Fineprint 2 – Republic

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The ship left superlight, punching a hole in reality with a spray of technicolor gas as it drifted lazily, its crew struggling to come to their senses as the crippling effects of the dimensional transition wracked their bodies.

The autopilot took control, righting the vessel with small spurts of orange flame from its chemical thrusters, angling the nose towards their destination as it waited for the flesh and blood passengers to recover and provide it with further instructions. Before it, a blue marble hung in the velvet blackness of space, like a misted Christmas tree ornament, swirls of white cloud and brown continents breaking up the oceans.

Dennis spat the clear plastic bit out of his mouth as his harness automatically unfastened, and rose out of his crash couch, hurrying over to where Ursi was strapped down. Without Borealan-sized crash couches, the best solution the crew could find to stop the aliens from hurting themselves or each other during the brief insanity and loss of muscle control that followed a jump, was to strap them to cargo pallets.

Ursi groaned and twisted, the heavy webbing that held her down straining against her powerful limbs. The leather boot they had elected to use as a bit dropped from her mouth, perforated with punctures from her sharp fangs. Dennis knelt and started to unfasten the clasps.

Dennis,” Ursi groaned, “I hope I will only have to make this journey once.”

Yeah it was hard on me the first time, too. You never really get used to it, but it does get easier. First FTL jump is always the worst. We're here now, though.”

The fabric straps fell loose, and Ursi rose to her nine foot height, dusting off her brilliant, white fur and flicking her long, fluffy tail unhappily. She rubbed her bicep, the cramps in her muscles slowly subsiding.

Dennis you owe me a massage.”

Later Ursi, now help me set the others loose.”

Around the cargo bay of the survey ship were two dozen more Polar Borealans, some still shuddering as the effects of the jump wore off, others complaining angrily in their native tongue as they struggled against their bonds.

It took them a few minutes to free all of the aliens, and they milled around the hold, muttering complaints and cradling their heads as the lingering migraines slowly faded.

Carlisle and Queen Ursillik to the bridge please, Carlisle and Ursillik to the bridge.”

The ship's PA system echoed through the large space, and Dennis took Ursi's hand, tugging her along after him. She had to crouch in the human-sized corridors of the ship, the UNN Navarin was a survey vessel, built to civilian spec, and it didn't have the facilities to house Borealans comfortably. The aliens had spent most of their journey in the cargo hold, which was the only space on the ship where they could stand at full height. Not that it had stopped Ursi from visiting Dennis' room after hours for awkward, close quarters encounters.

It took them a few minutes to reach the bridge at the bow of the vessel, the Navarin was not large by military standards. The jump freighter that Dennis had rode to Borealis was massive in comparison, one of the largest ships that the UNN operated. The automatic doors opened with a rush of air, and they stepped onto the bridge of the ship, not much more than a cockpit for the two pilots, really. The crew had recovered, and were flipping nondescript switches and tapping at touch panels. Ursi stared through the bridge window at the azure ball that floated in space before them.


Yep, that's home.” Dennis replied.

It's so blue, is that all water?”

Yes, Earth is about seventy percent water.”


One of the pilots turned his head to greet them, his face obscured by a flight visor. A dull green HUD glowed through the tinted glass.

Carlisle, we have Moscow on the horn, they want to talk to you.” The pilot said, with a thick Russian accent. Dennis took the headset he was handed, and pulled it over his head.


Allo, Mister Carlisle? This is the minister of immigration in Moscow, privet!”

Hello, Minister! It's good to be back in UNN space, do you have new instructions for us?”

Da, we have cleared the local traffic over the region in Siberia where you have been requested to put down, please make landfall at the following coordinates, I will transmit them to your flight computer. I look forward to seeing you on the ground soon Carlisle, scastlivogo puti!”

Thank you Minister, we're on our way.”

The pilots entered in the new coordinates as Dennis handed back the headset, and he felt the hull begin to vibrate as the main engines flared to life. The Earth began to grow in the viewport, inflating noticeably as the powerful engines drove them closer. Ursi watched in awe, she had never even seen her own homeworld from space before a few days ago, and now her reflective, blue eyes were wide with wonder as the vessel burned towards the shining globe.

That moon is huge! What is it called?” She exclaimed, pointing to the right of the window at the grey sphere as it peeked out from behind the Earth's shadow.

That's Luna, but mostly we just call it the Moon.”

I had no idea it would be so large in comparison to your planet!”

Yep, it's pretty big relative to Earth. It's been colonized too.”

People live on it?”

There's no atmosphere and very low gravity, but people live in subsurface lava tubes and in orbiting space stations.”

As they drew closer, orbiting rings and cylinders came into view in high Earth orbit, and Dennis explained to Ursi that they were space stations, much like the Pinwheel, habitats that allowed people to live and work in open space. Giant cargo vessels lazed around them, the slow behemoths loading and unloading supplies and cargo, while military battleships and carriers kept silent vigil.

UNN traffic control this is Russian Federation survey ship Navarin requesting atmospheric insertion, please advise flight path, over.” The pilot waved them back. “Better return to the cargo bay and hold on to something, inertial dampeners won't work during reentry.”

It's going to get bumpy,” Dennis elaborated, and he led Ursi back through the bridge doors to the hold.

The Navarin's nose began to glow orange as she hit atmosphere, flames licking up the bridge window and dancing over her stubby wings as the pilots angled her down. The hull felt like it might shake apart, but as they cleared the cloud layer and began to slow, the shaking diminished and the trail of fire behind the ship dissipated. As they lost altitude, an endless expanse of white snow came up to greet them, dotted with patches of coniferous forest and towering mountains in the distance.

The ship came to a hover, the snow melting under her thrusters as the pilots lowered her towards the ground. The massive landing gear absorbed the impact, rocking in their housing as the weight of the vessel came to rest on them. The ship might be small by spacefaring standards, but the Navarin was still a good three hundred meters from nose to engines. After a moment the massive cargo bay ramp began to lower, sinking into the crisp snow, and two dozen Borealans flooded out of the ship. They tested the fresh snow with their furry feet, finding it to their liking, and bounded free, jumping and frolicking, stretching their legs after days of being cooped up on the ship.

Ursi and Dennis followed them down the ramp, and Ursi stretched her arms out as high as they could go, breathing in lungfuls of the fresh, cool Siberian air. She looked around her, taking in the landscape. They were on a plain of white snow, in the distance they could see winter forests, and snowy mountains, a few blades of grass protruded through the frost under their feet.

It's so fertile, and balmy,” she commented. If this was balmy to the Polar Borealans, Dennis hated to think what it must be like in the polar region they had been confined to. He wrapped his arms around himself, shivering as he breathed out clouds of vapor.

Ursi jumped straight up, per powerful legs sending her almost twice her own height into the air, she fell heavily in the snow, her impressive breasts bouncing as they settled, barely contained by her sparse clothing.

Dennis! I'm so light here!”

You weigh about thirty percent less here than you did on Borealis.”

I feel so weightless, as if I had been wearing leaden clothes all my life and I had just taken them off for the first time.”

She jumped again, this time angled forward, and cleared about ten feet before landing in the snow, picking up a handful in her furry fingers and sifting through it.

There are plants under here, it's fertile. More fertile than any land in the polar territory.”

She threw the snow into the air over her head, and watched the falling flakes as they glistened in the sun. She jogged experimentally, striding through the snow as if in slow motion. The other Borealans ran and jumped around her, exploring their new environment with a curiosity and fervor that reminded Dennis of kittens released from their cage into a new room of the house.

Dennis heard the sound of engines, and looked to the clear, blue sky to see a shuttle approaching them. It circled around, banking as it chose a landing spot, then touched down in VTOL mode a short distance away from the Navarin. Ursi returned to his side, bounding and steadying herself as she landed, not yet accustomed to the change in her weight. The other Borealans turned to watch as the landing ramp lowered and three men stepped out.

They marched through the snow, wearing long, grey coats and the traditional furry ushanka hats, emblazoned with metal badges sporting the Federation logo. Two were obviously soldiers, though they were not conspicuously armed, and the third came to a halt before Dennis, extending a hand clad in a black leather glove. Dennis grasped it, and they shook, the man smiled warmly from beneath his hat, his nose and cheeks discolored pink in the chill air.

Mister Carlisle! Zdravstvujte! Welcome to Russia!” He looked over to Ursi, craning his neck to see her face, his eyes widened for a moment before he composed himself, extending his hand to her in turn. “You must be Queen Ursillik, welcome, welcome. I hope your first light speed jump was not too harsh.”

She took it gently in her massive, furry palm, and shook. The man grinned widely, excited by the novelty.

I have recovered, thank you.” Ursi replied.

My name is Alexei Petrov, I am the minister of immigration, we have spoken much by email. I am so excited to finally meet you both. I flew in from Moscow to greet you, I hope the land we have selected for your colony is to your liking, Queen Ursillik.”

It is better than I could have hoped. You do my people a great service, Minister, and I will not soon forget your kindness and willingness to help us.”

He beamed, and gestured to the landscape.

This region of Siberia is known as the 'taiga', vast forests, low temperatures all year round, as much lumber as you could possibly need. We can bring you anything you cannot build yourselves, electric generators, solar panels, industrial machinery, medicine, you have only to make the request.”

Ursi nodded her approval.

As of today this land belongs to you, Queen Ursillik. You have been given permission to found an independent Borealan republic on Federation soil, the twenty-third republic of its kind to date. You are permitted to have your own language, and to govern yourselves as you see fit. The only thing we require of you is a federal representative.” He looked to Dennis, his hands on his hips. “Judging by Mister Carlisle's background in politics, I think he will make an excellent candidate.”

Ursi barked orders to the other Borealans in their native dialect, and they filed back into the Navarin, emerging carrying crates and boxes.

Better start unloading, we have much to do.” Ursi commented. “I want a longhouse set up as soon as possible, we must gather lumber. I am pleased, the low gravity here makes everything so much easier, I could carry a whole tree by myself.”

Petrov and his guards watched the aliens as they marched through the snow, stacking the crates and beginning to unload some of the cargo. Ursi walked over to join them, directing her people and giving orders.

A historic moment, Mister Carlisle.”

Dennis turned to face Petrov as he buried his gloved hands in his deep pockets.

The first alien colony on Earth, the Russian Federation has set a precedent that will endure through history. The President is very pleased by this, it sends a message to the other members of the United Nations that Russia is becoming an interstellar power, not just a regional power on this planet. We are cooperating with aliens and the UNN, branching out, colonizing other planets, and now we have the world's first alien population living alongside humans.”

When the UN said they wouldn't take the Polars, I thought that was it,” Dennis replied. “The fact that your office took notice was a godsend. You probably don't appreciate the good you've done these people. They were practically prisoners back on Borealis, inhabiting territory that was borderline unlivable and too adapted to the cold to migrate elsewhere.” They watched one of the Borealis lift a massive crate above its head one-handed, its compatriots laughing at it played with the load in the low gravity. “They're going to need low-G meds, like the kind the Martians use, were you able to secure shipments?”

Da, won't be a problem. The Martians are happy to export more supplies, and we have a sizable stock already planetside for our Lunar personnel.”

Excellent. Borealan body chemistry seems very similar to ours, there shouldn't be any issues.”

I wanted to ask you, Carlisle, the President is very curious about the military applications of having a Borealan population on Russian soil. These, uh, how you say...” He struggled with the words for a moment. “These 'Mad Cats', their reputation precedes them. We hear stories from the front, and reports from our personnel stationed near combat zones, they say one Borealan is the equal of ten men. Do you think that Queen Ursillik will be willing to provide us with troops when her colony is established?”

Dennis considered, looking over to Ursi, her pristine, white fur spotted with black marks like a snow leopard, already playing tricks on his eyes against the white background

I spent a lot of time with Borealans, of both varieties. I have not known the Polars to be as aggressive as the Equatorials, but in some ways that might actually make them better soldiers. They seem to get along more easily with humans for a start, and they're less likely to fly off the handle.”

He rubbed his hands together, trying to drive off the cold.

I have...personal experience with Queen Ursillik, and I can tell you that she doesn't forget the people who do favors for her. I'm pretty confident in saying that if you ask her for something, and it is within her power to give it to you, she'll do so.”

That I am glad to hear, Mister Carlisle. I do not want you to think we have an ulterior motive for reaching out to you, we were genuinely surprised by the UN's offhand dismissal of your plea for asylum. Granted, it may have been somewhat of a publicity stunt, this I admit, but in the end we both get what we want, Da?”

Dennis nodded, and Petrov continued.

I have instructed the Navarin to remain here for as long as you need her, she will provide you with shelter until your friends construct their dwellings, and you may continue to deplete the food stores, it is of no consequence. Use her communications systems to contact me should you require anything, building materials, more food, clothing, the Russian government is committed to making this project a success.”

He shook Dennis' hand again, then turned to leave. He walked a short distance back to his shuttle, flanked by the guards, then paused, turning back.

Oh, and Mister Carlisle. There are bears in these woods. It is probably of little concern to your friends, but I thought it might be prudent to tell you.”

He continued on, and Dennis watched the shuttle rise into the air and shoot off into the distance, becoming a small speck on the horizon as it made its way back to the capital city. He walked over to where Ursi was directing the unpacking. One of the Borealans broke open a wooden crate, and a dozen massive, oversized axes spilled out, sinking into the snow. They picked them up, hefting the massive blades, and a small procession of Borealans started making their way towards the treeline in the distance.

It shouldn't take them more than a few hours to gather enough logs, then we can get a longhouse set up, it will be the first Borealan structure ever built in our new republic, and a cultural center for the village that I will build around it.” She ran her fingers through Dennis' hair, scratching his scalp with her dull claws. The familiar sensation sent a pleasant shiver down his spine. “This is all thanks to you, Dennis. If you hadn't turned up on Borealis where and when you did, right now I'd be confined to my dwelling at the pole, no closer to finding a solution to my problem.”

Well, I aim to please...”

Over the next day the Borealans chopped down innumerable trees with their axes, by nightfall they had an enormous stack of massive, heavy logs, transported easily from the nearest forest a short distance away, thanks to the low gravity. Dennis was not able to provide much support, and contented himself with staying inside the Navarin, sheltered from the cold as he watched the aliens work through a porthole in his cabin. Ursi did not return to him that night, the Borealans slept in the cargo hold, piled on top of one another like lions.

The following morning Dennis awoke to the Borealans pulling logs from the pile, and using their axes to split the bark and strip it from the trunks. They stacked the naked logs in a new pile, and buried the bark in the snow, being sure to mark its location with a stick. This was something he could help with, and so he pulled on his boots and exited via the landing ramp to see if he could lend a hand. Dennis took one of the axes, large and heavy by his standards, and imitated the Borealans, splitting the bark down the trunk and trying to remove it as a single, intact piece. Under Ursi's supervision he was able to make a meager contribution, but the far stronger and more experienced aliens outpaced him easily.

When all of the logs were cleaned of their bark, the Borealans broke open another one of the large crates they had carried from the ship, hefting massive shovels, and began to clear the snow in a rough rectangle. The sky was clear, and no fresh snow had fallen since they had arrived, so it seemed as good a time as any. It didn't take them long to expose the frozen earth beneath, the occasional straggly plant clinging to life under the frost. Ursi directed them, pointing and gesturing, mapping out the structure in her head. By the time they had finished, there was a rectangle of exposed soil about four hundred feet long. Dennis marveled, would the structure really be so large?

As if to answer his question, Ursi began to walk around the site, placing wooden stakes in the earth that they had fashioned from some of the thicker branches.

What are you doing?” Dennis asked, sitting on the pile of logs a short distance away to get a better view of the activities, the cold wind tugging at his hair.

I'm mapping out where the supports will be placed.”

It took Ursi about an hour to be happy with their placement, then she barked orders to the Borealans, and gestured that Dennis should descend from the log pile. He hopped down and trudged through the snow, standing at her side as the aliens selected logs based on some criteria unknown to him. They began to sharpen one end of each trunk with the steel blades of their axes, until they had dozens of logs ready to plant in the ground. Each log was maybe fifteen feet tall, and it took a couple of Borealans to carry them and steady them over the spots that had been marked out, despite their inhuman strength. They used stakes and the blades of their shovels to loosen the frozen soil, planting the logs as deep as they would go, burying a good three feet of each log and packing the earth around it.

It took a few hours, but eventually they had the supports for a frame, and the skeleton of the longhouse was beginning to take shape. Ursi walked through the forest of naked trees, pushing against the supports with all of her weight to ensure that they were properly planted.

The gravity here makes this so much easier, this structure will stand for longer than it would have on the homeworld,” she commented. “This lumber is good, the grain of the wood is straight.”

I can't believe how big you want it to be,” Dennis said, walking through the construction site, running his hands over the smooth logs.

We must all live in it, until such a time as we can construct our individual dwellings. That will take far longer, and I leave it up to the families and packs to supervise the work. When the initial village has been completed and everyone here has sorted out their living arrangements, we can begin to ship in more of my people. They will live in the longhouse until they have finished construction of their own dwellings, and so on and so forth. In time there will be a sprawling town in this spot, and we can begin to improve the infrastructure and bring modern amenities to the inhabitants.”

You really have this all thought out, don't you?”

I wouldn't have agreed to come here if I didn't, Dennis. It might seem primitive to you humans, to build a wooden structure in an ancient style when there is a starship not a hundred feet away. The Russian government has offered to send us modern building materials, and I'm sure pre-fabricated structures, but there is wisdom in living off the land, in being self-sufficient. I want my town to be a Borealan town, built by Borealan hands, not merely a human town in which Borealans happen to live. I need to give my people a personal, intimate connection with this land.”

It occurred to Dennis that Ursi might be smarter than him, she was so forward thinking, was that a quality of all Polars, or was it the personality trait that had allowed her to remain the leader of her territory for so long?

Forgive me Dennis, but I must get back to work, there is much to do.”

He nodded, and she walked over to the waiting Borealans, giving them instructions in their yowling, hissing language.

One group retrieved more logs from the pile, lying them along the ground between the supports, measuring their length, clearly intending to use them as beams to support the roof that would eventually lie on top of the structure. The other group broke open yet another large, wooden crate, this one contained a truly enormous, cast iron cauldron, or perhaps a cooking pot. It took three of them to carry it, and they cleared a space in the snow with shovels, dropping it heavily to the ground on extended feet that lifted it almost a foot off the floor. Some of them began to chop firewood from the pile they had stacked, splitting the wood with their axes, and others began to shovel snow into the cauldron.

After a few minutes the cauldron was full to the brim with snow, and the aliens had stacked firewood beneath it, which they were trying to light with kindling and some kind of blowtorch. They were obviously trying to melt the snow, but for what purpose? They didn't have anything to cook yet, all of their food came from the Navarin and was pre-packaged.

They got the fire going, the orange flames licking lazily at the underside of the cauldron as they blew on it, nursing the tentative glow until it became a roaring blaze. As the snow within rapidly melted, they piled in more.

When the cauldron was full of boiling, steaming water, they walked over to where they had buried the flexible bark, digging it out of the snow and carrying it back in stacks. They split it into long strips, and dropped it into the water. Before long all of the bark was being boiled in the giant pot. All but one alien dispersed, he stayed behind to stir the water with a long branch, and kept the fire hot as the rest retreated back to the Navarin to find food. Ursi and the other group who had been responsible for selecting logs for the beams joined them, and Dennis scurried along after them.

The group ate in the cargo bay, passing the dried, packaged food between them. Dennis was sympathetic, Borealans were avid eaters, and their food culture was extensive and deeply rooted in tradition, it must be jarring for them to have to subsist on rations. The pastes and dehydrated meats were palatable to humans, barely, but the Borealans enjoyed greasy, wet meats dripping with fat, their palate favoring oils and textures. There were wild deer, moose and sheep to be found in the Siberian wilderness, but the group would have to become established before they could send out hunting parties to gather fresh food. Dennis chewed on some jerked beef, idly wondering how long the project would take. Over the last two days they had been so busy, and although he acknowledged that it was selfish, he was beginning to miss his more intimate moments with Ursi, they had been joined at the hip since meeting on Borealis, spending every moment together. He looked over to her, she was engaged in heated discussion with the group, going over plans perhaps.


It took them a while to finish eating, the calorific intake of an adult Borealan was massive. When they were done, the sun was low in the sky, and it didn't look as if they would get any more work done that day.

Ursi walked over to Dennis, sitting heavily beside him on the cargo bay floor.

We've gone over the plans, I think everyone knows their task now. We must wait for the bark to boil so that we can use the strips as rope in order to tie the logs together. As the strips dry, they will tighten, until they become as strong as welded metal. At least that is what I expect to happen, assuming the bark on your trees is similar to the kind found on Borealis.”

Dennis nodded. She eyed him, then ran her fingers through his hair, he sighed as the gentle claws tickled him.

I believe you owe me a massage, Dennis.”

His face reddened, and he looked up at her, a wry smile on her lips.

How about we retreat to your cabin? I need to 'let off some steam', as you say.” Ursi rose, taking his hand in her fluffy grip, and led him out of the cargo bay, crouching as they entered the corridors of the ship proper. She was so large that her bulk almost filled the hallway, if someone were to try to pass her, they would simply have to retreat until they found a side room, it wouldn't be possible.

They reached Dennis' cabin, and the automatic doors opened to allow them entry, closing behind them. Ursi engaged the privacy lock with her padded finger on the touch sensitive controls, struggling to hit the human-sized icon with her large finger, then turned to Dennis. The cabin was barely wide enough for a single human occupant, and now Ursi was crammed inside with him, all nine feet of her. She was bent over, her heavy breasts hanging attractively in their slings of light fabric, and the paunch of her belly, padded with insulating fat, protruded subtly over her waistline. She seemed to fill the space, and Dennis backed up towards his bunk.

The tiny room was already swimming with her scent, a flowery perfume, and underneath it a familiar, womanly musk that set his heart beating faster and sent blood to his cheeks.

She placed her large hand on his chest, and pushed him up against the bulkhead, her powerful, steely muscles, trained over a lifetime to support her massive frame in the crushing gravity of Borealis, now even stronger in the low gravity. She would start to lose her muscle tone over time as she adapted to Earth's environment, but for now she was as commanding and as imposing as ever.

Pinning him to the wall with one hand, she leaned down towards him, burying her furry face in the nape of his neck, breathing in his scent. Dennis gasped as he felt her soft, warm lips probe his neck, kissing wetly, moving down to his shoulder as she slipped her shiny, black claws beneath his jacket, pulling it open. He felt a pinch as her sharp teeth pressed into his skin, warning him to stay still as she clumsily undressed him, her fluffy fingers pushing under his shirt and stroking his belly.

The metal hull was cool on his back, contrasting with the heat emanating from Ursi's body as she pressed closer to him, and the warmth of her breath on his skin. Her hand slid down past his navel, tugging at his pants with her hooked claws and irritating the burgeoning erection beneath as it rubbed against the fabric of his underwear. After a moment she succeeded, and his member bounced free, jumping in the air in time with his heartbeat as she teased the sensitive tip with her soft fingers.

Dennis took some initiative, cupping her dangling breasts in his hands and squeezing them, kneading the supple flesh and deforming the globes in his grip. He lifted them, testing their impressive weight as Ursi's eyelids fluttered, enjoying his attentions. They were massive by human standards, and the largest he had seen on a Borealan so far, larger than his head. Even on Ursi's exaggerated frame they were plump and heavy, the delicate fat hiding firm breast tissue, revealed by his probing fingers as they sunk deep into her flesh. He pulled them out of their supports, her gossamer clothing falling away, revealing her pink nipples protruding through her downy fur, engorged and expectant.

He sucked one into his mouth, catching it between his tongue and his teeth, and applying a gentle pressure. Ursi huffed warm air down his shirt, grunting as he chewed softly, her lips curling to expose her fangs. She gripped his member in her hand, the silky fur teasing his skin, and squeezed, making his knees buckle. He slid down the wall, coming to a sitting position as Ursi crouched over him, lowering herself to her knees. She lifted his chin with a finger, and pressed her puffy lips against his. Her long, slippery tongue snaked into his mouth, coiling around inside his head and tickling the back of his throat with its agile, pointed tip. Dennis felt as if he would melt, a terrible longing grew in his belly, and his member throbbed and burned in her palm, her velvet hair tickling his glans as it leaked precum, wetting her fur. Ursi kissed like a goddess, her deft, practiced movements sending chills down his spine and clouding his mind, the copper taste of her saliva prickling his taste buds. She could bring him to orgasm using nothing more than her skilled embrace if she chose to, the memory making Dennis seethe with barely contained excitement as she cradled his face in her hand, drawing out the salacious kiss until his eyes watered and he felt he might black out. She released him, chuckling as he panted, a string of her viscous saliva hanging from his chin as she stroked his erection slowly, enticing him to greater heights of desire.

I said I wanted a massage,” she whispered into his ear. “I'm still sore from the jump.”

Anything you want...”

Good boy,” she breathed, and pinched his ear in her teeth, tugging gently. She rose to her feet, as high as the low ceiling would allow, and shuffled over to the bunk.

It was about four feet too small for her to lie down on, but she did her best, angling her body so that her torso was lying on the spongy mattress, and her legs trailed onto the floor, her enormous breasts squashed under her body as she rested her head on her arms. She flicked her tail expectantly, almost destroying a light fixture in the process.

Dennis rose to his feet, his legs shaky, and discarded what remained of his clothing. He delved his hands into the soft, white fur of her back. It had been a few days since she had been able to bathe and apply her diverse concoctions of soaps and shampoos, but it was still as soft and silky as ever. He dragged his fingers through her velvet coat, finding her warm, smooth skin beneath. Ursi crooned happily, shifting her hips as he pushed his fingertips deeper into her fat, seeking out the muscle beneath. Equatorial Borealans, who lived in the temperate zones along the planet's equator and made up the bulk of the aliens who interacted with humans and served in the UNN, were best as described as 'ripped'. A combination of the planet's gravity and their high protein, mostly meat based diet made them incredibly muscular and strong, able to maintain bodies that would make any human weight lifter or Olympian jealous simply by existing. In fact, Dennis had grown quite muscular in his short time living on the planet, sporting legs that looked as if they belonged to a professional bicyclist after merely walking around for a couple of weeks.

In contrast, while the Polars were equally muscular, their brawn was hidden under a layer of soft, insulating fat. The aliens packed on the pounds, living slow paced, slow metabolism lives in their icy, frozen environment. Their fur insulated heat to a degree that still surprised Dennis, he would begin to sweat after holding Ursi's hand or sleeping in her arms after only a few minutes, coupled with the fat layer, they could live comfortably in environments that would quickly cause an unprotected human to die of exposure.

The life of a pampered Queen had been kind to Ursi, and she was a little more plump than the other Polars who had accompanied them on the journey. She carried the weight well, the fat distributing to her hips, thighs, ass, and the distracting breasts that were her signature feature. Dennis kneaded her shoulders, reaching over the bunk. Ursi opened one eye, smirking as his erection bounced in the air, frustrated and wanting.

He pushed his palms into her back, searching for tense and knotted muscles. Ursi grunted appreciatively, arching her back as he moved lower, digging into her fat layer with his thumbs as he rolled down her spine. He found a knot in the small of her back and pushed with the ball of his hand, and Ursi shivered, sighing as he worked the tense flesh.

Unf, that's right, right there.”

He worked out the knot, her body writhing under his touch, and then moved further down. He slid his hands across the squashy globes of her butt, the huge mounds of supple meat quivering as he grabbed handfuls, unable to contain his lust for her. His fingers sank into the yielding fat, and the steely muscles beneath rose to meet him as she flexed in surprise.

Hey! That's not part of a massage...”

She whipped him with her sinewy tail in mock outrage, and he released his grip on her ass, the taut cheeks bouncing as they settled, and moved lower, towards her thighs.

They were so thick that he couldn't wrap two hands even half way around them, the powerful muscle required to support her massive body pushing out the supple flesh to tree trunk proportions. The calves above her jointed heels bulged like those of a champion weight lifter, which was indeed their purpose, to power her forward and enable her heavy body to scale heights like a jaguar. He rubbed her thighs, paying close attention to the sensitive inner surface between them, and Ursi pressed them together, her loins leaking conspicuously through the thin fabric of her clothes.

One would think...that this massage...had an ulterior motive,” Ursi grunted, biting her lower lip as he worked his fingers into her flesh. Dennis gripped the base of her tail and tugged it roughly, yanking the fluffy appendage. Ursi growled and rolled her hips, lifting her ass off the bed.

Oh! You little monster, where did you learn to do that!?”

He tugged again, and she grunted, a shudder running through her body, making her chubby butt wobble as her hips shook.

You're gonna get it if you keep that up.”

He scratched the fur at the base of her tail, running his fingers over the sensitive zone as Ursi ground her crotch into the mattress, the sensation overcoming her usual composure. She looked back over her shoulder at him, glaring as a strand of saliva escaped her lips. She wrapped her muscular tail around his waist like a rope, and pulled him forward, his stiff erection pushing between the silky globes of her butt.

Oh fine, you humans are so damn impatient, almost as bad as the Equitorials.”

She slipped a hand between her thighs and pulled her clothing to the side, exposing her loins, the tender, pink flesh leaking clear fluid as she parted the thick lips with her fingers. Dennis gripped her around the waist, squeezing her love handles in his hands as she tickled his cock with her fur, holding his shaft in her palm and angling it towards her opening.

She rubbed the sensitive head along her labia, the textured, slimy surface dragging over his glans. He almost fell forward onto her, shivering as she craned her neck to watch him squirm, the stimulation burning through his body like a hot knife.

She tugged him forward with her tail, forcing his cock to the base as they groaned in unison. Ursi arched her back, pushing her butt up to meet him as he raked the walls of her oozing tunnel with his member, her heat and the powerful grip of her pelvic floor muscles almost too much to tolerate. She dragged him back out, using her prehensile tail to control his movements, the sucking pressure of her organ fighting him all the way, ensuring that every bump, crease and wrinkle burned in his brain like a flare. He wanted to move faster, to thrust harder and deeper, but Ursi wouldn't let him, her long tail coiled around his waist, strong enough that he didn't doubt she could lift him off the floor and throw him with it, were she so inclined.

Go slow, and deep...” Ursi growled, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the sensation. She forced him back inside her, the pace she dictated was cruelly sluggish. She savored every contour of his member as she drove it deep into her twitching orifice, and Dennis winced, flinching as his cock met resistance. He felt Ursi contract around him as his head hit the sensitive spot at the end of her organ, burying her face in the pillows and growling into them. She repeated the process, pulling him out of her, her slippery tunnel clinging to his skin, then just before his glans left her opening, she pushed him back in again. Pleasure overwhelmed his senses, fogging his brain and making points of light dance before his retinas. He lowered his head, his grip on her fleshy hips increasing as he dug his fingers into her fat layer.

Ursi, I can't keep this up...” He gasped.

I know that you can, do not come until I tell you to”

He whined as he felt one of her hands sneak below her mound, cradling his balls in her fuzzy palm and squeezing gently. She increased the pace now, tugging at him with her tail, and Dennis did his best to hang on, fearing she would cut off his orgasm if he was brought to climax too soon. He sank his fingers into the meat of her ass, playing with the elastic fat, clawing at her cushiony flesh as she mumbled something unflattering in Borealan. He ran his other hand down her back, combing her velvet fur with his fingertips and teasing the base of her tail.

Can't keep your hands off me? It's only been a couple of days...”

Don't make light of it,” Dennis panted, his legs becoming numb as her thick nectar leaked down her thighs in strands. “I want you every day, one day is too many...”

Her lips curled into a sultry smile and she rested her chin on her hands, peering back at him over her shoulder. She was so much taller than him, her head seemed so far away.

You're such a romantic, Dennis. Luckily for you, I am a vain Queen and I respond well to flattery. Say some more nice things about me, and maybe I'll think about letting you come.”

He winced as he felt her contract around him again, was she teasing him intentionally?

She shook her hips provocatively.

Come on, say more nice things...”

Y-your fur is...soft...”

She squeezed his balls in her palm gently, and he bucked, pushing himself deeper inside her moist tunnel. Ursi smirked, enjoying the sensation of his member throbbing inside her.

Go on...”

You're warm...and soft...”

Another squeeze was his reward, her delicate, downy fur tickling his sensitive skin. His member pulsed, flexing against her walls as they closed around him, striving to drag him further in with their hypnotic contractions.

You're good at...kissing.”

Oh I am?” She pulled him out of her, a string of thick fluid trailing from his member. As he had suspected, on Earth her tail was strong enough to lift him like a doll. She held him in the air, flipping her body over to lie on her back, her massive chest deforming and spreading under its own weight. She shuffled up the bed, into a lounging position with her feet on the deck, and passed him from her tail into her outstretched arms. She hugged him against her body, pressing his face into her silky, pliant breasts. He sank his fingers into the irresistible chub of her belly, squeezing the soft fat as his member dug into her furry thigh. She allowed him to nuzzle and explore her with his roving hands for a moment, then lay back, letting him fall between her open legs. He found her opening again, pushing inside her gently as she lay her head back, a happy sigh escaping her lips. She placed a heavy hand on his spine, leaning forward a little so that her face was level with his, to compensate for their height difference.

He began to move, his face reddening as she gazed into his eyes, watching him with a grin as he shivered and gasped at the stimulation, the exquisite textures of her tunnel scouring his cock.

Ok, I am satisfied, you may come.” She laughed as he began to move faster, driving his member against the subtle upward curve of her tunnel. She placed her other hand on his cheek softly, the delicate hairs tickling his skin, and moved her face forward. Her puffy, oversized lips met his, and her tongue slipped into his mouth, its slow, calculated motions sending a wave of pleasure down his spine. His movements became more erratic and desperate as they embraced, her agile tongue teasing him, at once gentle and forceful. His brain began to cloud, her expert kiss sending sparks through his mind, he couldn't think straight whenever her lips were pressed against his. Her scent, the metallic taste of her saliva, the powerful motions of the slippery muscle as it both excited and satiated him. She left him just enough room to breathe as her tongue wandered, tickling his throat and coiling around his organ.

She released him, now gripping his hair in her hand and pulling him into her cleavage. Her musk filled his senses, her soft, fluffy breasts pressed around his head. She ran her dull claws up his back, making him buck and flinch, chuckling to herself as she tormented him.

Finish inside me...I like it.”

It was an invitation he couldn't refuse, and so he thrusted desperately, slamming into her depths, her tight, fleshy walls gripping him and sticking to his skin on the outward motion. She held him against her, her chest rising and falling more rapidly as her breath became ragged, the soft fur of her hands warming his naked back.

He felt her massive thighs close around him, the pliant flesh pressing into his hips as her legs trapped him, pulling him against her body. He was surrounded on all sides by flesh and fur, her warmth penetrating him to the bone. She squeezed him in her limbs almost painfully, a low growl rising in her throat, even her flexible tail coiled around one of his legs like a snake, as if she were trying to take possession of him. He felt a tremendous shiver roll through her body and translate into him, and she grunted, her powerful climax making the walls of her tunnel ripple over his member, almost vibrating around him as she drew out his climax.

He shot thick wads of his ejaculate inside her, coating her inner walls with his essence as she trembled and shivered, her hot breath ruffling his hair. He groaned, his voice muffled by her bosom as the almost painful jolts of pleasure forced more of his emission out of him, his erection throbbing and jumping against the vice of velvet muscle that contained it.

They rode out the waves of pleasure together, gasping and panting, clawing at each other's bodies as if it might somehow lessen their exquisite suffering. After what felt like an eternity Dennis came to his senses, feeling Ursi's gentle stroking on his head, scratching his scalp with her dull claws in the way that she knew he liked, afterglow flooding him with a calm euphoria. He slipped out of her, along with a trickle of their mixed fluids, and Ursi rubbed her engorged clitoris with the spongy pad of her index finger, wringing out the last few aftershocks as she buried her face in the nape of his neck.

I needed that...” She mumbled, rolling onto her side, her powerful legs still wrapped around Dennis. She held him against her fluffy body, one hand at the base of his spine and the other gripping the back of his head.

Let's sleep like this...I can still feel your come inside warm...”

He pressed his face into her inviting cleavage, and closed his eyes, breathing in her flowery perfume and listening to her breathing, now slow and regular. It was like being cradled by a giant teddy bear, her body radiated so much heat that he felt as if she were reaching inside his torso with invisible fingers and warming his very soul. He wrapped his arm around her waist, the soft tire of tender fat that made up her love handle yielding as he squeezed it, his fingers sinking into her meat and the fleece of her coat. He couldn't keep his hands off her, her body was so enticing, so pleasing to the touch. He buried his face in her cleavage, the swollen, malleable flesh parting to allow him access.

He fell asleep in her arms, the dwindling afterglow easing him into pleasant dreams.

The next day the Borealans filed out of the Navarin into the snow, resuming their work from the day before. A small group went to check the cauldron, pulling out the strips of bark from the now cool water. They had become limp and flexible, just as Ursi had hoped, lengths of flat, durable rope that would harden as the air dried them out.

They brought the strips over to the construction site, and as three Borealans lifted each log, slotting them into their grooves, two others wrapped the joint with lengths of bark. Before long, the vertical supports were linked by horizontal braces, and the structure was beginning to take shape. Dennis had assumed they would need to wait a few days for the bark to dry, but the Borealans pried open yet another crate and produced an unrecognizable tool. It looked a little like a blowtorch with a flared nozzle. They used the tool to quickly dry out the strips of bark, causing them to contract and squeeze the joints together. Dennis could hear them steam and creak as the aliens ran the flared tool over them.

When they were all properly affixed, the Borealans connected smaller knee braces to reinforce them, tying them together using the same process. Despite the lack of nails and adhesives, the simple joints and ropes looked as if they would be strong enough to keep the growing structure upright. It had taken a couple of days so far, but the speed at which they worked under Ursi's direction was surprising.

As Dennis watched, the group returned to wood pile, selecting more logs and beginning to hack at them with their heavy axes. He wandered over to Ursi as she walked through the structure, testing the beams with her hands.

What are they doing now?”

They're building the rafters that will support the roof.”

He watched her as she pushed against one of the supports, trying to shake it and ensure that the bark rope had secured the two logs together properly.

How do you know about all this stuff Ursi? Why does a Queen know about carpentry and traditional building techniques?”

It is necessary for me to know,” she replied, tugging at one of the braces. “I'm not just leading my people to a new home, I'm bringing our culture here, our history. Life is harsh in the polar territory, passing on knowledge is extremely important, it guards against cataclysms, ensuring that no situation occurs where knowledge is lost due to the death of a single expert or artisan. In the modern era we can store data in books or computers, but we maintain a strong oral tradition. My people are survivors, it is uncommon that a citizen of the polar territory does not know how to build shelter such as this, or hunt their own food.”

The Borealans made quick work of the rafters, and fitted them to the braces as Dennis watched from the sidelines, his boots sinking in the deep snow. As the midday sun rose high in the sky, the aliens put the finishing touches on the frame, connecting the rafters at their peak with strong, thick logs. Now the structure had the beginnings of a roof, and the skeletal frame was complete.

How are you going to cover it?” Dennis asked, and Ursi scratched her furry chin with a black claw, thinking.

There are several methods, in a situation with fewer resources we could layer bark to panel the walls, it wouldn't be very insulating but it would preserve the life of the inhabitants. We have no quarry, so stacking the walls with rocks and earth will not be possible at this stage. I think the best option is to stack logs, this is good, thick wood. I will have my pack start work on cutting the trunks to size and flattening the joints.”

She strode through the snow, and barked at the waiting Borelans, they immediately got to work, beginning to select logs from the pile, using marking sticks to measure their length. They intended to stack the logs between the supports, like a log cabin, Dennis realized, but four hundred feet long. Between each support would be a self-contained log wall, the logs cut to size, then shaved flat on the top and bottom so that they would fit snugly together. As Dennis watched them work, he wondered if all Polars were skilled in carpentry, or if Ursi had made sure to bring artisans with her, knowing that such work would be necessary.

They used the blades of their axes to cut the tree trunks to the correct length, carrying them over to the structure to test them, placing them between the supports. They seemed to want them slightly longer than was necessary, ensuring a tight fit, perhaps so tight that adhesives would not be necessary.

It took them the rest of the day, but between each of the supports there was now a sturdy log wall, the joints so snug that Dennis couldn't even see between them. All that was left to do was the roof. It was starting to look quiet attractive, Dennis thought, stepping backwards in the snow and appraising the massive longhouse from a distance. The only opening now was a nine foot by six foot space left at the front where a door would eventually be inserted, so he assumed. He wondered how, or indeed if they would furnish the interior. They intended to live inside it communally, surely they would need beds, dividing walls for privacy, surfaces upon which to prepare food, and all of the other necessities a living space required.

They returned to the Navarin, intending to eat and sleep once more, and again Ursi did not join him in his cabin.

The next day Dennis woke to see a dozen Borealans on the skeletal roof of the structure, laying planks between the rafters that were being cut by the rest of the pack near the log pile. They used their axes to chop the logs, following the natural grain of the wood in order to produce long, flat sections that they then passed up to the roofers. They weren't perfect, but given the tools available they were surprisingly straight and even. By midday the entire roof of the massive structure was covered with planks, but it didn't look especially insulating or waterproof.

The next step seemed to be to strip more logs of their bark, and flatten it, layering the pieces like scales over the planks in such a way that rain and snow would not fall between the gaps. They needed an inordinate amount of bark in order to line the whole roof, but luckily lumber was not scarce in the Siberian taiga, and a few quick trips to the nearest forest solved their supply problems.

When the roof was covered in bark, and Ursi was satisfied that it was water tight, the Borealans retrieved their shovels, and began to dig up piles of frozen dirt. Before long there was a deep trench running all the way around the building. Perhaps they were making some kind of defensive moat, Dennis mused, but then they began to pile the dirt on the roof, throwing great masses of soil over their shoulders. A few clambered up onto the structure and began to spread it around with their hands.

Dennis wandered over and got Ursi's attention, his question obvious before he had even opened his mouth.

The bark stops snow and water from penetrating through the planks,” she explained, “and the layer of dirt will insulate the roof and stop the heat from escaping.”

Can the roof support the weight of all that soil?” Dennis asked, skeptical as he watched the aliens work.

It should, the gravity here is lower than on Borealis and these are techniques we have used for thousands of years in the polar territory. The supports and beams should be sturdy enough to hold both the soil, and any water or snow that falls on it. In the growing season, plants may even take root.”

He stood beside her, watching late into the afternoon as the longhouse took on the appearance of a small hill, covered with snow it might not even be visible from any kind of distance. When they were finished with the roof, they erected a massive wooden door, filling the space that had been left in the log wall at the near end of the longhouse. They used hefty wooden stakes as hinges, one at the top and one at the bottom, meaning that the door could swing open and closed. They secured it with pegs that could be raised or lowered in order to keep it shut. It had no locking mechanism, but nosy neighbors were not a concern in this wilderness.

Dennis stood inside the completed longhouse, a handful of Borealans were crouched around a stone circle in the center, tending a fire that sent wisps of grey smoke up into the air and out of a small opening in the roof. The structure was truly massive, he felt as if he were standing inside some kind of wooden cathedral. The huge log beams that made up the rafters were bared elegantly, the fire, which was the only source of light, casting dancing shadows on the roof and painting the log walls in an orange glow. He could feel the warmth already, the insulation the thick wood provided trapping it as the flames slowly warmed the enormous space. More Borealans filed in, walking past him, carrying more stone that they had retrieved, it looked as if there would be at least two more fires along the length of the building. Despite how easy it would have been, he noted that they had installed no dividing walls, leaving the entire space open and communal. Privacy must not be a concern for the pack.

What do you think of it?” Ursi sidled up next to him, her arms crossed as she appraised the longhouse.

Impressive, big. A lot like its architect,” he added, nudging her thigh with his elbow. Ursi grinned, ruffling his hair with her giant hand.

All that is left to do is furnish it. I am undecided on how we should proceed. I could have my carpenters carve furniture from wood, it would conform to the traditional style of the building, however much of it would need to be replaced at a later date regardless, as modern amenities become available. I may take up your Russians on their offer and have them provide us with temporary furnishings. If I were to give them the necessary measurements, would they be able to fabricate what we need?”

If you're talking about chairs, tables, work surfaces, things like that, I'm sure they would be able to produce them very quickly,” Dennis replied. “If you can give me a list of everything you need, along with the dimensions, I can put the request through using the Navarin's comms.”

Ursi nodded, scratching her chin with her claw.

I think that is what I will do. Besides, the pack needs meat and they are becoming restless, we must hunt soon and hold a feast in honor of completing the project. The first Borealan dwelling in our new republic, there is much to celebrate. Dennis, can you retrieve information on local fauna from the ship's computer?”

He thought for a moment, then nodded.

Good, we must learn what is good to eat, and how to hunt it.”


Over the next few hours Ursi worked out what furniture they would need for the longhouse, walking through the space with a tablet computer and entering in the data, converting Borealan measurements to centimeters and being sure to note any special requirements. Dennis returned to the Navarin and used the computer to look up information on the animal species that inhabited the Siberian taiga. It looked as if wild game was plentiful, there were large moose, of ideal size for a Borealan to dine on, species of wild deer and sheep, and even large predators such as black bears and the newly reintroduced Siberian tigers. He wasn't sure if Borealans would eat those, but they would surely prize the pelts. The two pilots hovered over his shoulder, increasingly bored and agitated, resentful of being grounded for so many days.

After a while Ursi pushed through the automatic doors to the cockpit, crouching as her head brushed the ceiling, bringing Dennis the tablet with all of the necessary data for the things she required. He put the request through, and the Russians were more than eager to help, insisting that they could 3D print the furniture and deliver it that very afternoon. Ursi was surprised, but pleased. Dennis transferred the data on the local species to her tablet, then followed her back out of the Navarin and down the ramp, into the snow.

If the Russians keep their word, we can hunt right now, any meat we catch will keep in the snow until the work surfaces we require to prepare it arrive.”

What are you going to hunt?”

Ursi looked out over the snowy landscape, past the longhouse, with three trails of smoke slowly rising from its roof. The Borealans were moving the rest of the crates inside, and chopping more firewood with their giant axes.

It is hard to say, having never hunted any of these species before. At this point you know more about them than I do. What do you suggest?”

She handed him the tablet and he reached up to take it, swiping past the list of local fauna.

Well...moose are the largest, they have the most meat. That said, they're solitary animals, might be hard to find one. Deer live in herds, but they're very fast and quite lean. Wild sheep might be your best bet, I can even advise on how to best prepare mutton.”

She cocked her head at him.

Oh, that's sheep meat,” he added. He handed the tablet back to her and she examined the entry on sheep. She couldn't actually read English very well yet, Dennis had been attempting to teach her.

Their coats are made of fluff? Could be useful to us.”

Yep, that's called wool, humans have used it as a material to make clothing for thousands of years.”

Can you read this?” Ursi asked, showing him the entry on her screen and pointing with her black claw.

It says...they live in large herds, that's good, looks like you'll find them in the more mountainous regions, it's quite a trek but I'm sure your people can handle it.”

I will take a small party, this is new prey, there may be unforeseen complications. Stay here, and meet the Russians when they bring the furniture. Have the Borealans who remained take it inside the longhouse.”

Got it, how long do you think it will take?”

Ursi shrugged, a human mannerism she had amusingly picked up from Dennis.

I cannot say, it is not uncommon for a hunt to take several days, and we do not know this land well, nor the prey that we track. We will take enough provisions to last us maybe three days, after that, if we have not succeeded, we will return and request advice from local humans.”

Dennis nodded.

Hurry back, ok? Watch out for predators, see, here...”

He gestured for the tablet and she handed it to him, then scrolled to the predators section.

Black bear, and Siberian tiger.” He pointed to the animals, and her eyes lingered on the tiger.

It me.”

It's a big cat species, similar to your evolutionary ancestors. It's an apex predator, skilled in ambush tactics, very big, very strong. Even a Borealan shouldn't take any chances, if you meet one, kill it on sight. Bears aren't too bad, they'll mostly just run away unless their young are nearby. Just be careful, remember, this is an alien planet.”

You don't need to remind me.”

Ursi retrieved traditional Borealan rifles and ammunition from one of the wooden crates that had been moved inside the longhouse, of the same kind Dennis had seen the Rangers use when he attended a hunt on Borealis. Long, large bore rifles that used black powder projectiles. It reminded him that although weapons and technology were being shipped en masse to Borealis, very few of them actually found their way out of Elysia. She took five of her pack members with her, setting off towards the distant mountains, laden with heavy backpacks that contained their supplies and equipment.

They marched through the snow, passing between the tall, straight trunks of the coniferous trees that made up the Siberian forests. The ground was uneven, dark rocks protruding from the snow, steep hills and inclines making the way treacherous, but to a Borealan in low gravity, the going was easy. Ursi led the pack, hopping deftly over the terrain, her rifle oddly light in her hands. The handling would be a little different, she would need to compensate. She swiveled her ears, keeping alert for any unfamiliar sounds that Earth animals might make. The smells were strange, alien, her nose would not be of much use in its untrained state.

They had been walking for most of the day, and the sun was getting low in the sky when one the pack members spied movement on a hillside, maybe a quarter mile away. He called Ursi over, crouching in the deep snow, trying to keep a low profile lest their prey spot him. They had no way to know how far or how well these animals could see. There was something moving on the hillside, something very large, it had four long legs, which supported a bulky, furry body, and there appeared to be branches growing from its head that split into prongs. It was hard to tell just how large it was due to the distance, but Ursi wasn't too interested in getting closer, not while it was alive, at least.

She rummaged for her tablet in her pack, and turned it on, scrolling through the list of animals trying to find a match. There, that was it.

M-moose...” She mouthed, struggling with the pronunciation of the alien text.

Good to eat?” Her scout hissed under his breath, the Polar dialect rolling off his tongue.

Yes, I want to make the kill.”

He bowed his head as the rest of the pack crawled up a short distance behind them, keeping low and observing the strange alien creature.

Ursi shouldered her rifle, rising to her knees get a better view. The animal was just wandering along the side of the hill, it didn't seem to be grazing, or doing much of anything at all. Where could it be going in this wasteland?

She dialed her telescopic scope, adjusting for range and bullet drop. The gravity was lower here, so the bullet should travel further, with less of a curve. She wasn't sure by exactly how much, she would have to eyeball it. She tapped her scout with her fluffy tail, getting his attention.

Prepare a follow up, if I miss, take the shot.”

He nodded and lay prone, resting his rifle in the snowdrift. It took him a moment to prepare, tweaking the range on the sight and shifting his weight.

I am ready, my Queen.”

Ursi fired, the impact rocking her shoulder back. The chemically propelled round flew from the barrel, the crack ringing out and echoing across the valley. The massive slug hit the moose below the shoulder, where she assumed the lungs would be, and it seemed that she was correct. The great animal lurched, staggering for a moment as it tried to flee, red blood poured from its mouth and nose, and then it fell, rolling a short distance down the hill. The pack whooped and yipped their praises, running forward to inspect the alien. They covered the distance quickly, leaping and bounding, reveling in the floaty gravity, then came to a stop around the felled animal.

Ursi prodded it with the butt of her rifle, it was indeed dead. What did such a massive animal eat out in this wilderness? What could sustain it? She would have to ask Dennis to read her more of the text when she returned with her prize.

How do we carry it back?” One of the pack members asked, tugging at the horns experimentally, rolling the creature's giant head limply on its long neck.

Try lifting it,” Ursi replied. He hooked his claws under the animal and heaved, and was indeed able to lift it. It was awkward to carry, but not prohibitively heavy, and so two of the Borealans elected to drag it along between them. It was a good kill, but not enough to feed the pack, and so they continued on in search of the 'sheep' Dennis had told Ursi about. They definitely sounded more portable than this moose creature, though the smell of its blood pleased her.

Dennis stood in the center of the longhouse as the Borealans finished bringing in the furniture. The Russians had dropped it off by cargo shuttle, dozens of massive chairs, tables and assorted effects. The pilots had seemed quite frightened by the Borealans, despite Dennis' attempts to reassure them that they were quite tame and harmless in his limited Russian. They wouldn't stop muttering 'tigr' under their breath, it required no translation. When all of the plastic furniture had been discarded in the snow, the shuttle had left, hurrying back in the direction it had come.

He appraised the new furnishings that now decorated the space, the gaudy, brightly colored plastic in shades of yellows and blues clashing horribly with the rustic, traditional timber design of the building. It would eventually be replaced, but for now it would provide the seating and work spaces they needed to get the fledgling colony off the ground.

Now the Borealans could sit on stools, and lie down on bed frames, they could store equipment and objects on shelving units and tables. The longhouse was finally livable, and Dennis had added one last item to the list that Ursi had given him, a communications suite, not dissimilar to the one he had taken to Borealis, along with the solar panels and portable battery required to power it. All they needed now was a steady supply of food, and the Navarin could finally leave.

The Borealan diet consisted mostly of meat, with a smattering of cereals and gourds here and there. Based on his time on the homeworld, he knew from experience that there was nothing they ate that he could not, but he might need to ship in some dietary supplements if he intended to live with them indefinitely. Hell, a bottle of barbecue sauce would go a long way to making their diet not just palatable, but downright tasty. The aliens favored savory, oily meats, unlike humans they had no sweet tooth and their condiments consisted of their favorite oil, refined from meats, fish or plants carried around in little spray bottles.

There was no sign of Ursi yet, she must still be hunting, and so as the Borealans broke open some more of their crates that had been scattered around the longhouse, retrieving mattresses and blankets for use on their new beds, Dennis elected to return to his cabin on the Navarin to sleep.

Dennis lowered the heavy axe he was using to chop firewood, and shielded his eyes from the sun, looking out over the snow at the advancing figures. Ursi's hunting party was returning, they were carrying what looked like a whole damned herd of sheep, and one gigantic moose. He lay the axe down against the log pile and waded through the snow to meet her. Ursi was carrying two sheep, one over each arm, and a third was strapped to her pack. The other five Borealans were each carrying two or three more, and two were dragging a moose carcass between them. Dennis couldn't believe the size of the thing. He had never seen one up close before, it looked to be about seven feet tall at the shoulder, and had to weigh at least fifteen hundred pounds.

The victorious hunter returns!”

Ursi smiled at him, adjusting one of the dead sheep on her shoulder, its head hanging limply from its neck.

Did the Russians deliver the furniture?”

Yes, it's all set up and ready to go, the longhouse is fully operational.”

Good, we can start preparing the meat right away.”

Dennis trailed after them as they entered the longhouse through the main door, and after a moment of searching for a suitable surface, piled their prizes on some of the tall, Borealan sized tables. The pack members who had remained behind crowded around on all sides, getting a look at the strange, alien animals they would be dining on.

Ursi and a few of her people got to work immediately, retrieving massive, sharp knives from storage and beginning to gut the animals. She had Dennis hold her tablet and stand nearby, giving instructions concerning the anatomy of the creatures and how best to prepare them for cooking. The smell was foul, and a couple of unlucky Borealans were tasked with attempting to carry out the masses of gelatinous, stinking guts and dumping them outside, their white fur stained crimson. They were meticulous, keeping the tongues, the hearts, livers and kidneys, and even piling some of the thicker bones in order to make use of the marrow. They diced most of the organs, forming them into patties, then bagged them and packed them in snow for later use.

They skinned the animals, careful to keep the pelts intact, washing off the blood with handfuls of snow brought in from outside, the runoff draining into the dirt floor. It took them a while, but eventually all that was left of the moose and sheep were slabs of raw meat, the pelts hanging from hooks in the rafters, and the antlers of the moose, which Dennis had advised they keep. All of the inedible organs and bones had been discarded outside, to be disposed of later.

The moose meat was dry and lean, not very palatable to Borealans, and so they elected to make jerky out of it, cutting the veritable mountain of moose meat into strips and hanging it on metal hooks above the roaring fires, intending to smoke and dehydrate it for storage.

The mutton was ideally suited to the Borealan palate, fatty and oily, the pack crowded the table, licking their chops like hungry dogs at the prospect of eating such succulent, fresh meat after subsisting on dried rations for so many days. Before long all three fires were crowded with roasting mutton and drying moose meat, and the aliens had moved some of the long tables, spacing them between the fires along the center of the room to create a dining area.

When the meat was ready, the pack pulled up stools to the dining tables, and the food was served. Ursi got the first pick, and selected what meat she thought Dennis might like, then the pack dug in. Having no use for plates or cutlery, they hooked great slabs of meat with their claws and ate it off the table, tearing into the flesh with their sharp teeth. Dennis still carried the silverware with him that his secretary, Xhe, had given him as a gift during his stay on Borealis. He cut the mutton into edible chunks and chewed, the meat was fatty and juicy, and although Borealans rarely seasoned their meats in a way that a human would appreciate, he was becoming accustomed to the more savory flavors their cooking brought out. A few of the Borealans used their small, portable condiment bottles to spray the meat, coating it with their favorite oils to enhance the flavor.

It still shocked Dennis just how much the Borealans could pack away in one sitting, and the Polars were worse yet, the already husky aliens needed to maintain their insulating fat reserves, and their harsh environment of origin surely played a part in their apparent greed. He was sat next to Ursi, who was chewing happily, juices dripping from her lips and staining the fur around her mouth. She was a mess, the fur on her hands and forearms still stained with red blood from preparing the kills.

I take it you like the mutton then?”

She nodded enthusiastically, her mouth too crammed with meat to articulate a reply. The sheep was a hit, the Borealans seemed to love it, the fifteen wild sheep they had brought back from their hunt had been almost completely demolished already. Ursi had eaten, at least by Dennis' estimates, almost two entire sheep herself. Her belly was distended now, her usual paunch filled out by the sheer mass of the food she had eaten. She looked like she was trying to smuggle a watermelon under her clothing.

Don't fill up too fast, I have a surprise for you,” Dennis said, rising from his seat. Ursi watched him with interest as he walked across the room and retrieved a large cardboard box. He dropped it heavily on the table before her, and some of the Borealans stopped eating to have a look, their ears flicking curiously. He opened the lid and pulled out some white styrofoam packages, placing them one by one before Ursi. “When I sent out the furniture request, I also asked for them to send us a sampling of traditional and modern Russian dishes. I thought you might like to try some human food.”

Her eyes lit up as he opened one of the containers with a puff of vapor, the food within kept warm inside the insulated packet. She sniffed, drawing the rising steam into her feline nose.

What is it!?”

This one looks like,” Dennis leaned over to read the packaging. “Beef Stroganoff. This is meat, in a sour cream based sauce, with pasta. That's made from refined grains. Should all be safe for you to eat, and the dish is savory. Please use cutlery though, don't get this sauce all over your fur.”

He handed her a plastic fork, and she took it clumsily in her giant hand. She prodded experimentally, skewering a piece of beef, dripping with white, creamy sauce, and brought it to her mouth. She chewed, careful to savor the taste, then swallowed. After a brief delay she picked up the container and dropped the rest unceremoniously into her mouth, chewing enthusiastically, the human sized portion little more than a mouthful to her.

It's good!” She growled, licking her lips with her long tongue and eyeing the waiting containers greedily.

There are MREs in the box back there,” Dennis said, gesturing behind him. “Enough for your pack to each try one it looks like. I don't think I really conveyed what I wanted them to send very well, they might have assumed we were having trouble finding food.”

Ursi relayed this information to her pack, and several left their seats to rummage through the box, coming back with armfuls of Russian military MREs and distributing them between the aliens. They used their claws to pry open the camouflaged plastic packaging, some of them tipping open the boxes contained within, small packets of salt, sugar, water purification tablets, matches and all manner of things spilling across the table.

Hey, tell them to keep that stuff,” Dennis said to Ursi, “I can use a lot of that.”

Ursi barked an order and the aliens began to pile the packets in the middle of the table indiscriminately.

Oh damn it, they're never going to figure out what half of this stuff is, hell, I can't read Russian, I don't know myself. Ursi tell them to wait, let me identify what they can eat first.”

One of the Borealans bit into a salt packet, and spat unhappily. Ursi translated for Dennis, and so they stopped, watching him as he searched through one of the boxes. It wasn't just food, there was all kinds of survival gear, plastic spoons, dry fuel for starting fires, seasonings like pepper and salt, coffee packets, energy bars, enough to last Dennis, as the solitary human inhabitant of the colony, months or even years.

He identified some food the Borealans could eat, and demonstrated how to open the tin containers. Goose liver paté, cheese, canned grits, processed meatloaf, and even some potato salad. Dennis opened the next container for Ursi while the pack explored the MREs, struggling with the packaging and pulling out blobs of paté and processed meat with their fingers. This one was Pelmeni, dumplings filled with minced meat, it could be lamb or beef, he couldn't tell. He made sure she ate them individually, rather than dropping the entire container into her mouth. She was enjoying herself, chewing noisily and cleaning the residue from her fur with her long, textured tongue. Next up were chocolate covered prunes, a Russian delicacy, but they didn't appeal to Ursi at all. She sniffed them warily, then declared that she wouldn't eat them. She tried a sip of Borscht from a styrofoam cup, a sour soup made from beetroot, but spat it out onto the dirt floor.

The Russians had even sent them fast food, probably ordered from restaurants near the ministry, and Ursi's eyes rolled back into her head as she ate an especially greasy, unpleasant looking cheeseburger whole. She licked out the box it had come in, raking at the oil and melted cheese that stuck to the cardboard with her tongue.

Good meat...” She exclaimed, exhaling as she patted her belly.

You ought to be careful what you eat,” Dennis mused, chewing on a piece of roasted mutton as he looked her over. “Keep in mind that you're in a low gravity environment, you're going to be burning about thirty percent fewer calories compared to what you're used to, and it's not as cold as the polar territory so you'll be burning fewer calories keeping warm, and on top of that you're going to be losing muscle tone. If you keep eating as if nothing has changed, you're going to have problems.”

Worried your Queen will get fat?” Ursi teased, sinking her hand into the soft meat of her breast. Dennis blushed and looked away. “Funny, you can't seem to keep your hands off me when we're alone.”

I didn't say I didn't find you attractive, just that it might not be healthy.”

She reached across the table and hooked another shank of mutton in her curved claws, dragging it across the plastic surface and sinking her teeth into it. She grinned at him through a mouthful of sheep, the juices wetting the fur on her chin. Dennis rolled his eyes and forked another piece into his mouth.

A few of the Borealans were chewing on some of the larger bones now, cracking them in their strong jaws in order to suck out the nutritious marrow within, surrounded by discarded MRE packets. There were still piles of meat to go around, Dennis felt as if the damned aliens could polish off a beached whale given large enough knives.

As the fires crackled and cast their orange glow around the longhouse, Dennis heard the crack of another crate being opened, and soon a Borealan was distributing small, fabric pouches and long, wooden pipes between many of the diners. Ursi took a pipe and one of the small satin pouches, opening the drawstring and emptying some kind of dried plant matter into the bowl at the tip. She struck a match, dipping the burning head inside and puffing as she lit it, exhaling grey smoke.

It's a weed native to the southern jungles,” she explained as Dennis watched her blow a smoke ring. “Helps ease digestion and relax the body.”

The same Borealan, apparently having drawn the short straw of serving as waiter for the group, came back to offer them clear bottles of pink liquid. Dennis recognized it as 'raises the hair', a traditional alcohol that was very strong by Borealan standards, however quite trivial to a human. The Borealans did not tolerate their drink nearly as well as humans did. He took a bottle however, having grown quite fond of the sweet taste produced by the fermented berries it was made from, an oddity on Borealis.

Ursi took a drag from her long, ornate pipe, exhaling contentedly as she relaxed in her seat. She uncorked her bottle and took a drink of the sweet, pink spirit. She watched Dennis out of the corner of her eye as he brought out a glass bottle of clear liquid and a shot glass.

What's that?”

Russian vodka,” he answered, a grin on his face. “I would have bet my life that they'd send some of this, they can't help themselves.”

He poured the sparkling liquid into the shot glass, and knocked it back quickly, grimacing as it burned all the way down his throat, warming his stomach as it settled.

Can I have some?” Ursi asked.

Bad idea,” Dennis coughed. “This is a thousand times stronger than 'raises the hair', I can't be sure it won't poison you.”

I-I can handle it!” Ursi insisted.

Ok, tell you what I'll do, I'll pour a shot for you, and dilute it with your drink, ok? It will give it more of a kick, but it won't straight up destroy your liver.”

She watched eagerly as he poured a small amount of vodka into the glass, then drowned it in 'raises the hair', the pink liquid taking on a lighter shade of pastel as the two spirits mixed.

You have to drink it in one motion,” Dennis said, wagging his finger at her. “That's how it's done.”

She picked up the shot glass, comically tiny in her clawed fingers, and downed the contents. She hissed, sticking her tongue out and shaking her head back and forth, she fumbled for the bottle of 'raises the hair' and practically chugged it, trying to chase away the fiery taste of the vodka. Dennis was laughing so hard he was almost in tears, clutching his belly as Ursi spat and cursed.

It's horrible! Why would humans drink this!?”

To get absolutely wasted,” he replied, pouring another shot for himself.


Yep, so drunk you can't remember your own name.”

I think it tastes like shit,” she added, taking another swig of her pink drink. Dennis laughed.

I see you're picking up human mannerisms, Ursi.”

Tastes like shit,” she repeated, and Dennis doubled over, almost spilling his drink. She sounded like a toddler repeating a curse word she had heard on television.


They drank, smoked, and polished off what was left of the mutton, the Borealans groomed themselves like cats, cleaning their fur of blood and juice with their rough tongues in the absence of baths or hot springs. The vodka was excellent, and he had drunk enough to dull his senses and warm his belly. Ursi had become quite drunk, chasing the vodka shot with 'raises the hair' had been a bad idea, and the relatively small amount of alcohol by human standards had gone straight to her head.

She draped her arm across his shoulders lazily, licking her furry palm clean of residual blood and grease.

Dennis...” She mumbled, rubbing her head in his hair. “That was a good feast. You please me with your gifts of...of...” She trailed off, searching for the word. “I liked the cheese and meat thing.”

That's a burger.”

I liked the burger, you must obtain for me...more of this burger.”

She was slurring her English, and leaning on him a little too heavily as he tried to balance her in her plastic stool.

I think you need to lie down.”

She bit his ear playfully, and he reddened as she whispered, her warm breath tickling him.

Come lie with me, I am quite drunk, and I expect you to take full advantage of me.”

She rose unsteadily from her stool, banging her wide hips on the table, then stumbled awkwardly to one of the beds at the far end of the longhouse, away from the other Borealans as they still smoked and finished off what was left of the feast. She pulled Dennis by the hand, and he had to jog a little to keep pace with her. She fell heavily onto one of the beds, the plastic frame creaking under her weight. It was covered in pillows and seemingly random piles of sheets and blankets, more like a nest than a bed. Ursi lay back in the pile, her legs splayed crudely, and beckoned to Dennis with her clawed finger.

I am not accustomed to waiting, Dennis.” She was slurring her words, her usual regal and refined attitude forgotten as she presented herself to him, a bawdy smirk on her face.

He shuffled forward, his erection already pressing uncomfortably against the fabric of his pants. She watched him hungrily with her sapphire blue eyes, somewhat unfocused, the dull light of the fire reflected in them. When he was in range, she hooked him with her powerful legs, squeezing him against her body. She slipped out of her gossamer clothes, her huge breasts falling heavily from their supports and bouncing gently as they settled. The tent in his pats rubbed against her rapidly moistening loins, her heat penetrating his layers of clothing. She wrapped him clumsily in her long arms, pulling him off balance, and he fell forward into her body, his face cushioned by her soft cleavage. He breathed in her familiar scent, delving his hands into her fat bosom, his fingers sinking into their supple meat. She struggled to pull his pants down in her drunken state, nicking his hip with one of her claws, he winced, and she succeeded, his member bouncing free. She gripped it in her furry hand, the silky hair tickling his skin as his erection jumped and throbbed.

Ursi leered at him, watching his expression gleefully as he winced and shut his eyes against the stimulation, her long tongue leaving her mouth to wet her puffy lips. All restraint was forgotten as she drooled over him, eyeing his cock thirstily, the vodka overcoming her usual elegance and restraint.

Dennis was a little self-conscious, worried that the other aliens might notice, or somehow object, although he knew there was no danger of interference, as Ursi was the Alpha of the pack and would not tolerate any form of insubordination. Ursi noticed him glance over his shoulder and crooned.

What are y-you worried about? That they'll see?” She giggled drunkenly, then scratched his head, her claws massaging his scalp, and he relaxed into her bust, the pleasant sensation making his head spin. “They don't care! Not unless I tell 'em to care...” She smirked, a mischievous look on her face, then barked something in Borealan, her hisses and growls punctuated by hiccups.

One of the females left her seat at the table, walking over to the shadowy corner Ursi had chosen for their romp, standing attentively as if waiting for instructions. She was a clear foot shorter than Ursi, on the small side for a Borealan, but she was developed, wide hips, thick thighs and heavy breasts, her white fur patterned with more black spots than Ursi's was. It was sometimes hard to tell the Polars apart, but he had begun to recognize the subtle differences in the patterns that decorated their downy coats.

You deserve a reward, Dennis, for the burger of cheese, and...the burning drink,” she patted his back, her heavy hand winding him. “You will like this...” Her tone become suddenly conspiratorial as she whispered into his ear, her hot breath warming his skin. “I want to watch...”

She gave another order, and the Borealan slipped her clothes off without so much as a second thought, sidling up behind Dennis and pressing her warm breasts against his back, her arms wrapped around his torso and she nuzzled his ear, her velvet coat smooth against his skin. Ursi squeezed his member in her hand, chuckling as he shivered, sandwiched between the two women.

They fell forward into a heap on the bed, Ursi on Dennis' left and the stranger on his right, her fluffy hands wrestling with his shirt as she tried to pull it over his head. She succeeded, and now naked, their furry, plump bodies pressed him on all sides. His brain began to fog as their gentle hands roamed over his skin, and it was all he could do to bury his head between Ursi's chubby breasts and gasp, gripping handfuls of her soft fur desperately in his fists. Ursi giggled, stroking the back of his head, and whispered instructions to her helper, although Dennis couldn't understand them, her low voice sounded salacious. She gripped his hair and pulled his face up from between her boobs, pressing her lips against his and slipping her roving tongue into his mouth. She was drunk and clumsy, the sweet, fruity taste of 'raises the hair' still present on her tongue as it coiled in his head, embracing wetly as the unnamed Borealan sucked his earlobe into her mouth, pinching it in her teeth and mouthing his neck sensuously.

Ursi was normally so refined and calculating, but this kiss was crude and messy, his eyelids fluttered as she gripped his hair and her muscular organ ravished him with its clumsy, wanton motions, her saliva wetting his chin. She released him, panting, and grasping at handfuls of her soft flesh as the Borealan behind him nipped his neck with her pointed teeth, dragging the warm, slippery surface of her tongue over his vulnerable skin. Ursi joined her, lowering her face to the nape of his neck and mouthing, playing her spongy lips over his skin and teasing him with her tongue. Dennis felt as if he would melt, the hot, rough organs of both Borealans seared his throat and their deadly jaws bit him softly, tenderly, confused arousal and instinctual, reflexive anxiety mingling into a thick soup that sapped the strength from his shuddering body. Their hands roamed over his body, massaging his back and chest with their soft fur, and drawing red lines on his skin with their shiny, black claws. It was too much stimulation, too many conflicting sensations at once, and white light fizzed in his brain. He moaned into Ursi's fluffy cleavage, and the two aliens pressed closer to him, squashing him between them, their weighty, supple breasts meeting around his head.

He looked up through the smothering flesh, and Ursi was kissing the stranger now, he had an obscene view from below as he glimpsed their pink tongues coiling and wrestling when their thick lips parted for a moment, linked by glistening strands of saliva. They clawed at each other's bodies, writhing and tussling around Dennis, their questing limbs and pliant flesh encompassing him.

After a minute or two they broke away, freeing Dennis from his prison, his neglected erection stiff and sore as it throbbed prominently. Ursi traced a circle on the leaking tip with her padded finger and he shuddered.

Dennis,” she whispered coyly, her speech somewhat garbled as she struggled to find the English words. “I am faced with a...problem. I want to use your, mouth, but I'm...I am too big to reach your...your...” She slid her fluffy finger up his shaft, pausing to tickle the sensitive underside. “This, at the same time. Do you mind if Kaisha services you in my stead? She is quite skilled, young, and...tight.”

She squeezed his member in her hand to emphasize the last word, and Dennis gritted his teeth against the sudden pang of sharp pleasure. Without waiting for an answer, she rose to her knees unsteadily, crawling up across the bed and straddling his head. Her massive, furry thighs closed around his face, and he felt her leaking excitement fall onto his cheek. She lowered herself, and he worried for a moment that in her inebriated state she might crush him beneath her weight, but she stopped short, splaying her engorged, dripping loins with her fingers, the pink flesh hovering an inch from his nose. He raised his arms and sunk his hands into the tender flesh of her ass, probing for the taut muscle beneath her soft fat, as he met her waiting opening with his eager tongue. She squeezed his head in her chubby thighs, and he couldn't see anything, her furry body and her slippery genitals darkening his vision.

He licked and sucked, his fingers roving through her flesh, irresistible to the touch as he groped her ass and thighs, his hands reaching up and tugging at the fold of her belly. She grunted and rolled her hips, grinding into his face to drive his smooth tongue deeper inside her, a little rougher and clumsier than usual. Dennis lurched as he felt what must be Kaisha stroking the head of his member as it pulsed in the air, her fluffy fingers caressing the tip and teasing his balls. He felt Ursi lean forward, swaying slightly to get a better look as Kaisha pulled back his foreskin and circled his sensitive, leaking glans with her rough tongue. He jumped and bucked, the sensation of the fine papillae on the surface of her organ raking his tender flesh, lubricated by her thick saliva, drove bolts of cruel pleasure up his spine. He gripped a handful of Ursi's butt, a little rougher than he had intended, and she yelped, then rolled her wide hips, grinding on his face, enjoying his struggling.

As Ursi's juices dribbled into his mouth, her salty, ferric taste tingling his taste buds, he felt Kaisha's warm, slippery lips close around the head of his cock. He groaned into Ursi's loins, and she wriggled on top of him, enjoying the sensation of his hot breath. Kaisha sucked Dennis between the smooth insides of her cheeks, painting the tip of his burning member with her tongue as she gripped his shaft firmly in her hand. He felt Ursi run her dull claws over his belly, teasing him as Kaisha began to press him deeper into her tight throat. His glans scraped against the hot pressure of her gullet as her muscles contracted around him, massaging him as she tried to swallow. She kissed the base, a trickle of her saliva leaking through his pubic hair as she held it, he could feel every spasm and suppressed gag translated through his member. She came back up slowly, thick strings of her slaver rolling down his shaft and over her hand, the fur wet and matted. She held his head between her lips, wrapping it with the tip of her tongue, and he clawed at Ursi, burying his hands in her coat and increasing the pace of his licking as if it might somehow free him from his torment. Ursi was nonplussed, he could imagine the satisfied smirk on her face as she she squeezed his head in her fleshy thighs and dropped a little more of her weight on him, her viscous juices oozing around his lips as he mouthed.

Kaisha pressed down on him again, moving faster now, bobbing her head on his cock, her dexterous tongue wrapping around his shaft and sucking with a force that dazed him, as if trying to draw out his emission from his very body. Ursi chuckled as he bucked and squirmed, watching the whole affair, then growled and closed her thighs around his head like a vice as he pinched her engorged clitoris between his lips in retaliation.

Kaisha forced his aching member into her throat again, lubricated by the thick globs of her saliva that rolled down his shaft, and held it as her body struggled against the foreign object, the muscles of her gullet closing and spasming, her tongue wrapping around him and squeezing. He felt his orgasm rising, but Ursi recognized the telltale shiver that rolled through his body, and pinched the base of his cock in her thumb and forefinger, cutting his climax off before he could flood Kaisha's waiting throat with his warm come. Kaisha withdrew her head, the soft, smooth surface of her warm lips lingering on his tortured, throbbing glans for a moment before leaving his member cold and frustrated.

Damn it Ursi,” he moaned into her crotch, “why do you always do that?”

She stroked his sore cock, her slow jerking soothing him.

Because I love watching you squirm...I love it when you want to come, and you can't. You love it too...the way you look at me, begging with your eyes...”

She barked an order in Borealan, he felt Kaisha's hot tongue on his balls, and lurched as Ursi continued to stroke his shaft, the fur of her palm matted with Kaisha's saliva, caressing him gently. He continued his licking and probing obediently, more aroused than he cared to admit by Ursi's declaration of her authority over him. She shuddered and purred as his tongue traced the folds of her vulva and circled her twitching, leaking opening. Her fluffy fur, damp with her nectar, her chubby thighs enclosing him, and the intimate musk of her organ were his whole world as she smothered him.

A new order was given, the tone of this one sly, and eager. Dennis felt another pair of furry, chubby thighs close around his hips, and his tender glans was rubbed softly against slimy, delicate flesh, fever hot and dripping. Kaisha lowered herself onto him gingerly, the head of his cock breaking through her opening and into an unbearable tightness and heat. He gasped, and Ursi crooned, grinding on his face to silence him as Kaisha moaned softly, his cock lodged half way inside her. She was closed around him like an angry fist, her strong pelvic floor muscles squeezing him against her textured, slippery walls. Waves of electric pleasure danced through his nervous system as he felt her body struggling to accommodate him, God she really was tight.

You're making such a fuss Dennis, do you like her? She is yours to take any time you want her, but I wanna watch...”

Kaisha lowered herself further, taking him all the way inside her, gasping and shivering, her fleshy walls massaging his member. She seemed hesitant to move, breathing heavily and adjusting to the new hardness and heat that penetrated her body, then with a low growl, she began to shift her hips.

She stirred his member inside her, scouring the walls of her tunnel and driving pained gasps from his lips as Ursi watched, her arousal evident from the globs of her excitement that rolled down his chin as he serviced her. Kaisha raised her hips now, the suction of her tight hole gripping him, he felt as if he would pull her guts out, then she fell heavily, the weight of her body dropping on his hips and pressing him deep into the mattress. The head of his cock slammed her deepest reaches, he heard her cry of barely contained pleasure, and felt her muscles grip him. Ursi shifted her weight, he felt Kaisha's insides flex and tremble, and heard the wet, lewd sounds of kissing. Ursi was at it again, subjecting the poor girl to her clumsy, vulgar embrace as she made out drunkenly, Kaisha twitched and squeezed in response. Even completely sauced, Ursi's kisses were enough to melt away any resistance.

Kaisha bounced now, pounding him into the mattress in earnest as the sublime textures and folds of her tight insides raked his cock, her lubricating nectar spilling down his groin and staining the bed sheets. Each thrust was punctuated by a gasp or a cry, her shaking hips burying him in her sopping, burning sex, she seemed to get tighter and tighter, her opening like a noose slowly closing around his cock.

His efforts to please Ursi finally paid off, and she came, her surprisingly powerful thighs closing around his head and a jolt of shuddering pleasure rolling through her body. She rubbed her groin on his face reflexively as she surfed the tide of euphoria, her thick juices coating his lips and making him sputter as her emission clogged his throat. She growled and thrust her hips, and he licked the shiny, erect surface of her clitoris lightly, easing her through the last aftershocks of the orgasm as she relaxed onto his face, a little too heavily for his liking. He lay panting and gasping between her pudgy thighs, the sodden fur tickling his cheeks as Kaisha fucked him, his own climax beginning to rise in his loins.

Ursi lifted off his face, her discolored eyelids drooping and her weighty, meaty breasts swaying, her breathing ragged, her chest heaving as she watched Dennis' face contort. His cheeks were crimson, burning with blood and dripping with Ursi's juices, and as he tried to hide his sticky face in embarrassment she pinned his arms to the bed, ensuring she could see every pained expression as Kaisha wrung his orgasm from him. He cried out, her steely muscles crushing his member between her tight walls, and Kaisha joined him, yelping as he felt her contractions wrench the come from his body. She shuddered and twisted as he released thick ropes of his emission inside her, flooding her tight, quivering insides with his hot seed. Every time her toned muscles tightened, she forced more out of him, every fresh spurt of gelatinous come making her gasp and shiver. They were locked together in their shared ecstasy, Ursi's eyes darting between the two, trying to take it all in as she smirked and leered.

Finally Kaisha collapsed on top of Dennis, her breasts, though smaller than Ursi's, still ample enough to bury his face. Ursi ran her fingers through Kaisha's fur like a comb, and she trembled, taking in short gasps of breath.

Ursi pushed Kaisha's limp body off him unceremoniously, and draped her arm about his chest, leaning in to kiss his cheek.

Ugh, you taste bad Dennis, why do you taste of come?”

You did that...” He muttered, still recovering from his climax, his head resting on one of the many pillows.

I liked that...I can see your semen leaking out of her.” She chuckled and Dennis reddened.

Ursi, you're outrageous when you're drunk.”

He waited for her retort, then realized that she had fallen asleep, her heavy arm pinning him to the bed as her chest rose and fell gently. She drooled, wetting the mattress, the usually regal queen now lying in an undignified heap. He looked to Kaisha, unable to communicate with her except through expressions. She seemed to decide that she wanted to stay, perhaps through fear of being reprimanded for leaving before being properly dismissed, or maybe she was just tired. Dennis felt a little awkward as the stranger leaned up against his back, huddling for warmth as her breath tickled his neck. Ursi had been right, Kaisha was certainly skilled...and tight. He might take her up on her offer to bed Kaisha as he pleased, if it still stood when she was sober. Nestled between two warm, furry Borealans, their rhythmic breathing hypnotizing him, his eyes grew heavy and he joined them in their exhausted slumber.

Dennis was woken by movement, he opened his eyes groggily, unable to determine what time of day it was from inside the longhouse. The orange fires still crackled, and a few Borealans milled about here and there. Ursi was on his right, rubbing her eyes and shifting around, half buried in the pile of pillows. To his left Kaisha stirred, one of her long, furry arms draped over his chest. Ursi rose to a sitting position, a hand on her head. She groaned unhappily, glancing at Dennis, her vision bleary.

Oh Dennis, my head hurts.”

He yawned and patted her thigh apologetically.

Hangover, you were probably the most drunk a Borealan has ever been. It'll fade in a few hours.”

I'm thirsty...”

She rose from the bed, making Dennis roll into Kaisha as her massive weight left the mattress and the springs rebounded. Kaisha opened her eyes, blue like her queen, and peered at him sleepily.

S-sorry,” he stammered, but she didn't speak English. She increased her grip on him, hugging him against her chest, her chubby breasts pressed against his face and her fluffy fur tickled his nose. She smelled good, not quite as perfumed as Ursi, but the same underlying musk he had begun to associate with their sordid encounters was present. Her warmth permeated his body, and her rhythmic breathing entranced him, he felt himself drifting off to sleep again.

Some time later he was woken by Kaisha gently withdrawing and leaving the bed, probably to perform some duty. He figured it was time to get up, he didn't want to become 'that human who sleeps all day'. He realized he was still filthy from the night before, and he felt a twinge of sly arousal in his groin as he remembered their drunken romp. He recovered his clothes from a pile on the floor and dressed, leaving the shadows of the far end of the longhouse to look for Ursi. He found her at a table, eating more mutton, her claws coated in juice, she was nursing a tall mug of water. He greeted her and sat beside her, clambering up onto one of the oversized, plastic stools.

You stink of sex, Dennis,” Ursi chuckled, then winced as her hangover flared. “Oh, Dennis, never let me have your burning drink ever again, I will stick to 'raises the hair' in the future.”

I dunno, you seemed to be having fun last night.”

She took a draw from her wooden mug, then glanced at him apprehensively.

I hope I did not do anything...unbecoming of a Queen.”

You'd have to ask Kaisha, she'd know better than me. But hey, it was a celebration, surely you're allowed one or two drunken orgies on special occasions.”

Ursi laughed and took a bite of her mutton shank, cleaving a huge section of muscle away from the bone with her powerful jaws.

I am just happy we are operational, the longhouse is finished, we have a source of fresh food, we can now begin to build the village and ship in more people, and for the first time in a very long while I...I can relax.” She eyed him as she ate, chewing a mouthful with a smirk. “You should probably wash your face, there are cauldrons of clean water made from melted snow at the far end of the longhouse, check it is not hot before you touch it. As much as having you walk around with my name written all over you in pheromones turns me on, it is not too pleasant for the others.”

Dennis blushed and hopped down off the stool, making his way over to the line of massive, cast iron cauldrons. A couple had fires lit under them, with an unlimited supply of fresh snow, the Borealans must cycle them constantly in order to produce a steady supply of water, the aliens were large and must consume a great deal.

He splashed water on his face, letting it fall on the dirt floor, then watched as a group of Borealans came in through the main door. A flood of cold air preceded them, it was a hunting party, carrying more sheep to the tables for preparation, the last to enter pushed the heavy doors shut. They were prolific trackers, after only one exploratory hunting trip they seemed to have the scent of the sheep, and could march straight to them, they could set out in the morning and return by the afternoon with a full haul of mutton and wool.

He finished washing and returned to Ursi, who had finished her meal and was stood by the table, stretching her arms up to full height.

The pack will start work on their respective dwellings later today, it is not my responsibility. For now I have nothing to do. It is a strange feeling, Dennis. For as long as I can remember I have fought for my people, day in day out, negotiating treaties, traveling to meet dignitaries, trying to secure resources, settling disputes, what few moments of rest and leisure I had were few and far between. Now that I finally have the time to just sit down and unwind...I don't know what to do with myself.”

Want to come with me and tell the Navarin pilots they can leave now?”

She nodded, and followed him out of the longhouse. It really was well insulated, the Siberian cold hit him like a fist as they pushed through the wooden doors, marching through the deep snow towards the idle spacecraft. Ursi waited outside, not wanting to deal with the uncomfortable, cramped interior as Dennis mounted the ramp and made his way inside. He found the two pilots in the tiny mess hall, nursing bottles of liquor and finishing off a round of dry rations. They leapt to their feet when Dennis informed them that they could lift off, barely giving him a chance to thank them for their services as they scrambled to the cockpit. Dennis waved Ursi back as he descended the landing ramp, and the moment he was clear of the blast radius, the massive vessel whirred to life, melting the snow around it in a haze of steam as the engines flared and she lifted off the ground. They covered their ears, watching the spacecraft ascend on its thrusters to a sufficient altitude to engage the main engines, then shot off in a vertical curve towards space. They watched the contrails dissipate, then Dennis turned to Ursi.

Well, there she goes. We're on our own now.”

This is the way I wanted it,” she replied, shielding her eyes against the sun as the small pinpoints of light that betrayed the Navarin's engines grew faint in the sky.

You need a flag,” Dennis blurted abruptly.

A what?”

Your republic, it needs a flag. Every nation and region on Earth has a flag, if you don't have a flag you aren't a real republic.”

Oh, how does one make a flag?”

Like a tapestry, you guys can do that, right?”

I suppose so. I was going to have my people make a tapestry anyway, now that we have supplies of wool, commemorating our journey here and the founding of the republic. The walls of the longhouse are looking too bare for my liking.”

You have people here who can do that?”

Yes, the skill is not as common as that of building shelters, but it is passed down through certain families.”

That sounds good, I suppose if the longhouse is going to be the cultural center of the village that will be built around it, it needs some decoration.”

They walked back in the direction of the longhouse, the soil roof now covered in a layer of snow that camouflaged it against the surrounding terrain. He wondered idly if that was intentional, had the ancestors of the Polar Borealans feared attack, by other tribes, or perhaps predators, or was it just a byproduct of the insulation?

I meant to ask you, Dennis. Do you require a private dwelling? If so, I can order one be built for you.”

Oh, I was under the impression I would be living with you,” he said, craning his neck to look up at Ursi as they waded through the deep snow.

If that is what you wish, I would be happy to increase the size of the dwelling I plan to have built for myself, in order to accommodate you.”

I guess human and Borealan romances are a little different, humans pair for life, ideally. Well, we don't, not commonly,'s complicated. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I want to stay with you...for good.”

The crisp snow crunched under his boots, and the chill wind ruffled his hair as they walked, he continued, rubbing his hands together to drive off the cold.

I know that you had more than one reason for getting involved with me, and I always kind of of felt as if, as much as we enjoy each other's company, when your problem was solved and your new colony was established you might just...lose interest in me.”

Dennis,” Ursi said, stopping in the snow and placing her large, furry hand on his shoulder. “I am not humoring you, nor am I doing this because I feel that I owe you a debt, or because you are useful to me as a diplomat. I admit that when I first met you, I believed that you had far more influence and power than you actually did. I thought that if I could seduce you, you might defect and provide me with the ships and technology I felt I needed at the time. When I discovered that you were, in fact, far less influential than Elysiedde would have the Regents believe, I was ready to give up.”

She squeezed his shoulder, looking down at him with her blue eyes.

But you, Dennis, you cared about our plight. You learned the ways and customs of our people, not because your position required it of you, but through your own curiosity. You came to love my people, and you offered what help you could give, of your own volition. Even going against the wishes of your employers in the process. You saved us, and you didn't do it because I seduced you, or because your government told you to, but because you thought it was right.”

She hooked her hands under his arms and lifted him from the snow, his boots dangling in the air as she pressed him against her chest, embracing him in a warm hug. Her breath was hot in his hair, and she spoke more softly now, almost comforting.

You are a small, unassuming creature, Ambassador Carlisle, but your heart is as large as that of any Borealan, and you are welcome to stay with me for as long as you wish.”


Over the next few days, the Borealans split off into small groups, each choosing a location for their log cabins, clustered vaguely around the longhouse. They used similar methods as they had used to build the original structure, albeit the going was much faster on such a smaller scale. There seemed to be no real organization, the Borealans milled about, helping where they felt it was appropriate. It wasn't uncommon to see one member of the pack working on a log wall in the morning, only to find that someone had taken his place later in the afternoon, and he was now lining a roof with bark on the other side of the growing village.

Dennis couldn't provide much help, being too short and weak to carry armfuls of logs or leap up onto rafters, but he stripped bark, and help prepare food, the whole affair was oddly emergent. Ursi didn't do much work herself, mostly supervising the construction of her own cabin, it was situated directly beside the longhouse and was of an impressive size compared to many of the others.

When he couldn't help with construction, Dennis worked on the flag design, using an image editor on Ursi's tablet computer to experiment with shapes and colors, trying to think of something that would properly represent the new republic and its people.

The Borealans had a massive store of meat and furs now, a new hunting party ventured out at least every other day, and each night another feast was held. None quite as extravagant as the first, but the Borealans ate an incredible volume of meat to sustain themselves. Ursi was indulging a little too much, perhaps bored, or maybe enjoying her leisure time. Her already substantial bust now strained against the thin fabric of her clothing that kept it in check, and the subtle paunch of her belly was now protruding conspicuously over her waistline. She carried the weight well, her feminine figure distributing it to her hips, ass and chest, but it couldn't be healthy for her.

Ursi was sat at one of the plastic tables, the gaudy, yellow stool she was sitting creaking under her considerable weight. Her carpenters had begun to carve real, wooden furniture now that they had surfaces to work on, but replacing the furnishings in the longhouse was not a priority. The stools and tables they were making were for the private cabins, and the Borealans would make do with the plastic furnishings the Russians had provided for the time being.

She hooked a slab of mutton in her claws and dragged it across the surface of the table, leaving a trail of juice in its wake. Ursi demolished the huge mass of dripping meat, staining her fur with its oils, then leaned on the table, taking a drag from her long pipe, the fragrant smoke rising in the warm air.

You know Ursi, you should really start to moderate what you eat. This isn't Borealis, you're not burning calories just walking around, and the climate here is a lot warmer.”

He leaned back in his seat, appraising her butt, tight and shapely against her clothing, overflowing over the edge of her stool. She caught him looking and smirked, jiggling in her seat.

Borealans are a hardy people Dennis, it is not unhealthy for us to become fat, besides...” She leaned closer and whispered suggestively.” You can't seem to keep your hands to yourself.”

Be that as it may,” he muttered, loosening his collar conspicuously as her massive breasts rested on the edge of the table, deforming as their weight spread, “you should at least lay off the fast food. It might feel small and light to a Borealan, but humans pack their foods with fat and salt, I don't think you appreciate how unhealthy it is.”

Ursi eyed him skeptically, cleaning juice off her furry fingers with her textured tongue.

Come now Dennis, you worry too much. I am perfectly capable of managing my health, and my eating habits.”

The Russians had delivered the first shipment of the gravity sickness medication by cargo shuttle, it would strengthen their bones, help prevent muscle atrophy, lower their blood pressure, and deal with many of the odd ailments that afflicted those who lived in lower gravity than for which they had evolved. People living on Mars and Luna had done so for generations with few ill effects once a medical solution had been found. Along with the medical supplies, they had delivered more food upon request from Ursi. Dennis had seen no harm in Ursi sampling more human dishes and exploring alien cuisine, he had done as much on his trip to Borealis, however her request had eventually been revealed to be an entire crate of cheeseburgers. She had taken a liking to them after the celebratory feast, and he now somewhat regretted introducing her to junk food.

They were small enough compared to her exaggerated height that she treated them as snacks, and not as the calorie bombs that they were. At least she would run out eventually, and then he might be able to prevent her from acquiring more. Borealans ate when they were hungry, until they were full. It was unlikely to ever become a problem in the high gravity of Borealis, when Dennis had visited he had never seen an obese Borealan, they were all built like Olympians and champion weight lifters, simply walking on Borealis incurred a cost in calories and built muscle mass. Even though Ursi was gaining weight, her underlying muscles were still incredibly powerful, and would probably remain so for years until the muscle atrophy caught up with her.

It only took a few more days for their cabin to be completed, it was small and rustic compared to Ursi's vacation home in Elysia, but it was cozy, and as he and Ursi closed the door behind them, he felt as if he were truly alone with her for the first time in a while. The log cabin had a single floor, but several rooms, and was spacious compared to most of the dwellings the pack were erecting. The longhouse served as a dining room and a place for the Borealans to congregate and interact, so there was no food preparation area in the cabin, no dining area, and no place where one might entertain guests. It was mostly just a living space and a bedroom. Dennis peeked his head around the corner and was delighted to see a single, massive bed carved from wood, piled with pillows, blankets and furs in the way that Ursi preferred. They would be sharing a bed, in private, for the foreseeable future. In the middle of the main living area was a traditional fire, ringed with stones and smoking lazily through a small hole in the roof, the relatively small space was warmed easily by the dancing flames.

Dennis was beside himself, the unexpected sense of wellbeing and happiness almost overcame him as he realized they had a home together now. As a lowly attorney operating out of a law firm, before he went to Borealis he had mostly been confined to either an office cubicle in one of the towering skyscrapers that brutalized the skyline of Earth's sprawling cities, or his apartment, similarly located many floors above the ground in a minute, cramped space that even a sardine would complain was too confining. His job had never allowed for a serious relationship, cohabitation required a time consuming, expensive process of courting and entertaining, along with the means to actually afford a space in which two people could reasonably live. Coupled with his lack of success with women, he had never lived with another person since graduating law school.

What has you so happy, Dennis?” Ursi eyed him curiously, and he realized he was beaming. He quickly composed himself, straightening his spider fur tie and forcing a more casual expression.

It's nothing, just...I've wanted this for a long time.”

A cabin?”

In a way. Earth has somewhat of a housing problem, and the job I had made courtship difficult. Even if we don't admit it, what we all want deep down is just to live in a simple home with a loved one. I've never had that before, and I didn't really expect to ever have it.”

It is a little unusual for me too, I am constantly surrounded by aides, guards and...concubines. Borealans do not court the way humans do, two individuals pairing exclusively is uncommon, though not unheard of. Most reproduction takes place in the context of dominance battles, where the losing party is forcibly copulated with in order to spread dominant genes. Mutual relationships where both parties are of equal standing is essentially impossible in our society, though a Borealan might take a liking to one underling above all others.”

She scratched her furry chin, thinking as she stared into the fire.

Humans are odd though, anomalous. We cannot use violence to subdue you, you are too fragile, and so the only option left in order to assert authority is sex. Humans rarely submit, and if they do it is not for long, leaving the relationship between a human and a Borealan in a constant state of limbo, neither can fully assert dominance over the other, though the desire to do so rages as strongly as ever.”

She leered at him, like one might eye a tasty treat before partaking.

Polars are a little more placid than our equatorial cousins, but humans must drive them to fits of lust.” She chuckled to herself, obviously imagining one such scene in her head.

It's true,” he confirmed, starting to blush a little as memories of Xhe, Cola and Chaka played in his head, “I've been on the receiving end.”

Ursi ruffled his hair with her fuzzy palm.

Poor creature, though judging by your temperament I doubt you found it entirely unpleasant.”

Hey, what's that supposed to mean,” he replied indignantly, crossing his arms and shooting her an angry look. He was aware that he was overcompensating, and she surely was too. Her sultry gaze confirmed his suspicion, and she leaned down to whisper in his ear, wrapping him in her arms and pulling him closer.

You love it when I bite you, I can feel your body relax as it gives in to me.”

She pinched his ear in her teeth, as if to prove a point, and he shivered, his face reddening as she dragged her rough tongue across his neck, and smirked.

You should admit to it, embrace it. It would feel good...”

She released him abruptly, his erection pressing uncomfortably against his pants.

But no time for that now, come back with me to the longhouse, I am hungry.”

He trailed after her, wiping his brow with his sleeve and trying to banish the salacious thoughts that swirled in his mind.

Ursi chewed happily, wolfing down another burger, her supply showing no signs of diminishing. She licked the grease from her fingers, then raised a sheep femur, cracking the bone with her powerful jaws and sucking out the marrow noisily. The aliens had an enormous bite strength, the bones of Earth animals barely slowed them down in their endless pursuit of sustenance. Dennis sat beside her, eating a more modest portion of the jerked moose meat. The light, gossamer fabric that constituted her clothing, immodest at the best of times, was at breaking point. The flesh of her soft, heavy breasts protruded over the straps that strained to hold them aloft, and her ass was becoming more than her clothes could contain, he could practically hear the creak as she moved. Her hips and legs were thick and inviting, just looking at her meaty thighs made him want to press his face between them. On a human, the amount of weight she had put on would be unpleasant, but somehow on Ursi it all went to the right places, Dennis found it hard to complain when the features that so attracted him to her were only growing in size. Perhaps they stored fat differently to humans, maybe it was entirely unintentional, but the signs of her fertility tickled his simian brain in a way that he found ceaselessly distracting.

You're popping out of your clothes, Ursi,” Dennis insisted, waving a piece of jerked moose as he spoke. “I'm telling you, you have to slow down, you can't just eat until you're full on Earth, those extra calories aren't going anywhere. You have to change your habits to suit your new environment.”

Dennis your complaints bore me, your attraction to me is obvious, and at times blatant, such as right now, you are staring at my bust.” He reddened and averted his gaze.“I don't mind, in fact I quite enjoy the idea that you are in a constant state of arousal around me, it makes you more...available.”

She cracked another bone loudly, picking at her teeth with her claw. The table was littered with the styrofoam containers of the burgers, splintered bone, juice from the cooked meats, and stray flecks of blood. The Borealans were nothing if not messy eaters. It seemed that besides work and sex, feasting was the only interest they really had.

Ursi uncorked a bottle of 'raises the hair', taking a draw of the pink liquid, then gasping happily, wiping her mouth with the back of her furry arm. She hooked it around Dennis' head and pulled him into her bust, pressing his face into the malleable fat of her breasts as they threatened to spill from her clothes.

What say you, me, and this bottle retreat back to our new residence and see if we cannot break the bed frame that was so carefully crafted for us?”

She knew that he couldn't say no, the question was almost a formality. She grinned at his expression, lifting him from his stool and placing him on the dirt floor of the longhouse. She dropped down heavily to join him, the plastic creaking as her weight left it.

Despite the low gravity, I find that my shoulders hurt. Perhaps your complaints have some merit, use your agile little fingers and make me feel better.”

She tugged him by the hand and led him out of the longhouse, and back to their newly completed cabin.

Dennis sat on the tall bed, and Ursi sat on the floor in front of him, her head still level with his, and he delved his hands into the silky fur and pliant, insulating fat of her shoulders. She shrugged and shivered, enjoying the sensation of his fingers pushing into her flesh and seeking out the muscle beneath. He used his thumbs to press deeper, easing out the knots in her brawn. She groaned, leaning back into him.

Oh, you're so much better at that than a Borealan, Dennis. No claws to get in the way.”

She took a swig of her bottle, and slipped out of the straps that restrained her breasts. They fell weightily, even larger than they had been when he had met her, and Ursi had already been on the bigger end of the spectrum as far as Borealans were concerned.

Ah, that's better,” she sighed, rolling her shoulders and relaxing. It didn't take much to make a Borealan tipsy, and Ursi was getting there quickly, her bottle already half empty.

It's so strange,” she mused, purring contentedly as Dennis moved his hands down her back, tracing the line of her spine and massaging her taut muscles. “I was always so busy on the homeworld, always doing something...” She slurred her words a little, the alcohol getting to her. “But now that everything is done, what is there for me to do?”

Well you still have to govern your people, probably negotiate with the Russians, meet with the UN representatives eventually.”

It will take months, years for enough of my people to make it to Earth to constitute a real territory, for now we're just a settlement. Everyone knows what to do, they are hardy children of Borealis, they don't need me right now...”

You're their Queen, their Alpha, they will never stop needing you, Ursi.”

She drank again, the pink colored liquid sliding down her throat, was she trying to get drunk?

Dennis, you will still love me if I grow fat, will you not?” She blurted it abruptly, holding the protruding paunch of her belly in her free hand and gazing down at it miserably.

He brought his hands up to her head and scratched her scalp through her mane of long, snow-white hair, she shuddered and crooned happily, and he realized that he rarely saw the top of her head, she was just too damned tall.

I'll still love you no matter how old or fat you get, how about that?”

You don't even know how long we live for,” she chuckled, finishing off her bottle and rolling the empty vessel away along the wooden floorboards. “But I will hold you to your promise.”

She turned to face him, her massive head moving to nuzzle his neck. He shivered as he felt her cool nose on his skin, then began to blush as her nuzzling became kissing, then gentle biting. Her fluffy palm rose to his cheek, holding him steady as her sharp teeth, which he had seen shatter bone, pressed against his vulnerable throat, gently, tentatively. The rough surface of her tongue scoured him, tasting, teasing as it played over his warming skin.

Dennis,” she whispered, her warm breath blowing over his ear, “you'll entertain me, won't you? You'll keep me from becoming bored?”

She slid her furry hand under his shirt, and ran her fingers down his chest to his belly, the stark contrast of the silky fur and the prickling claws making his gasp. She chuckled under her breath, enjoying his reaction.

Today I'm feeling...predatory. Will you indulge me?”

Without waiting for an answer she bit his shoulder, just hard enough to make him wince, then licked the red mark apologetically.

In all the time we have been together, I don't recall ever using my mouth on you, would you like that?” She moved her head lower, her puffy lips an inch away from the bulge that was growing beneath his clothes. She looked up at him with her reflective, blue eyes, smirking and waiting patiently. “You have to ask for it, Dennis.”

Yes, I mean...I want you to...”

Good boy,” she chuckled, undoing his belt and pulling down his pants. His member bounced free, jumping in the air in time with his pounding heart as she breathed warm air on the tip. She moved in slowly, teasing him, and he shuddered as he waited for contact. Finally her soft lips pressed against his glans, lightly planting a kiss on the tip. Dennis flexed and his erection jumped, Ursi chuckled again, a low purring that reverberated through the room, and stroked his balls with her downy hand. Her fine hairs tickled the sensitive skin and he shivered, gasping as she withdrew her hand, watching his reaction with amusement.

We have a proverb on Borealis, 'you cannot rush an ambush', it means that you must wait for some things to happen, you cannot hasten them.”

The tip of her long, rough tongue snaked out of her mouth and coiled around his glans and beneath his foreskin, her warm, viscous saliva coating the tender flesh and dripping wetly to the floor in glistening strings. He bit his lip, the tiny papillae on the surface of her organ raking his head, then she withdrew again, a rope of saliva linking her soft lips to his member. She licked them before her tongue coiled back into her mouth, then gazed at him, examining him as his breath became ragged and his excitement mounted.

Was this some kind of game? A test? He remained stoic, resisting the overwhelming urge to simply grab her by the ears and force his member down her slippery gullet.

He whined as she cradled his balls in her downy hand, squeezing gently, then kissed his shaft, her lips pressing against the side, lingering for a moment as he throbbed hopelessly.

I will make you a deal, Dennis. If you can hold off long enough, I'll let you come deep in my throat, and I'll hold you there until you're spent. But, if you beg me to stop before I've had my fun, I'll cut you off before you finish.”

She leaned in again, taking his shaft in her hand gently, and pressed the surface of her tongue against the sensitive underside of his glans, dragging it slowly, torturously, enjoying the pained groan that escaped his lips as the tiny bumps stimulated him.

Where are you most sensitive, little human, where are you most vulnerable..?”

She dragged her claws over his inner thigh, leaving red streaks and making him gasp in surprise. She lowered her head between his legs, and he had to cover his mouth with a trembling hand to muffle a cry as her hot, slick tongue curled around his balls and her pouting lips teased the base of his member. The silky fur on her cheeks tickled his legs and he delved his fingers into her hair, gripping her as if it might somehow help.

She crawled her lips up his shaft, planting slow, hot kisses as she moved, then sucked the glans into her mouth, holding it for a moment, gazing up at him with her sapphire eyes and lapping gently at the precum that oozed from the tip.

Dennis covered his burning face with his hands, peeking through his fingers at her as she laughed at him, the vibrations translating into his member. His legs were going numb, her practiced tongue tormented him, it was almost unbearable. His lower lip began to tremble and Ursi eyed him eagerly, expecting a plea of mercy, but he composed himself, biting a finger instead.

She put a hand on his chest, pushing him into a prone position on the bed as his member left her warm mouth to pulse and ache in the comparatively cold air. She lifted her massive breasts, the flesh deforming and spilling over her hands as she raised the weighty globes over his waist. She dropped them heavily, like two bags of sand, the impact was strong enough to hurt his hips and push him deeper into the mattress. She pressed them around his cock, burying it in twin mountains of soft, furry breast meat. They were so large that despite being reasonably well endowed, his member was completely submerged in her bust. Her fat was impossibly soft, and her velvet fur tickled his skin, as she squeezed her mammoth breasts together, the yielding fat gave way to firm tissue.

You are always looking at them, you think I don't notice, but I do. Do you really like them so much? Have you wanted to do this for a long time?”

She began to raise them, struggling to find a grip in the supple flesh, then dropped them back down heavily, keeping his shaft squashed between them. The sheer size of her bust made it a little awkward and clumsy, but Ursi was grinning, enjoying herself and the effect she was having on Dennis. His precum and her thick saliva matted her silky fur, and he bucked and writhed as the warm, soft, and now wet cleavage enveloped him. She found a rhythm, sliding her breasts up and down his shaft, the impact nearly bruising his hips as she let her heavy breasts fall. It was not as intense as the cruel barbs of her feline tongue, but she was entirely right, he 'did' like them, her heavy bosom was always a distraction to him, now moreso that it had started to spill from her clothing like so much bread rising from a pan. She lifted her breasts again, her downy, damp fur teasing his glans, then dropped them, looking up at him with her reflective, blue eyes and smirking as his eyelids fluttered. He thrusted instinctively, driving his member deeper in search of further stimulation, and noticing his reflexive bucking she slowed and held her breasts steady, allowing him to fuck them.

Does it feel good, rutting in my cleavage?” She laughed at him, watching him wryly as he writhed hopelessly, her eyes low and sultry. Her tongue left her mouth to wet her lips, savoring his contortions and desperate gasps.

Do you give in?”

He shook his head, his lips pursed tightly as he tried to hold on.

Oh very well, I guess you have proven yourself. Here is your reward.”

She released him from her bosom, and without giving him a moment of reprieve, slammed her head down on his erect member. Her lips slid over his head and down his shaft, pressing against the base and driving his sore, throbbing cock deep into her slippery throat. The strong muscles of her gullet pressed around him, squeezing and massaging his most sensitive zone, while her hot, slimy tongue coiled along his length, slipping past her lower lip to tease his balls. Thick globs of her warm saliva slipped from her mouth as she drooled over him, leaking into his pubic hair. She held him, her hot throat spasming as it accommodated the foreign object, contracting and twitching around it as she suppressed her instinct to gag and eject him. Her tongue snaked back into her mouth, painting the tip of his cock with saliva, the rough surface tormenting every centimeter of his glans, and he pushed his palms into his eyes as the stimulation clawed at his nerves like burning irons. Ursi was a massive creature, with immense lung capacity, and she held him there as he writhed and groaned until long after a human would have passed out. She moaned softly as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva, the vibrations rumbling in her throat and her muscles flexing around him as if trying to drag him deeper. Finally she withdrew, sliding back up his shaft and wrapping her soft lips around the tip, holding his tender glans in her mouth and licking gently as her viscous saliva rolled down the length of his member in thick ropes, pooling on his belly and drenching his groin.

Before he could catch his breath she slammed her head down again, his cock jamming against the back of her throat, the surface of her tongue grazing the underside of his penis almost painfully. She withdrew again, slowly, crawling her puffy lips up his length while tickling him with the tip of her organ, gazing up at him gleefully. She circled the tip, wrapping her slimy, warm tongue around his glans and he whined, gripping the sheets with his hands, knuckles white as she pleasured him, vigorous and unforgiving.

She increased her pace, bobbing her head up and down on his erection, sucking and gurgling obscenely as she took him deep in her throat, lubricated by her thick drool, her deft tongue wringing him, trying to ease out his emission.

Come ih my mouf,” she commanded, her voice muffled as she tried to talk around his erection, her tongue and throat stimulating him as she spoke, and a string of saliva escaping from her shiny lips. She held his slick shaft in her warm hand, gripping it tightly, beginning to pump as she closed her lips around the tip.

She tortured him with her textured, slippery tongue, sucking eagerly as she milked him with her firm hand, and he felt his climax rising inside him. He arched his back, loosing an anguished moan, and exploded in her waiting jaws, thick jets of his semen hitting the back of her mouth and sliding down her throat. She wrung him with her hand, matching pace with his spasms and drawing out every last drop. Flares of pleasure burned in his brain, searing his neurons and making stars dance before his firmly shut eyes as she stroked him, her gullet contracting and tugging at him, swallowing the ropes of his emission as they came. It wasn't abating, the intense waves that rolled over him being drawn out by the nimble attentions of her tongue and her ruthless grip on his shaft. Ursi held him until he was spent, watching him with a smarmy expression as he twitched, euphoric afterglow flooding his body.

She made a point to swallow heavily when he glanced down at her through his haze of post-coital bliss, licking her lips as she watched his face burn with embarrassment. She smirked, and rose to her feet, crawling up onto the bed and on top of Dennis. Her fat breasts hung, swaying gently as she moved. She leaned down towards him, the heavy boobs resting on his torso, and mouthed his neck, pricking his skin with her sharp teeth. He smelled himself on her breath, and it sent a twinge of residual pleasure through his now diminishing member.

She closed her steely thighs around his waist and sat on him, pressing her clothed loins against his crotch, her excitement soaking through the fabric and leaking onto his flaccid penis. Her breasts hung from her chest, unsupported, bouncing slowly as they settled, and Ursi leered down at him.

Hurry up and get hard again, I want my turn.”

She gripped one weighty, supple breast in her hand, sinking her fingers into the silky fur and soft fat, deforming the flesh as he watched. The second hand rose to her other breast, kneading and clawing at the doughy meat, squeezing the two mounds together and playing with the pink, engorged nipples that protruded through her pristine, white coat. Dennis was captivated, his eyes playing over her voluptuous body as she ground her sopping loins against him, rolling her wide hips, teasing, trying to provoke his next erection. He reached his hands up and grasped at her torso, she was sat up straight and her inviting bosom was out of his reach. He sunk his hands into the fleece of her belly and hips, grasping at handfuls of her malleable flesh, her feathery hair like satin to the touch. He raised himself upright, running his hands over her welcoming body, his fingers questing, roving over her shapely form as he delved them into her pudgy ass, ran them up her spine and clawed at her thighs. He wanted, needed to fondle her, stroke her, grip every inch of her enticing flesh in his hands as if their emptiness was somehow unbearable to him.

Ursi laughed and squirmed, yelping as his fingers bit into the meat of her ass.

Dennis, that tickles!” She placed her hands on his shoulders, letting her boobs fall, and pinned him back down against the bed. Her lips curled into a sultry smile as she felt his renewed hardness pressing against her groin.

Getting a little aggressive, maybe I should remind you who is in charge?”

She lowered her face to his, and met his lips with one of her gentle, skilled kisses. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, the slimy, warm organ coiling around his own and grazing the back of his throat. Her practiced, placating kiss sent a shiver down his spine and relaxed his muscles, the familiar, metallic taste of her saliva teased his senses, followed by a vague hint of his own salty fluids. Her organ was impossibly long and flexible, as dexterous as her furry tail, and it roiled inside him like some kind of independent animal, filling his mouth. His eyes rolled back into his head and his heart fluttered as she probed, hot, slippery, impossible to fight. She sapped his strength, his will, he felt as if he might melt into a puddle of steaming goo where he lay, and he realized with a mixture of shame, and eager arousal, that he would do anything she asked of him, anything, if it meant this would continue.

She drew back, her lips lingering for a moment, then popped free with a smack, leaving Dennis panting and covering his red face with his arms. Ursi crooned, enjoying the reaction she had elicited in him, and came back down to whisper in his ear, the heat of her breath tingling his already burning skin.

Dennis, tell me that you love me.”

I-I do,” he stammered, still recovering from her sensuous embrace. Kissing Ursi was like taking a goddamn superlight jump, if you replaced the crippling pain and disruption to the nervous system with their polar opposites. 'Polar' he thought to himself, and chuckled, somewhat giddy from his orgasm and her ruthless attentions.

Focus, Denis,” Ursi murmured, biting his ear lightly with her pointed teeth.

She reached between her thick thighs and gripped his now stiff, pulsating shaft in her hand, stroking it gently, nursing it as she rubbed the tip against the damp clothing that concealed her loins.

She pulled the sodden fabric aside with her claw, exposing her flushed lips and freeing a thick strand of clear nectar that dripped down onto his cock. She rubbed her mound along his shaft, coating it in a glaze of her glistening excitement as she bit her lip in anticipation. Ursi rolled her heavy hips, repositioning herself, then pushed his glans against her opening. They gasped in unison as his member pushed her labia aside, exposing the delicate, pink flesh within, then entered her tunnel, her shuddering contractions pulling him deeper. She lowered herself gingerly, eyelids fluttering as she ate more of his length, eventually coming to a shivering halt as her mound hit his belly. Her immense weight pressed down on him, pushing him deeper into the mattress, and he felt her shiver, her powerful legs holding him in their vice grip as she rocked slowly.

She started to move, slowly at first, then faster, increasing her pace as she slammed down on him and her excitement rose. Her massive breasts bounced, rising and falling with her powerful thrusts, and Dennis was pressed deep into the bed, the springs creaking under her weight. He was still sensitive from the previous round, and the fever hot, slippery walls of her tunnel gripped him almost painfully, burnishing his shaft and rippling with muscle spasms that sent bolts of tingling electricity through his beleaguered body.

Ursi was in a fugue, her head lolled back and she gripped one of her heavy boobs, kneading it and pinching the protruding nipple between her fingers, her other hand resting on Dennis's chest to steady her as she pounded. Her breath came in ragged gasps, and Dennis winced as her felt her vagina closing around him, compressing and strangling, her steely muscles doing their best to wring out his climax. She was so warm, so wet, her juices leaking slowly from her entrance every time she pressed down on him, the suction and pressure almost unbearable. He covered his face with his hands, digging his fingers into his skin, and seeing his anguish Ursi leaned down, beginning to roll her wide hips, stirring his member around inside her and twisting the tight, textured walls around him. Her long, white hair fell about his face and her hot breath tickled his cheek as she drew closer to watch his reaction. Her bust hung, swaying as she moved, and she pulled his hands away from his face, holding them above his head. Her fuzzy tail coiled up, long and dexterous, the prehensile appendage wrapping his wrists and tying them like a rope, holding them there.

She brought her hands to his cheeks, the fluff of her furry palms like silk on his skin, and cradled his face, gazing down lovingly, lustfully as he blushed and writhed underneath her.

I like it...when your face,” she panted, biting her lower lip with her pointed teeth. “You can't hide it, you can't control it, your body responds to me and there is nothing you can do about it.”

She lowered her face, locking lips with him suddenly and violently, her thick, powerful tongue invading his mouth in an obscene kiss that made the hair on his arms stand up. She moaned softly, overcome by her arousal and inebriation, her embrace at once needy and gentle. Her rough organ coiled around his tongue, her soft lips wrestling with his, and he brought his hands up to her velvet cheeks. They were locked together, tongues entwined, gripping each other as if their lives depended on it as their hips moved in sync, every thrust driving them closer to the edge. Ursi broke off the kiss, pressing her forehead against his and locking eyes, lids fluttering as she pumped up and down, bent double to reach him due to her exaggerated height.

I-I'm in love with you, Dennis,” she stammered, slurring a little, she brushed his cheek with her hand affectionately, her tone earnest. “What do I do about that? How do two people who are so different make it work?” already works,” Dennis replied, returning the gesture, combing the fur of her cheek with his fingertips.

You are a romantic, always trailing behind me, making me feel loved...” She kissed him again, softly this time, slowing the thrusting of her hips to a more leisurely pace, placating, sending shivers of pleasure up through his spine. “I have to be drunk...before I can tell you how I really feel. Do you hate me for that?”

You don't need to say anything, Ursi,” she cut short his chuckle with a downward thrust that sent points of light dancing before his retinas, blurring his vision as she loomed over him. “Every time you scratch my head, every time you hold me close to you, every time you kiss me, I can feel it. That's worth more to me than...just words.” She cocked her head, gazing at him as the firelight reflected in her eyes.

You always know what to say to make me happy, Dennis. You are more of a diplomat than you realize.”

She uncoiled her tail from his wrists and lifted him off the bed into a sitting position, wrapping her arms around him, her fur tickling his naked chest, and she delved her fingers into his hair, smothering him in her ample cleavage. He hugged her massive body as best he could, his fingers questing for her yielding flesh, gripping handfuls of her silken fur. She snaked her sinewy tail around their bodies, tying them together as she began to thrust more powerfully, bouncing up and down as they clung to each other. Their lovemaking rose to a fever pitch, Dennis' groans muffled by her weighty breasts as Ursi's dull claws raked his back, lost in the haze of pleasure that overcame them.

Her grip on him became momentarily painful, her strong arms squeezing the air out of him as she started to come, the strong, rhythmic, shuddering contractions of her insides crushing his member, forcing out his own orgasm as he tugged at her fur, his fists as white as her coat. Ursi let slip a cry he had never heard her make before, like the mewling of a kitten, and she shut her eyes tightly, rolling her hips reflexively as she strived to urge out every last desperate convulsion and exquisite jolt of pleasure. Dennis loosed a primal grunt, his emission leaving him in thick spurts that flooded Ursi's tunnel, her shivering coaxing out more as she reacted to the feeling of his warm semen coating her insides.

They moved together, the waves of intense pleasure crashing over them, panting and clawing at each other as time lost all meaning and the world around them fell away.

Dennis leaned back against Ursi's soft fur, she was propped up against a pile of pillows, her arms draped around him as they basked in their afterglow and the warmth of the dancing fire. The orange light painted flickering shadows across the room, and Dennis relaxed against her warm, chubby body, feeling the beating of her powerful heart and the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Her warm breath tickled the top of his head as she breathed, ruffling his hair, and her tail snaked affectionately around one of his legs.

Ursi had been right, they had been so busy on Borealis, constantly occupied, with a few scant days free from the stress and political maneuvering. Sometimes it was good to just sit, and exist, to appreciate the small things. Ursi's body heat permeated him, warming him down to the bone as her downy fur pressed against his bare skin, and she brought up a hand to stroke his head, scratching his scalp gently in the way that he liked. He pushed his head back against the cushion of her bust, enjoying the sensation.

Sleep, if you want,” she whispered, “I am comfortable here.”

He ran his fingers through the soft hair of her massive leg, squeezing the pliable flesh in his hand and feeling the muscles beneath, like steel cables. He felt a fluttering in his chest as Ursi leaned in and kissed his neck, nuzzling and mouthing, sending pleasant shivers down his spine. He turned on his side, sliding a little further down her tall body, resting his head against the soft paunch of her belly. Her fur tickled his cheek, and he lay between her thighs. She closed them around him a little tighter, surrounding him in her comfortable fat and silky coat.

Ursi found his hair again, running her claws through it, and he drifted off to sleep.

The village was finished, Dennis walked through it, gazing at the dozen or so log cabins that had sprung up so quickly over the past few days. Grey smoke drifted lazily from the holes in their roofs, a fire lit within each one, and the Borealans had been stockpiling firewood on a scale that boggled his mind, along with the necessary resources for the next wave of colonists. Ursi trudged through the snow beside him, appraising her new domain, her ample chest spilling over the straps of her clothing that barely contained it. It was a ceaseless distraction to him, her ass was progressing along much the same lines as her bust, the meaty globes straining against her clothing to the point that he was surprised it didn't simply tear at the seams.

You are staring again, Dennis,” she chuckled, then shot him a look of mock outrage. “How lecherous of you, wait until we get home at least!”

He reddened and muttered under his breath, his heavy boots crunching in the crisp snow. Ursi was in a great mood, they had used the communications equipment he had ordered from the Russians to contact Petrov at the ministry, who had then sent word to dispatch a colony ship to bring back more Borealans. The Russian Federation had a substantial fleet, and several massive, jump capable colony ships that they had commissioned, intending to eventually use them to establish Russian colonies when suitable planets were located. For now, at least one would be used to ferry a larger number of Polars back from Borealis to fill out the population in the burgeoning republic.

They even had a flag now, Dennis had shown Ursi the design he had been working on, and she had approved, having one of her artisans sew the design which now flew proudly above the longhouse. An ice blue background, cut diagonally with a black line framed in white, with a white lion wearing a stylized crown rearing up on its hind legs in the center. The noble standard fluttered in the chill wind, a true declaration of their status as a real nation.

When the next group of colonists arrive, they will start building around these dwellings in a wider ring, I may have to start doing some actual municipal planning soon,” Ursi mused, scratching her chin, probably imagining what it might look like and how she would direct the infrastructure.

One day, in a hundred years maybe, they're going to have a statue of you here Ursi, right in the middle of the old town square.”

She grinned, looking down at him, he couldn't see her blush due to her fur, but he knew it was happening.

You are a flatterer Dennis, but I think it may be your statue, rather than mine, that stands in our future city. My people love and respect me, but they recognize that this was more your doing than mine, and they appreciate it. Whenever Kaisha is near you, for example, I can smell her arousal.” Ursi chuckled, putting her hand to her mouth as Dennis' face turned a shade of crimson. “I know, I know, humans cannot smell it, nor much of anything really, but were you to invite her to join us for a night, I believe she would appreciate it.”

They walked back in the direction of the longhouse, and Ursi's eyes lit up as they entered through the heavy, wooden doors. The hunting party had returned, with more sheep, and even a couple of deer. Mutton and venison tonight then, Ursi wet her lips at the sight of the still fresh meat, dripping with blood. Dennis sometimes forgot that she was a predator, she might be civilized and docile now, but her ancestors would have torn into still living flesh with their sharp teeth, tearing away chunks of meat with their powerful jaws. Ursi pulled herself away from the spectacle, sitting at one of the dining tables in the center of the room. She barked something to one of the Borealans who milled about in the space, and he left to retrieve food for her. Dennis climbed up on one of the tall, plastic stools beside her, they were alone at the table besides one alien who was working on a tapestry, which appeared to depict their journey on the Navarin, complete with some very dizzy and unhappy looking characters.

Her subject brought her one of her favorite snacks, some fresh sheep bones and a few cheeseburgers from her diminishing stocks, warmed crudely over the fire. She ate a burger whole, savoring the salt and grease that her kind so enjoyed, licking her lips with her long tongue as she picked up one of the bones. She placed it between her teeth, jaw muscles bulging as she snapped it, splintering the bone and exposing the fresh, nutritious marrow within, which she sucked out noisily.

Dinner looks good, have you ever eaten venison Dennis?”

He shook his head, watching the Borealan butchers separate a fawn from its hide.

It smells good though,” he added. “Can I have a burger?”

She passed him one of her cheeseburgers, the bun slightly toasted, and took a large bite. They really were good, so much human food was a recipe for disaster with the Borealans, the grease, oils, cheese, salt, all packed into such a concentrated, deceptively small package.

I thought you didn't like those? You said they were bad for the health,” Ursi mumbled, picking her teeth with her claw in an attempt to remove a stray shard of bone.

I like them, but in moderation, which is something you're going to need to learn if you want to live on Earth.”

Yes yes, I have heard this before. It is hard to change the eating habits of a lifetime, Dennis. What was fine on Borealis is not fine here, and it will take me time to adjust. In the meantime, let me enjoy my cheesy burgers.”


With nightfall came another feast, and the pack, or the village, as he could now call them, crowded the dining tables waiting for their meat. The butchers brought the freshly cooked kills, and the usual flurry of activity followed, the Borealans tearing into the platters of food with their hooked claws and sharp teeth. Ursi seemed to like the venison, savoring the soft, tender meat and taking her time to chew it, the mutton however she wolfed down with abandon, it barely touched the sides. Looking around the table at the other aliens, Dennis remarked that a handful of them were also putting on weight. Ursi was not the only one who was overindulging it seemed. He wondered if he should do something about it as he chewed a piece of jerked moose, try to make them more aware of the impact the change in environment was having on their bodies. If he didn't make sure they were informed, who would? Even the petite (by Borealan standards) Kaisha was filling out, though it looked good on her previously svelte body, her breasts and hips swelling to accentuate her figure.

He felt his member twinge under the table, and looked away, concentrating on his meal. Ursi eyed him with a sly, sideways glance, her lips curling into a knowing smile. She leaned closer to him, smirking and whispering under her breath.

If you will not ask her Dennis, I will.”

His face burned, could Ursi smell arousal on him? The damned aliens had keen noses, or did she just know him well enough to see right through him? Probably the latter. He cleared his throat, and changed the subject quickly.

Ursi, I want to hold a meeting in the longhouse, and I want all the Borealans to attend.”

Whatever for?” She chewed a mouthful of venison, the juices from the succulent cut escaping her lips to stain her fur as she spoke.

You're all eating too much, and it has become a matter of public health.”

She rolled her eyes, an oddly human gesture, and hooked another slab of mutton with her claws.

I'm serious, Ursi. It's not just you, the pack needs to be informed about the problem. I understand that no Borealan has ever needed to watch their diet before, but you must adapt to your new environment.”

She dangled the meat above her mouth, letting it fall, catching it in her teeth and munching wetly. Was she mocking him?

Do it as a favor to me.”

She swallowed, then sighed, leaning on the table with her head in her hands.

Fine Dennis. You may have your meeting, and once it is done, will you drop this issue?”

He nodded.

All I want is for everyone to be made aware of the problem, afterwards it's their own responsibility to do something about it. That goes for you too.”

I have but one condition.”

What's that,” he asked suspiciously, crossing his arms. Ursi smirked, a mischievous glint in her eye as she glanced over the table at Kaisha. She turned back to Dennis, whispering again.

Bring Kaisha back to our cabin tonight.”

H-how am I supposed to that? I can't speak Borealan...” She grinned as his face burned red and he shifted uncomfortably on his plastic stool.

Figure it out. I know that you like her, and I want her too. I could just order it, but it is more fun to watch you struggle.”

You're unbelievable, you know that?”

So I have been told...” She popped another burger into her mouth, barely the size of a small sandwich to her, and chewed while maintaining eye contact with him, unable to keep a straight face as her lips curled into a wry smile.

One of the Borealans brought them a round of drinks and tobacco pipes, and Ursi puffed contentedly, chewing on a bone and taking the occasional sip of her pink beverage. She seemed to be taking her time with it today, perhaps wanting to remain sober for what she imagined would be a fun night of toying with him and Kaisha. As much as it hurt his pride to have Ursi lead him around by the nose, he also enjoyed it on a lower, more base level. The conflict he felt when she treated him like that was almost becoming arousing in itself. She loved him, but she had a sadistic streak that usually resulted in him, and unfortunate bystanders, being left in a shivering, panting wreck of tangled limbs and loins.

Stop thinking about it, and just do it! She will be leaving soon, when the tobacco runs out.”

He shot her a distressed look, then climbed gingerly down from his stool, walking past the other seated Borealans and over to where Kaisha was sat, one of the long pipes dangling from her lips, trailing grey smoke lazily as she puffed. Dennis straightened his tie nervously, glancing back at Ursi for support, but she was smirking, eagerly awaiting the spectacle she sought to create.

Er...excuse me,” Dennis muttered meekly, and Kaisha turned to look around. Finding nobody at eye level, she looked down to see him standing beside her stool. She burbled something in Borealan, a greeting of some kind? A simple acknowledgment? Impossible to say. How the hell was he supposed to ask her anything when they didn't share a common language? His face burned and he felt Ursi's gleeful stare on his back.

Ursi wanted to know...well, I wanted to ask you if you'd like...if you'd care to join us, me and Ursi, tonight in our cabin for...for...”

Kaisha cocked her head at him, confused, and he heard Ursi slam the table with her fist, laughing riotously as he stammered and wrung his hands. She let him steam for another few moments, then composed herself and called something across the table in their native language. Kaisha looked surprised for a second, then her expression softened and she looked back at Dennis, smiling warmly. She nodded.

Come back Dennis!” Ursi chuckled, taking another drink as he marched back to his stool, face bright red.

You are a funny creature Dennis, I cannot help myself. Do not be angry, I'll make it up to you, and so will Kaisha...”

He bit off a mouthful of dried moose jerky and chewed, waiting for his face to cool down.

Night fell, and the Borealans filed out of the longhouse, returning to their private dwellings, full of meat and some quite tipsy, staggering though the snow. Dennis trailed behind Ursi as she left through the heavy, wooden doors and into the cold wind, her fur blowing in the chill breeze. Dennis hugged his arms to his body, he wanted to get back to the warmth of the fire at their cabin as soon as possible. He felt something furry grip his hand, and turned his head to see Kaisha standing beside him. She smiled, interlocking her fluffy fingers with his, her warmth spreading up through his arm. He blushed again, and Ursi chuckled.

Well, now that everyone is here, let us return home.”

They walked back through the snow to Ursi's cabin, it was very close to the longhouse so they didn't have to go far. They pushed the door open, and Dennis removed his snow caked boots at the threshold so as not to track it across the floorboards. The trio sat on the wooden benches, padded with soft fabric that encircled the fire in the center of the building, and warmed themselves as the flames licked at the stone that enclosed them.

Dennis rubbed his hands, reaching towards the fire. He felt a bit awkward, when Ursi had included people in their...activities, in the past, it had been very spontaneous and Dennis hadn't had much of a say in the matter, this was the first time he had known about it it in advance. He snuck a glance at Kaisha, who was waiting patiently, the embers painting her white fur in an orange flow.

She was short for a Borealan, closer to his height than Ursi's nine feet, but still much taller than him. As he had remarked at the dining table, her previously svelte, slight figure was filling out. Her breasts paled in comparison to Ursi's exaggerated pair, but they were no less shapely, hanging heavily in her immodest clothing as she leaned towards the warmth.

They sat for a while in silence, before Ursi nudged him with her elbow, leaning down and whispering in his ear.

What are you waiting for? You like her, do you not? I can smell that she likes you.”

Before he could stammer an answer she pushed him along the bench until he was beside Kaisha, and she looked down at him, curious. Her furry ears swiveled to focus on him, and she blinked her big, blue eyes at him. Ursi pressed up behind him, her breasts pushing against the back of his head through her tight, revealing top. She wrapped her arms around his chest, and bit his ear softly. He flinched, and his face burned as Kaisha watched them, seemingly unsure of how to react. Ursi whispered to him again, her warm breath on his neck as she nuzzled.

You want her, so reach out, and take her.”

He raised an unsteady hand, and Kaisha tracked it with her eyes. He sunk his fingers into the downy fur of her thigh, pressing them into the soft fat. She rubbed them together, seeming to enjoy the sensation, then gripped his wrist, guiding it up her body, over her doughy belly and under the strap that held her bust aloft. Her eyelids fluttered as the meat of her ample breast spilled around his fingers, and he delved into the inviting, malleable flesh.

That's right,” Ursi encouraged, he could hear her breathing more heavily in his ear as she watched him grope Kaisha, a hint of anticipation in her tone as she squeezed his torso in her strong arms. She hissed something in Borealan to Kaisha, and the girl released Dennis' hand, leaning closer and caressing his cheek with her clawed fingers. She loomed over him, blocking out the light from the fireplace and casting him into shadow as she pressed her soft lips gently against his. Ursi leered at them, her hot breath tickling him as she watched Kaisha's tongue push past his lips and into his mouth. Her embrace was slow and strong, the muscle of her tongue exploring him, the rough surface grazing his organ and the tapered tip touching against the roof of his mouth and the back of his throat, sending sparks of pleasure through his nervous system. She tasted vaguely of the tobacco they smoked, and a hint of sweet, fruity flavor from their traditional alcohol. She raised a second hand to his other cheek, cradling his face in her velvet palms as she kissed more earnestly now, sliding a little closer to him on the bench. Ursi pricked his neck with her teeth, in the way that she knew would bring him to his knees, and he gasped, a shiver running down his spine as he collapsed backwards into her, Kaisha following him down, keeping her smooth lips locked to his. She licked rhythmically, wrestling with Dennis as Ursi forced shudders and gasps from him, exploiting his every weak spot with her gentle bites and raking tongue. His mind was a haze, and his erection strained against his pants, throbbing in time with his heart as it threatened to leap from his chest.

He was leaning back against Ursi, whose legs were to either side of the bench, straddling it as she hugged him to her body, and Kaisha had taken up the opposite position, one leg to either side of the bench, and she now crawled closer in order to perch over his lap, not quite sitting on him, perhaps for fear of crushing him. Dennis felt one of Ursi's arms leave his torso and sneak down his back, disappearing between her thighs. Her chest rose and fell a little faster, her breathing becoming more ragged as she mouthed and kissed his neck, craning her head down to reach the smaller human.

Kaisha's tongue uncoiled from inside his mouth, an obscene length that he wouldn't have believed would fit, teasing his lips on the way out. Dennis gasped, shivering and panting, Ursi's warm saliva coating his neck and Kaisha's dripping from his chin. Ursi trapped his earlobe between her teeth and tugged, jolting him out of his fugue.

She mumbled something to Kaisha, who rose to her height, pressing her breasts into Dennis' face as she met Ursi's embrace, their pink, slippery tongues entwined like snakes as Dennis looked up at them from below, catching a stray string of saliva on his forehead. The two of them tussled, kissing aggressively, their downy fur rubbing against him on all sides, the meat of their weighty breasts enveloping his head as they squeezed together.

Ursi buried her hands in Kaisha's long mane of hair, gripping handfuls as their long kiss dragged out. It was clear who was in control, and that this encounter was as much for Ursi's amusement as it was for him to get together with Kaisha, less about Dennis and Kaisha than about Ursi and her ravenous sexual appetite. Still, he felt as if his brain might boil out of his skull as the two aliens battled and clawed at each other all around him.

Ursi broke away with a wet pop, leaving Kaisha to sink into Dennis, panting and shivering after being subjected to one of Ursi's stamina-draining kisses.

Dennis...let's go to bed,” Ursi crooned, and after repeating the command to Kaisha in Borealan, she wrapped her powerful arms around them both, lifting them by the waist like dolls. She carried them to the bedroom, Kaisha covering her face with her hands as she bounced under Ursi’s arm, embarrassed, or perhaps just surprised by Ursi’s manhandling. Ursi was so strong, Kaisha was a great deal heavier than him, but as a result of the low gravity and Ursi’s already impressive muscle mass, she hefted the pair effortlessly. She placed them beside the bed unceremoniously, then dropped down on the mattress, the springs creaking with the stress of supporting her massive frame. She lay back against the pile of pillows with her legs splayed, then beckoned for the two of them to join her. Being significantly smaller than Ursi, Kaisha was able to fit between her soft thighs, along with Dennis, and the two embraced as Ursi enclosed them in her limbs. They leaned on her cushiony body, one of Ursi's arms around each of them as they pressed closer together.

Dennis rubbed his face in Ursi's silky fur, her protruding belly like a pillow, digging his fingers into her yielding body as her one of her heavy breasts rested on his head. He was distracted by Kaisha trying to pull off his pants, and suddenly both aliens were tearing off his clothes. Ursi pulled his shirt over his head and Kaisha succeeded in undoing his belt and tugging off his pants, his erection bouncing loose. Their delicate hair tickled his skin, inviting, like a blanket made from animal pelt, and he jerked, feeling Ursi run her dull claws down his spine.

You look like you are about to fall apart, Dennis. I can arrange that, in time I can make you pass out from the things I will do to you, but for now, pleasure me.”

She barked an order at Kaisha in their hissing, feline language, and she bowed her head, beginning to move towards Ursi's open thighs.

She will do anything I tell her to do, because I am her Alpha, and you, Dennis,” she lifted his burning face with her finger, gazing down at him as his breath came in ragged gasps, his hand squeezing the irresistible chub of her plump body. “You will do anything I tell you, because you love me.”

She said it so confidently, simply stating a fact, but the declaration made his heart throb in his chest, and sent butterflies roiling through his belly. He didn't want to admit it, but she was right. At this moment he would have done anything she asked of him, no matter how obscene or undignified, if it would please her. Seeing the submission in his expression, she crooned, running her claws through his hair, and he lowered his head to join Kaisha, Ursi practically drooling in anticipation.

Stroke my thighs, kiss my belly, make it good...”

He felt Ursi flinch as Kaisha dragged her long, textured tongue up her vulva, her flowing nectar wetting Kaisha's face, matting her fur. Dennis gripped Ursi's inner thigh, combing her velvet coat with his fingers, and she squirmed, looking down at them over the obscuring mounds of her breasts as they mouthed and kissed. She gripped Kaisha by the hair, tugging and directing her as Dennis watched her pink organ slip inside Ursi's leaking opening, extending her tongue to its full length. His cock jumped at the sight, she must be as deep inside Ursi as his member could reach, and judging by Ursi's squeaks and pained gasps, she was licking her insides, teasing her deepest and most sensitive spots.

Refusing to be outdone, Dennis leaned down, and Kaisha made space for him as he pressed his lips against the hood of skin that protected Ursi's clitoris. Ursi let out a groan, almost sounding afraid as he probed for her engorged protrusion with the tip of his tongue. He found it, and pressed his lips around it, teasing the stiff surface with glancing licks.

Now it was Ursi's turn to cover her face with her hands, exhaling a cry that sounded like an angry kitten. She tried to close her thighs on them reflexively, but Dennis and Kaisha held them open, sinking their hands into the fur and massaging the supple flesh beneath.

Kaisha increased her pace, practically fucking Ursi with her long, agile tongue, and Dennis mouthed her sopping mound gently, trapping her hard nub of flesh between his lips, sucking and lapping at it. It was a little hard to stay on target as Ursi bucked and arched her back, rolling her hips in a primal attempt to get more stimulation, to drive Kaisha deeper inside her.

They moved their hands through the fur of her thighs, over her belly, squeezing her chubby butt and stroking her pubic mound. Ursi writhed and moaned, the usually composed and domineering queen threatening to break as they tormented her, ropes of her thick, viscous excitement dampening her thighs and staining the bed sheets. Her tail coiled around Dennis' arm, tightening as she glared down at him. She seemed almost pissed off that they were having such a powerful effect on her. He circled her clitoris with his tongue and she threw her head back into the pillows, gritting her teeth, sharp fangs exposed.

She cursed in her native tongue, gripping her breasts and kneading them violently, deforming the tender flesh under her fingers, growling and twitching as Kaisha coiled inside her.

D-don't stop, do not stop,” she growled, “I'm...almost....”

She shuddered violently, her powerful, steely muscles locking up, her back arched high into the air, and she let out a low whine. Kaisha coughed below him, her mouth flooded with Ursi's emission, thick globs of it sliding down her chin. They held on to her as best they could as she humped the air, maintaining their assault on her, the proud monarch reduced to a shivering, leaking wreck as she finally fell back to the bed, twitching and panting. Her thighs, mound, Kaisha's face and the bed below were a sodden mess, dripping with her juices.

The pair mouthed and kissed gently now, teasing out the last few jolts of pleasure as Ursi's massive body relaxed, her thighs still shuddering gently.

Dennis crept up her body, coming to rest with his face buried in her furry neck, and his raging erection pushing into her paunchy belly. Kaisha soon joined him, wrapping her arms around her queen and making slow circles on her lower abdomen with her hand.

Ursi basked in the afterglow, turning her head to press her lips against Dennis', slipping her meaty tongue into his mouth and delivering a grateful, reconciliatory kiss that made his head spin, tugging his lower lip in her teeth as she withdrew.

Let me rest a moment,” she gasped, her voice cracking, “and then I will have my revenge.”

A pang of arousal and excitement tickled the back of his mind, followed by a mild apprehension. He knew Ursi well enough to know that she really could do things to him that would test his sanity, but he wanted it, the thought electrified him, and he ground his stiff, aching member into the yielding flesh of her belly.

She gripped it in her hand, closing her fluffy fist around his shaft and squeezing harshly, he gasped, clinging to her fur as a wave of pleasure traveled up through his body.

I will deal with you in good time.”

With her other hand she angled Kaisha's face towards her, whispering something in Borealan, instructions of some kind for sure. Kaisha nodded and moved down again, rolling over Ursi and crawling on top of Denis, her white hair falling about his waist. Ursi rolled him over into his back, he felt Kaisha's warm breath on the tip of his member, and bit his lip, knowing what was surely coming.

She slid her lips around his glans, her face still matted with Ursi's come, and teased it with her dexterous tongue. His gasp was cut off as Ursi wrapped her large hand around his neck, the sensation of her claws grazing his jugular making him flinch. She rolled onto her side to get a better view of him, her massive breasts falling heavily, not gripping tightly enough to choke him, but enough to make him feel vulnerable.

He felt Kaisha ease her smooth lips down his shaft, the surface of her textured tongue dragging across the sensitive underside oh his member, her warm saliva coating it. The sensation was amplified by his compromising position and he groaned, feeling her tongue worm under his foreskin.

Ursi pinched his earlobe in her teeth, then ran her tongue across his red cheek, tasting his sweat. He half expected the saliva to boil away on his feverish skin. She whispered, low and lurid, her lips glancing his ear.

Do you like it? The feeling of her throat closing around your cock?”

Kaisha's lips reached the base of his member, she held it in her tight gullet as it pulsed and ached, Ursi's still warm come dripping from her chin and into his pubic hair. Her throat muscles gripped him, massaging and teasing.

Ursi released her grip on his throat, pushing her face into the nape of his neck and scouring his skin with her rough tongue, he gasped as she pressed her sharp teeth against his carotid artery. She chuckled at his reaction, his body tensing up, then she closed her lips into a sucking kiss, leaving a red mark.

She wants you to mate with her, I can smell it, drooling from between her thighs.”

His face burned crimson, and she stroked his cheek with her fleecy fingers.

T-that...that's-” she cut him off again, nipping his shoulder with her teeth.

I love to see you red, embarrassed...” She continued to mouthe and kiss, as Kaisha withdrew, leaving strands of her bubbling saliva that rolled down the length of his shaft. Again she trapped his glans between her puffy lips, painting the tip with her tongue, the innumerable tiny papillae tormenting him.

As Kaisha lowered her head again, taking Dennis deep in her spasming esophagus, Ursi gripped his hair, turning his head so that she could part his lips with her slippery tongue and invade his mouth. He gagged a little as she forced it down his throat, thick and undulating, her previous grace and dexterity forgotten as she ravished him with her slimy organ. She caught his tongue, binding it, he tried to wrest it free but she held him, the copper taste of her flooding his head. Tears welled in his eyes, and his member pulsed and jumped inside Kaisha's hot maw, the smooth texture of her inner cheeks squeezing around his glans as she drew back once more, her pace slow and cruel.

Dennis was overcome by her penetrating kiss, and raised his hand to her face, stroking her silky cheek, desperate for her to continue. She gripped his wrist and pinned his arm to the bed, her tongue roving ever more fervently, leaving him barely enough room to take shuddering breaths.

He felt as if his brain might liquefy and run out of his ears, the stimulation was too intense, overwhelming his senses, sending electric shocks through his nervous system. Kaisha bobbed her head more fervently, lubricated by her viscous saliva, the bawdy sounds of her chocking and slurping rising to his ears as Ursi continued her ravenous embrace.

He felt his orgasm welling inside him, digging his fingers into Ursi's fur, fists clenched as his hips started to rise from the mattress. She released him, her long tongue winding back between her lips, and barked at Kaisha.

Kaisha gripped the base of his shaft, cutting off his rising climax, and he groaned, falling back to the bed.

Every time...” He complained.

Ursi grinned down at him, drinking in his pained expression.

Not until I say, Dennis.”

She rose from the bed, pulling him upright by the arm, and warbled something to Kaisha, who slid down to the end of the mattress and lay with her torso on the bed, knees on the floor, presenting herself to them. Ursi wrapped her arms around Dennis, hugging his back to her stomach, her cleavage parting around his head. She angled him towards Kaisha, whose tail flicked back and forth expectantly. Kaisha reached back, parting one of her plump, round cheeks with her fingers, exposing her pink sex as it drooled a steady stream of clear, stringy liquid that matted her thighs. Ursi leaned her head down to Dennis' ear, her voice quiet and seductive.

She is ready for you, she can barely control herself. Fuck her for me.”

Ursi urged him closer, inching his erection towards Kaisha's waiting entrance, the sheer heat of her loins radiating outwards and tingling his glans, still sore and tender from the ruthless blowjob. He heard Ursi wet her lips, her eyes locked on Kaisha's exposed vulva, glistening and twitching in anticipation. She was practically grinding against his back, he could feel her damp fur on his skin.

She gripped his shaft in her hand, directing it, and he bit his lip as Ursi slid the head up and down Kaisha's slick opening. The prone girl shuddered, her moan muffled by a pillow. Ursi found her vagina, pushing Dennis' glans inside, then releasing him from her furry hand as she ground her hips against him, pushing him further inside Kaisha. He felt her tight hole contract around him, gripping his cock and sucking it deeper. Ursi's arms were back around his chest, her heavy boobs putting weight on his shoulders as she leaned over his head to watch his member enter the squirming Borealan.

Ursi held him in her arms, rolling her hips against his back, dictating his pace. Was she using him as some kind of surrogate? When he tried to push deeper, she lowered an arm to his belly, slowing him, controlling his movements in her gentle, yet firm embrace.

Go slow, tease her a little...”

Kaisha lay still, shaking gently as Dennis' hot, throbbing shaft scoured the slippery walls of her tunnel, her muscles undulating and squeezing, he could feel every twitch and gasp as it rippled up through his cock. She was submitting fully, lying on her belly, arms limp at her sides, her shapely ass raised in the air, attractive and inviting. He sunk a hand into her cheek, digging his fingers into the doughy fat, and she flexed, the muscle beneath rising to meet him. Was she submitting to him, or to Ursi? Her tail flicked back and forth, the soft tuft tickling his chest.

Ursi pushed him deeper, and he gasped, Kaisha flinching and contracting around him as he reached her depths, his glans meeting resistance. Ursi breathed heavily, watching intently as Kaisha's juices leaked around his cock, her grip around Dennis growing tighter. She pulled him back out, Kaisha buried her face in the pillow, her hips shaking as Dennis dragged his member out of her, her textured flesh gripping him like a glove.

Ursi pulled him all the way out, his cock bouncing in the air, throbbing as thick, clear strings of Kaisha's nectar linked it to her splayed, quivering labia. Ursi bit her lip, tracing Dennis' member from base to tip with her finger, scraping off a blob of the viscous liquid and making him jump as her spongy pad grazed the tip. She played with it, holding up her finger and watching the almost gelatinous glob drip slowly from her claw. It fell to the ground, and she turned her lurid attention back to Dennis, holding him a little tighter than was comfortable and forcing him back inside Kaisha's waiting hole.

She moved faster now, pushing Dennis' hips from behind so that they slapped against Kaisha's soft ass, each thrust punctuated by one of her low cries and an arching of her back. Dennis delved his fingers into the meat of her butt, clawing and kneading as he moved. She was as tight as she had been the first time he had encountered her, her pelvic floor muscles were like iron, her silken walls narrowing around his invading member and constricting, wrapping him in wet flesh.

Ursi brought a palm to his hot face, stroking his cheek and gazing at him with her blue eyes as she made him fuck Kaisha, watching his expressions and listening to his grunts. Even though he was on top of the writhing alien, he didn't feel in control, both parties were under Ursi's thumb, mere actors in a play she was putting on for her own amusement.

She reached out one of her large hands and caught Kaisha's wriggling tail, giving it a harsh tug that made the girl tremble around Dennis' buried member and loose a sharp gasp. She looked back over her shoulder at them, her expression somehow conveying both pain and obedient, compliant arousal. Her eyelids fluttered and she turned back, sinking her teeth into one of the feather pillows as Ursi rewarded her with another yank, Kaisha's thighs quaking as Ursi thrust him deeper. She increased the pace, her wide, heavy hips hitting him from behind and driving him inexorably faster, stronger, unconcerned with their gasps and cries, indifferent to their jerking bodies as she watched Dennis' member push in and out of Kaisha, her flowing emissions dangling from her soaking pubic mound and her hands gripping the bed sheets in desperation.

Ursi's breathing was strained, aroused almost beyond reason as she lowered her mouth to his ear, a rope of her warm saliva falling on his neck.

Come inside her, all the way inside, I want to watch it pour out of her...”

She dragged her rough tongue across his skin, sending sparks of pleasure through his brain. Ursi slowed him a little, the thrusts now heavy and methodical, knocking him from behind and almost driving the air out of his lungs as Kaisha whined beneath him, his cock slamming her most intimate reaches with more force than he would be able to muster on his own. His hips were numb and his member was inflamed, throbbing almost painfully, the dull ache of impending climax washing up through his torso.

Fill her belly,” Ursi whispered obscenely, pausing to pinch his ear in her teeth. “Flood her...”

He lolled his head back into her fat breasts, like two weighty bags of sand as their downy fur tickled his cheeks. He looked up at her, leering over him, her eyes unfocused, lids heavy.

Are you expecting a kiss, little one? Very well.”

He opened his mouth to reply, but she rammed her thick tongue down his throat, his head upside down in relation to hers, gripping his face in her fluffy fingers, claws pricking his cheeks. At the same time she pulled Kaisha's tail again, and this time the girl's hands shot between her legs, rubbing her mound furiously as her juices dripped over her fingers and she wrung Dennis with her powerful, rippling contractions.

Beset at both ends by hot, wet, melting pleasure, Dennis succumbed, his cries silenced by Ursi's selfish kiss as her hot organ filled his mouth, writhing and exploring, filling his cheeks. He bucked and struggled, but Ursi gripped him in her arms, holding him like a vice as Kaisha pushed against him from the front, her muscles squeezing his member tightly inside her. Her orgasm milked him as he shot his copious load into her, the thick ropes hitting her depths with enough force to elicit low yelps of surprise and base, instinctual gratification.

Ursi released him, her long tongue returning to her mouth. Lost in a haze of orgasmic pleasure he almost fell, his knees giving out, but she propped him up with her hand, steadying him as he gave Kaisha the last of his emission. She tugged him back a little, and his receding member slipped from Kaisha's vagina, along with a glob of their mixed juices, an oozing soup that fell to the mattress as Ursi's eyes tracked it, her thighs quivering at the spectacle, swallowing the saliva that no doubt pooled in her mouth. It was a mess, and Ursi love it, he could feel the heat of her loins, the wetness between her legs, the subtle shivering in her muscles as she watched his come drip from Kaisha's ravaged, leaking pussy.

That,” Ursi muttered, stroking Dennis' head with her claws, his afterglow amplifying the sensation. Kaisha rolled onto her side, panting as her fingers still moved slowly in the fur between her thighs.

Do not relax just yet though, we are just getting started.”

He looked up at her, his eyes wide, and she met his gaze with a sultry smirk.


Dennis stood on one of the dining tables in the longhouse, and two dozen Borealans sat before him, some stared attentively, others muttered amongst themselves, perhaps wondering what all the fuss was about and why they had been called to this meeting. His hips were still sore from the night before, and Kaisha must be positively bedridden, but he did his best to appear commanding.

Ursi stood beside him on the ground, almost at eye level despite their height difference, her arms crossed, ready to translate for him.

She had assured him that as a now respected member of their pack, the aliens would listen to him and take his words seriously. Funnily enough, Dennis was in his element, he was a good public speaker and was accustomed to delivering speeches before juries and board rooms, his spider fur tie reflected rainbow colors in the firelight, a symbol that further cemented his authority.

I'm sure you are all wondering why I assembled you here,” he began, Ursi hissed and yowled, translating his English into the Borealan dialect. It occurred to him that he should learn the language himself soon, if it was even possible for human vocal cords to pronounce.

As you all know, Earth has lower gravity than Borealis, to be exact, the gravity here is 77% of the Borealis standard. As well as needing to take your low-G medication that has been provided to you, we must talk about the implications of diet on your health.”

He waited for Ursi to finish, and the Borealans looked at each other, some alarmed, perhaps fearing their food might be taken away. Dennis cleared his throat and continued.

Because of the lower gravity, you are burning fewer calories. On Borealis you could eat until you were satisfied, but if you maintain the same dietary habits on Earth, a significant portion of those calories will be converted into fat. Over a long period of time, this fat will accumulate and make you unhealthy, weighing you down, sapping your stamina, and putting you at risk of various diseases. There are two ways to prevent this.”

He raised his index finger.

Exercise, if you wish to eat the same amount of food you did on Borealis, you must burn those calories through strenuous physical activity, consider hunting, chopping wood, helping to build more cabins.”

He raised a second finger.

Option two, eat less. Your body can only burn the calories that you supply it with, if your body has a calorie deficit, that means you burn more than you put in, you will lose weight. Over time your metabolism will adapt to your new diet.”

Ursi gestured, translating, and some of the Borealans nodded, seeming to understand.

He took Ursi's hand and she helped him down off the table.

How did I do?”

I think they got the message.”

Good.” He looked around the longhouse, now decorated with a few ornate tapestries depicting the Navarin, their ancestral home on Borealis, Earth and the Moon from space, the longhouse and the building of the village, the Borealans really did record everything this way.

Do you think they'll do what I've told them?”

Ursi scratcher her chin with her claw, thinking as she watched the flames dance in the fire pits.

Well, you did not order them to do anything, however you are higher ranked, and they do respect you. I think they will heed your warnings.”

And what about you?”

She grinned and pulled him into her chest, her ample breasts spilling through her gossamer clothing and enveloping his face. She ran her claws through his hair and scratched his scalp, chuckling as she felt his face redden.

I will consider it.”

They sat on the roof of the longhouse, Dennis was in Ursi's lap, her furry arms wrapped around him, holding him close to her body to keep him warm. The Republic flag fluttered nearby, blowing in the cold Siberian wind.

Shouldn't take long for the new colonists to arrive, few more days maybe,” Dennis said, surveying the growing colony. The rough ring of buildings stretched out around the longhouse, smoke from fires trailing in the breeze from the roof of every cabin. They were not uniform, each had a personal touch, each was a personal statement by its owner, different sizes, different shaped roofs, some were square, some round, some neither. There were no carvings like he had seen on Borealis, at least not yet, but perhaps more artisans would arrive with the next colony ship.

We've done good here, Ursi,” he stated, looking up at her. She looked down with her blue eyes, the same color as the clear sky above them.

I agree, it could not have gone much better.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a low flying vessel, a shuttle, with Russian Federation markings. No visit had been scheduled. It skimmed the settlement, its engine wake buffeting the flag. The ship hovered for a moment on its thrusters, then put down a short distance outside the village.

Who is it?” Ursi asked, releasing her grip on Dennis as he stood, and began to make his way down the snow covered roof of the longhouse.

I don't know, let's find out.”

As they made their way across the field of snow, the ramp descended and a man exited the craft, he turned to them and waved, it was Petrov, without his guards this time.

Minister,” Dennis panted, jogging over to him, “what brings you here?”

Petrov reached out a gloved hand, and Dennis took it, then Ursi did the same, her fluffy paw comically large compared to his.

Mister Carlisle, Queen Ursillik, good to see you again,” he looked past them, his eyes widening at the sight of the settlement. “My, you have been busy! It didn't take you long at all to get started! Very impressive indeed.”

Would you care to tour the settlement?” Ursi asked, gesturing with her long arm.

No, that's quite alright, thank you. I am here on important Kremlin business. All of the legal proceedings have concluded, and your republic has now been officially recognized by the Federation and international bodies.”

Dennis eyed Ursi, she smiled down at him, seeming to understand what that meant.

All there is left to do now is elect representatives to the Federal Council. Each federated entity may elect two representatives, whose job it is to advocate for their home territory, draft laws, and participate in votes and proceedings. Of course, knowledge of the Russian language will be useful, if you wish, I can arrange lessons. There are no term limits imposed by the Kremlin or any strict rules for who should be chosen, it is up to you to decide.”

I think we have some ideas,” Dennis replied, nudging Ursi with his elbow.

I had suspected as much,” Petrov chuckled, burying his gloved hands in the pockets of his coat to stave off the cold. “Well, on behalf of the Kremlin and the ministry, welcome to the Russian Federation.”

I guess we'll contact you when we're ready,” Dennis replied.

Well I could have just called ahead, but I thought it would be proper to inform you in person,” Petrov said, his breath forming crystals in the cold air.

It is appreciated, Minister.” Ursi rested her hand on Dennis' shoulder. “The Federation has done much for my people, we will not soon forget it.”

The Federation may call on you to serve in times of war, are you prepared for that eventuality, Queen Ursillik?” His tone was more serious now, his expression more grim. He had mentioned before that the Kremlin had a military interest in the Borealans, inspired by UNN victories on the front using Equatorial auxiliaries, and Dennis had expected this.

We will defend our new home,” Ursi answered confidently. Petrov smiled, turning back to his shuttle.

I did not doubt that you would, now if you'll excuse me, I have more business to attend to. Give my regards to the new colonists when they arrive, and if you ever need anything, supplies, manpower, or just advice, you know how to reach me.”

Thank you Minister,” Dennis waved to him as he mounted the shuttle ramp, and the craft lifted off, disappearing over the horizon as quickly as it had come. It left a patch of melted snow, from beneath which a few solitary, disheveled plants peeked.

Spring will come soon,” Dennis mused, watching the hardy flora as it swayed in the breeze, struggling to persist in the harsh environment, much like the Polars themselves. “I expect plants will grow all over the sod roofs, maybe we can plant some flowers.”

I would like that, Dennis.” Ursi took his hand, and they walked through the snow back in the direction of the village.