A Very Licensed Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and I should have time between editing and the next Pinwheel story to fit in a spooky short. This year, I want to do some fanfiction, as it’s been a while since I wrote anything based on a licensed property. I picked three classic sci-fi movie monsters, so vote for which one you want to see over on the Patreon.

Trapped alone on a derelict spacecraft, an engineer is stalked through the deserted maze of hallways by an alien creature that seeks only to propagate its species by any means available.

Deep inside a humid South American jungle, a special forces operator is separated from his team and forced to contend with an alien hunter. Only by meeting her challenge head-on can he hope to survive.

Reprogrammed and sent back in time, a cybernetic organism once manufactured to assassinate the leader of the resistance must instead ensure his conception.