The Autumn War

The Autumn War – Volume 1: Invasion

Set in the Pinwheel universe, where an alliance of friendly species fights a never-ending war against the merciless insect hordes, the mission to retake a lost colony is underway.
The largest Coalition fleet ever assembled descends on the moon of Kerguela, where a peaceful civilization met its end at the hands of a marauding hive fleet three decades prior. Leading the campaign is Xipa, one of the few survivors of the original invasion, bent on righting the wrongs of her past and avenging her fallen flock. When she intercepts a mysterious signal in orbit, she assembles a crack special forces team to scour the overgrown forests and abandoned cities for answers.
Evan is a seasoned Marine, deploying from the UNN Spratley as part of the ground invasion force. His armored battalion lands on the moon’s surface, ready to face the Bugs head-on, but all isn’t as it seems. In the thirty years since the moon was captured, its occupants have adapted to its environment and changed their tactics in unforeseen ways. Now, Evan and his comrades must face off against the hive’s biomechanical terrors, all the while playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a new breed of insect.
The flames of war and passion rage around the moon, while conflict between both friend and foe strains the alliance to its limits.

After over a year in the making, The Autumn War is finally complete and ready to read! The entire series of four books is available at the storefronts listed below. If you do choose to purchase a copy, reviews and ratings are much appreciated and help me gain visibility in the algorithm.

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Featured artwork by SickJoe
and Malvear