Autumn War Progress Update + Valbaran Plushies

Proofreading on The Autumn War has wrapped up, which means the longest and most difficult phase of the editing is finally complete. Now, all that’s left to do is run each chapter through Grammarly to check for errors, and then write the extra sex scene I’ve been planning for Volume 2.

We’re on the home stretch!

I received my sample of the Valbaran plush, and I’m happy with the quality, so I’m going to be setting up a system for taking pre-orders soon. Due to the fuel crisis that’s currently ongoing, the price of shipping ended up being more than anticipated, so I had to downsize my order from 75 units to 50 units to stay within budget. The price for one of these guys is going to be $35 (shipping included). They’ll be limited to one per customer unless I end up with some left over, and Patrons will get first dibs. I’ll let you know as soon as I can start processing the orders, I’m planning to handle it through Paypal invoices. Manufacturing is estimated to conclude in late August, so you have plenty of time.