Pinwheel Interactive Timeline

One of the most frequent requests I get is for a Pinwheel timeline that tracks the important events of the setting. While the stories are listed in reading order, a lot of people ask questions about where the books are placed chronologically.

I’ve finally found a working solution, and with a little help from our friendly neighborhood SysAdmin, there is now a functioning timeline system in place for the Wiki.

This interactive timeline shows a linear progression of events in the setting going all the way back to the outbreak of the Broker/Bug war, and while it’s still under construction as I work out all the kinks and collate information, you can see a working example below:

Pinwheel Timeline

We have animated entries that you can click on to expand images, and any entry that relates to a story can be clicked on to take you directly to that page so you can start reading.

Again, it’s still a work in progress, but I’ll be expanding it and adding more entries as I have the time. I’m still experimenting with the various styles and features of the plugin, so it may change a bit.

This took a little while, and I’ve been dealing with some other art and audiobook related stuff today, so I unfortunately didn’t have time for a Brokering Trust update.