As is tradition, I’m taking a little break from my work on Or Die Alone to write the Halloween story that you guys voted for. The winner was the Minotaur, and here’s the first 2000 words.


All of the Valbabies have arrived at their new homes! Special thanks to @GaoPengToys for making such high-quality plushies, and @Nicole_Plushies for her help in organizing the distribution to get all 50 plushies to seven different countries. I couldn’t be happier with how these came out. I’m looking forward to potentially working with them again in the future, and doing more merch projects like this, so stay tuned!


Halloween Poll

It’s that time of the year again. Taking a break from whatever I’m working on to write a quick spooky story for the holiday has become something of a tradition, so just like previous years, I’m gonna do a poll where you guys get to vote on what kind of monster or supernatural beastie you’d like to see. Pick whichever one you like more from the list below, and remember that you can vote for multiple choices if you want to. I’ll take a short break from Or Die Alone to write a story about whichever one wins.

The current options are:
-Sleep paralysis demon

Patrons can vote over here:

DARling – by Meklab

Our pal Meklab is back with another 3D animation, this time featuring a combat drone from Killing Floor with some software issues that are making her take her job of protecting her human charge a little too seriously. He asked if I’d like to write an accompanying short story, and as usual, I jumped at the chance.

You can see the hi-rez animation and read the story here:

You can also visit Mek’s Twitter over here: