Fanart Drop

Today we have three fanart submissions by three different readers. As always, thank you guys for submitting your stuff, it always makes my day. Above, we have a fan concept for the type-two Jarilan Warrior, which I included in The Autumn War. This one was submitted by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

Then, we have this lovely portrait of a Valbaran, which was submitted by reader Quake-1. I’m gonna have to start printing these out and putting them on my fridge or something.

You can find more of his work over here (NSFW):

The third one is yet more Valbaran fanart which was submitted by Pax_Galactica. These little lizards seem pretty popular lately, I’m thrilled they’re getting so much love. This one is cropped because it’s NSFW, so do be aware of that if you click the link.

You can check out the full image, along with more of his work, over here: