The hunter pushed through the undergrowth, his rifle raised as his keen eyes scanned the treeline, alert for any movement or tracks that might betray the beast he was trailing. He steadied his wide brimmed hat, decorated with the claimed fangs and claws of previous kills. Those hunts had been challenging, but this creature was different. He had to be meticulous, it had already killed the private security personnel who had been hired to protect the compound. At their wits end, the company had contacted him, based on his track record of big game hunts. Big game this was…

Nobody had ever gotten a clear look at the damned thing, it struck like lightning, leaping from the shadows and eviscerating its prey in a flurry of claws, then used stealth and subterfuge to escape back into the forest. It was an intelligent animal, wily, and if he didn’t keep his wits about him, it might be the end of him, too.

He knelt, pressing his gloved fingers to the soil as he searched for tracks. Nothing, not one footprint, not a single broken branch, and yet he was certain it had passed through here. Security cameras had caught the thing, albeit only in a single frame of video, but the blurry figure was unmistakably the creature he was hunting. The “wraith” as the security personnel had begun to call it.

A short distance in front of him, disturbed birds flew from the trees in a panic, squawking and cawing as they grouped together, fleeing over the forest canopy. He rose to his feet, running as swiftly and as silently as he could manage, his boots splashing in the wet mud.

It had to be the creature, it must still be nearby. He kept his rifle high on his shoulder, the telescopic sight trained on the trees before him. This was a 50cal, semi-auto, no animal he had ever encountered could walk away after being tagged with such a round, but he didn’t want to take any chances. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

He reached the spot about where the birds had been startled, listening intently for movement in the brush, or the sound of heavy footsteps. He peered through the trees, his eyes struggling to adapt to the gloom. It would smell him before he saw it, he was upwind of it, so he had to be ready to pull the trigger at the first sign of movement. The monster was fast, but not faster than a bullet.

He advanced slowly, cautiously, trying to make as little noise as possible as he scanned the area. It had to be close, yet where were the tracks? No footprints, no dung, no scrapes on the tree bark, no sign of the fucking thing.

A chill rolled down his spine. Was he being stalked? Who was hunting who here? He felt that he was being watched, he trusted his instincts, that gut feeling that sometimes warned him of danger, but where could it be? Was it moving through the trees, off the ground? No, these trees were coniferous, their branches wouldn’t support anything of the size this thing would have to be in order to do the damage that it did.

Then he saw it.

It was lurking between the tree trunks, a great, grey monster, eyeless, its arms ended in wicked scythes and it trailed tentacles as it…hovered? Floated? How was the thing moving? It didn’t make sense. It let out a low, rumbling growl, closing in slowly like a stalking tiger, preparing to pounce.

Not too smart, how had the private security been unable to fell this thing? Was it just that they had been taken by surprise? He aimed his rifle at it, his sight scoping in on its black, distended jaws. Its skull was smooth, without any visible sensory organs, and it was ‘big’. He had never seen an animal so large. It was of little consequence, he thumbed his receiver and set the fire mode to burst, steadying the weapon against his shoulder to manage the recoil.

“Say your prayers you ugly fuck.”

The rifle rocked back, slamming his shoulder as it loosed a three round burst, the bullets whizzed through its skull, and…what?

It was gone, in its place an odd puff of white particles. It had been right there, he had seen it, it couldn’t have slipped away in the time it had taken him to fire. Could it have been some kind of decoy? No, impossible, this was an animal, it couldn’t be so sophisticated. Could it?

He heard something behind him, and turned. Something hit him hard, and fast, and he fell to the ground, the rifle knocked from his hands. He scrambled as the massive creature loomed over him, its knife-like forearms waving violently as it bore down upon him. It had snuck up from behind while he was distracted, how!?

It slammed one of the claws down and he rolled to the left, it impacted the ground, the blade sinking deep into the mud and narrowly missing him. He drew his sidearm, firing at its chest with his .40 revolver, but the bullets bounced off its skin like they were made of rubber. He felt its thick tendrils coiling around his legs, winding up his body and squeezing him like a constrictor. It trapped his arms against his torso and he dropped the gun, pain flaring in his wrist as it pressed down on him.

He was completely trapped, defenseless. How had this animal outwitted him? Had the figure he had shot at really been some kind of decoy? A shed skin?

He gasped as it squeezed him again, compressing his body in its powerful, sinewy tentacles. Would it crush the life out of him right here, in the mud? He closed his eyes, bracing for the inevitable, but to his surprise its grip loosened. It didn’t release him, but its hold on his limbs was no longer painful.

The beast loomed over him, dropping its featureless skull down level with his head. It opened its mandibles, its hot breath searing his face as strings of thick saliva dripped from its shiny, black teeth. He shut his eyes, expecting the killing blow, but again it didn’t come. What was it doing?

As its jaws distended, a forests of meaty, red appendages spilled forth, snaking down towards his face, linked by ropes of viscous drool. Were these tongues? They squirmed and writhed as if each one had a mind of its own, and they reached down, probing his cheeks. They dragged across his skin, licking, tasting, wiping their slimy goo on him. He turned his head, disgusted by the gelatinous ooze, but he couldn’t escape them. One wrapped his neck, another pushed into his ear, roving wetly as the thing mapped his face, like a blind man reading braille.

Two of the tongues found his mouth, and he shut his lips tightly, denying them entry. The creature was persistent, and pried his mouth open with the wriggling organs, and he flinched as he felt them enter him. They explored his head, filling his mouth with their slippery, coiling mass as they roiled, tickling the roof of his mouth, pressing into his throat and making him choke. One wrestled with his tongue, its smooth, slick surface tasted of metal. He tried to bite down, but they were strong and rubbery, and the monster didn’t seem to care. A glob of its saliva fell onto his cheek, and it tightened its grip on his neck. He relaxed, fearing it might choke him out, and it probed more slowly now, almost gentle, as if it were subjecting him to some invasive, obscene kiss. His cock twitched involuntarily.

The ‘kiss’ dragged out, and he began to worry it might suffocate him as it pressed against the interior lining of his cheeks and tried to slip down his throat. He coughed, beginning to struggle, and the thing seemed to get the picture, withdrawing its myriad tongues, leaving a trail of ropy, sticky slime as they passed his lips and coiled back into its maw.

He was dazed, and a little confused, his legs were weak and there was an inappropriate hardness growing beneath his pants. What did it want from him? He looked down its body, and to his surprise noticed a pair of massive, heavy breasts hanging weightily from its chest. They swayed slightly as it breathed, the soft flesh bouncing enticingly. Its waist tapered into an hourglass, flaring into wide, childbearing hips and thick, muscular thighs that ended in the mass of tentacles that imprisoned him. Why did it look like that?

Its lower pair of arms extended towards him, these ended in clawed hands with opposable thumbs. They reached down, dragging across his chest, not enough to break through the fabric and cut his skin, but just enough to tear his clothing, leaving his naked torso exposed. It leaned down, its warm breath tickling his belly as the tongues emerged again, tracing shapes on his skin as they explored his body. One slipped into his navel, its hot, slimy surface making his cock jump in his pants. His breathing was getting heavy and his face was beginning to redden, what the fuck was wrong with him? Why was he enjoying this? A heavy blob of goo fell from its mouth and wet his pants, soaking through the crotch and dripping down the length of his shaft. The sensation of the liquid seeping through his pubic hair made him gasp, he arched his back, struggling against his bonds.

He jumped as he felt one of the tendrils slip below his belt line, worming through his pubic hair and seeking out the heat within. He gritted his teeth as it found his cock, stiff and sore now, throbbing as the prehensile tongue wound its way around his shaft. Soon more followed, wriggling below his belt and under his clothes, wrapping his member in half a dozen squirming tongues, the thick saliva seeping down his inner thighs and lubricating the roaming appendages.

He groaned, their powerful grip and ceaseless movement sending bursts of pleasure rolling up his spine. One found his glans, tasting the leaking precum with its tip, then encircled his tender head, squeezing and massaging in an effort to wring out more. Stars danced before his eyes as he writhed, rolling his hips, unsure of whether he wanted more stimulation, or less of it. His mind was clouding, his thoughts becoming muddled as the intense sensations wracked his body.

He bit his lip as more of the tongues found his glans, their dexterous tips crawling around the tip and slinking beneath his foreskin, raking across his most sensitive anatomy with their soft, greasy examinations. He bucked hopelessly as the creature’s tentacles bound him, unable to tolerate the feeling of so many tongues on his cock.

It used its clawed hands to tear his pants loose, exposing him to the air as he glanced down, seeing the writhing, red cocoon of fleshy organs enclosing his member. Some of them strayed from their target, flicking lightly over his thighs, his belly, and sliding across his balls. Electricity buzzed up and down his spine, he couldn’t take any more of this, his legs were going numb.

He bent double, a powerful orgasm wrung forcibly from his body by the attentions of the strange creature, he squirted thick ropes of his emission into the waiting tongues, and they went crazy, increasing the speed of their violent squirming, milking him of everything he could offer as they strived to taste his ejaculate at the source.

The appendages cleaned him of every last drop, indifferent to his heightened sensitivity as aftershocks pulsed through his body, and he let out cries of muddled pleasure and anguish. They eventually retreated, leaving him tender and raw, but unmistakably satisfied despite the cruelty of the climax. His entire lower body was coated in the thick veneer of its sloppy saliva.

Was it done, would it eat him now? He shuddered as another residual aftershock sparked his nervous system.

He creature seemed to stare at him, drooling a disturbing mixture of its own slaver and his cloudy come. It watched him pant, considering as his chest heaved.

It moved quickly and suddenly, and before his eyes could even adjust to track its new position, he felt its massive thighs close around his head. Its skin was smooth on his cheeks, dry and soft, and as it lifted him in its powerful tentacles, he saw its dripping loins bearing down on his face. Clearly it wanted him to return the favor.

Its musky smell filled his nose, and the fat lips of its labia parted to reveal shiny, pink flesh glistening beneath, its opening, twitching and leaking a nectar that fell from it in globs. The heat that emanated from its genitals was so intense he worried it might burn his face. It grumbled, a low rumbling that shook his bones, and he thought it best to comply, lest the massive creature simply snap him like a twig.

He reached out his tongue tentatively, pushing it between her puffy lips, and she growled appreciatively, pulling him closer, grinding her sopping pussy against his face. Her juices leaked down his chin, and he did his best to mouthe and lick her slippery vulva as she moved, tracing her opening with his tongue and exploring her folds and creases. Her smell filled his senses, primal and base, but not necessarily unpleasant. She tasted sour and salty, with a hint of copper, and he realized that this was in fact a ‘she’, the monster was undeniably female, and rutting.

He stuck his tongue into her hole, and to his surprise it was pulled deeper, her tunnel contracting powerfully, sucking him inside. The silken walls of her loins were lined with innumerable, fleshy papillae, twitching and wriggling, a forest of teasing fingers.

Suddenly he didn’t care anymore, he didn’t care what she was or what would happen to him after the fact, he wanted, he ‘needed’ to fuck her. He couldn’t find a clitoris on her alien anatomy, but he increased his mouthing, biting gently, playfully, stimulating her with his lips and tongue as she rolled her massive hips and crooned, her drool dripping from her mouth and rolling down her fat breasts. He kissed her inner thigh, pliant flesh with muscles like steel cables hiding beneath, doing his best to entice her into sex. She growled, enjoying this new behavior from her prey, and tried to force him deeper into her groin. He sputtered and coughed, her profane secretions flooding his mouth.

She lowered him back to the ground, his face coated in her dripping excitement, and angled herself over his crotch, his cock newly erect and bouncing in the air, sore and wanting. She lowered her massive bulk, a steady stream of clear fluid now flowing from her loins, covering his member in slimy lubricant. She rubbed the length of his shaft against her swollen lips, the velvet skin teasing him, almost frictionless because of her slippery emissions.

“Come on! Do it! Do it now!” He exclaimed, frustration overcoming him. The beast huffed, her weighty bust bouncing attractively, was she laughing at him? She circled her opening with the tender flesh of his exposed glans, rotating her wide hips as he struggled and squirmed beneath her.

Finally she bore down on him, pressing his engorged, burning member deep into her vagina, the smooth walls of her tunnel closed around him, her powerful pelvic floor muscles gripping his member like a fist gloved in slimy silk. As she forced him still deeper, he felt the evil papillae rake the head of his cock, not stiff enough to hurt him, but the forest of spongy, erect barbs drove bolts of pleasure into him like hot blades. He cried out, the innumerable bristles chewing the tip of his cock like soft teeth, sending waves of harsh pleasure rolling over his body. With a jolt, he realized through the fog that clouded his brain, that when he pulled out, the pliant spurs would scour him just as brutally as they had on the way in.

“W-wait!” He pleaded, but she was incapable of understanding him, and even if she did, he doubted she would listen to him. She dragged him back out, the powerful suction of her tunnel clinging to him, desperately trying to pull him deeper with milking contractions as the bristles scraped his tender skin. He groaned, rolling his head back, his tongue lolling as she drove him back inside her, beginning to pump on top of him. Her heavy hips pounded him like a pneumatic drill, her massive weight pressing him into the mud as she spread her thighs, trying to take him deeper inside her. Her large breasts bounced as they hung from her chest, and globs of saliva fell from her maw, falling wetly on his chest and face as her mass of tongues seethed in her mouth.

He couldn’t stand it, the heat, the pressure that squeezed her fleshy walls against his skin, ensuring that every bump and wrinkle registered, that every twitch and shiver of her muscles translated into his cock, sending flares of pleasure through his body. Again and again the papillae raked him, merciless, ruthless as the monster moved rhythmically over him, uncaring. Or worse, enjoying his pained expressions and his embarrassing vocalizations.

He felt a second climax rising in his pelvis, and the monster seemed to sense it too, increasing the pace of her thrusting, drawing the orgasm out of him with the callous vigor of her motions. He flooded her depths with his warm emission, thick wads of his ejaculate filling her insides, and she chirped happily, crushing his lower body as she pressed her mound down on him, trying to take his come as deep as she possibly could.

She held him there as he spasmed and shuddered, draining him of everything he could give her with her steely muscles. Waves of unbearable pleasure washed over him, threatening to rob him of his sanity as he arched his back, delirious.

When she was certain he was spent, she lifted herself off him, a torrent of their combined soup falling heavily from her hole, splashing wetly on the muddy ground. She released him from her tendrils, retracting them and hovering off the ground, propelled by unknown means.

Through drooping eyelids, he watched her dart off into the forest, her movements impossibly fast and jerky, slipping past the trees as if they weren’t even there.

Exhausted, he lazed in the mud, her juices drying on his skin and mingling with the filthy water. It took him a good half hour, but when his strength returned to him, he rose to a sitting position, his stomach turning as he came to his senses and tried to scrape the gelatinous goo and monster come off his body with his fingers, it was congealing into blobs. It was futile, he would have to find a river or a pond and wash this horrible shit off him. He stood, realizing his clothes had been shredded, and turned around trying to get his bearings in the gloomy woods.

That’s when he noticed the trail camera taped to a tree facing in his direction, the red recording light blinking in the darkness.