Patreon Payment Issues

From what I’ve been able to gather, Patreon has moved some of their financial operations from San Francisco to Dublin, and in doing so, they’ve caused all kinds of issues with people’s payments. What was previously a domestic transaction has become an international one for Patrons located in the United States, resulting in many of those transactions being flagged as fraudulent by their banks. It’s also playing merry hell with the Payoneer service, which Patreon have had to deactivate entirely pending a fix.

By my count, this has impacted at least 30 of my Patrons who were not charged properly and have lost access to their rewards. In the case of suspected fraud, Patreon may not attempt to charge you again when the first charge failed, so be aware that you may have to contact support if you’re having that issue.

Unfortunately, I’m powerless to do anything about it on my end, but what I can do is manually provide access to rewards for anyone who is experiencing issues. If you’re unable to complete your payment, please contact me through Patreon or Discord and I will provide you with access to the MEGA archive until the situation is resolved. I can also restore any lost Discord roles.

I wanted to post this here just to catch anyone who might check the site regularly for updates but not the Patreon page, as I don’t imagine Patreon has sent out any emails or warnings about the situation to those impacted.

Needless to say, I’ll take care of you until there’s a fix and ensure that you get access to your content regardless of whether your payment actually went through or not.