Seliphi’s Prize

Seliphi coiled her long body, crouching low to the ground, the golden scales of her tail catching the light of the sun in the arena like a layer of shining coins. She paused for a moment, a bead of sweat trickling down her cheek as she calculated the height of the jump. She bounded upwards, launching herself into the air like a giant spring. She soared, clearing the bar at the apex of her jump, arcing her sinewy figure to avoid touching it as she began to descend. She hung in the air for a moment, graceful, before gravity reclaimed its hold on her, and she fell heavily to the cushioned landing pad.

The arena erupted in cheering, had she done it? She stood, as much as a Lamia could stand, perching on her muscular tail, and looked around her. Her coach, Dylan, was pumping his fist excitedly, jumping up and down, shouting something she couldn’t make out. She heard the announcer call her result, eight meters, and she rose to full height, raising her arms in triumph to the revelry of the crowd. She qualified for the gold, as long as nobody beat her height, and she was the second to last to compete in the event. The coveted medal was as good as hers.

Dylan pushed open the door to the locker room, one hand concealed behind his back as he scanned the room, looking for Seliphi. She was perched on one of the benches, resting on a coil of her long, thick tail, her humanoid upper body covered by a sweat-stained vest emblazoned with her country and number. Her back was to him, her long, blonde hair trailing down to the small of her back where her smooth, pale skin gave way to her reflective, golden scales. She held her medal up to the light, the large, gold coin trailing a blue ribbon. She heard his footsteps, her pointed ears twitching, and turned to look at him.

“Dylan!” She covered the space between them rapidly, wrapping her arms around him. He returned the hug, one-handed, feeling her pert breasts press up against his chest through the thin fabric of her vest. “We did it!” She was beaming, her cheeks flushed, her amber eyes wide.

“You did it,” he corrected, and she blushed, waving her hand dismissively. His tone became more serious, and she cocked her head at him, curious. “Seliphi this is everything we’ve worked towards, you set a new record out there, I’m proud of you.” She smiled warmly, then noticed he was hiding something.

“What do you have behind your back, Dylan?” He began to grin, unable to contain himself.

“Remember when I told you I had something special planned if you won a medal?”

She nodded, her mane of straw-colored hair bouncing. In all honesty, he had bought them before the event, and would have passed them off as a conciliatory gift even if she hadn’t placed as high as she had. He brought his hand around, revealing two tickets. Seliphi rose on her tail, covering her mouth with her hands in glee.

“You got them!”

“Hey, I promised you a Caribbean cruise if you did well.” He handed the tickets to her and she held one close to her face, examining it.

“But how did you afford it?”

“Don’t worry about that,” he joked. In reality he would be spending a long time paying off the loan he had taken out, but she didn’t need to know that. Truth be told he had been infatuated with her since he had started training her. She was so bubbly and energetic, hanging on his every word. He hoped that she might grow to love him, and that she didn’t see him as some kind of father figure. She was younger than him, though not by much, however his scraggly salt and pepper beard made him look older than he really was.

She hugged him again, the tickets clutched in her hand.

“As if I wasn’t happy enough already!” She released him, spinning jovially, her arms outstretched, whipping her shining hair around. How she had so much energy left after such a strenuous event defied logic, but it was one of the things he loved about her. She was like a coiled spring.

“Well, you earned it, miss gold medalist.”

She laughed, handing the tickets back to him, her soft skin brushing his palm.

“Hold onto these for me, I have to change.” She returned to her locker and faced away from him, pulling her vest over her head, revealing the long indentation that ran down her muscular back, ending in two dimples above where the butt would be on a human. On Seliphi the two firm, shapely globes were obscured by her serpentine tail. Dylan turned away from her, his face reddening. She was so comfortable around him, did that mean she didn’t think of him as a potential love interest? If she told her friends she was going on a cruise with her ‘best buddy’, he’d probably throw himself into the ocean.

He felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned to see Seliphi peering at him, her face level with his. She was naked, her arms crossed over her ample chest, droplets of glistening sweat trickling over her satin skin. She was an impressive woman, athletic and lean, developed abdominal muscles detailing her flat belly.

“Coaches don’t usually invite their students on romantic cruises, Dylan. I know how expensive this must have been, and I know you can’t really afford it. I only look like I’m made of gold you know, you can’t actually cash me in.”


She released her breasts, letting them fall heavily, and they bounced as they settled, his gaze drawn to her pink nipples. He stammered, speechless as she stood before him, laid bare.

“I know you like me, everyone does. Whenever you leave the room the other athletes joke about how you’re always trailing after me, like a puppy.” That didn’t sound like a positive comparison, was she just teasing him? She rested her arms across his shoulders, bringing her face closer to his. Her breath was warm on his skin, and she maintained eye contact, her expression neutral, as if she were measuring his reaction.

“I got everything I wanted today, coach. Is there something ‘you’ want?”

“I want….you.”

Seliphi’s face broke out in a wide smile, and she leaned in, pressing her soft lips against his. A bolt of lightning shot down his spine as he felt them part, and her long, forked tongue pushed into his mouth. It entwined with his, gentle and coaxing, she tasted of metal. Her fingers delved into his hair, holding him close as their embrace dragged on, and he dared to run his hand down her smooth skin, over her ribs and the hourglass curve of her hip. The kiss became ravenous, selfish, and her grip in his hair became firmer as she tried to press deeper. He slid his other hand down her spine, her lustrous skin as soft as silk, his fingertips gliding on the layer of sweat, coming to a rest just above her scaly butt.

She drew back, a sparkling strand of saliva linking her lips to his, and smirked, her eyes low and lascivious. She bit her lip, whispering softly to him.

“You can have me…”

Her slim fingers roamed down to his pants, caressing the growing bulge beneath, and Dylan jumped in surprise. She caught his zipper between her thumb and forefinger, dragging it down slowly, torturously. With one arm still draped around his neck, she reached inside his clothing, wrapping her hand around his erection through his underwear, squeezing gently as her lips pressed against his neck.

His eyelids fluttered as she planted wet, sucking kisses on his skin, her squeezing steadily becoming a rhythmic jerking. Her long, golden tail started to coil around him, almost reflexively as her breathing grew heavier, chest heaving and ample breasts bouncing.

Dylan couldn’t resist the allure of her skin, as smooth as glass, inviting his fingers to roam across her lithe body, her sudor making it slippery and wet to the touch. He ran them up her belly, tracing the contours of her firm abdominal muscles, bulging and flexing under her delicate skin as she reacted, ticklish. His hand rose to her breast, cupping one supple, weighty globe in his palm and kneading it. Her flesh deformed under his fingers, and she gasped as they brushed her engorged, pink nipple. He dug his fingers into the pliant meat, seeking out the firm tissue beneath, and Seliphi’s mouthing became a gentle bite, her fang-like teeth pricking his skin. Her jerking motion got more aggressive, her tail coiling around his legs, creeping upwards as their embrace became more frenzied.

She brought both hands to his belt, fumbling with the clasp, releasing his trousers and letting them fall around his ankles. She lowered herself closer to the ground, sitting on her coiled tail, and dragged his underwear down, his erection bouncing free an inch from her face, vascular and pulsing in time with his racing heart.

She seemed to watch it, mesmerized by it for a moment, before gripping it firmly in her fist. Dylan shivered, a wave of pleasure coursing up through his loins as she stroked him, looking up at him to gauge his reaction. She pursed her smooth lips, kissing the tip, and Dylan shuddered, his knees growing weak as she wrapped them around his glans, her forked tongue teasing it.

Seliphi had always seemed to unassuming, so innocent, he had never seen this side of her before. She was a voracious lover, she knew exactly what she wanted and proceeded to take it with no hesitation or shame.

He winced as she pushed his throbbing member deeper into her mouth, her tongue teasing the sensitive underside, coiling around his shaft as if it were itself a snake seeking to strangle him. It was incredibly warm, and the smooth texture of her inner cheeks massaged him from both sides, lubricated by her pooling saliva. She sucked, pulling him deeper, the muscles of her throat swallowing and closing around his exposed glans like a vice.

He rested his hand on the top of her head, stroking her shiny, golden blonde hair, the straight, silken strands irresistible to the touch. She seemed to enjoy that, mouthing and licking along his phallus as if trying to paint it with her tongue.

She began to bob her head, slamming the tip of his penis against the back of her throat, the tight, warm muscles coaxing and teasing. A strand of her saliva escaped from her pink lips, dripping down her chin and matting his pubic hair. One of her hands snuck between his legs, stroking her fingers lightly over his balls. His legs gave out, but she caught him with one of her fat coils, supporting his butt and back like a seat, raising him effortlessly off the ground. His face burned as he gazed down at her, his member buried to the hilt between her smooth lips, and her yellow eyes with their reptilian pupils peered up at him. She fluttered her long eyelashes, cupping his testicles in her hand and squeezing them softly as she dragged her hot, slippery tongue up and down his length.

He lolled his head back, fingers digging into her scaly tail as jolts of aching pleasure rolled through his body. His breathing was ragged as she sucked, forcing him as deep as he could go, the muscles of her gullet closing around him as if she were trying to swallow him, undulating and milking him.

She dragged her lips back up the length of his shaft, pausing with them locked around the tip. She tickled him with deft flicks of her tongue, then released him with a wet pop, his aching member bouncing in the cool air, thick ropes of her saliva rolling down it. Her long, pink tongue left her mouth to wet her lips as she gazed up at him, ready and wanting.

“Come on coach, teach me something new.”

She slithered up his body, pressing his erection between the soft pillows of her breasts, her skin wet with her saliva and sweat. She dragged them up his torso, and he felt her hard nipples on his belly through the fabric of his shirt. As she continued, she placed her palm on top of his shaft, pressing his member against her abs as they passed over him, the bumps of her firm muscles, slick under a layer of her perspiration, teasing his member as it ached and throbbed against them.

Using her powerful tail, she propped him more upright, then tugged his shirt over his head, discarding it on the locker room floor. Dylan felt a warmth emanating from her groin as his erection pressed against her creamy underbelly, softer than the shiny scales around it.

Seliphi ran her nails down his chest, leaving red welts as she admired his figure. He had been an athlete himself in his younger years, and had retained much of his muscle tone, now filled out a little, giving him a more strongman physique that she seemed to appreciate. She moved her face closer to him, planting a kiss on his chest, catching one of his nipples between her teeth and running her soft hands over his musculature. His erection rubbed enticingly against her soft, rubbery scales.

She gripped his shaft with one hand, and with the second, parted the folds of her underbelly to reveal a glistening, pink opening where the genitals would have been on a human woman. A trickle of clear fluid leaked from the hole as it twitched and flexed, moist and hot, ready for him. She guided his cock towards her cloaca, rubbing the sensitive glans around the fleshy, rosy lips that had concealed it from view, wetting the tip with her dripping nectar. He rested his hands on her wide hips, gripping them as she eased him inside her. She was inhumanly tight, and she winced as his thick organ spread her wide open, they weren’t made to fit together. He was a little worried he might hurt her, but dizzying bolts of pleasure shot up through him, making his head spin as the bumpy, textured walls of her tunnel compressed his member.

She was wrapped around him so tightly as she leaned on him, trying to force him further inside her. He could feel every shiver and contraction that passed through her body, the delicate papillae that lined her tunnel scouring his penis. It was almost hot enough to burn him, his member felt like an iron melting in a forge.

She gripped him with her tail, her steely muscles shuddering as their hips met and his member slid all the way inside her. She gasped, wrapped her arms around him, her nails digging into his back.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little,” she replied. “But I don’t mind.”

She began to roll her hips gently, shifting him around inside her, his hard shaft digging into her bumpy, slippery walls. He closed his eyes, the sensation of her flesh scouring his shaft almost intolerable, and Seliphi groaned, her hot breath tickling his neck as she buried her face in his shoulder.

She started to move a little faster, and Dylan kept still, afraid the thrust he was desperate to unleash might hurt her. She began to buck against him, her confidence growing as her organ stretched to accommodate him, her cheeks flushed pink as the discomfort turned to mounting pleasure. He felt her warm tongue leave her lips to taste his skin, and her nose rubbed against his neck as she nuzzled. He wrapped his arms around her, Seliphi squeaked in surprise, and he pulled her against him. Her breasts squashed against his chest and he ran his hands up and down her back. She crooned, shifting and squirming, clamping down on his cock with her powerful pelvic floor muscles.

She changed position suddenly, lowering him prone, cradled in her tail, and straddled him in what would have been a cowgirl position for a human. As a Lamia, her tail passed between his legs. She rested her hands on his shoulders, her fat breasts hanging heavily, soft and inviting as they swayed with her breathing. He reached up and delved his fingers into them, he had wanted to grope her for so long, the way her pert, shapely boobs had hidden beneath the thin, inadequate fabric of her sports vest drove him crazy whenever she was on the field. She bit her lip and writhed contentedly, sighing as his fingers found the hard nub of her nipple and pinched gently.

She started to move again, bouncing more fervently on top of him, driving his hard member deeper inside her. The friction was unbearable, her tight hole overflowing with her juices and gripping him like a fist. She pumped vigorously as the exquisite bumps and fleshy textures drove harsh bolts of pleasure into him.

He couldn’t keep his hands off her, roaming across her pale skin, tracing the curves of her waist and hips, stroking her taut abdominal muscles, kneading her yielding breasts. She increased her speed, slamming down on him now, every thrust punctuated by a low grunt or a yelp of surprise and satisfaction as his cock dug into her most intimate depths.

“I can feel you…all the way…inside me,” she moaned, striving to keep her voice low as she leaned down to whisper to him. “You’re so deep…”

Her blonde hair fell about him, tickling his nose, and he gripped a fistful of it, bringing her in for another kiss. She was distracted, clumsy this time, her tongue roiling in his mouth as he began to raise his hips to meet her downward thrusts, the two lovers feeding off eachother in a feedback loop with only one possible conclusion. Dylan grabbed a handful of her scaly butt, controlling her speed as their tongues intertwined, their embrace urgent and desperate.

“F-fuck me,” Seliphi gasped, breaking away from their kiss, her face crimson. “I always wished…you would…”

Dylan growled, gripping a handful of her ass and pulling her into him, his member slamming the reaches of her cloaca. She shivered and whined, feeling his hardness rake her sensitive insides, digging into her fleshy walls. She clawed at his chest with her fingernails, doubling over as he bucked, every thrust forcing a soft cry from her lips.

“I’m getting there, oh Dylan…”

Hearing her say his name like that, a soft, covetous whisper, sent a wave of tingling pleasure washing over him, and his heart skipped in his chest. She was burning up, feverishly hot, her lustrous skin shining with their shared sweat. He crushed her against him, wrapped in his strong arms, and she cried out, fingers scrambling for purchase, running over his back and shoulders as her tail squeezed him in turn.

He felt his climax rising as her undulating walls contracted around him, coaxing and milking, trying to draw out his emission in an ancient, primal reflex. Her whole body was quaking, her firm, toned muscles quivering like jelly as the two of them writhed and fought, hips crashing together almost hard enough to bruise.

Dylan gritted his teeth against the burgeoning orgasm, his muscles clenching, his member beginning to throb and jump inside her. She sensed his movements, closing her arms and tail around him like a prison, keeping him lodged inside her as he started to come.

“Inside…inside me…”

It was a request that was impossible to refuse, and he heaved, digging his cock deep inside her waiting tunnel as it exploded, flooding her reaches with thick, heavy ropes of his ejaculate. She bit his shoulder, a little too hard, but he was too far gone to care, his eyelids fluttering and sparks of electricity fogging his mind.

She came too, trembling and flexing, her contractions drawing out every last drop of his semen, overflowing and leaking out of her. Their mixed juices dripped onto the tile floor beneath them as they trembled, locked together, riding out the waves of pleasure that crashed over them. Their movements slowed as their shared ecstasy waned, grinding against eachother to coax out every last pulse of maddening bliss.

“It’s so warm inside me,” Seliphi crooned, biting her lower lip and peering up at Dylan as he panted, her blonde hair a mess. He was swimming in afterglow as residual tremors wracked his body, Seliphi’s gentle fingers stroking his chest as she watched him, beaming.

“I don’t know if you can get me pregnant,” she said, looking down to examine the globs of cloudy liquid that dripped slowly from her cloaca, and he sensed one last shiver of contentment pass through her long body, aroused at the obscene sight. “There’s so much…”

He grinned, she sounded eager, rather than worried.

“Well, we have a two week cruise coming up, we can keep trying.”

She shot him a mock glare, then silenced his laugh with a placating kiss, running her fingers through his hair.

“So how was my form, coach?”

He held up his fingers.

“A ten.”