Widow’s Welcome the Audiobook

Artwork by Oouna: https://www.oouna.com/ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oouna/

Synopsis: With a wrecked car and no cellphone reception, Freddy seeks help in the only place that he can – a run-down mansion that looks long abandoned. To his surprise, he finds a strange woman living there alone, but there’s an ulterior motive to her gracious hospitality. Unfortunately for Freddy, he may already be caught in her web.

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This professionally produced audiobook includes nearly three hours of spooky fun, and was developed in collaboration with the voice actress Bordeaux Black of Subverse fame. Blending elements of radio drama and special effects with traditional narration, Bordeaux leverages her background in musical theater and opera to create an immersive and exciting experience that is sure to please fans of both horror and romance.

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The audiobook is currently being distributed by Findaway Voices, who will make it available on basically every major platform in the coming weeks, including Audible, iTunes, Nook, and many more. The list of links below will be updated as more purchasing options are made available.

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