Audiobook Update

All of the proofing work on the audiobook is done, and there’s nothing left to do now that will require any significant time investment until it’s ready to be uploaded.

Audiobook Update

I’ve proofed eight of the ten Goetic Justice chapters, so I’ll be done by tomorrow, and I will resume updating on Wednesday. Sorry for the delay, but expecting seven hours of footage to take seven hours to proof was clearly not a realistic estimate on my part.


Audiobook Update

I am now in possession of the final preview for the Goetic Justice Audiobook! The only task remaining now is to give the full thing one final listen through to check for errors and sign off on it. The Audiobook is approximately seven hours long, so I’m hoping I can get it all done in a day, accounting for pauses to make notes, but we’ll see.

In any case, it’s very close to being ready to share!

The Autumn War Update

2000 word update, new content at “Fuck it, open fire!”
I also went back and made some small tweaks to the previous scene.

The Autumn War Hiccup

This next scene is very complex and has ended up being quite challenging. I got stuck on it for long enough that I’ve run out of time, so I’ll give it another crack tomorrow rather than try to rush the update out tonight.

Arctic Valbaran by Creature_ish

Here’s a lovely rendition of the arctic variety of Valbaran, complete with her coat of proto-feathers. Valbarans who come from the Northern regions of the planet developed an insulating covering to help protect them from the cold climate, which as a side effect, makes them extremely fluffy.

I dunno why the Valbarans are popping off at the moment, but I’m loving the artwork you guys are sharing, and it makes me very happy to know that you enjoyed the stories enough to want to draw your own.

This artwork was made by Creature_ish, and you can check out more of their stuff on their Twitter page.