Ebook and Audiobook updates.

I just got done updating the Pinwheel Ebook, so the new edit with the new cover is now available in the Retail Ebooks section of the Patreon, the Free Ebooks section, and on the website. I also updated the Smashwords listing, so if you own it on that platform, you should get a free update. I tried to do the same with Amazon but they seem to be having technical issues right now, so I’ll have to try again later.

I’m also updating Joint Venture with its new cover, so that should be live soon too.

I ran into some hurdles with the audiobook. Unfortunately, only people living in the US and the UK can upload content to Audible, so I’m going through a third-party distributor. All that means for you guys is that it will be available on a wider range of platforms (such as Kobo, Nook, iTunes, etc). It will still be available on Amazon/Audible, but it may prolong the certification process a tad.

I’ll be providing a DRM-free version through Patreon for you guys, so you’ll get it either way, just wanted to update you on what was happening.