Package Deal

Our friend Wheresmysocks has commissioned another lovely piece of Pinwheel fanart, and I wanted to show my appreciation by writing a short story to go along with it. This artwork comes courtesy of UnknownAnimal, who has previously worked on some of our covers.

You can check out the full image and read the story over here:

Package Deal

Conjunction – Now Available in Stores

Cover Artwork by SickJoe:

After a short delay thanks to some copyright shenanigans, Conjunction is now available in stores! This book has been edited to bring it up to my current standards, and is available to read or purchase over here:

If you do choose to purchase a copy to own, please consider leaving a review, as they’re crucial for helping the book gain visibility and traction.

I hope you enjoy this high-fantasy tale of adventure, magic, and lizard tits.


Conjunction Delay

I just wanted to let you guys know that editing is complete on Conjunction, and all the ebooks are done, but the release on Amazon has been unexpectedly delayed.

Some of you may remember that someone stole a few of my stories and uploaded them to Amazon under a different name last year, one of which was Conjunction. While that situation was resolved (Amazon were actually very helpful) it has caused another issue down the line.

It seems that due to the copyright claim that I made to get the infringing content removed from Amazon, Conjunction is now flagged in their system as having been previously associated with a dispute. They’ve asked me for proof of copyright as a result and have delayed the publishing of the book until the situation is resolved.

Since it’s kind of a weird situation (I was the one who claimed my own work, which I had not yet published at the time) there are no procedures listed for dealing with this on their website. I’ve provided what information I feel is appropriate, so all I can really do is wait until support gets back to me. They’ve been helpful in the past, so I’m confident it will be resolved soon.

As such, I am also delaying the Smashwords release, just so there isn’t a huge gap between the release dates.

I’ll start work on editing Longhunter while I wait for news.