Sick Leave

I’ve caught a pretty nasty flu (no reason to think it’s covid this time) and it’s impacting my ability to work, so I’m going to take a couple of days off to rest and recuperate.

Heart of the Labyrinth

Heart of the Labyrinth is now complete, and you can read the finished story or purchase a copy on your platform of choice over here:

Heart of the Labyrinth

Reviews and ratings are honestly as valuable as purchases when it comes to gaining visibility on storefronts, so if you choose to purchase a copy, please consider leaving your thoughts!

Labyrinth Update

2600 word update, new content at “I will settle for seeing you both safely on my trireme,”

That’s a wrap! Tomorrow is Sunday, which is my day off, but I’ll start editing on Monday. When that’s done, I’ll resume work on Or Die Alone. This ended up…not really being a Halloween story, but you know me, I like to give each book all the time it needs. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Heart of the Labyrinth