Fanworks Drop

Today we have some Valbaran-themed fan content commissioned and written by a reader named SpookyRockfall, who you can find on Twitter.

The first of these is a lovely piece depicting a Valbaran father and his young Valbaby hanging out in a city park on the homeworld. This one has very accurate anatomy, and I particularly like the details on the clothes and the trees in the background. It’s nice to be able to see a portrayal of civilian life. This one was drawn by our old friend UnknownAnimal.

The second image comes courtesy of Mafty with editing by Eno and features two of Spooky’s OC characters Zana’tl’teot and Lahu’ixt’atl in their Commando gear. Love the details on the weapon and the vibrant feathers here.

The third image was created by Dagger-6 and features the three remaining members of Spooky’s OC flock, Iztli’col’netla, Tezca’tic’noya, and Zoti’zo’maniu. I like the variation in character designs here, with a partially feathered variant and some interesting color choices.

Finally, we have the short story Landfall Pt1 written by SpookyRockfall, which is about a flock of Valbarans participating in a combat drop during the events of the Autumn War. You can download the PDF attachment below.

Landfall Pt1

I’d like to thank Spooky for his boundless enthusiasm for the setting and the artists for their contributions to his project.