Status Update

Just a bit of a between-projects update for you guys.

Alien: Lineage has been uploaded to all of the places it’s supposed to be, as has Or Die Alone (I actually never got around to doing that). A couple of small typos were pointed out in the gay version of Brokering Trust, which I’ve now fixed, and I’ll be updating that as well as publishing it to various sites and stores along with the hetero version over the next couple of days. We have a book cover on the way for Alien: Lineage so I’ll make ebooks for that story as soon as it’s finished.

Just a lot of administrative stuff to get out of the way, but I’m hoping to start work on the first of the three Pinwheel shorts you guys voted on this week. First up is the Rask one.

My Starlink dish finally arrived, so I should have that up and running soon for a faster and more reliable connection.