Betelgeusian Tank Concept Art

Here’s some concept art for a new Betelgeusian vehicle that will be appearing in the upcoming story The Autumn War.

These behemoths haunt the autumn jungles of Kerguela, spewing magnetically-accelerated plasma fire and swarms of chemical rockets at those unfortunate enough to cross paths with them. Their eight powerful legs make them extremely mobile in rough terrain, and they’re able to bury themselves in the ground, hiding the vulnerable areas of their chitinous hulls and making themselves harder to spot. The beak-like structures on their carapace can split open, revealing a long, flexible appendage equipped with sensory organs and chemo-receptors, giving the pilot a clearer view of the battlefield.

This new threat is just one of many that the Coalition must overcome if they are to wrest back control of the lost colony from the entrenched hive forces.

This artwork comes courtesy of our pal SickJoe, who you can visit over here:

Worlds Apart 2 Update

2500 word update, new content at “Considered for what?”

Finished! The final word count is a hair under 139,000 words, but I’ll probably trim that down a little in editing. I’ll take a day off tomorrow to reset, because delivering updates at 8am is not optimal, and then I’ll start work on the editing/proofreading process. At my usual rate of 20,000 words a day, it should take about a week, but I’m still doing some contract work on the side right now, so that might extend it a little.

Another big Pinwheel story is in the pipeline, watch out for some new concept art for that one coming soon. Before I get started on that, I’d like to work on a short story about a faun, as well as do some maintenance on the website. I need to upload the rest of the Ebooks and add some more content to the Wiki. I’ll keep you guys in the loop.

Worlds Apart 2