him, and it wasn't as if he could tell anyone about it. Based on what he had told her it seemed like the UNN wanted to keep him here for the very purpose of keeping him quiet.

They waved to her as she mounted the ramp and returned to the cockpit of her ship, removing the helmet of her envirnment suit and replacing it with her flight headset as she gunned the engines. The craft rose from the snow, angling its nose towards the sky once it was clear of the base, heading off back to the orbiting carrier as the outpost became a tiny speck in her viewfinder. Riya relaxed into her chair, mulling over the events of her accidental visit to the remote outpost, her heart skipping at the prospect of spending more time with Zagza upon her return.

Perhaps cargo duty wasn't such a drag after all.