Human Resources – Update

2000 word update, new content at “We’re moving up in the world,”

And that’s a wrap! Human Resources is finished and I can start the editing phase, which I anticipate will take a couple of weeks, as it ended up a little over 140k words.
I’m also going to be doing a bisexual alt version, so look forward to that if you’re of the Valboy persuasion.

Human Resources

Selkie Fanart

Here’s some lovely fanart of Selkie from my story Brokering Trust, which was submitted by ChainiaC, and you can follow the link to check out their DeviantArt page. Specifically, they recreated the shower scene from the story, which I thought was really cool to see. There’s a lot of texture and interesting interactions with the blankets and tentacles, so make sure you take a look at the full resolution image. The detail is really impressive.