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The Autumn War Update

25,000 words edited, up to Chapter 15. Overall progress is 26%. I split some of the larger chapters for better pacing, added a new UNN ground vehicle to the roster to plug some holes in their tactics – the Kestrel AA platform, and corrected the outdated Trog descriptions to line up with the new artwork.
Oh, did I mention we’re getting artwork of all three UNN special forces branches?

The Autumn War

Goetic Justice – The Audiobook

The Goetic Justice audiobook is finally ready to launch! This is a professionally produced audiobook with a runtime of over seven hours that was developed in collaboration with the voice actress Bordeaux Black of Subverse fame. Blending elements of radio drama and special effects with traditional narration, Bordeaux leverages her background in musical theater and opera to bring the characters to life, from the distorted voices of terrifying demons to the sultry binaural whisperings of succubi. She really went above the call of duty to make this project special, and I think you guys will appreciate it. This is the second project that we’ve collaborated on and I think it’s even better than the first (which is coincidentally also available for purchase, imagine that!)

You can check out the page below for relevant links and more info on how you can get your hands (or your ears) on it.

Goetic Justice the Audiobook