Widow’s Welcome Audiobook Cover

Here’s the finished cover for the upcoming Widow’s Welcome audiobook. It features the spooky Moira ensnaring Freddy in her silken web. This one comes courtesy of our friend Oouna who has returned with another incredible piece. Make sure you open the image to get a look at the amazing detailing on the cobwebs and the carved bedposts. I’m very impressed with how they were able to differentiate all the shades of black and all the different textures so clearly, from her hair, to her dress, and even her glossy carapace. It’s a stunning rendition of the character in her transformed state – beautiful, but deadly!

The sultry vocal talents of Bordeaux Black will also be returning for this episode, and I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s the perfect fit for the part, so stay tuned for some teasers and outtakes from the recording.

If you’d like to check out more of Oouna’s work, you can find them over here: