Viridian Sands + Alien: Lineage Ebooks

I’ve finished editing Viridian Sands and I’ve made the ebooks. We don’t have a cover yet, but one is on the way, so it’s just the free edition for now. You can get those here:

Viridian Sands

I also made ebooks for Alien: Lineage, which I completed a few weeks ago but didn’t have time to get to due to illness and holiday stuff. This one is fanfiction, which means I can’t sell it, so the free version has all the features of a retail version and it’s free to download.

Alien: Lineage

I also did some site maintenance. I split all of the fantasy stories into their own category and sorted them, and I gave the Alien franchise its own category, as the Other category was starting to spill off the screen at commonly used monitor resolutions. We’re also going to need a new category for Pinwheel stories as we’re on to the 31st entry now, holy shit.

Next up is the second story from the Patreon vote, which will feature Valbarans, but I need a day or two to upload Viridian Sands everywhere and do a little more maintenance. I’d like to get that Timeline sorted out properly and the Broker wiki page still needs to be updated extensively.