The Autumn War Tetralogy

Tetralogy? Quadrilogy? I dunno, but here are all four finished covers for the Autumn War shown back to back.

Volume 1: Invasion
Volume 2: Remnants
Volume 3: Defiance
Volume 4: Succession

Once these are all edited and finished, I’ll be releasing them at weekly intervals while I work on editing some older content. That should give you all time to read them between releases and ensure that there’s not too much of a content drought while I get the other stories that are waiting to be made into Retail Ebooks up to scratch. Those will be:

Worlds Apart 2
Silent Vigil
Heart of the Mountain
Goetic Justice (with the rewrite and new cover)
Maybe Widow’s Welcome if I can get a cover.

After that’s done, we’re moving on to some new projects. The next things in the pipeline are Savannah Heat, a story set in a new contemporary fantasy setting I’ve been developing that features mythical creatures like werewolves and centaurs living alongside humans, Threadwalker, another new setting I’m developing that I don’t want to reveal too much about, the untitled Broker story, and a rewrite/edit of Or Die Alone to bring it up to speed (and hopefully get a cover for it).

These covers are all the work of our boi SickJoe, and you can check out more of his work over here: