Threadwalker Concept Art

The myriad realms that spanned the vastness of the Empire were once connected by the Threads. These twisting, branching conduits of cosmic energy weaved their dark web through the aether, their shifting currents and violent winds guiding those who sailed them home to port. For a hundred thousand years they have lain dormant, invisible to those who lack the arcane knowledge required to navigate them, but a new age is dawning. I feel the Threads stir anew, creaking like old bones at the limits of my perception.

Don my Captain’s Raiment, child. Take up his sword. I am bound to you now, your faithful familiar, and all that was once his is now yours. The very blood that courses through your veins is a cipher, and your enemies mean to spill it for fear of what you may one day become. Show them that their fears are well-founded.

Here’s some concept art for an upcoming story that I’m hoping to start work on once Autumn War is finished. This piece was provided by our boi Sickjoe, who you can find over here: