Worlds Apart 2 Update

2500 word update, new content at “Considered for what?”

Finished! The final word count is a hair under 139,000 words, but I’ll probably trim that down a little in editing. I’ll take a day off tomorrow to reset, because delivering updates at 8am is not optimal, and then I’ll start work on the editing/proofreading process. At my usual rate of 20,000 words a day, it should take about a week, but I’m still doing some contract work on the side right now, so that might extend it a little.

Another big Pinwheel story is in the pipeline, watch out for some new concept art for that one coming soon. Before I get started on that, I’d like to work on a short story about a faun, as well as do some maintenance on the website. I need to upload the rest of the Ebooks and add some more content to the Wiki. I’ll keep you guys in the loop.

Worlds Apart 2