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The Autumn War Update

2000 word update, new content at ‘The Kodiaks were making short work of the pillboxes’

The Autumn War

I’m going to be uploading the finished audiobook to Audible tomorrow, and I’m not sure how long the process will take or how involved it will be. I’ll also be making the v3 version of the Pinwheel ebook and uploading that, so tomorrow’s update may be smaller/non-existent depending on the time it takes.
Anyone who purchased the ebook on Amazon or Smashwords should get an automatic update, and it will be available on Patreon, naturally.

The Autumn War Update

I’m not satisfied with what I wrote today, I need to take some more time tomorrow to revise the scene and make it more interesting. Another battle scene needs to be justified through some new and creative elements rather than just doing the same thing again.

Pinwheel Audiobook Preview No4

Here’s the fourth teaser for the audiobook, featuring some sci-fi action! I now have the finalized audiobook on file, and we’re just waiting for the cover, which is coming along nicely as you can see. Once again, the audio was recorded by Bordeaux Black, who you can find over here:

And the cover WIP was provided by Honovy: