Or Die Alone is finished + plans for the year.

The Or Die Alone rewrite is finished! Editing took a little longer than anticipated thanks to some issues with Chapter 12, but they’re all ironed out now. I’ll work on the logistical stuff like making Ebooks and posting to other sites over the next couple of days. The cover should be done relatively soon, so you guys won’t have long to wait for that.

It’s a new year, and I have a lot of new projects I want to work on. Before that, though, I really need to get through my backlog of Retail Ebooks that are waiting to be edited. Some have been sitting unfinished for over a year thanks to Autumn War growing into such a humongous project. These are not rewrites, just proofreads and Grammarly passes on stories that have covers ready and are waiting to be finalized.

These are:
Widow’s Welcome
Heart of the Mountain
Silent Vigil
Worlds Apart 2

Once those are all wrapped up, I can focus on entirely new content. Coming up we have Savannah Heat, which is set in a new world I’ve been developing where mythological creatures exist alongside humans in a contemporary modern society. After that, I’m working on the much awaited Broker story. We also have several more Pinwheel stories in the pipeline that deal with some very important events and expansions to the setting, which will be a large focus this year. There’s also Threadwalker, which I’ve secretly been commissioning lots of concept art for, and I’m very eager to get to a point where I can share it with you.

I hope you guys will look forward to it!

Stay tuned, I’ll be providing updates on editing progress and delivering fresh Retail Ebooks as they become available.

Oh and here’s an XMR from a new sheet that’s in the works: