Pinwheel Audiobook Preview No1

I now have the complete Pinwheel audiobook on file, and I’ve listened through the entire thing. It turned out even better than I hoped, and I’m very excited to get it into your hands (and subsequently into your ears). We still have a little editing work left to do, we have to wait for the cover to be completed, and then it has to go through Audible’s approval process, but we’re on the home stretch.

The narration was performed by the ever-talented Bordeaux Black, who I’m happy to say has been a pleasure to work with. She’s brought some real personality to the characters in a way that I feel often exceeds what you might expect from an audiobook. You can find more of her work over here:

I’ve also included a sneak preview of the brand new cover that’s being provided by Honovy, a very talented artist who also worked on the book cover for The Rask Rebellion. They’re once again bringing their signature style to the Borealans. You can see more of their content over here:

I’ll be releasing several more previews over the coming days, and I’ll keep you guys updated on the process as it goes along. I’ll be releasing a v3 edit of the Pinwheel Ebook along with the audiobook, which will include improvements and the new cover. If you already own the Ebook, you’ll receive a free update regardless of platform.