Or Die Alone Covers

Here’s the finished cover for Or Die Alone, featuring a very flustered Boyd who is trying not to enjoy his new predicament too conspicuously while he and Lorza huddle for warmth in an ice cave. Make sure you open the image in its full rez to get a look at the wonderful detail on the fur and the survival suit. Oouna really outdid themselves on this one, the lighting especially is very impressive.
Also included is the nude alt version. The way that the artist uses light and shadow to accentuate her figure is very impressive, and I love the patterning on her coat.

I’m trying to do audiobook-ready covers for all of my content now, so we can’t rule out a potential reading in the future!

This is another one provided by our friend Oouna, and you can check out more of their content at the following links: