Joint Venture Cover (v2)

Here’s an updated cover for my Mass Effect fanfiction story Joint Venture.

My friend Ghost0fOnyx ( has modeled what is without a doubt the best Turian model that’s ever been made, and I don’t feel it’s at all hyperbolic to say that, considering the quality of his work. Meklab, my buddy who does excellent animations that you can check out over here ( wanted to use it to remake the original cover that he did for the story. Couple that with an AI-upscaled shot of the Citadel from the new remastered trilogy, and we have some artwork that I think would make even BioWare as green as a Drell.

I’ll be remaking the Ebook and updating the original post with the new version as soon as I have the time. Big thanks to everyone who was involved in this project.

Site Update

Didn’t have time to finish the update today, but we got HTTPS running on the website, so your browsers and anti-viruses should stop giving you warnings about it being unsecured now.
Big props once again to SnowDrake over at for all his help on the technical side of things.