Last Stand

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Disclaimer: This work of erotic fiction is intended for adults only. The story contains the following themes: bondage, femdom, oral, tail job, kissing, size difference, large breasts, sweat, muscle, monstergirl, orgasm denial, teasing, vaginal, snake, XCOM, viper, long tongue

Please note that this is an older story that has not yet been edited to bring it up to my current standards.

The team moved through the clinic, rubber soled boots squeaking on the metal floor. They stayed in cover and shadow, keeping low and out of sight. They had infiltrated without incident so far, what few ADVENT troops had been guarding the entrance had been dispatched silently, the alarm had not been raised. Alien blood dripped from Moreau's machete leaving a trail behind him.

The clinic was in a remote rural area, XCOM didn't know what kind of research was going on here, but it was related to the Avatar Project, so it couldn't be good. An informant had tipped them off that there was a sample here of some kind, of critical importance to the project, and they had been tasked with retrieving it.

Moreau raised a clenched fist, a gesture for the team to stop, they crouched, readying their weapons. He peeked around the corner and saw two ADVENT soldiers standing by a console, facing away from them. He unsheathed his blade slowly, advancing silently behind them. When he was in range he leaped, driving the serrated blade into the back of one, and decapitating the second as it raised its weapon to fire on him. The rest of the squad moved up, taking cover behind the console, and towards the end of the room they glimpsed the sample, a clear glass canister containing a glowing green liquid that was standing on a pedestal surrounded by machinery at the end of the room. That had to be it.

Moreau put his finger to his helmet, static hissed as a transmission from central came through on an encrypted frequency.

That's the sample we're here for soldiers, grab it and evac ASAP, we'll get it back to the lab and have the good doctor run an analysis.” Bradford's voice echoed in Moreau's helmet.

Yes sir, we'll get that sample back to you, soldiers, fan out!”

The team spread out, advancing quickly to cover the room, it was unlikely the sample would be so lightly defended, Moreau expected an ambush of some kind. To his right a heavy gunner wielding a massive chaingun lumbered forward, plates of heavy armor clanking as he walked, and to his left a scout with a long rifle took up position behind some crates, his fingers hovering nervously near his sidearm. The team of six soldiers took up position to cover him, and Moreau walked up to the sample, examining it for laser traps or pressure plates, anything that might give them away. It seemed clean, he couldn't see any obvious traps. He prodded it gingerly with a gloved hand, then grabbed it, pulling it down from the odd machinery upon which it resided. He turned it over in his hands, the viscous liquid sloshed and bubbled, he couldn't begin to guess at what it was.

Central, have acquired the sample, extracting now.”

Roger that, sending you a Skyranger.”

Moreau hefted the glass canister under his left arm and grabbed his pistol in his right hand, preparing to make for the exit. Suddenly the wall behind the heavy gunner blew inward, shrapnel and pieces of broken masonry flew across the room in a cloud of dust and debris, the gunner weathered it, turning to fire on a huge Muton who lumbered through the breach. The ugly creature bayed through its rebreather, tribal tattoos decorated its visible skin. The chaingun's barrel spooled, but before it could fire the great creature drove a massive bayonet affixed to its plasma rifle through the soldier's chest. It punched through his armor and he dropped his weapon, falling backwards to the floor. The rest of the team opened fire, shotguns, rifles and pistols filling the air with loud cracks and bangs as they harried the monster with bullets. It brought an arm up to protect its head, but the concentrated fire brought it down, green ooze leaking from innumerable bullet wounds as it fell back the way it had come.

Evac, evac!” Cried Moreau, vaulting over a guard rail and making for the door with his precious cargo, the team fell back with him, guns trained on the breach.

Another Muton and two ADVENT troopers took cover, firing blindly through the hole at the retreating soldiers. One tossed a plasma grenade which exploded in a green flare, throwing the scout off his feet, he skidded on the floor, picked himself up, but was cut down by a well placed laser shot, his limp body lying motionless.

Things were getting out of hand fast, they had to get out of here. The team exited the way they had come, through the front entrance, and one of the soldiers popped a red flare, its colored smoke signaling the circling dropship.

The enemy came around the side of the building, suppressing the team with plasma and laser fire. They took cover behind tree stumps and rocks as best they could, returning fire when an opening presented itself. There was more cover in the dense forest adjacent to the clinic, but they'd never make it there without being cut down.

The skyranger's engines kicked up dust at it came to hover a short distance away, dropping ropes to the ground. The team couldn't move, they were pinned, and in the distance Moreau saw more reinforcements arriving by dropship. It was now or never.

He called to the soldier nearest to him, and tossed him the container of green liquid.

I'll cover you, make a break for the skyranger!”

But Sir-”

Don't worry about me, go!”

The soldier hesitated, then nodded, dashing from cover towards the evac zone, and the other two followed.

Moreau tore off his helmet, dropping it to the ground and threw a smoke grenade behind him, the grey cloud obscuring his retreating team.

Come and get me you ugly freaks!” He bellowed, unholstering his assault rifle and firing at the aliens on full auto, brass shell casings bouncing on the ground as he emptied his magazine. They pulled back behind the corner of the building, taking cover from the hail of bullets and chattering angrily in their strange dialect.

He pushed forward, throwing a grenade that blew away chunks of masonry, keeping the pressure on while his team escaped. He heard a hiss of static in his earpiece as the skyranger powered up its engines and flew away over the treetops, its signature whine becoming faint.

We'll come back for you, Moreau.”

It was a nice gesture, but he didn't intend to be taken alive. Fuck whatever experiments these freaks would perform on him, or what tortures they would make him endure trying to get him to spill the beans on the location of the XCOM base or their known informants. He'd take a few of them down with him, they had traveled untold light years to be here today, and he'd end that journey with his machete. He dropped his empty rifle and pulled out his pistol from its thigh holster, along with his prized blade, rounding the corner of the building at a sprint. He shot the first surprised ADVENT trooper in the mouth below the helmet, and it dropped like a sack of bricks. As the second raised its laser rifle to fire on him he slashed the blade across its throat, it stumbled back, grasping at the wound as dark lifeblood flowed over its hands. The towering Muton raised its rifle, sharp bayonet glinting in the sun, and brought it down hard, but Moreau dodged the blow, and it planted deep into the soil.

He drove the machete through the beast's jaw from below and into its brain. It slackened, and collapsed forward into the rubble. Moreau retrieved the weapon, planting his foot on the alien and pulling it free with a sickening squelch, then wiped it on his pants leg. The trooper he had cut was lying on the ground, gurgling as blood oozed from its mouth, Moreau aimed the pistol at it and shot it twice through the helmet, it stopped moving.

He leaned against the wall panting, his hands were shaking. Holy shit, he should not have survived that, God was rolling the dice in his favor today. The sound of the approaching dropship interrupted the thought, and he turned to run towards the nearest treeline. Something fired on him but missed as he sprinted between the gnarled trunks, followed by the green heat of plasma splashing against their bark. The forest was dense, perhaps he would survive this after all, they couldn't fire at him in here. He heard shouting behind him, but soon the light dimmed as he pushed deeper into the woods, panting with exhaustion.

He had run for at least twenty minutes, as far as he could, they'd never be able to follow him. He rested against a tree, wiping sweat from his brow. He gulped lungfuls of air, adrenaline surging through his veins. He couldn't believe he was still alive. He tapped the communicator in his ear, damn, no signal. If he could find a homestead out here sympathetic to the resistance, he could-

He listened intently, rustling? Something heavy being dragged along the ground? He raised his pistol, aiming it through the dark trees. The Mutons couldn't fit between these trees, and the troopers were too dumb to take that kind of initiative, what could it be? Not...oh no. It wasn't something being dragged through the leaves, it was slithering, it must be a Viper.

He began to panic a little, pointing his pistol at every shadow and rustling leaf. Could he take a Viper on in single combat? He'd have to find out the hard way.

It was stalking him, it could be hidden anywhere in the shadowy foliage, hell, the snakes could probably climb trees for all he knew, he gripped the leather handle of his machete nervously.

A twig snapped behind him, he turned and fired blindly, the yellow muzzle flash lighting the forest like a torch for a split second, the shot echoed through the woods, they probably knew where he was already, but if they didn't, they did now. He had encountered Vipers before, they were large creatures, with a humanoid torso and the long, winding tail of a giant snake. They could spit corrosive venom, and he had seen them use their muscular bodies to crush the life out of a soldier like an anaconda. Neither option sounded like a fun way to go, but if he had to guess, he'd say they were going to try to take him alive, he might be able to use their restraint to his advantage.

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and before he could respond, a massive force slammed into his ribs, sending him crashing into a tree. He wheezed, picking himself up off the forest floor, and saw his stalker, a massive specimen, its chest covered in shiny black armor. It towered over him, its cobra-like hood flaring in anger, or maybe excitement. It hissed a challenge as its long coils undulated, and he stumbled to his feet, brandishing his machete.

Come on then, you fuck.” He spat. It didn't seem to speak English, but it understood the rebuttal well enough, and it began to sway like a snake preparing to strike. Moreau circled around it, his blade raised defiantly, his pistol had been knocked out of his hand by the surprise attack.

The alien seemed almost amused by his defiance, its lips curled into what could only be described as a wry smile, and its long, sinewy tongue flicked the air experimentally, smelling him perhaps. Could it tell that he was exhausted from running, or was the concept of a human challenging a Viper with a machete amusing in itself?

Smile while you can...” He chided. “Let's see if I can't wipe that ugly grin off your face.”

He lunged, striking at the giant creature with his blade, but it dodged the blow easily, tripping him with its muscular tail. He fell on his face into the leaves and mud, then rolled over and sprang back to his feet.

The thing huffed rhythmically, laughing? Mocking him?

He struck again, and the alien deflected it with a quick blow to his wrist, using its tapering tail as a whip. He circled around again, looking for an opening, anything he could use to his advantage. He had lost his gun, he had no grenades left, nothing but his machete.

He feinted a strike, the alien brought its tail up to whip him again, but he was ready, he swiped the blade sideways, cutting into its soft meat. The Viper hissed in pain and surprise, pulling back into a protective coil. Moreau twirled the machete, chuckling as the creature eyed the deep gash in its tail and spat angrily at him. It had a massive plasma caster holstered on its back, but it didn't reach for it, he must have been right in his guess that they wanted to interrogate him.

Who's laughing now?” He chided, resuming his circling. The alien narrowed its eyes and uncoiled, moving more warily now and affording him more space, he had made his point. Its long tongue flicked the air, and it tracked him, yellow reptilian pupils reflective in the forest gloom.

It struck suddenly, and quickly, but Moreau was fast, and dodged out of the way, the massive creature's muscular tail slammed into a tree behind him, splintering the wood. He slashed again, cutting another gash in the alien's fat tail. It recoiled, howling in pain and rage.

Yeah, not such a walk in the park now, is it? How does it feel to bleed?”

He doubted the creature could understand him, but his gloating was obvious, the Viper seethed and it coiled up defensively like a rattlesnake. Moreau was no longer afraid, his hands were steady and he was hyper aware, seeing the world as if in slow motion. In his mind he was a dead man walking, his only destiny now to inflict as much hurt on this invader as possible before it would be forced to strangle the life out of him, he might die today but he would live on in its scars.

He lunged forward, intending to strike at the chubby coils, but the Viper reacted quickly, parrying the machete blow with its armored wrist, the blade bounced off the shiny black alloy, reverberating metallically in his hand. It followed through with a powerful strike to his chest, sending him sprawling backward onto the ground. The beast loomed over him, its cobra hood flaring as it opened its maw and revealed two massive hypodermic fangs, he had just enough time to roll out of the way as it struck, slamming them into the soil. It struggled, violently writhing its long body like a worm that had been cut in half, barreling into trees and kicking up leaves as it attempted to free itself.

Moreau leapt to his feet and raised the blade above his head, intending to decapitate it. Instead it brought its tail towards him, colliding with his ribs and knocking him down, dazed. He struggled to rise to his feet, a hand on his bruised ribs, and the alien pulled free using its tail as leverage. It spat dirt, glaring at him angrily. Moreau was weakening, the alien was strong and its blows were starting to wear him down, keeping one hand on his ribs he sliced at it, it recoiled in time, hovering just out of his range and hissing its displeasure.

Defiant, he beckoned, his blade raised aggressively.

If you want me, you'll have to come and get me.”

The Viper considered for a moment, tracking him as he walked, then struck with its fangs. Moreau raised his blade, intending to use the creature's own power and weight to drive the machete through the roof of its mouth, but the strike fell short, from the left came the alien's dexterous tail, a trick! It hammered his hand, the machete flew from his grip, landing in a pile of leaves a short distance away. He turned to run for it, but the Viper's tail slithered around his waist, compressing him painfully and lifting him off the ground.

He struggled impotently, waving his legs in the air and punching the thing's scaly skin, but the fight was over, he was trapped. He relaxed, dangling as it brought its face in to examine him. Up close the alien had a strong jaw and thick, almost human lips. Its amber eyes peered at him from beneath discolored lids, and its fleshy hood extended down its neck to the shoulders. Had he angered it enough that it would kill him? It didn't seem that way, but he could correct that.

He punched it square in the face, it recoiled, hissing angrily, and he waved his hand, trying to dispel the pain. The alien's jaw bone was made of concrete. It squeezed him tighter, he gasped, pushing against the smooth coil, but he couldn't slip free. He cried out, his head rocking back as it compressed him in revenge for the punch, and it huffed again, as it had before, laughing at him.

Maybe he should jam his thumb into its eye next time, see if it laughed about that.

The Viper coiled more of its tail around him, pressing his arms to his sides. It had an odd texture, imperceptibly smooth scales, almost like soft skin lined the surface, patterned with shades of brown and yellow, beneath a layer of soft puppy fat he could feel strong, sinuous muscles flowing almost like liquid as it flexed. It would drag him back to the clinic now, and he'd be loaded onto a dropship and transported to a holding cell, where he would surely be tortured for information. He should have used that damn pistol on himself while he had the chance, now it was too late.

The creature examined him again, its reptilian eyes rolling over his body, it made him uncomfortable, like a predator sizing up a meal. Maybe it would eat him? Fair enough, he couldn't complain, it would be better than what ADVENT surely had in store. It reached out with a clawed finger and pried at his camouflaged armor, peeling back the ceramic chest plate and tearing the fabric beneath. He flinched as he felt the sharp claw poke his bare skin under his clothing. What the hell was it doing? It reached in and tore his clothing loose, the fabric ripped, the strong fibers pulling painfully against his skin as they tore, and exposed his naked torso.

It dragged its shiny claws over his skin, leaving red welts that didn't quite draw blood. He squirmed, dull pain flaring in his chest. It huffed rhythmically, was this revenge for the scars he had given it? These animals must be far more intelligent and emotional than anyone at XCOM had suspected.

The alien's obscenely long and meaty tongue left its parted lips, trailing strands of thick saliva as it reached out like a tentacle to slide across his cheek, it was hot and slimy, he turned his head but the Viper held him straight, tasting the sweat on his skin. This whole situation felt...wrong. It wasn't killing him, it wasn't capturing him, it seemed to be toying with him. It leaned in and pressed its soft, fleshy maw against his neck, the two sheathed fangs in the roof of its mouth pricking his skin gently as it chewed, he squirmed in its strong grip, feeling the warm saliva on his skin. It pulled back, eyelids low, and dragged its purple tongue over its puffy lips, wetting them.

The Viper reached down and unclipped some catches on its chest plate, the heavy, black metal plating fell away with a thud, releasing two weighty, full breasts that hung attractively, bouncing gently as they settled. Moreau gaped, it was...she was...female.

What the fuck...” He muttered under his breath. He struggled again, kicking his legs, but she held him tighter, squashing the air out of him with her iron grip. She dropped him unceremoniously to the ground, still wrapped in her muscular tail, and maneuvered over him, her large boobs hanging above him enticingly, swaying gently as her chest rose and fell. His eyes were drawn to her belly, where twin rows of firm abdominal muscles trailed down to her navel, he noticed a slit where the groin would be on a human, slightly pink on her soft, white underbelly, it glistened with moisture in the light. His head began to cloud, what was she going to do to him? Attempt to mate with him?

He jumped as he felt the tip of her tail slither over his groin and squeeze his bulge gently, the stimulation encouraging a half erection despite himself. He noticed the gash on her tail, slightly towards the tip about half way down her body, it still leaked a slow trickle of crimson blood. She followed his gaze, her eyes lingering on the wound, then turned back to him, a sly look in her eyes.

She settled, leaning back against a tree, perched on one of her soft, fat coils as if it were a beanbag, she dragged him towards her across the ground through the leaves and twigs that littered the forest floor. She propped him upright, lounging as she examined him like a child might examine a new toy, turning him over in her tail. Seemingly satisfied she pulled him close to her, resting him on her long body so that his head was level with her wide, oddly feminine hips. She reached a clawed finger down and gently pulled apart the slit on her groin, puffy labia parted, linked by strings of viscous liquid to reveal pink flesh beneath. Moreau could feel the heat emanating from her lions on his face. He pulled his head back, but the tapered tip of her agile tail coiled up his back and around his skull, tugging it straight and forcing him down towards her.

She was really doing this? Forcing him to give her head? Were all Vipers like this, or was this some kind of rogue? He didn't dare bite her, there was no way she had orders to do this, who knew what she might do to him in revenge, alone in the forest. She crooned, a low rumbling emanating from her reptilian vocal cords, and pushed his mouth up against her vulva. It was warm and slippery, the familiar smell began to excite him. He struggled to keep himself under control, his life was still at risk, and a surge of guilt flooded his mind. This was an alien monster, his hated enemy, to even twitch under her touch was unacceptable. He kept his mouth closed defiantly, and the Viper squeezed him painfully in a gesture of impatience. He winced as she compressed his ribs in her strong tail, and glanced at the organ apprehensively.

She held the thick lips apart with her forefingers, clear juice oozed from the pink, fleshy interior, he blushed with the indignity of it, his face was an inch away from her. She squeezed again, and he grunted in pain. She hissed angrily, reaching a hand down and placing it on his head, pushing his face into her opening. He had no choice, and stuck out his tongue, pressing it into her. She shivered contentedly, seeming to enjoy the sensation as she watched him, her eyes low and sultry. She crushed him again, and he complied, beginning to lick obediently. He pushed her folds apart with his tongue, she tasted of salt and metal, and she smelled...too familiar. Her pheromones were overcoming his senses, she was practically steaming, he felt his erection growing and tried to suppress it, to think of something else, anything, but her scent was intoxicating. Her thick nectar ran down his chin as he pressed into her warm tunnel, her slick walls like damp silk against his organ. He mouthed her entrance with his lips, and she shuddered at the stimulation, her hand sneaking up her body to find one of her pert, heavy breasts, kneading and squeezing. His nose pressed against a hard protrusion that could only be her clitoris, and he felt her tense up around his tongue, smooth walls closing on him. Perhaps if he could satisfy her, she would let him go? It was worth a try, and who knew, he might even enjoy it. The thought of pleasuring an alien invader that had surely killed humans filled him with revulsion, but also an odd arousal he didn't understand, and did not wish to acknowledge.

He searched for the hard nub with his lips, and sucked it into his mouth, the alien squirmed, breathing hard and heavy as he pressed it between them and ran his tongue over its surface. She gripped his hair painfully, and the tip of her tail wriggled down his body, seeking out his groin. The smooth appendage slipped past his waistline, wrapping around his erection and tightening gently. He gasped into her folds, the sensation surprising him as it pulled back his foreskin and coiled around his exposed glans. She could be gentle when she wanted to be, the contrast confused him, she stroked him as he sucked, his excitement mounting, his guilt and anger being pushed to the back of his mind by the soft pressure in his pants. She used her spongy, smooth underbelly to massage the head, dragging it back and forth, and in response his licking and gentle chewing only became more enthusiastic.

Was she rewarding him? Why force herself on him and then tease him, did she get some enjoyment out of it? He gasped as her smooth tail wrapped around the head of his penis like a fleshy noose and tugged, he tried to arch his back, but she still had him trapped in her prison of muscle and cool, scaly skin. He dragged his tongue roughly over her swollen protuberance, and she rumbled happily, her hand stroking his hair almost lovingly now, the message had become obvious to him, keep her happy and she would respond in kind.

He was starting to lose control now, his nose was full of her scent, her juices oozed over his tongue and ran down her smooth 'thighs', and she teased him with the tip of her tail just enough to keep him wanting, but never enough to push him over the edge. He whined into her loins, she seemed to enjoy the heat of his warm breath and tightened further, wringing another embarrassing vocalization from him.

What should he do? She was too large, too strong in comparison to him, she could crush the guts out of him like an ice pop if she were so inclined, he could feel the strength flowing through her muscles, like steel cables under her soft skin and chubby fat. He couldn't resist, even if he wanted to. Did he? His mind swam in arousal and confusion, he pinched her engorged clitoris between his teeth and tugged lightly. She grunted, grinding against his face in rhythmic undulations, her flowing juices sticking to his chin, her wide hips driving him into her tender flesh. He pushed his tongue as deep as it would go, and pressed his nose against her hard nub, rubbing it back and forth. She let out what passed for a moan, as far as Vipers were concerned, a deep rumble low in her throat that made Moreau's bones shake. A flood of liquid gushed into his mouth, making him gag and cough. The great creature shuddered, her hand still planted in his hair, waves of pleasure flowing through her taut body. He could feel the muscles in her coiled tail flexing and shaking as she rode out the orgasm.

She peeked at him, one eye closed, and leaned down, her long neck craning to bring her face close to his. Her massive tongue emerged from between her lips, winding towards him as if it were itself some alien creature. She pressed it against his face, leaving a trail of drool, then pushed it between his lips and into his mouth. The organ roved inside his head, seeking out his tongue and coiling around it like an anaconda, its tip exploring his throat. His gag reflex kicked in, but he tried to hold it, the deep, wanton kiss fogging his brain and making his knees weak. She held him there for what felt like hours, the clumsy, messy kiss exciting him more than he dared to admit, her gentle tail still lodged in his pants, massaging his stuff, painful erection. Eventually she released him from her lurid embrace, and he fell forward, resting his face on her soft belly. What was she doing to him? No woman had ever kissed him like that, it was practically a sex act in itself, a salacious violation that left him gasping and dizzy.

His eyes wandered to her toned abs, and he pushed his cheek against them, sliding his tongue along their chiseled contours. She flexed happily, pushing them against him as she cradled his head, he tasted the sweat on the silken skin of her underbelly and his painful stiffness only grew, throbbing in her grasp. She noticed, and twisted gently around the shaft, and he groaned into her taut muscles.

He was too far gone now, all semblance of resistance had left him, he didn't care what happened to him as long as he had more.

He felt an urgency rising inside him, impossible to ignore it nibbled at the back of his mind. He eyed her hanging breasts guiltily, she watched his conflict, her lips curling into a cruel, knowing smile. She pulled him up her body, his chest sliding against her smooth, rubbery underbelly, and brought his face to rest between her mammoth breasts. She pressed his head between them, a gentle hand on the back of his head, and he felt their velvet surface rub against his burning cheeks, scales so fine and smooth they might as well be pampered skin. He nuzzled, pushing his face between the meaty globes, and she released his hands from their prison, uncoiling her monstrous body. He brought them up and delved into her boobs with his fingers, pressing them into their supple flesh. He kneaded, the soft, pliable fat malleable in his grip, the Viper wriggled, breathing heavily as her long body undulated under his rough touch. He pressed deeper to find the firm tissue underneath, and she gasped, gripping his hair painfully as she gazed down at him, her eyelids drooping. They were larger than his head, hanging heavily from her chest, they would be comical on a human, but her alien shoulders carried them attractively, erect, pink nipples protruding enticingly. Moreau wondered briefly what ADVENT were thinking when they genetically engineered a giant snake to have mouthwatering tits, then dismissed the thought, sucking one of the hard nubs into his mouth and biting it softly.

She arched her back, pushing her rack into him, he brought both hands to bear on one breast, digging his fingers into the cushioned globe, mashing and twisting as he held the nipple firmly between his lips. A low, contented rumble reverberated through her long body, and she resumed teasing him with her tail, rewarding him for his efforts. He was losing himself, thoughts of the mission and the imminent danger pushed far to the back of his mind, beyond his concern, the musky scent of her bosom and the taste of the sweat that coated her silky skin in a glistening layer flooding his senses with white noise.

He felt the tip of her agile tail press forcefully into his member just below the head, and it began to rub his sweet spot rhythmically, he shivered, the stimulation rolling up his spine like the warm fingers of a masseuse. He felt his legs going weak, she knew what she was doing, she knew every weak point, how much pressure to apply, how fast to strike and rub. She coiled and uncoiled around his shaft, stroking up and down, running her appendage along his aching shaft methodically. He flinched as it slid over the tip of his erection, spreading his leaking precum as lubricant. He continued to explore her breasts with his hands, not wanting the sensation to end, sucking desperately and circling her engorged nipples with his tongue. Would she let him come? Was this some elaborate form of torture?

She squeezed the base of his penis painfully, wrapping around it and cutting off his rising orgasm, he moaned, partly from the sensation, partly from the frustration of being denied his well earned release, and she huffed, her imposing chest heaving as she laughed at him.

He glared at her, and she brought her slender neck down for another kiss, her puffy, smooth lips pushing against his, locking together awkwardly due to their difference in size and shape. Her warm, ropy tongue slid into his mouth again, and he accepted it, wrestling it with his own as the profane kiss dragged on, the metallic taste of her slimy saliva making his member throb and ache. She broke way with a wet pop, her long tongue coiling back into her jaws like a strand of meaty spaghetti, leaving him panting and wanting.

He tried to pull closer to her, but she held him back at arms length, her fat coils curled around his waist, and he burned with frustration.

Did she want him to beg?

She dragged her fingers slowly down her body, pausing to squeeze one of her fat, heavy breasts, then slid her hand over her pronounced abdominal muscles, the layer of sudor that coated her skin making them shiny and lustrous. Moreau followed her hand with his eyes, and gulped, trying to dispel the saliva that was pooling in his mouth as she teased him. Her hand passed her belly, and rubbed her pubic mound slowly, fingers pushing into her pink opening past the puffy lips, clear juices leaking down her lower body.

She met his gaze, a smug smile spreading across her lips as he dangled in the air, his erection pressing painfully against his pants. Her amber eyes seemed to pose a question, she held him there, waiting for him to respond.

Moreau's face burned, he squirmed in her grip, he wanted her, badly, but he was too proud to humiliate himself, would she even understand the request? Maybe his expression was enough to get the message across. Her tail began its teasing again, playing over his glans with a touch too light to satisfy him. He closed his eyes, trying to endure, but the Viper leered at him, enjoying the effect her denial was having on him.

She wanted him to ask for it, he sensed as much, but to do so would also be to surrender to her completely, which might be what she was trying to achieve. He had resisted, and managed to hurt her, and now she expected him to submit, to grovel and beg for her touch.

She continued her gentle rubbing, and his eyes wandered over her impressive figure, her large hips swaying hypnotically as she masturbated in front of him. He winced as he felt the tender touch of her tail, wrapping around his balls and squeezing them gently. He turned his head away from her, trying to maintain what little composure he still had left.

She crooned softly, wrapping more of her fat coils around his body until he was cocooned. Leaning forward, she pressed her soft lips against his bare neck, the warmth radiating through his skin. He froze up, feeling her sharp fangs prick his jugular, and melted into her fleshy prison as she began to mouthe and kiss, the sensation overcoming his addled mind. Sparks flared in his brain and stars danced before his eyes, she planted warm, sucking kisses on his vulnerable flesh and bit gently, not enough to puncture the skin, but enough to make him flinch and gasp. He felt the slippery texture of her tongue coil around his neck like a noose, squeezing his throat. She applied almost no pressure, but his body reacted to it all the same, he wriggled, writhing against the firm muscles of her tail as it held him straight.

It was too much, she was torturing him, stimulating the most sensitive areas of his body, his loins, his neck, overloading his nervous system with unbearable stimuli. Her spongy lips pressed against his ear, licking wetly, obscene sounds filling his head. He trembled under her sadistic assault.

S-stop...” He pleaded, the words escaping his lips. The Viper huffed, laughing at him, and pulled back a little, wetting her fat lips with her purple tongue. She might not speak his language, but she clearly understood a plea when she heard one.

Moreau seethed with embarrassment, that such a pitiable sound had been forced from his mouth, and that it had been this Viper that had done it filled him with shame. This was his enemy, an invader that should be destroyed, and yet she toyed with him, exploiting his most base instincts for her own sick amusement. Despite his displeasure, his member jumped and throbbed in her grip.

The Viper reached her hand down and began to play with herself again, and his eyes were inexorably drawn to her probing fingers and the pink, inviting flesh that peeked out lewdly from below her pale underbelly.

She moved her head down to his stomach, her lips parted and her roving tongue dragged across his skin, leaving a trail of warm saliva like a snail as it moved towards his pants. She popped his fly with the tip of her tail, incredibly agile and dexterous, and then Moreau tensed, sucking in a breath of air through clenched teeth as the slippery organ closed around his penis, wrapping it in a tunnel of undulating flesh. Her drool coated his shaft, and the powerful tendril corkscrewed around it, a sensation like a dozen meaty tongues teasing every inch of his member assaulted his senses. His head lolled back as he tried to hang on, waves of intense pleasure rolling up through his body like electric shocks. He groaned, getting close to the edge, and she increased the pace of her intolerable wriggling and licking in response.

Moreau's legs were like jello, he couldn't concentrate, his lower body felt like it was melting. As he felt his emission rising, and the pangs of orgasm began to cramp his muscles, she pinched her muscular tongue around the base of his penis again, cutting him off abruptly. He cried out as his climax was stopped in its tracks, his body wracked by the futile pumping of his swollen member.

Enough!” He exclaimed. The Viper fluttered her eyelids in surprise.

I-I give in, I surrender...let me come...please.”

Perhaps the alien understood him, then again perhaps she had no grasp of the English language and merely responded to his tone of voice, or his expressions, but she seemed to grin, her full lips curling into a smile at the corners of her mouth, and her huffing laugh returned, gloating over his shuddering form. She loomed over him, her fleshy hood flared in triumph, her eyes low and lurid.

She purred, an odd sound coming from the reptilian creature, and pulled him close to her, stroking his hair with a gentle hand and pressing him into her bosom again.

She reached down with her free hand, wrapping her fingers around his shaft, and pulled his member out of his pants, lining it up with her leaking loins. He shuddered, burying his face in her heavy breasts, unable to stand the anticipation as she slid the tender head of his aching cock up and down her genital slit, coating it with a lacquer of her dripping excitement.

D-do it...” Moreau begged, mumbling into her soft cleavage.

She huffed, holding him just a little longer, teasing just a little more, the moist flesh of her vulva dragging over his sensitive tip.

After a moment she relented, and slammed him deep inside her, pushing him up against her muscular body with a powerful thrust of her tail. Moreau cried out, the innumerable folds and creases of her insides dragging harshly across his abused member, her slippery walls contracted, squashing him between their taut surfaces. Deep inside her hot tunnel was a forest of spongy papillae, nubs of flesh that pressed against his head, raking over him like soft teeth. His penis hit the depths of her body, meeting resistance, and she shuddered, rumbling happily. She pulled him out, slowly, torturously as the her tight hole fought, trying to suck him deeper, its thick juices oozing around him and leaking obscenely. She held him in her tail for a moment, panting, with her nectar dripping from his throbbing member in globs, then slammed him back in. She fucked him ruthlessly, holding him in her thick tail like a rag doll, forcing him in and out of her again and again, her excitement mounting as their friction built.

The muscles deep in her organ squeezed and contracted, as if trying to milk the very life from his body, relentless folds and bumps of gooey flesh grinding against him, dragging over his skin, every nerve ending inflamed by her callous use of him. Her loins were on fire, practically burning his engorged member as he slid in and out of her, the depraved, wet sounds of their coupling audible even over his heavy breathing and yelps of anguish.

He felt her insides seize, compressing his cock and forcing those devilish nubs of rubbery flesh against the head, she let out a subsonic rumble that set his teeth on edge and wrapped her arms around him, dull claws digging into his back as she came. Her tail crushed him, squeezing the air out of him, her mammoth breasts smothered him and the rippling contractions of her damp tunnel wrung his orgasm from his body like a fist gloved in wet velvet.

He gushed inside her, his warm emission flowing into her beckoning womb as she trembled and shivered, every minute motion of her rolling hips translating into his pulsing, spasming member. He whined into her cleavage, her soft skin cool on his red cheeks, and she reached in, grasping his face in her hands. She held him for a moment, shivering and rumbling, then kissed him again, her tongue delving into his throat to deliver another wanton kiss as they rode out the aftershocks of their shared climax. She released him from her embrace, pulling her lips away, a string of saliva linking them briefly, and unraveled her sinuous body, dropping him shakily to the forest floor. He fell backwards, his legs giving out under him, and he sat down in a pile of fallen leaves, dizzy.

The Viper seemed to stretch and flex, he watched her taut muscles bulge beneath her smooth scales, the aura of dull, aching pleasure that encompassed his lower body flaring briefly in response.

She picked up her chest plate and clipped it back of, heaving her massive boobs into shaped recesses in the metal. She rummaged in the leaves for a moment, then slithered over to him.

A pang of fear stabbed through his post coital bliss, he remembered where he was, and what had happened. Was she returning to drag him away to a holding cell, or finish him off? She raised a hand above him, his machete, stained with her congealed blood held in her fist. He closed his eyes, awaiting the death blow, but none came. He opened them gingerly, she had dropped it at his feet.


The Viper huffed, chuckling to herself, then turned her back on him, winding away into the dark trees.

Wait! Where are you...”

Moreau sat, stunned. Was she letting him go? She had returned his weapon, as a sign of respect? As thanks for the good lay? He gripped the handle, rising shakily to his feet on unsteady legs, and examined it. It was impossible to say, and the Viper was nowhere to be seen now.

He began to walk into the forest, deciding never to tell his brothers in arms about what had transpired today, he doubted they would even believe him if he tried.

He tapped his earpiece, still no response, but over the static he heard the roar of an engine. He glanced up to the forest canopy, it was the unmistakable sound of a skyranger, they really had come back for him after having secured the sample!

But how could he signal them? He checked his belt, he had one tool left, a flare! He lit it, the red smoke rising above the trees, but the engine sound grew fainter. Had they seen his signal? Yes! The engines grew closer again, they must have circled back around. He realized his armor was shredded and his belt was barely holding up what was left of his pants. Oh well, time to exaggerate his heroics to include clothing-destroying explosions or the claws of a Berserker. Perhaps he would tell them some of the truth, that he tangled with a vicious Viper, and gotten closer than he would have liked.