Editing is Done

I’ve taken a couple of months off producing new content to go back and edit some older stories that were waiting to be published as ebooks, and I’m now finished. I originally wanted to get six done, but it was taking too long, so I’m stopping at four for now. Conjunction, Longhunter, Widow’s Welcome, and Heart of the Mountain are all complete. I’ll either take another break at a later date to go back and finish Worlds Apart 2 and Silent Vigil, or I’ll find a way to finish them on my own time.

I want to take a few days off both to rest, as I’ve been going extremely hard for many weeks to get everything done, and to finish up the tail end of the videogame commission I’ve been working on in collaboration with Bluefishcake. Once that’s wrapped up, I’ll be able to start the next project with a clear itinerary and I’ll be free to immerse myself in it fully.

Next up will be the Broker story, as voted by the Patrons, so I hope you’ll look forward to it.

I also have several large projects in the works. Bordeaux Black is slated to start recording the Widow’s Welcome audiobook this month, and I’ve been collecting concept art for several upcoming stories in secret, which I’ll be able to share when the time is right. Here’s a sneak peek:

Longhunter – Now Available in Stores


Cover Artwork by SickJoe: https://www.deviantart.com/sickjoe

After receiving some polish to bring it up to my current standards, Longhunter is now available for purchase in stores. You can find the relevant links below:

Amazon Smashwords

Please consider leaving a review or a rating if you choose to buy a copy, as it can be crucial for helping the book gain visibility and traction.

Patrons at the Broker tier and above have access to the retail copies already, and you can also read the story for free over here:


I hope you enjoy this tale of both sexy and scary forest creatures.

Between Worlds: Halfpoint

A few months back, my buddy Bluefishcake asked me if I’d like to collaborate with him on a visual novel project. It was to be set in his Sexy Space Babes/Between Worlds sci-fi universe and would feature various alien species from his books.

I’ve been working on the project in secret and have written over 120,000 words of content thus far across four different romance routes, with more to come. The project is nearing its later stages and we’re now ready to show it off! I was given a great deal of creative control when it came to writing the plot, and I don’t think anyone who enjoys my work will be disappointed with the outcome.


Set in Bluefishcake’s Sexy Space Babes/Between Worlds universe, where Earth has been forcibly inducted into an interstellar community populated by numerous alien species, you take on the role of an engineer who has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Travel to Halfpoint – a space station on the fringes of the Periphery – where deadly gladiatorial battles fought between giant mechs are the entertainment of choice.

Help your team take home the grand prize by managing your stable of mechs and building relationships with their pilots. Choose between four potential love interests, make decisions that affect the outcome of the story, and try not to die!



More information will be made available as the project nears completion, but we’re hoping to have more to show you soon!