Valbaran Work Visa Program

In collaboration with the Consensus, the UN extends its lottery program to Valbara, allowing its citizens hailing from less desirable colonies to win work permits and relocate for a chance at a better life.

Rask Regreening Begins

A joint Coalition effort to rebuild the Rask territory and restore its ecology is undertaken.

Broker Secrets Unveiled

A scientist is given unprecedented permission to travel to the Trappist system, home of the Brokers, where he uncovers many secrets about the enigmatic aliens.

Kerguela Campaign

A joint Coalition force invades the lost Valbaran colony of Kerguela, engaging in planet-wide assaults against the entrenched Betelgeusian hive.

Tepin Visits the Pinwheel

With the Galaxy now open to them, Valbarans begin traveling to nearby systems. Tepin – an artist searching for inspiration – visits the Pinwheel station.

The Rask Rebellion

The Rask Matriarch launches a surprise attack on her allies and begins a bloody rebellion, forcing a UNN assault carrier to intervene.

First Hybrids Created

Intent on finding a way to start a family, Liz and Jamie travel to Jarilo to explore new options.

Valbarans & Jarilans Join Coalition

The Valbarans and Jarilans both make bids to join the Coalition, but an assassination attempt on the Jarilan Ambassador disrupts the proceedings.

Araxie Join Coalition

Due to mounting pressure from the Rask territory, the Araxie make themselves known to the Coalition, sending an Ambassador to the Pinwheel to negotiate their membership.

Liz Reunites with Jamie

Liz returns from Borealis to track down Jamie, and the two struggle to rekindle their relationship after spending years separated.