Site Updates

All of the Pinwheel stories have been updated with Ebook and store links, as well as new versions of Ebooks with improved formatting where necessary. The Ebooks are all hosted on-site now, so no need to go hunting through Patreon for them. I also added Ebook links for 11 other stories. They’re almost all done now, just a handful of really old ones left like the XCOM stories.

Wiki Updates

I’ve been working on the Borealan Wiki for the last few days, and there’s almost 6000 words of content there for you guys to read. I feel like the Elysian section is wrapped up now, and I’ve begun on the Rask section.


RIP Pastebin

It looks like Pastebin just implemented a new policy. All posts that contain profanity or NSFW no-no speech such as fuck or titties have been forcibly set to private, meaning that nobody but the owner can view them. As a result, my entire Pastebin of over 60 stories just became inaccessible to you guys. This sucks, because I’ve been using it for years as an archive and as a way to deliver my daily updates, and I know that those Pastes are in circulation on a lot of different sites such as 4chan, Reddit, etc.

This is however something that I have been anticipating for a while, and it’s the primary reason I set up this website as a backup. For that reason, all of my content remains available. Unless the situation changes or I figure something else out, updates for in-progress stories will now be posted on this site exclusively. This actually affords me quite a lot more control over presentation and formatting, so I’m not that broken up about it, but please let me know if there were any features present on Pastebin that you made use of, but which my site lacks, and I will do my best to implement them.

If you want to download a backup of those Pastebin files for any reason, you can get a zip file on the website over here:

Big thanks again to SnowDrakE for making the website possible, it’s only thanks to him that my content can stay online. You can visit his site over here:

Wiki Updates

I added a bunch more content to the Human Wiki page, but there’s still a lot to fill in. It occurs to me that the specs of vehicles and weapons probably aren’t what you guys find most interesting, so I may put that on hold for the moment and move on to other races. Next up will be the five different flavors of Borealan.


Wiki Updates

I added a bunch of new content to the Krell page, which was missing important details on their culture and society. You can read about that here:


I also created the Wiki page for the Brokers, which you can read below. There’s about 1500 words of new content there, but there’s going to be a little more as soon as we can get the appropriate plugins installed so I can use collapsible text for spoilers.



Wiki Updates

I’m going to be doing some site maintenance and working on some new articles for the Wiki before starting the next story. Today, I updated the Betelgeusian Wiki with all of the new vehicles, adding about 2000 words of content. You can check that out here:


I’m hoping to get maybe one entry a day done over the next week so that there are no blank pages. I also plan to finish adding Ebook download links to all the story pages, and I’ve been experimenting with different plugins to create a timeline of events in the setting.

Worlds Apart 2 Update – Editing

Editing is finished! All 15 chapters have been run through the appropriate checks, and I will start work on the Ebook tomorrow. I’m still not entirely happy with the chapter titles, I tried to do a thing where everything was named after genetic terms, but I kind of ran out of steam towards the end. I’ll probably mess around with that later.

Worlds Apart 2