Human Resources Cover

The book cover for Human Resources is ready right on time! Waga is an artist who I’ve wanted to work with for a long time, and he’s brought his signature reptilian expertise to the Valbarans. He’s put a ton of love into every scale and feather, so make sure you open these in their full resolution so you can really appreciate them.
On the left we have Ezi with her tan scales, and on the right is Mima with her beautifully textured feathers, both unusual variations that we haven’t seen portrayed in official artwork before. There are two versions of the cover, one that features Yemi with his peacock feathers and traditional male adornments, and the other which features Ipal with her more conventional coloration.
There’s a ton of detail in the lounge background and on the table, where we can see a Valbaran hookah and some local spirits.
You can check out more of Waga’s content on his page over here: