Merch Update

The Valbaran plush toy design has been finalized, and the prototype will soon be shipped out to me. Assuming I don’t find any issues that require revisions, and it meets my quality standard, I’ll be ordering a batch of 75 units. That number is based on the perceived demand, but there’s nothing stopping me ordering another batch if demand exceeds supply. Do note that Patrons will be getting first dibs, but I’ll probably make an email form or something for non-Patrons if there are any left over. I’m hesitant to give an ETA as things like shipping, customs fees, and taxes still have to be figured out, but the Valbabies are on their way!

Autumn War Editing Update

I thought I’d give you guys a more in-depth update on where I’m at right now with editing on the Autumn War. My process is two-stage, one proofread and one Grammarly pass. All of the chapters that have been listed have been proofread completely, and every chapter tagged with (GRAMMAR) has been run through Grammarly and is pretty much finalized.

Right now, proofreading is at approximately 74% completion, and I’m making my way through Volume 4. Once that’s done, I have to run the remaining chapters through Grammarly, then all that’s left to do is add a supplemental sex scene to Volume 3 (should take 3-4 days), then tackle a few small errors that I’ve recorded throughout the process.

I’m a bit behind my originally stated schedule, but burnout is the enemy on projects this absurdly large, so I’m just keeping a steady pace and making sure I don’t overwork myself.

Jarilan Drone Concept Art

Here’s some concept art for the Jarilan Drones. This artwork was provided by Malvear, who you can check out over here:

Jarilan Drones are human/Betelgeusian hybrids bred both for frontline combat as Coalition auxiliaries, and for socialization with other species, furthering the hive’s goal of integrating into the interstellar community. Drones sport tough, natural armor in the form of a flexible carapace made from chitin, which is supplemented by synthetic plating that enhances their survivability and helps to protect exposed weak points. As frontline soldiers, Drones are extremely tough and resilient, carrying over the enhanced strength and reflexes of their feral cousins. They are commonly employed by the Coalition in the role of sniffer dogs, as their sensitive antennae give them the natural ability to sense the pheromones emitted by Betelgeusians. They can track their enemies, locate the entrances to tunnels, and even decode some of their signaling pheromones to glean information about their behavior. Their helmets allow them to stow or extend these sensitive organs depending on the battlefield situation.
Due to their human DNA and their upbringing on the Jarilo colony, they have a high degree of social aptitude, making them friendly and personable. They can even leverage their pheromone-sensing abilities to glean insights into what their human comrades might be feeling. Whether their appearance is merely the result of their shared heritage or if the Queen engineered them specifically to make them more appealing and sympathetic to their human counterparts remains a matter of speculation.

Goetic Justice is now on Audible

The Goetic Justice audiobook is finally available on Audible! If you’d like to purchase a copy, you can find the links at the page below.

If you don’t have an Audible account already, you can start a free trial and choose this book as your free gift, and I still get that moolah. Reviews are super helpful for gaining visibility, so if you’re so inclined, it would be much appreciated.

I hope you enjoy it!

Goetic Justice the Audiobook