Birds of Prey: Chapter 15

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Please note: this chapter contains explicit content of a sexual nature. It includes the following themes: size difference, group sex, oral, fingering, feathers, handjob, blowjob, face-sitting, vaginal, light bondage, tailjob.


When they arrived back at the flock’s dwelling, Jaeger lay Baker down on the shag carpet in the main dome, putting a cushion beneath his head and leaving him to sleep off his overindulgence. He couldn’t blame him too much, they had been celebrating, and Baker had spent months on the Rorke where his consumption of alcohol was strictly moderated. He would be comfortable enough here while Jaeger and the flock occupied the bedroom…

“So…how does this work?” he asked, turning to the flock. They were all bunched up together, craning their long necks to peer at him. Talk about being put in the spotlight…

“What do Earth’nay usually do?” Maza asked.

“What do Valbarans usually do?” he replied.

“I think we should take your advice and just follow our guts, or our hearts,” she chuckled. She took his hand again, her grip like iron, and guided him over towards the door to the bedroom. He ducked under the low doorway, feeling the plush surface of the room-spanning mattress beneath his feet. She released him in the center of the domed room, her flock following behind them, Coza closing the door as she was the last to enter. The room was plunged into a vaguely red gloom, much like the lounge, and once again the hanging curtains that decorated the walls gave him the same vibe.

Jaeger felt like he was being surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves, the aliens forming a circle around him, peering up at him as their violet eyes reflected what little light there was. They whispered and warbled in their native language, indecipherable to Jaeger, flashing their feathers and scheming as he waited for them to make the next move. The females were the dominant sex in their species, the courtship dance with the nurse back at the hospital had really hammered that fact home, and so he should probably let them take the lead. When in Rome, as Baker liked to say…

“I want to see what you look like,” Maza said, stepping closer to him. She was so short, he had to look directly down at her as she rested her hands on his stomach and pressed her snout up against his chest. She reached up and gripped the zipper on his suit between her thumb and one of her two fingers, pulling it down slowly until it reached his waist. He shrugged it off, then kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the lower half, standing before the aliens wearing only his white shirt and his shorts.

She wanted to pull his shirt over his head, but she couldn’t reach, Jaeger doing it in her stead. He tugged it off and discarded it with a little difficulty, it was stuck to his skin due to the heat and humidity. Before the garment had even hit the mattress, Maza’s small hands were back at work. She traced the contours of his muscles beneath his damp skin, Jaeger flexing and twitching at her touch.

“When you took us into the shower back on your carrier,” she began, her eyes fixed on his belly as she stroked it with her hand. Her skin, or rather scales, were soft and smooth. They weren’t like the armored, overlapping scales of a Krell, which were arranged like medieval armor. These were made up of a tiny mosaic of shiny scales, minute, irregular squares and hexagons that interlocked perfectly to create a surface that was as flush as varnished wood. “I thought that you were propositioning me,” she laughed. “I didn’t know much about your customs yet, I saw that all of the alien races on the Rorke lived together, male and female alike. Sordid thoughts ran through my head. What if this was how the rest of the Galaxy behaved, what if they expected the same of us? Had this vessel, packed with strange and exotic aliens, jumped into our system with the expectation that we would all make love as if that was their way of greeting us? I quickly discovered that I was wrong, of course,” she continued, her warm breath blowing on his skin and her hands crawling down towards the bulge in his shorts. “But for a moment, I was ready for that to be the case, I was willing…”

She hooked a finger beneath the elastic waistband of his shorts, Ayau and Xico flanking her and leaning closer to get a better look. Tacka was lounging on the cushions nearby, observing them from a distance, while Coza was standing to one side with her legs locked and her arms crossed as she glared at him. She was a little unsteady on her feet, she had hit the drink and the tobacco a lot harder than her sisters. While everyone else had been drinking recreationally, Coza certainly seemed to be trying to drown her troubles.

Maza slid his shorts down to his thighs, slowly exposing his member, already swelling and heavy with blood as it bounced free. Their eyes widened, apparently surprised by what they saw, Maza glancing up at him as she gently lifted it in her palm.

“There’s only one!” Xico exclaimed, her eyes fixed intently on his growing member. “It’s covered in skin, it’s so large and…vascular…”

“It’s getting heavier,” Maza whispered, “swelling with blood. It’s beating like a heart in my hand.”

“What’s this?” Ayau asked, reaching below and cupping his balls in her palm. Jaeger twitched, the fluffy Valbaran grinning at his response. “It’s sensitive.”

Their explorations caused him to reach full mast, rising out of Maza’s hand, his organ standing erect in front of them and twitching softly with every pulse of blood that rushed through it. It was almost as long and as thick as Maza’s forearm, her eyes slowly crawling up its length as her feathers flashed in a shade of deep pink.

“Is it…okay?” Jaeger stammered. “I mean, can we…will it fit?”

“I guess we’ll find out,” Xico said, smirking as she looked pointedly between Jaeger and Maza. His would-be lover rested her head just below his chest, looking down at his member as she played with it in her hand. She ran her fingers from the base to the tip, pushing it down gently, then letting it spring back up again.

“It’s so smooth,” she muttered, transfixed. Every touch of her fingers brought with it a jolt of electrical pleasure that coursed up through his body, his breathing growing heavier as she inadvertently teased him. Ayau combed her fingers through his pubic hair, cocking her head.

“It’s course and curly,” she said, “nothing like the fur on his head.”

Maza stepped back, a distinctly eager look in her eye as she stared up at him, fumbling with the clasps on her tunic. She loosened the collar just enough that she could get it over her large head, the sheaths that extended out of the back of her skull getting in the way. Beneath it, she was wearing what looked like a black tube top, the same color and style as her impossibly form-fitting shorts. Jaeger had been wondering if the aliens had boobs or not, and as she pulled the elastic material away, he got his answer.

Two firm, pert breasts fell free of the material as she pulled it over her head, bouncing gently with the motion. Her pink nipples stood erect, and she covered the globes with her forearm as she let her top fall to the floor, the soft flesh deforming around her limb enticingly. They were perfect handfuls, covered in the same green scales as the rest of her body, which gave them a waxy sheen under the light. They were slightly discolored, as was her stomach, the scales there a lighter shade like the underbelly of a lizard.

Twin rows of chiseled abdominal muscles protruded from beneath her skin, firm and tight, shifting as she moved. Now he could get a better look at the hourglass shape of her inhumanly wide hips, the anchors that attached her powerful legs to the rest of her little body. She was still wearing her shorts, the thin, black fabric clinging to her like a second skin. It almost looked like the material that one would use to make swimwear. Her thighs were longer and proportionally thicker than those of a human, joining to digitigrade legs, bony and sinewy below the ankle joint. Despite her obvious physical fitness, she was still plump in all the right places, her curves drawing his gaze and seeming to guide it across her voluptuous figure.

Maza angled her thick tail downwards and then slid off her shorts, stepping out of them to reveal that she was wearing nothing beneath. Now Jaeger could see that the discoloration of her scales extended to her inner thighs and down the underside of her tail, almost as if designed to draw his eyes to her most sensitive regions. Between her legs, she had a mound as smooth and as polished as the rest of her, a pair of subtle lips that were tinted a familiar pink just visible.

She released her breasts, standing before him with everything on display, as if waiting for his approval.

“Do you…like me?”

As if the incessant pulsing of his erection wasn’t enough of an answer for her, he took a step forward, reaching down to grip her comely hips. His fingers immediately sank into her yielding fat, the span of his hands large enough that his thumbs very nearly met across her belly. What had looked like muscle was actually flesh as soft as melted butter, her scales smooth like the most exquisite silk. His member brushed up against her abs, her small boobs pressing against his torso as he pulled her short frame into him. She angled her face to look up at him, her snout only just managing to brush his chin.

He slid a hand down to cup her ass, taking a generous handful of more of her delicate fat, the alien cooing in a blend of surprise and delight. Beneath it lurked muscle so springy and perfectly rounded that if he were to lift her up and drop her on her butt, he felt certain that she would bounce like a basketball. His fingers roamed lower, her stout thighs just as firm, muscles like steel cables sheathed in a layer of plumpness that he found impossible to resist. His digits sank down to the first joint, it was like kneading freshly-baked dough.

“I didn’t realize that Earth’nay males would be so…assertive,” she whispered, standing on her toes and reaching up to gently nibble at his neck. He felt the points of her needle-like teeth, but she had scaly lips too, mouthing and sucking as she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled herself tighter against him. It sandwiched his member between the two of them, the bumps of her sculpted abs rubbing against the sensitive underside.

He slid his hands up her back, exploring her, tracing the furrow of her spine with his fingertips. Her scaly skin was so inviting, it was as smooth as polished metal and slightly moist, likely due to the humidity in the air. The contrast between fat and muscle made her irresistible to the touch, he wouldn’t have been able to keep his hands off her if he had tried, it was like she was wrapped in a layer of soft velvet. He would have assumed that scaly skin would be coarse and dry, but that wasn’t the case at all.

“Is this how you kiss?” he chuckled, her pointed teeth tickling his neck.

“Does it not feel good to you?” she asked, pausing for a moment.

“It feels good,” he whispered. He cupped his hands under her rump, lifting her off the ground like she weighed nothing, Maza’s feathers flaring in yellow and pink as she laughed excitedly. He brought her up to head height, the alien crossing her arms behind his neck and closing her powerful thighs around his waist like a vice. Her long, serpentine tail coiled around him too, giving her enough purchase that he scarcely needed to support her weight.

He buried his face in the nape of her neck, feeling her grip on him tighten and hearing a sigh escape her lips as he planted a kiss on her shoulder. He crawled slowly higher, nibbling and mouthing softly as he roamed up her long, flexible throat. It seemed to tickle her, and she squirmed in his arms, her dull claws scratching at his naked back. He could feel the details of her tiny scales beneath his tongue where he dragged it across her skin, her taste was neutral, but she had a pleasant wet leather scent about her.

Jaeger reached down and pulled his shorts all the way off, Maza clinging to him as he walked her over towards the nearest wall, where the cushions were piled high. He knelt and released her onto the pillows, the little alien lying spreadeagled beneath him, the rapid rise and fall of her chest making her breasts wobble. He reached down and enclosed one of them in his hand, it was small enough that he could encompass it entirely, her hard nipple pressing into his palm. He kneaded and squeezed, her flesh as malleable as cookie batter, the pert globe springing back into its original shape when he released it. She arched her spine, squirming on the mattress as he teased her, his fingers seeking out the sensitive breast tissue beneath the layer of buttery fat.

He planted another sucking kiss on her neck, then began to crawl his lips down towards her chest, pausing to catch one of her nipples in his mouth. He mauled the adjacent breast with his fingers as he drew on the firm nub of flesh, sucking and chewing gently, pinching it between his lips and his teeth. Her tail waved back and forth on the mattress beneath him, batting his thighs, her small frame writhing as he circled her nipple with his tongue.

“Like that,” she gasped, sinking her fingers into his hair and taking desperate handfuls. “That feels good…”

After lingering for a moment, he roamed downwards, dragging his tongue across her six pack and following the deep channels that they carved in her abdomen. Droplets of moisture from the humid air around them clung to her shining body like beads of sweat, but there was no taste of salt, it was simply water. Her taut muscles bulged and flexed where his lips roamed, the alien tensing and shuddering as he drew shapes on her belly. Her scales were even softer and more delicate here, nearly indistinguishable from human skin, and she seemed more sensitive too. He slid the tip of his tongue into her navel, then realized that she had a navel.

Breasts, a navel, all features that suggested live birth. Could they be placental reptiles, or birds, or whatever animal group they most closely resembled? Warm-blooded reptiles with feathers that lactated and gave birth to live young? It was like discovering the Platypus all over again.

Maza was shivering like a leaf, perhaps their sharp teeth and long snouts precluded a lot of the sex acts that were par for the course in human lovemaking. She still had her hands in his hair, combing it softly, he could feel her dull claws raking his scalp as he continued his journey downwards. She seemed to enjoy the texture, tugging on it as he took a firm grip on her hips. He lifted her butt off the mattress, she was so light that she was trivial to hold up, Maza practically hanging upside-down with her shoulders and head resting on the cushions as he brought his lips towards her thighs. He doted on them where the scales were lighter and softer, peppering them with sucking kisses and gentle bites, deliberately avoiding the plump lips that lay between them as he teased her. Her clawed toes curled, and her tail whipped back and forth, her fingers gripping the mattress beneath her.

He finally relented, Maza looking up at him imploringly, and he turned his attention to her loins. They were not dissimilar from those of a human woman, puffy and swollen with arousal, the same pale color as her belly. Here, however, there was glistening, pink flesh peeking out from between the folds. He watched as a trickle of clear fluid escaping to slide down her tail. He had been expecting some kind of cloaca, but there was a pink bud further down her tail, indicating that she was arranged more like a mammal.

Unable to resist, he dragged his tongue between her puffy labia, her juices making her flesh wet and slippery. She tasted sour, tangy, it was an oddly pleasant flavor. His mouth was large enough that he could get it around her entire mound, sucking as he raked her loins with his roving organ, coating every crease of her burning vulva. Her spine arched again, her thighs trembling and her tail coiling tightly around one of his thighs as a high pitched whine slipped past her pursed lips.

“There!” she gasped, “don’t stop!”

He needed no encouragement, pushing his tongue deeper, tracing her delicate folds as he drew softly on her lips. He could feel the heat that she radiated, almost hot enough to scald his tongue, her muscles flexing and twitching with every glance and stroke. He pulled back, parting the fleshy labia with his fingers, looking down to examine her intimate anatomy as she covered her face in embarrassment. Her slit was small compared to what he was familiar with, and her twitching, winking opening was tiny enough that it looked like he would struggle to get two fingers inside her. It leaked a steady stream of colorless, syrupy fluid that made her rosy vulva glisten, dripping down her tail in a way that made it look like droplets of dew. It made his mouth water, her wet leather scent goading him on. There was no clitoris that he could see, but it didn’t seem to diminish her sensitivity at all.

He dove back in, licking and mouthing, the small size of her loins meaning that he could cover more of them with every stroke. Her vulva was smaller than the flat of his tongue, Jaeger lapping at her like an ice cream cone as his saliva blended with her tangy fluid. It almost tasted like citrus fruit, but a little weaker, he felt like he could keep this up all day.

Xico and Ayau hovered nearby, watching intently as he turned their friend into a moaning, shuddering mess. Xico was chewing absent-mindedly on one of her claws, while Ayau had snuck a hand between her legs, rubbing slowly as Maza thrust her hips against Jaeger’s mouth.

She doubled over as he pushed the tip of his tongue inside her, feeling her silken walls grip him tightly, her abs bulging from beneath her skin beautifully as they tensed up. She let herself fall back to the mattress, groaning as he buried his organ deeper, parting her insides as they spasmed around him.

The flesh that lined her tunnel was so pillowy and slimy, moving ceaselessly, writhing and contracting violently as if trying to tear his tongue from his skull. Her clenching passage felt like satin that had been soaked in honey, the taut muscles massaging him in waves.

Maza seemed to be in a state of pure bliss. Her eyelids drooped as she lay on the cushions, her scaly lips pulling back to expose her teeth in a kind of snarl, her brow furrowing when he dragged his tongue across her sensitive walls.

When he drew back, his lips were linked to hers by a sagging web of clear fluid, which fell to slide down the underside of her tail. He brought a finger up to her opening, circling her spasming entrance and wetting it with her slimy emissions.

“Tell me if this gets uncomfortable,” he said, pressing it inside her. It sank up to the first joint, then the second, Maza whining as her slick muscles seized around it. He wouldn’t have been able to slide any deeper had it not been for her copious fluids, spilling around his digit and glazing his skin in a slippery sheen. He reached the knuckle, burying his entire finger inside of her, Maza shivering as he brushed what felt like the reaches of her tunnel. It would have been painful for a human, but Maza didn’t complain or pull away.

God, she was tight. He didn’t know if sex was going to work between them, he might simply be too large for her. He began to slide his finger slowly in and out, her loins sucking on him, sticking to his skin as they created a vacuum. The feeling of her silken walls gliding against him was wonderful, a twinge of disappointment flaring in his belly as he considered that he might not be able to feel these luxuriant muscles wrapping around his cock.

“On the roof towards the back,” she mumbled through her haze of arousal, “you should feel a firm knot. Rub it…”

Jaeger changed the angle of his finger as he searched for it, probing the roof of her tunnel, feeling her tighten and tremble when he located it. There was a firm bud of flesh inside her, almost like an uvula, the little dangling thing in the back of your throat. Judging by the drawn-out moan that she uttered when he rubbed it, it was rich in nerve endings. Was this the Valbaran equivalent of a clitoris? It was so far inside of her, evolved perhaps to encourage deep penetration, increasing the chances of successful insemination.

The backs of her knees were resting across his shoulders now, and her tail had a tight grip around his midsection, leaving both of his hands free as he no longer needed to support her. He placed one hand on her belly just above her mound and began to thrust his finger in and out of her, brushing her sweet spot in a way that made her clench her fists and buck violently. She was warbling in her own language, it sounded like bird song, but whatever she was saying it seemed to be drawing in her flock. Xico and Ayau were close enough that he could feel their breath on his forearms, watching intently as his alien digit splayed Maza’s delicate flesh. Even Coza had elected to move a little closer, her feathers flaring in pink as she watched her friend squirm in his grasp.

A violent tremor passed through Maza’s small frame, every muscle in her body seeming to tense up, her grip on his finger becoming so tight that it was almost painful. She bared her teeth, her eyes snapping shut and her plumes rising in a rainbow of seemingly random colors and patterns. It was like he had short-circuited her, her feathers shifting and fluttering in waves of color, her spine arching and her tail constricting around his waist like an anaconda. Jaeger kept up the pace as he drew out every last throb of her orgasm, her insides gripping him like a fist as the tingling pleasure forced adorable mewls and whines from her lips, her syrupy juices flowing around his buried digit and hanging from her loins in glistening strands.

He slowly lowered her down onto the mattress as she relaxed her hold on him, her little chest pumping like a pair of bellows as she rode out the last wracking pangs of her climax. She seemed exhausted, and he had to remind himself that these aliens didn’t have the stamina that humans had, she would probably need time to recover before they could continue.

She looked up at him, her eyes unfocused, laughing giddily as she slowly ran her hands across her chest and belly. She seemed more drunk now than she had been back at the lounge, high on a far more powerful drug than any plant fiber could produce. He considered lying down beside her, holding her, running his hands across her still receptive body as she recovered the strength to go again. But before he could do so, he found himself on his back.

Ayau and Xico had pounced on him like a pair of lions bringing down a zebra, the little aliens incredibly strong and fast when they needed to be. Ayau was holding his wrists in her hands, pinning his arms above his head, the tentacle-like feather sheaths on her forearms coiling around them to tie them together. Even the slim muscles contained with the sheaths were like steel, he couldn’t have freed himself if he had tried.

Xico, meanwhile, was crouched between his parted thighs with her eyes fixed on his prominent erection. She cocked her head at it curiously, reaching down to run her hands across his exposed glans, and feeling him twitch. As he watched, she shed her loose-fitting tunic and slipped out of her shorts, her body nearly identical to Maza’s save for the darker shade of her scales.

She began to stroke his member, running her fingers up and down his shaft, her scales so smooth and fine that it felt like she was wearing silk gloves. Jaeger relaxed, letting her do her thing, her violet eyes fixed on his organ as she examined it intently. Ayau peered over his prone body, watching her friend as she held Jaeger’s arms steady. It was a little unnecessary, he wasn’t going to try to escape, but whatever made the willful creatures happy…

“A single shaft,” Xico said, perhaps trying to mask her arousal by feigning a kind of clinical detachment. “Large…obviously, with no external channel for the, uh…semen to flow through. It looks like the channel is situated inside the organ, judging by the small opening at the end…”

She ran the tip of her finger around his glans, making him shiver, her warm breath blowing on the head.

“Sensitive, smooth. Judging by the way that it…throbs, it can be assumed that it inflates with blood, unlike the eversion process used by Val’ba’ra’nay reproductive organs. There seems to be a covering of nerve-rich skin that protects the underlying flesh.”

“Uh…what are you talking about, exactly?” Jaeger asked.

“I’m making some…observations,” she replied hesitantly, still holding his pulsing shaft in her palm. It was massive in comparison to her, she could barely get her hand around it. “The reproductive organ of a Val’ba’ra’nay male is made up of two shafts, it’s housed inside the body, everting during arousal.” She ran her finger from the base of his shaft to the tip, making him buck. “There’s a channel on the outside of the organ where the emission flows, and there’s no covering of skin.”

“So…they have two cocks?”

“N-no, it’s a single organ, but it has two shafts.”

“This is an odd kind of foreplay,” he mumbled.

“As the first Val’ba’ra’nay with any kind of technical expertise to examine an Earth’nay so…closely, it’s my duty to make observations,” she said. “To make a record of your…anatomy…”

“And what technical background do you have, exactly?” he asked.

“Uh…flight engineer…”

“I see.”

She pulled back his foreskin to expose his glans fully, gazing at his shining head with what could only be described as lust. She bit her scaly lip, then wet them with her pink tongue, beginning a slow and rhythmic stroking. He didn’t know what a Valbaran penis looked like exactly, but the shape and texture of his member seemed to encourage the alien to run her hands up and down it, tracing the protruding veins with the tips of her dull claws. She was focused on it so intently, her nose not an inch from the tip as she watched it jump and pulse. A bead of his excitement leaked out, and she opened her mouth, her flexible tongue snaking out to lap at the clear fluid.

It was like wet velvet, a shiver running up his spine and making his head spin as her damp flesh dragged across his tender glans. She noted his reaction, her feathers puffing up in a rosy shade of pink. It could be the Valbaran equivalent of a blush, or it could be a more overt display of arousal, he wasn’t entirely sure yet.

“The subject responds strongly to stimulation,” she whispered, “his fluids taste salty…”

“He likes it,” Ayau chimed in from somewhere above his head, “lick him again…”

Her tongue was not very wide, but it was long and agile, the tip tapered into a point. It was about the same length as her snout, maybe eight or nine inches long and scarcely one inch wide. As she opened her jaws to reveal her rows of needle-like teeth, he felt a pang of apprehension. That toothy maw was not suited to oral sex, not even slightly. As she lowered her snout down towards his member, she was careful to keep her teeth clear of him, coiling her slippery tongue around his shaft as she breathed warm air on it.

Xico couldn’t suck, but she could certainly lick, her dexterous tongue flicking across his glans and painting his shaft with her viscous saliva as he struggled to keep from bucking. It was death by a thousand cuts, every glance sending a jolt ecstasy tearing through him, fireworks exploding in his brain. She kept up her stroking all the while, pumping her little hands up and down his length, her touch made slick and warm by her spit.

“Does it feel good?” Ayau chirped, her eager face appearing above him as she looked down at his reddening cheeks. “You’re going all pink.”

“Yeah,” he said, his eyelids drooping as Xico swirled her tongue around his tip.

He felt Ayau release him from her grasp, the excitable alien quickly stripping off her clothes and draping herself over him, giving him a kind of upside-down hug as she rubbed her scaly cheek on his belly. Her thighs were to the right of his head, her arms wrapped around his chest as she nuzzled and giggled.

“You’re so big! So smooth!”

Her entire body was coated in downy proto-feathers, save for her hands, her lower legs, and her face. It was so fluffy, it really did feel like fur, tickling his naked skin as she brushed against him. He could feel her breasts as they squashed against his chest, those too coated in a layer of feathery down the same beige color as her exposed scales. He felt her nibble and lick softly, their version of a kiss, her tongue flicking into his navel as Xico kept up her maddening ‘investigations‘.

Ayau swung one of her legs over his face, the base of her fluffy tail resting on his forehead as she pushed her loins up against his chin, her upper body still lying on his chest like he was a giant inflatable pool animal.

“Do me too,” she said, patting his forehead with her tail as if she needed to get his attention. “Like you did for Maza’xol’natuih, make me feel good too.”

He raised his hands and sank them into her ass, feeling her muscles tense, and hearing her coo excitedly as he delved his fingers into her velvety flesh. Just like Maza, her rump was packed with springy muscle. He could have bounced a penny off her butt, and it was all cloaked in a layer of inviting fat that was as squishy as memory foam. Ayau had her feather covering too, it felt like the feathers that you might find on a baby bird or the ones that were used to stuff pillows. It gave her an extra layer of softness, the sensation so novel and strange that he couldn’t help but comb it with his digits as he kneaded her round cheeks.

She closed her thighs around his face, her tail draped over his head, giving him little choice other than to take in her feminine scent. There was still that wet leather smell, but there was something a little thicker there too. It reminded him of sinking his face into his ex’s hair after she had just gotten out of the shower, the aromas of soaps and the natural scent of her body mingling.

Ayau’s mound wasn’t bald and scaly, it was surrounded by fluffy feathers, already damp and matted with her leaking anticipation. It was far softer and more delicate than pubic hair, however. It felt pleasant against his cheeks as he pressed forward and dragged his tongue between her lips. He gripped her ass as she shivered, resting her head on his stomach as he began to lick, he could feel her breath on his cock even as Xico massaged it.

“Oh, that feels good,” Ayau whined. “You have to try this, Xico’hte’otl, it’s so smooth and warm…” Her friend didn’t reply, still transfixed by his erection. “Does it taste good?” Ayau asked, Jaeger shuddering as he felt a second tongue glance his shaft. “His skin is salty. It’s smooth though, damp, he has no scales.” She rubbed her cheek on his belly again, apparently enjoying the texture of his skin as much he enjoyed her feathery covering. “I think we should keep him, he won’t get tired out like a Val’ba’ra’nay male.”

“Keep me?” Jaeger asked, his voice muffled by her rump.

“Don’t slow down,” she grumbled, leaning back so that she was sitting on his face and cutting off his complaints. She wriggled to get comfortable, kneading one of her furry breasts with her hand as she planted the other on his chest for balance, her tangy fluids leaking down his cheeks and making her downy feathers stick to his skin.

Maza seemed to have recovered enough strength to join in again, Jaeger hearing her chuckle as he felt another hand on his member.

“It feels so alive,” she muttered, Jaeger unable to see her due to the feathery butt that was currently occupying his field of view. “It’s always throbbing and flexing, what do you think it would feel like inside of you?”

“It would certainly be an…enlightening experience,” Xico replied, pausing her clumsy blowjob for a moment so that she could speak.

Jaeger kept up his licking, Ayau squirming occasionally as he teased her satin folds, pushing his tongue deep inside her as he had done for Maza. Her tail waved back and forth in an almost absent-minded fashion, tickling his forehead as her downy plumage brushed it. He couldn’t keep his hands off her ass and thighs, the chiseled muscle shifting beneath the pudgy fat in a way that he found irresistible.

Xico’s tongue was joined by Maza’s, he could feel her resting her weight on his hip as she leaned forward to reach his shaft, her pink organ snaking out of her jaws to stroke his skin. If she was bothered by the presence of her friend’s bubbling saliva, she didn’t show it, the aliens certainly had very intimate relationships within their flock. He bucked as his brain sparked and fizzed, the presence of two tongues and two pairs of hands doubling the intensity of the sensations, like his nerves had been kicked into overdrive. There was so much warmth and wetness, the two Valbarans kneading and massaging as they coated his skin with flurries of licks and scaly kisses. An orgasm was boiling up inside him like a volcano threatening to erupt, he couldn’t take much more of it.

The aliens seemed to notice that his rump was rising from the mattress, his muffled breathing becoming ragged, and his thrusting irregular. Ayau shifted, he felt her little hands rest on his belly as she leaned closer, laughing excitedly as she added her own tongue to the collective effort. Every delicate stroke of that wet, velvet flesh against his tender organ made his head spin. One of them was sneaking the tapered tip of their tongue beneath his foreskin and circling, it felt divine, it was enough to make his toes curl.

“He’s close,” Ayau chuckled, the energetic little alien seeming to see the whole encounter as a kind of game. “I wonder what will happen when he…”

Someone cupped his balls in their hands, another dragging the flat of their tongue across the sensitive spot beneath his glans, his climax surging forth like a dam breaking. There was a jolt of pleasure so intense that it forced his eyes closed, the muscles in his abdomen contracting as they forced a thick, cloudy rope of his emission from his body. His member bounced and jumped, the aliens pulling back in alarm, save for Xico who he had to assume was observing intently. He could still feel her crouched between his thighs, even if all that he could see was Ayau’s rear.

The searing pleasure made him see stars, his body pumping out hot wads of his ejaculate, falling to cling to his thighs and belly as the aliens let it flow. When he eventually relaxed back down onto the mattress, the involuntary spasming of his hips ceasing, Ayau slid off his face. She was snickering to herself, clearly amused by something, and Jaeger wiped her juices from his mouth as he propped himself up on his elbows.

Xico was perched between his parted thighs, her hands resting around his still twitching cock, her face and chest draped in gelatinous strands of his pearly semen. There had been a lot of it, he hadn’t exactly had much time to relieve himself lately, and her small stature only enhanced the effect. It almost looked like someone had taken a pastry bag full of frosting to her.

He began to apologize, then stopped, watching as she caught one of the dangling strings that was hanging from her snout with her tongue. She ran a finger through the clumps that were sticking to her scaly chest, smearing them, pulling her hand away and watching the sagging rope that it created break and fall to her thighs. Ayau was laughing, and Maza was lying at his side, smirking at him.

Xico met his gaze with drooping eyelids, bringing her finger to her mouth as gravity made the mess slowly slide down her flat belly, a lingering pulse of pleasure tearing through Jaeger’s afterglow at the lurid sight.

“Impressive…volume,” she muttered, struggling to maintain her facade of clinical detachment. “It’s so thick and…hot…”

“Imagine what that would feel like welling up inside of you,” Ayau muttered, chewing on one of her claws as she gazed at Xico. She shuffled closer to her, scraping some of the mess from Xico’s modest bust, the alien shivering as her companion’s finger glanced her nipple. She let it dangle, watching it wobble, Jaeger still at full mast.

“It’s sticky,” Xico warned in a breathy voice that betrayed her arousal, “don’t get it on your feathers.”

He noticed that both Tacka and Coza were watching from afar. The former seemed to be keeping her distance, while Coza looked like a neighborhood dog viewing a barbecue through a chicken wire fence. She obviously wanted to join in desperately, but perhaps her pride didn’t allow it.

“Which one of us is going to try first?” Ayau asked, glancing at his erection. He knew what she meant, Jaeger was so much larger than they were that actual penetration might be very difficult, if not impossible. He was actually surprised that the aliens were willing to attempt it at all.

“Hang on, I need some downtime,” Jaeger said. “Give me ten minutes.”

“Good, then you have time to finish me off,” Ayau purred. She leapt into the air like a pouncing tiger, landing with her clawed feet to either side of his head, then she crouched and brought her still dripping loins into range of his mouth. Her long tail was draped across his chest, tickling his skin as it waved back and forth. She took handfuls of his hair, guiding his lips towards hers, shivering contentedly as he closed his hands around her butt and resumed his ardent licking. He took his time, tracing every crease and fold of her sex, slow and devoted.

When she was wet enough that her juices were dripping down his chin, his slid a finger inside her, the alien trembling and closing her thighs around his face as he brushed the sensitive bud of flesh in the depths of her tunnel that Maza had introduced him to. She ground her hips against his digit, her muscles wringing him, her pace becoming desperate and clumsy as he pushed her closer and closer to the edge. Maza and Xico were nearby, watching their friend’s shivering frame as she came.

The feathery Valbaran loosed a pained whine, then fell off him, curling up on the mattress beside his head as she trembled and cooed. Just like when Maza had climaxed, Ayau’s feather sheaths went wild, flashing nonsensical colors and patterns like a broken computer monitor. She curled herself up almost into a ball, her eyes shut tightly and her hands moving between her closed thighs, riding the waves of her orgasm for as long as she could prolong it. After a solid minute of twitching and mumbling, she finally relaxed, uncurling to lie on her back on the bed as she caught her breath.

She looked so cute that Jaeger could scarcely help himself, rolling over onto his side and wrapping an arm around her waist. He pulled her tight against his body, her feathers sticking to his damp skin, the little alien giggling as he buried his face in her fluffy neck and approximated their odd way of kissing. He slid his free hand across her belly and chest, combing her downy covering with his fingers and kneading her breasts, like stress balls in his oversized hands. She rubbed her scaly snout in his hair as he nuzzled her neck and shoulder, apparently delighted by the attention, and he felt a few aftershocks rock her beleaguered body.

“We’re definitely keeping him,” she sighed, rubbing her feathery rump against his renewed erection. He gripped her hips, the soft feathers tickling him, his every instinct demanding that he thrust his member between those round cheeks and bury it to the hilt.

“What’s the matter, spaceman?” Ayau cooed. “Want to put that big thing inside me and fill me up with your slime?”

“Something like that,” he grumbled, and she laughed at his obvious frustration. “Looks like Maza’xol’natuih might want to try and make it work…”

He looked up, releasing the giggling alien from his grasp as Maza walked towards him. She planted her feet to either side of his hips, a trickle of her excitement already sliding down her inner thigh. Her feathers were puffed up in pink, and her little chest was pumping, her breasts shaking enticingly with the motion. Xico too had crawled closer, she had cleaned herself off on a cushion it seemed, but there was still some obscene residue clinging to her snout and her belly. She looked ready for a show, her eyes wide as she waited with bated breath.

“I want to try,” Maza said, staring down at him with those unblinking eyes. “Try not to buck, or you might…you know…kill me…”

He watched as she splayed her pink opening with her two fingers, a droplet of her juices falling to wet his erection as she slowly lowered herself down towards it. Jaeger didn’t know if this was going to work, but he wasn’t about to tell her to stop. The prospect of feeling those impossibly soft, tight walls enclosing his most sensitive anatomy had his heart beating like a drum, and she knew her limitations far better than he did.

Maza crouched over him, the two of them sucking in a gasp of air in unison as her rosy, satin flesh met his swollen glans. She was fever-hot, so wet that it dribbled down his shaft, his tip pressing against her tiny opening. She was trembling, perhaps from fear or arousal, or a combination of the two.

“Go slow,” Xico warned, “take your time…”

Ayau was lying prone beside him, her eyes following Maza’s mound as it gradually slid over the head of his penis. A force like an angry fist gripped him, Maza wincing as his member opened her up, her fleshy walls parting as they rippled and clenched. It was like her body was fighting him for every millimeter, yet her insides were drenched in her syrupy fluids, their texture like the most luxurious silk as they raked across his exposed glans. Harsh, raw pleasure coursed through him, and he dug his fingers into the mattress beneath him as he struggled to keep still.

“Oh, she got the tip in!” Ayau exclaimed.

Maza paused, resting her hands on her knees as she gave herself time to grow accustomed to the feeling of having him inside her. She wrapped her flexible tail around the base, using it to guide him as she resumed her downward crawl.

The sensation was incredible, it felt like there was no barrier between them, as if their very nerves were linking together so that they might share the wonderful pleasures. His every twitch made her shiver, and each minute shift and spasm of her passage made him groan in turn. It was the absolute limit of what either of them could take, the borderline, their bodies so different as to be almost incompatible. Almost…

“Fuck,” he snarled, his abdominal muscles clenching as she slid an entire inch of him inside her in one smooth motion. Her mouth opened in a silent wail, her feathers fluttering in that colorful, irregular pattern that he had seen when she had climaxed. “A-are you alright?” he stammered.

She held up a finger, gesturing for him to be quiet, her eyes closed as she shivered silently.

“I think…I just came a little,” she muttered.

He winced as she slid a bit further down, her loins sucking on him, muscle spasms rolling up his shaft in waves as if her body was trying to drag him deeper. If it hadn’t been for the copious amount of lubrication that she was producing, he doubted if he could even have gotten this much inside of her.

Maza reached the halfway point, pausing again to catch her breath. When she moved down an inch further, he felt his glans brush something in her deepest reaches. It was her clitoris, or their equivalent of one, at least. He could feel the firm nub of flesh as his member squashed it against the roof of her tunnel. Maza shuddered, her eyes rolling back into her head and her knees quivering, her legs very nearly giving out.

When her gaze once again met his, it was dripping with palpable lust, reason thrown to the wind as the sensation wracked her little body. She crouched, taking him all the way to the base in one motion, her juices forced from her passage to wet his belly and thighs as his swollen member filled her to capacity. She planted her hands on his stomach to support herself, quivering as her feathers flashed in nonsensical patterns and shades, impaled on his cock as it flexed and jumped inside her. He wasn’t all that well endowed, but he was already bottoming out inside Maza. He could feel the way that her delicate insides were parting, he was splitting her open, his tip kissing the reaches of her tunnel. He could sense the beating of her heart, the pulsing of her blood, and the rippling of her muscles through the cushiony membrane of her vaginal walls. Her clawed fingers dug into his damp skin to leave red welts, Maza holding onto him as though her life depended on it.

She stayed like that for a minute, almost afraid to move, her tail coiling around one of his legs for purchase as if she thought that she might float away. Slowly, cautiously, she began to rock her wide hips back and forth. She wasn’t rising and falling on his shaft, she was keeping it locked inside her as she ground against it, pushing forwards and backwards. It was like she was trying to scratch an itch, rubbing his thick shaft against her sweet spot. He could feel the little bead scraping against his glans, her slimy tunnel clenching around him with every thrust. She was milking him ruthlessly, the contractions rolling from his base to the tip in waves, like a throat swallowing around him.

Jaeger lay back and let her set the pace, reveling in the euphoria that was washing over him, Maza’s every minute twist and quiver setting his nerves alight. It was like being vacuum packed into hot, slimy velvet, she was so tight around him that her insides were like a second skin. They perfectly conformed to every contour of his shaft, as though molten plastic was being poured around a mold.

“Are you alright?” he asked, Maza hanging her head as she moved atop him. Her feather sheaths were going crazy, it was almost enough to give him a seizure.

“Mmm,” she moaned affirmatively, her voice flanging and breaking as she lost concentration. “I can’t keep this up much longer…”

Jaeger brought his hands up towards her, resting them on her hips, slowing her pace a little as he felt her smooth scales beneath his fingers. He slid a hand up her waist, her muscular core tensing and flexing as she danced, making slow figures of eight and driving his cock against her tunnel in new and exciting ways. He cupped one of her breasts, her loins gripping him more tightly in response, and he gently pinched one of her pink nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Maza breathed low and comely sighs, her eyes closed as she rocked her hips. She seemed to be getting more used to his size the longer they stayed mated together, her movements growing bolder and more vigorous.

“Does it feel good?” she asked, her voice taking on an oddly musical quality as she rode him. He hadn’t realized that reproducing human speech required such focus.

“It feels amazing,” he groaned, gritting his teeth as her tight little body wrung him remorselessly. Never mind Maza, he wasn’t going to last much longer himself. The pleasure was so intense, her muscles crushing him to the extent that it bordered on pain. The sensation seemed to reach down to his core, bypassing skin and flesh to rake at his nerves, sending electric fingers crawling up his spine. He couldn’t concentrate, it was as if his thoughts were being overridden, scattered to the winds with every fresh burst of ecstasy.

“I can’t,” she blurted, leaning forward as she began to shiver uncontrollably. “I ca-” Maza went silent as the shaking of her hips pressed his shaft against her sensitive nub, her entire body going as stiff as a board and her feathers flaring. Jaeger doubled over, groaning as her tunnel narrowed around him, practically vibrating as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. She curled up into a trembling ball on his torso, her fingers digging into his abdomen and her head resting on his chest, her fluttering feathers tickling his skin.

He was so close, he only needed a little more to push him over the edge, his primal urges overcoming him as he took her in his arms and flipped her over onto her back. She lay on the mattress beneath him, shivering and twitching as she gazed up at his red face, her eyes unfocused. His sweat rained down on her, the exertion and the humidity making his skin wet, Jaeger looming over her like a hulking beast as her climax dragged on. He was still buried to the hilt inside her, and now he pulled away, her eyes widening as the sensation made another pulse of ecstasy flare within her. He drew back about halfway, then thrust into her again, her body now accustomed to his size enough that he could push through the resistance. His member crushed her clitoris against the roof of her passage on its way back in, her exhausted body convulsing under the fresh wave of pleasure, and he found a slow pace as he drove her deep into the soft cushions.

Maza was beside herself, one orgasm chasing the next as she clawed at his chest and warbled in her native tongue. Even through the haze of his arousal, he was careful, being as gentle as he could and watching for any sign of distress that might warn him to stop. Instead, she wrapped her tail around his waist and pulled him into her. She latched onto him with her iron thighs to drive him as deep as he could reach, his heavy pace shaking her with every downward thrust.

With a growl, he pushed into her one final time, his shaft throbbing and pulsing as he pumped the first wad of his ejaculate into her quivering passage. Maza yelped as she felt the hot, gelatinous fluid splash against her insides, her spine arching as her thighs gripped him with all their strength. He flooded her, Maza’s every crease and wrinkle drowned in his emission, far more than she could accommodate as the obscene blend of her juices and his cloudy semen poured out of her in spurts to soak into the mattress between her legs.

Over and over again his body seized, his muscles burning as they forced more of it from him. He felt like he was pouring his very essence into her loins as they swallowed around him like an eager mouth. His nervous system had gone haywire, it was like someone was frying his brain in a bubbling pan of oil, a deep and permeating bliss falling over him like a warm blanket as the sharp pleasure gave way to afterglow.

They stayed locked together for what felt like hours, but couldn’t have been more than a minute, surfing the tides of their euphoria as though they were a pair of rafts adrift on a stormy sea. The world around them melted away until Maza’s heaving, shivering frame was all that existed, the feeling of their joined bodies all that he could think about. The feverish heat of her satin flesh as it roiled around his shaft, the way that her thighs and tail were gripping his hips, the softness of her doughy fat. Her musical moans, the flashing of her colorful feathers, the way that her chiseled muscles moved beneath scales that were as smooth as glass. He was infatuated.

When he finally came to, like climbing out of quicksand, she was lying beneath him on the room-spanning bed. Her little chest was rising and falling more regularly, one of her arms covering her eyes as her pink tongue lolled from the side of her mouth. Her legs trembled, his milky ejaculate still pouring from her yawning opening, pooling on the base of her tail before sliding down either side of it. His member was linked to her splayed lips by a thick rope of their blended juices, his length coated in a shiny, slippery sheen. Her flat, toned stomach was noticeably swollen, the bump steadily receding as the globs of his fluid slid out of her. She didn’t seem to be in any discomfort, however. She was stretched out like a cat bathing in the sun, smiling drunkenly as she pulled her arm away and batted her eyes at him.

“You Earth’nay really are full of surprises,” she muttered.

“And you’re full of Earth’nay,” Ayau chimed, lying on her stomach nearby as she watched them intently. “It’s still coming out of you…”

Jaeger felt a little embarrassed, he wasn’t exactly used to having an audience. Even so, he was starting to see the flock in the way that Maza did. They were individuals with their own personalities and quirks, to be sure, but they were also as a cohesive unit. What was that old saying? ‘Love me, love my dog‘. In this case, it was ‘love me, love my flock‘, and that didn’t seem like too tall of an order right now.

He sat back, feeling the mattress bounce beneath him, wiping some of the sweat from his brow and wishing that he could take a dip in the lake outside. The bedroom stank of exertion, wet leather, and fucking. Xico leaned in to get a closer look between Maza’s thighs, running her fingers through the syrupy mess and creating viscous strands when she pulled away. She seemed fascinated with it, perhaps Valbaran semen had a different consistency.

“It feels so…warm,” Maza sighed, shivering as her friend’s probing provoked an aftershock. “It’s clumping up inside me and sticking to my scales…”

“I wouldn’t want to get it on my feathers, it would never come out,” Ayau complained. “It looks like glue.”

Maza moaned and lay back again, squirming on the cushions, no doubt basking in the residual pleasure that smoldered within her. Jaeger couldn’t help but feel a little proud of himself. It might not have been through any particular skill on his part, but she had been dancing beneath him like a marionette. Whatever Valbaran intercourse looked like, it must be quite different from what he was used to.

He lay with the three aliens for a while in a loose pile, Maza draping her arm over his chest and nuzzling the nape of his neck affectionately. Ayau combed his hair with her fingers, enjoying the texture. Xico was lying with her head resting on his hip, seemingly content with her limited participation, her hand moving out of sight between her thighs as she watched his erection slowly recede. Once his afterglow had diminished, and just before his relaxation and satisfaction morphed into fatigue, he noticed one of the other Valbarans moving towards him.

It was Coza, stumbling a little as she made her way across the squashy mattress, still rather drunk it seemed. Jaeger sat up as she approached, waiting for her to say whatever it was that she was going to say, probably something disparaging about human sexual performance or something along those lines. Instead, she threw herself into him, nearly knocking him over as she draped her arms around his shoulders. She clung to him tightly, pushing her nose into his neck. She nibbled and mouthed, kissing him in the Valbaran way, her breathing irregular and ragged as her claws left red trails on his back. He didn’t really know what to do, and so he closed his arms around her, the little alien perched in his lap as she whispered desperately in his ear.

“Make me feel good, like you did for Maza’xol’natuih and the others,” she pleaded. “I don’t want…I can’t be alone tonight.”

Jaeger could hardly contain his shock. She had been so critical of him, so resistant to the idea of the Valbarans working with the UNN, it had taken him until today to earn her respect. And now here she was, a blend of inebriation and apprehension for what was to come making her leap into his arms with reckless abandon, her scaly lips kissing his shoulder and her feathers flaring in shades of lustful pink.

Before he could even give her a reply, she began to tear off her clothes, as if she couldn’t stand to wait even a second longer. She must have been holding back all this time, watching as her flockmates joined in one by one, her pride and her arousal warring inside her head until one of them had come out on top. He looked to Maza, worried that Coza might not be of sound mind, but Maza just smiled at him while Ayau chuckled and whispered to Xico.

“Please,” Coza whispered, as if her need wasn’t apparent for the whole room to see. “I need this, I need to take my mind off things for a while…”

Jaeger didn’t have to be persuaded, his member already swelling again as it pressed against the thin fabric of her shorts. She pulled her tunic over her head, the garment catching for a moment on her feather sheaths, exposing a tube top of a similar style to the one that Maza had worn.

Coza was an inch taller than her friends, larger and more muscular, downright ripped by Valbaran standards. As she removed her top, releasing her breasts from its support to bounce as they settled, he noted that they too were larger and fuller than those of her counterparts. He sank his hand onto one of them, perhaps a little larger than a softball as he filled his palm with her soft flesh, his fingers probing the firmer and more sensitive breast tissue that lay beneath.

She was so eager, gripping his other hand and bringing it to her chest, writhing in his lap as her soft fat spilled between his digits. He could feel the way that she was soaking her shorts, the alien grinding on his shaft like she was trying to give him a lap dance, the damp fabric sticking to his skin. All the while she nibbled and licked at his neck, making out with him in their strange way, her hands exploring his chest and stomach as she traced the contours of his muscles with her dull claws. It was the first time that she had gotten so close to him, she was tasting his skin, breathing in his scent and running her little hands all over him. Had she been holding back this fascination since day one?

She stood for a moment so that she could slip out of her shorts, casting them aside as she pressed her burning loins against his member, her slick juices escaping to join the still warm residue that lingered from his encounter with Maza. It didn’t seem to bother her, either that, or she was too aroused to pay it any mind.

Jaeger’s surprise gave way to desire, his member flexing against her puffy lips as he took the opportunity to slide his hands across her smooth scales. Just like Maza’s, they felt like polished metal, the scales so small and fine that it was akin to the most lavish and expensive satin. Her shoulders and upper arms were more developed than those of her sisters, and he marveled at her six pack as he brushed her belly with his fingertips, her body tensing and her feathers flashing at his touch. It was like she had been carved out of marble by some ancient sculptor, a Greek statue in motion, her scaly skin made slippery and wet by the humidity that was ever present in the planet’s air.

Her thighs were as hard as steel, Coza murmuring incoherently as he teased them where the scales were a lighter shade, so close to her aching sex that he could feel the heat that she radiated. He ran a hand down her muscular back and across the base of her tail, delving his digits into her velutinous flesh and feeling hard muscle tense up beneath it. He would never have imagined that he would be aroused by a tail, yet it had the same thickness as her inviting thighs, the same softness and springiness as her round ass.

“Take me like you did Maza’xol’natuih,” she whispered to him, her scaly lips tugging at his earlobe. “I want to feel what she felt, make a mess of me like you did her. I want it…”

She reached down between her trembling legs and gripped his erection in her hand, angling it towards her swollen lips and brushing his glans between them, her flesh so slippery that there was almost no friction.

“H-hey, wait,” he stammered, wincing as a bolt of raw pleasure surged through his member like a lightning rod and made his heart skip a beat. “We should go slow, you might hurt yourse-”

She slipped the tip of his erection inside her, baring her teeth as she pushed through the initial discomfort, another surge of sensation making his head spin as his still tender flesh was enclosed by her tight walls. Even though she was slightly larger than Maza, she was so toned that it didn’t make a lick of difference, her narrow passage massaging him with surprising strength.

It hadn’t been very long since his last orgasm, and he was still sensitive, his entire lower body seeming to tingle as she slid another inch down his pulsing shaft. Maza had taken her time, but Coza was impatient, she wanted it right now. He wasn’t sure if her lack of caution was due to her drunkenness, or if she was emboldened after seeing her friend take him to the base. If Maza could do it, then so could Coza. Perhaps the prideful alien didn’t want to be outdone.

“I can feel it swelling inside me,” she murmured, practically drooling as she gazed down between her legs. She stroked his chest, pushing as if testing the firmness of his muscles, her eyelids drooping as she watched a bead of fresh sweat roll down towards his stomach.

“You smell so strange, so alien,” she continued. Her pink tongue left her mouth to drag across his throat, and she shivered contentedly. “You taste wonderful…”

He leaned down so that he could plant a sucking kiss on her narrow shoulder, suddenly overcome with a strange, aggressive desire for her. He bit her gently, her flush scales felt strange against his teeth, and he crawled his lips up her slender neck as he licked and mouthed. She responded by cooing excitedly, rolling her head back to expose her throat to him, delighting in the sensation of his warm tongue raking such a vulnerable area of her anatomy. Perhaps he wanted to pay her back for her attitude up to this point, or maybe it was her lustful pleas, but he felt a fresh heat rising up inside of him that compelled him onwards. Before he knew it, he had lifted her like a doll and had flung her into a pile of cushions closer to the wall, her light fame bouncing as she landed. She yelped, her feathers flaring in surprise, but it was a cry of desire rather than one of discomfort or fear.

Jaeger crawled closer to her and took her hips in his hands roughly, taking a moment to stroke her smooth skin as he repositioned her. Her tail waved back and forth as she peered up at him from her nest of pillows, her breasts heaving with the rapid rise and fall of her chest. There was such hunger in her eyes, such carnality, her body ripe and ready for him as she craned her neck to meet his gaze. The other members of her flock had shuffled closer to get a better view, and the fact that they were watching seemed to embarrass her, her crown of feathers fluttering in purple with a hint of pink as she glanced over at them briefly. She always tried to appear so tough and in control, this was all running contrary to the persona that she had crafted for herself. Perhaps her friends already knew that she had a sensitive side, but it was news to Jaeger.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, Coza parting her thighs in invitation to him, exposing the sliver of glistening pink between the pale green of her scaly labia. He took a firm grip and thrust his shaft against her lips, rubbing up and down. She gripped it in her hand and guided it towards her opening, Jaeger grunting as his exposed glans slid into her pillowy tunnel. He pressed deeper, Coza moaning depravedly in her high-pitched voice as his member was engulfed, half of his length now buried inside her quivering reaches.

It felt like a dozen warm tongues were sliding all around him, slippery and coated in her honeyed emissions, the walls of her passage in perpetual motion as they shifted and struggled to accommodate his girth. He pressed her deeper into the bed as he leaned more of his weight on her, planting a fist into the mattress not far from her head to support himself and making her jump, Coza shivering with anticipation.

“Deeper,” she begged, “fill me up.”

With a primal snarl, Jaeger did as she asked, thrusting his hips forwards. Her insides clung to him like a latex glove, the pleasure enough to make him falter as her slimy insides raked up his shaft and his glans crushed her clitoris against the roof of her passage.

Her little body shook, her flexible spine arching and her tail coiling into a spiral, then uncoiling again like a snake playing dead. He could practically see the flood of ecstasy as it washed over her, her toes clenching and her feather sheaths fluttering in random patterns as her reptilian pupils expanded into dark circles. Every muscle in her body tensed like she was being electrocuted, including the ones in her nethers, it was like being stroked through a barrier of wet velvet.

She slowly relaxed back down into the pile of cushions, going limp, her breathing ragged. Jaeger hesitated, wondering if he might have gone too far.

“M-more,” she whispered, reaching down and gripping his wrists as if to prevent him from pulling away. The feather sheaths on her forearms wrapped around him, tightening to the point that they left welts in his skin.

He didn’t see a reason to hold back any longer, and so he found a slow, punishing rhythm. He gripped her hips and used the leverage to pull her light frame into him, sliding her along his shaft, the dull thud when he bottomed out inside of her making her quiver and whine. He could actually see himself moving beneath her skin, a subtle bump appearing below her navel when she took him to the hilt, only visible due to the heavy shadow in the room.

“Harder,” she growled, the grip of her feather sheaths tightening around his wrists like manacles. She snaked her thick tail up between his legs and curled it around his butt, applying more force to his thrusts with surprising strength.

Their flesh slapped together with an audible clap, her flowing juices oozing around his shaft as he filled her to capacity, leaving it nowhere else to go. She released his wrists, running her fingers across his chest and belly as he moved atop her, admiring his body.

“Your skin is so wet,” she mumbled, “so smooth and hot…”

She reached up as high as she could and licked his throat, tasting the salt, his sudor raining down on her scaly figure with every rock of his hips. She seemed more relaxed now, she had gotten used to having him splitting her open, lying in the pillows as she watched him covetously and basked in the sensations.

She whined with disappointment as he pulled out of her, leaving her empty and wanting, her copious fluids clinging to his cock in a thick rope of clear goo. Before she could complain, he roughly flipped her over onto her front and pulled her backwards a little, taking advantage of the pillows to put her face down and ass up in the pile. It gave him an inviting view of her plump hindquarters, her round, toned ass jiggling subtly as she settled into her new position. Her elastic flesh was already attempting to return her gaping hole to its usual size, thick strings of her lubricating juices dangling between her parted thighs, breaking to soak the cushions beneath. Her chubby tail was in the way, and he gave it a gentle slap with the back of his hand.

“Raise your tail,” he grumbled.

“Excuse me?” Coza snapped, turning to look back at him over her shoulder. It seemed that his request wasn’t a polite one in Valbaran culture, it had even snapped her out of her fugue. Perhaps it had negative connotations in their language. He wasn’t in the mood for apologies, however. Not with that round ass and her flushed, leaking sex staring him in the face. He took it in his hand and lifted it, Coza gasping in a blend of outrage and lust. For all of her venom, she didn’t so much as protest as he rammed his cock back into her, the exquisite walls of her passage welcoming him warmly.

“You brute,” she groaned, burying her face in a nearby pillow to muffle her unbecoming vocalizations as he began to rock her little body again. Her rear was so soft and cushiony, rippling like the surface of a lake when it slapped against his belly, and he sank a hand into her yielding meat as he kept the other clasped securely around her hip for purchase. He pressed her deep into the pile with his weight, making sure that she could appreciate it, he wanted her to feel overpowered.

When he drove his member into her reaches, it slid against her clitoris at a new angle, Coza taking one of the pillows in her arms and biting into it with her sharp teeth as she endured the pleasure.

“P-pull my sheaths,” she moaned, and he reached down with one hand to grab the two tentacles that protruded from the back of her skull. Like taking the reins of a horse, he pulled her head back and up, Coza forced to stare at the ceiling as he fucked her. Her tongue lolled out of the side of her mouth, her back arching as the wet, lurid sounds of their frenzied coupling reached his ears. He was rutting like an animal, he couldn’t remember the last time that he had felt like this, soaked in sweat and driven by angry desire.

Their mating reached a fever pitch, her moans growing louder, Coza no longer able to muffle them with the pillow. Jaeger too felt like he was on his last legs. His muscles burned, and his erection ached. Even human stamina had its limits, after all. That ache was slowly morphing into a pleasure of frightening intensity, however. A tingling sensation that was growing in his extremities, spreading through his body. He tried to stave off his burgeoning orgasm, he was enjoying this too much to cut it short, but the ceaseless wringing of her muscular little passage was having none of it.

He pulled her up by her sheaths, bringing her into range of his arms and closing them around her, enveloping her small body almost entirely in damp biceps and grasping fingers. She yelped in surprise as he pressed her tight against his body, his member bulging her stomach more noticeably at this angle, her eyes rolling back into her head. A string of drool escaped her scaly lips as he pummeled her sensitive nub with a few final, savage thrusts, before his climax burned through his body like a wildfire.

He filled her with a single spurt, the hot, gluey fluid pouring down her inner thighs as it was forced out of her. There was just nowhere else for it to go. He continued to thrust even as his throbbing cock pumped her full of his ejaculate, compelled by primal lust, his body seeming to move under its own power as his conscious mind was fogged with euphoria. She writhed in his arms, not trying to escape, but bucking and twitching as she was lost in the throes of her own orgasm. She clawed at his forearms, her tail coiling tightly around one of his legs, the wringing of her tunnel only driving him on. It was like they were locked in a feedback loop of ecstasy, every tremor and throb felt by both parties, feeding into one another.

Just when the pleasure became too much to stand, when Jaeger began to fear that an end might not come, his spasming finally ceased. He held Coza there for a moment longer, suspended in the air, the both of them breathing like they had just run a marathon as thick wads of his emission sloughed from her splayed loins. He gently lowered her down onto the pillows, her eyes closed tightly as a few residual tremors rocked her, his come pouring from her opening like a faucet as her contractions pushed it out of her.

He fell to his knees, then lay down on his back as he enjoyed the deep satisfaction, warm pleasure washing over him like a tide.

“Well, if she had to be conquered by aliens, at least it was on her terms,” Ayau chuckled as she crawled over to Jaeger and draped an arm across his chest. Maza and Xico joined him too, forming another pile, Maza listening to his heart as her head rose and fell along with his chest.

Coza seemed to come to, gazing back at the flock with a flutter of embarrassed purple. Her inner thighs were drenched in sticky, clumpy semen, it was congealing on her fine scales. Eventually, she gave in, rising to her hands and knees unsteadily and crawling over to him. She planted her head on his belly, her arm draped over his thigh as she closed her eyes and seemed to drift in and out of sleep, so relaxed now that she could scarcely stay awake. It was a far cry from the nervous, pleading state that she had been in earlier, and he hoped that he had succeeded in taking her mind off the impending invasion.

With all of the aliens draped across him, Ayau once again playing with his hair and Maza looking up at him adoringly, he was actually starting to feel like a real member of their flock. There was a sense of belonging, as if being separated from them at this point would be jarring and painful. He had grown so used to having them around, he had gotten to know them so…intimately. Even Coza had changed her tune and was now sleeping with her head on his stomach. He dared to reach down and run his fingers across her snout and down between her sheaths, stroking her scales, the fearsome alien mumbling contentedly in her sleep.

“I think that even Coza wants to keep you now,” Ayau giggled, “I’ve never seen her sleep so soundly.”

Jaeger noticed that one member of the flock was conspicuously absent, however. Tacka was still lounging on the far side of the room, watching them from a safe distance. Maza anticipated his question before he had time to ask it.

“She’ll come when she’s ready,” she explained. “It sometimes takes her a little while to warm up to boys, and you are an especially large boy.”

“Hey, if I can win over Coza, then I can win over anybody.”

“Tacka is a little…particular,” Maza continued, turning her head to look over at her friend.

“How so?”

“She usually likes to watch for a while, then she takes her fill.”

Takes her fill‘? That didn’t sound like the behavior of a meek and reserved creature at all. He made eye contact with her across the room, and then she slowly rose to her feet, making her way over to the pile. She wasn’t merely walking, she was stalking. Her posture was slightly hunched, and her tail was held out as straight as a rod behind her for balance. She flashed the feathers on her forearms, sending signals to her flock, more complex and nuanced than the simple emotional tells. It made him think of the flashing panels that he had seen on the sides of their fighters.

“Uh…what’s she doing?” Jaeger asked, and Maza just chuckled at him.

“She’s hunting you.”

“Hunting me? Why?”

“That’s just the way she likes to do things.”

“Should I be worried?”

Tacka’s head was perfectly level as she made her way towards him, like it was gyroscopically stabilized, her violet eyes fixed intently on him with their round pupils. She looked like a tiger preparing to pounce, the sharp claws on her toes twitching as if she couldn’t wait to plunge them into his flesh. She moved silently, unblinking, signaling to her flock.

“What’s she saying?” Jaeger asked, watching the complex feather dance. It reminded him of what he had seen when they had ventured outside of the wall, into the territory of the fearsome Teth’rak, the group of aliens sharing information and communicating without making a sound that might give them away.

“She’s signaling for us to surround you. In the context of hunting, specifically,” Ayau explained. Jaeger realized that he was indeed surrounded by the aliens, even if they were lounging on him like giant cats. “Now she’s telling us to restrain you,” she laughed. “Do you think you’ll like being restrained, Jaeger? Is that something the Earth’nay do?”

“I…suppose,” he replied hesitantly. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was agreeing to, but one of his ex’s had enjoyed being tied to the bed frame with loose scarves, perhaps it was something like that? As she neared, the aliens began to shift, even Coza waking from her nap and blinking groggily as she looked over at Tacka.

Suddenly, Jaeger felt hands wrapping around his wrists. Ayau had been curled up near his head, playing with his hair, and now she had taken both of his hands in hers and had tied them together with her feather sheaths. She was remarkably strong, he couldn’t have wriggled free of her if he had wanted to. Maza was still resting her head on his chest, watching as Tacka neared, while Xico and Coza gripped his legs. They might not have much stamina, but there were far stronger than their size suggested in short bursts, Jaeger quickly finding himself completely immobilized. Like lions holding down a wildebeest before the killing bite, they restrained him as the little huntress advanced.

She crouched lower to the ground, then pounced, springing into the air on her long legs. Jaeger couldn’t help but try to flinch away, but she landed so gracefully, so light that he barely felt her impact the mattress. Her clawed feet were planted to either side of his hips, Tacka standing over him as she looked down on him from above.

In a flash, her pointed teeth were at his jugular. But instead of a bite, he felt her smooth tongue rake his throat. She licked and nuzzled, kissing him, pinching his skin lightly and mouthing with her scaly lips. Perhaps there was more to their odd way of kissing than he had initially assumed. Could it be somehow related to hunting? Maybe there was something symbolic about exposing one’s weak points to a partner and allowing their jaws to come so close? It sent pleasant shivers rolling down his spine, his member waking from its lethargy as she gently scratched his chest with her clawed hands. Being restrained like this made him feel oddly vulnerable, which amplified his sensitivity to her kissing in turn. She was being so…passionate, her arousal obvious, perhaps this was some kind of fetish to her.

He felt her pointed teeth press against his throat as she bit him softly, not applying enough pressure to break the skin, but just enough that he could feel it. Her long, agile tongue glanced across his neck, her lips incredibly soft despite their subtly scaly texture.

He lay back and enjoyed the sensation, her kisses slowly moving down his chest. He was so relaxed, in fact, that he was having a little trouble performing. He had already done it three times in what couldn’t have been more than an hour, and the little aliens didn’t know his limitations. They might have assumed that he had none.

Someone seemed to be aware of his difficulties, however. He lurched as he felt something warm and wet on his growing erection, looking past Tacka’s small figure to see that Coza had curled a hand around his cock to bring it closer to her. She lapped at his shaft lazily, pressing her lips against it and tracing the veins with the tip of her slimy organ. Her demeanor had changed so much, she was doting on him, indifferent to the taste of her own fluids that still clung to his skin.

Xico brushed her snout against it from the other side, practically rubbing it against her face as she joined her friend. It seemed that her fascination with his organ hadn’t diminished. She cupped his balls in her hand, stroking them softly, the sensation making him shiver.

He felt Maza shifting as she lay on his belly, and then a third tongue joined them, his mind clouding as he basked in the sheer bliss of it. They couldn’t take him into their throats in the way that a human woman could, and they couldn’t suck due to the way that their mouths were shaped, but the fact that it compelled them to lick and kiss instead was almost worth the trade-off.

The trio of tongues coiled and roved, not leaving an inch of his sensitive skin untouched, sneaking beneath his foreskin and teasing his glans. Three pairs of lips nibbled and kissed, the little aliens doing what they could with his oversized organ. Hands slid across his belly and thighs, massaging as their warm breath blew on his wet skin, his arousal growing as he began to squirm. His hips rose off the mattress as he thrust into the empty air, Ayau laughing playfully as she watched from above his head. The feathery Valbaran was still holding his wrists, and her tail snaked down across his chest, tickling him with her downy covering. The entire flock was participating now, his nervous system reeling under the stimulation, like his brain couldn’t keep track of every lick and stroke.

Tacka ceased her nibbling, drawing back from his neck, a strand of her saliva linking her lips to his skin. She signaled to her sisters with a flash of feathers, and then they ceased their teasing, working in concert. Jaeger grumbled with disappointment, he didn’t want the pleasure to end yet, but it seemed that Tacka had other ideas in mind.

He felt her thick, rubbery tail wrap around his member, her smooth scales made slick by the saliva and juices that glazed it. She tightened around it like an anaconda constricting its prey, sliding the fat coils up and down as he gasped beneath her. It was incredible, he would never have imagined that it would feel this good, Jaeger bucking into her as her muscles tightened through the layer of chubby flesh. Her scaly skin was as smooth as latex against his glans, made slick by the residue that coated his shaft, gliding up and down as the rolls stimulated him.

Tacka planted a foot on his torso, standing over him with her hands on her hips, her two curved claws tapping against his belly as if she was threatening to filet him like a freshly-caught salmon. She kept up her stroking all the while, his eyes losing focus as her grip became tighter and tighter, milking him like a machine. She never said a word, she just watched his reaction, perhaps enjoying the power that she had over him.

Was she going to get him off like this? The prospect of filling the makeshift tunnel that her tail had formed with his ejaculate was an attractive prospect, she didn’t seem to be slowing or letting up. He could feel another orgasm welling, she was wringing it out of him ruthlessly, not giving him a second of respite. She watched him intently, and then his unspoken question was answered, her tail uncoiling and pulling away. She cracked it like a whip, shaking free some of the clinging globs of who-knew-what, and he flinched as he considered that she could potentially do the same to him. You didn’t need to buy a whip to live out your kinky fantasies if you had one growing out of your butt.

She reached the tip of her tail down towards his face, a smile curling her lips as he pulled away from it. But rather than strike him with it, she gently traced the line of his jaw. It was as dexterous as a finger, she had such fine control over it.

“She likes you,” Ayau snickered, apparently finding the whole situation very amusing. “Struggle for her a little, play along.”


Jaeger did as she asked, making a show of fighting against his bonds, Ayau laughing excitedly as she tightened her hold on him. He wriggled and squirmed, but the aliens really were strong enough to keep him from breaking loose. It reminded him of when Maza had hogtied him on top of the wall during their sparring match, he wasn’t so much playing along as genuinely incapacitated.

Maza was lying beside him now, one arm draped over his chest, her head resting on the mattress beside his own. She had no limb to restrain, and so she was just watching, smiling at him reassuringly as she snuggled up to him.

Tacka did indeed seem to enjoy his writhing, keeping her foot planted on his belly as he bucked, wetting her lips with her tongue lasciviously. Her hunting instincts certainly were strong, and he wondered if all of the Valbarans enjoyed this kind of sexual play, or if it was just Tacka’s personal kink. They didn’t seem to deny their natural instincts the way that humans often did. Judging by their behavior in the field, and in the bedroom, they saw it as something that was healthy to indulge in.

The hunt was a group effort, and he felt Ayau draw closer, the alien planting his head in her feathery thighs like a pair of pillows. She released his wrists momentarily, but they were quickly bound by her tail, the alien sitting on his arms as she brought her hands down to hold his head steady. She stroked his cheeks with her fingers, smirking at him from above, her face upside-down relative to his. Coza kissed his hip as she held his leg, Xico massaging his balls in her gentle hand as she secured the other, her tail coiled along the length of his limb such that he couldn’t even bend his knee. She was still mesmerized by the throbbing of his erection, stroking it gently to keep him hard and wanting, fawning over it.

Tacka went for the kill, so to speak, using her tail to guide his member towards her loins as she crouched over him. The first kiss of her wet flesh against his tip sent a shockwave through his body, the aliens exchanging excited glances with one another as Tacka looked down at him like a queen presiding over her subject. He was so oversensitive at this point, his nerves were shot, and yet the soreness that was starting to throb in his shaft and in his abdominal muscles was oddly gratifying. It was a raw pleasure, unfiltered, satisfying in the same way as scratching an insect bite.

She was just as tight as Maza and Coza had been, struggling to slide down his shaft as her muscular walls gripped him fiercely, her chest pumping more rapidly as she wriggled her hips in an attempt to take him deeper. Unlike the other two, she seemed intent on not showing any hint of weakness. Her expression never changed, and her eyes remained fixed on his, unblinking. It was so intense, it made him feel oddly compliant, like she was hypnotizing him with her stare. Even if she didn’t show it, he could feel the way that her little body was reacting to him, her walls trembling as they split apart and her satin insides wriggling around the intruder as though they had a mind of their own. They massaged him in waves, as if there was a fist reaching through the barrier of her flesh and using it to stroke him.

To his surprise, she suddenly took him all the way to the base, jumping straight into the deep end. His member split her apart and squashed her clitoris against the roof of her tunnel, every nerve ending that she had down there no doubt lighting up like a switchboard. The only sign of any discomfort was a slight tremor in her lower lip, her eyes losing their focus for a moment and her sheaths twitching. He flexed inside of her, and he could see that she felt it, his member moving and swelling even as her passage struggled to contain it.

Unlike her sisters, she was determined to maintain control over the encounter. She wasn’t about to be reduced to a shivering, drooling mess of fluttering feathers by this Earth’nay, at least that was the impression that Jaeger got as she began to signal to her flock.

He felt their hold on him tighten, Ayau especially closing her downy arms around his head, a hand under his chin and another in his hair like she was about to perform chiropracty on him. It wasn’t much of a headlock, but the intent was obvious, Tacka had just commanded them to keep him still so that he couldn’t overwhelm her with any unexpected movements. Ayau was giggling to herself maniacally, thoroughly enjoying the game, even if she might not necessarily be getting the same gratification out of it that Tacka was. Maza shuffled closer, drawing circles on his chest with her claw, pushing her snout into the nape of his neck and nuzzling as Tacka began to move. It seemed that Maza just wanted to be close to him, watching him with a satisfied smile as Tacka’s hips began to rock.

It felt so different from his encounters with the other members of the flock. There was Xico, who seemed to be in awe of him, fascinated on a purely biological level by his strange anatomy. Ayau saw everything as a game, while Coza had let all of her repressed desires manifest themselves in the space of a few minutes. Maza wanted to be intimate with him, close to him, their lovemaking had been gentle and exploratory in the most wonderful of ways. Tacka sought to dominate him, she wanted control over him and their encounter, dictating the pace as she straddled him and circled her hips with the staccato thrusts and graceful twists of a belly dancer.

Valbaran hips were wide enough compared to their slight frames that she could just about get her legs around him, crouching on her feet rather than kneeling as a human woman would have in the cowgirl position. Much of her motions came from her legs, giving her very fine control, something that would have made a human’s thighs burn like fire after only a minute or two. It was fascinating to watch her muscles move beneath her burnished scales, so fluid and smooth, her developed six pack bulging from beneath the pale skin on her belly as she rode him. She rested her weight on his torso, planting her hands just beneath his chest for support as the back-and-forth motion of her lovemaking became more aggressive and greedy.

It drove his glans against her sweet spot, digging into it, her resolve faltering as the bursts of ecstasy rippled through her body. He considered taking charge again, but that wasn’t how Tacka liked to do things, he was supposed to be her prey.

Jaeger began to writhe, feigning resistance as he felt his captors tighten their hold on him to keep him still. He made a show of trying to escape, Tacka baring her sharp teeth in a grin. She really did like feeling him struggle beneath her, and so he upped the ante, bucking and fighting. She tightened her thighs around his hips, gripping his leg with her tail for purchase, fixing her eyes on his as she tried to keep him under control. The flock could keep his extremities secured, but they couldn’t do much about his bucking. A Valbaran male would have been held down by the weight of the straddling female, but Tacka was so light that he had no trouble lifting her.

He thrust deeper into her tunnel, interrupting her steady rhythm, her feathers fluttering in shades of pink and red as she rode him like a mechanical bull. It didn’t seem to annoy her, perhaps she saw it as a challenge, the iron muscles of her thighs clamping down on him and her passage squeezing him.

Her breathing grew ragged, her muscles bulging from beneath her skin as she clung to him, her breasts bouncing with every upward thrust of his hips. She reminded him of a rider trying to break in a wild horse, she wouldn’t have looked out of place with a cowboy hat in one hand and a pair of reins in the other. Tacka signaled to her flock, coordinating wordlessly, the extravagant feather patterns mesmerizing him as she gave her silent instructions.

Ayau shifted positions once again, this time locking her legs around his head like she was in a wrestling match. She was so goddamned soft and fluffy that the touch of her plump thighs against his cheeks very nearly prompted him to stop and relax. She chuckled at him seductively as he tugged fruitlessly at her thighs with his now freed hands, not so much trying to free himself as taking the opportunity to run his fingers through her feathers and sink them into her doughy fat.

“Do you like this game, Jaeger?” she whispered in his ear.

Maza caught one of his arms and wrapped her own around it in a tight hug, hanging onto it like a body pillow as she trapped it at his side. She closed her thighs around it too, immobilizing it. His limb was long enough in comparison to her short torso that she could rest her chin on his shoulder while his hand was trapped between her legs, his bicep parked securely between her breasts. She nuzzled sleepily, it was the most tender restraint that he had ever been subjected to.

Coza and Xico took the legs, and then Ayau curled her tail around his remaining hand, leaving him once again tightly secured. A fresh sheen of sudor was making his skin slippery now, the exertion of their sexual playfighting and the humidity in the room making him sweat. Tacka enjoyed that too, sliding her hands around on his chest and stomach, her palms as soft as silk.

Neither one of them could take much more stimulation. It seemed as if the aliens had finally succeeded in exhausting him, and Tacka’s thrusting was becoming frantic. She began to rise and fall on his erection, fucking him the way that a human would, perhaps taking inspiration from his encounters with her friends. The forward and backwards rocking motion seemed most natural to them, that must be how they mated with Valbaran males, but the upward curve of his shaft seemed almost purposefully designed to drive them wild when it plunged in and out of them.

There were no lustful moans or pained cries from Tacka, she merely smiled quietly to herself, her feathers puffing up in hues that conveyed her arousal and her excitement. He could feel her pleasure mounting, her insides applying so much suction, creating a seal of damp flesh that raked up and down his length with every push.

She dictated the pace, which gave her somewhat more control over how much stimulation she received, and Jaeger felt her tempo increase as she appeared to decide that she was ready to finish. She dug her dull claws into his belly, leaving red trails in his skin, her flesh slapping against his as her pace grew faster and faster. All he could do was lie back and smile groggily at the ceiling, the soft cushion of Ayau’s thighs brushing against his cheeks as she peered down at him with a smirk on her reptilian face. Tacka let all of her weight fall on him, rising on his shaft and then dropping back down to slam him into her depths with enough force that he wondered how it wasn’t hurting her, the pair of them now soaked in sweat and sexual fluids.

“Fill me, Earth’nay,” Tacka hissed through gritted teeth. Her words sliced through his haze of euphoria like a hot knife, he had scarcely heard Tacka speak up until now. The shock of that, combined with her salacious command, quickly sent him over the edge.

Ayau giggled to herself like a schoolgirl as his hips rose from the mattress, lifting Tacka along with them as she clung him, his muscles stiffening as he erupted inside her. He was shocked that he even had anything left to give her, warm, creamy jets of his fluids splashing against her quivering walls and spilling out of her in spurts. She froze like a statue, shivering as her feverishly hot loins drew on him in wracking contractions, squeezing his climax out of him like he was a tube of toothpaste. Something about being completely immobilized made it all the more intense, a kind of frustration adding to the pleasure that was coursing up his spine and making his resolve melt, a rattling groan escaping his throat as Ayau’s tight thighs choked it off.

He gradually lowered himself to the mattress, bringing Ayau back down, his pearly emission sliding out of her in globs. She shivered softly as she rose off his shaft on unsteady legs, a lurid concoction of their shared fluids sloughing out of her to pool on his belly and clinging to her thighs in ropes. Xico could no longer restrain herself, releasing his leg from her grasp and plunging her tongue into the mess. He felt it rake his skin, sliding in the slippery residue, the little alien trembling with lust as she rolled the gelatinous fluid around in her mouth.

Ayau released him from her headlock, and Maza leaned closer to kiss his neck, Coza losing interest once the deed was done and lying beside him on the bed as she drifted back to sleep with one armed draped lazily over his waist. Tacka seemed satisfied, and as the embers of his orgasm faded, she joined her flock in their loose pile. Jaeger’s afterglow lingered, his body spent, Maza snickering at his obvious exhaustion.

“It took five of us, but I’m reassured to see that Earth’nay have their limits too,” she whispered in his ear. “It seems that even Tacka has taken a liking to you.”

“That was a taste of heaven,” he mumbled, “I take back anything negative I ever said about Valbaran culture. You guys have this all figured out…”

“Does that mean that if you could stay, you would?” Maza asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, stay!” Ayau chirped.

It was an attractive prospect, and one that he hadn’t seriously considered until now. The looming threat of the Bug invasion had been the cliff that they were all rushing inexorably towards, he hadn’t put any thought into what might happen to him beyond it. He was still assigned to the Rorke, as he would be if they came out of this alive, and he wasn’t sure what the fleet would do once the battle was won. Someone would have to head back to UNN space and make a report, but would the entire fleet leave, or would they stick around to help with repairs and relief efforts for a while? Then again, maybe they would all be dead tomorrow, and none of it would matter.

Could he really live here? Would he be allowed to? The city was a utopia by Earth standards, it was swimming in natural beauty, and the environment was like that of a tropical paradise. If everything went as planned, and the Valbarans joined the Coalition, it would no doubt become a popular tourist destination. He could easily imagine resorts springing up all over the planet.

He was in love with Maza, he realized that now, lying by her side as her warm breath blew on his neck. He might have been for a while. He had never felt such a sense of belonging as he did when he was with her flock, it was like a family, the bonds of friendship and intimacy far closer than anything in human experience. There was camaraderie in the UNN, he had good friends who he would gladly give his life for, but there was something deeper going on here. The aliens were his friends now, his lovers, all of them. But Maza was his fixation, she was the glue that held all of this together. Her excited energy, her tenderness, and her adventurous spirit had set the events of the past few days in motion. As a human, he was compelled to love one person alone, and yet Maza’s flock didn’t feel like separate people. They felt like an extension of her being.

“I’d like that,” he said, surprising himself with his candor.

Maza tightened her hold on him, rubbing her snout into his neck gleefully.

“We would too,” she murmured.

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