The Great Plagiarism Adventure of 2022

It has been brought to my attention by a concerned citizen that an author on Amazon has been plagiarizing my content and selling it on Kindle Unlimited under the name Stephanie Vander. This person also seems to be doing the same with content from other authors.

I’d like to say that I’m surprised by this, but it’s something that I’ve been expecting to happen for a while, and it’s an inevitable consequence of making your content available online. This is a pretty frequent occurrence for writers like me, and it’s happened to a few of my friends already, even some with a much smaller online presence. Amazon uses an automatic system to detect plagiarism that is easily circumvented by changing around enough content, or deleting sections of the book outright.

I am a registered business and I own the copyrights to all of my works, so it should be a relatively simple process to get the books taken down, assuming that Amazon’s systems work as intended, which is not always a given. I’ve filled out the necessary forms, so I’ll keep you up to date on what happens.

If any of you happen to check out the plagiarized books and recognize the content that belongs to other authors, I’d appreciate you telling me so that I can pass on the relevant information to them.

The offending profile.