Like Heroes

It’s finally time to reveal the game that I’ve been working on for the last few months! I’ll give you guys a little info about the mechanics, the characters, and what I actually did on the project below.

Like Heroes is a PVP match-three game developed by Fap Games where you’re tasked with raising a team of superheroes. Players collect characters, level up their abilities, and go head to head with rival agencies in 3v3 matches where their powers can be used to gain the tactical advantage. As the Director, you’ll unlock data as you play that lets you learn more about the backstories of your characters and improve your relationships with them.

Of course, I wouldn’t have been hired to work on the game if it wasn’t full of smut! Like Heroes has over 100 fully animated scenes featuring the characters, which are unlocked through gameplay. Each girl has four scenes to unlock (with more coming through updates).

This is where I came in. Each animated scene includes an erotic story in the usual Snekguy style. My task was to take the scenes and develop a cohesive narrative for each character that would tie all of them together. The girls all have fully-developed personalities and plotlines, each with their own unique quirks and needs. This isn’t a Visual Novel, I was given a lot of freedom in how I approached these scenarios, and it let me treat the overarching story the same way that I would one of my own novels. There’s over 100,000 words of original content here, with a very wide variety of scenarios.

The game is free to play, and it’s available on both Android and directly in your browser. You can play it right now at the following link:

Be sure to check out the animated trailer over here:

But Snek, who are these girls? I hear you ask. And did they provide you with slides of each character that you might be able to use for a short overview? Why yes they did, how very perceptive of you.

Anubis is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian goddess. She reveres the human form, and in the absence of temples, she’s opened up the Journey to the Nile spa where she can indulge in all of the pampering and worship that she thinks she deserves. She may be selfish and vain, but she has the beauty to back it up. If you’re going to get with Anubis, you’ll have to impress.

Data & Crash are twins who are skilled hackers, but those are the only things they have in common. One is shy, and the other is brash, but you’ll have to figure out which is which. If you can recruit them, they’ll be responsible for securing the Agency’s sensitive data, but be warned that your browser history isn’t off-limits.

Eclipse has the ability to absorb light through her skin, projecting it as powerful photon blasts that can devastate her enemies. For all her power, when she’s not blasting bad guys for the Agency, she’s living a full life as a model and the mother of a teenage son. If you can wriggle your way into her private life, you might find a woman who’s willing to care for you like her own flesh and blood.

Fantasma was a flamenco dancer until the day she was diagnosed with a deadly illness. She was given an ultimatum – either stop dancing or die. She chose to dance one last time, meeting her end on the stage, but her dedication to her art drew the attention of greater powers.

Genius is, as her name suggests, one of the smartest scientists in the world. Her field is transhumanism, the melding of mechanical components with human subjects. She’s obsessed with her work, but you might be just the thing she needs to help her relax and gain a fresh perspective.

A street punk with a heart of gold, Gungirl left behind a life of petty crime to pursue her career as a superhero. As her name suggests, her area of expertise is firearms. Nobody on the planet can shooter faster or straighter than she can, and she’ll expect the same of you.

Ifrit is a pyromancer with the ability to control fire and a love of shooting hoops. When she’s not on the court, she’s practicing her craft in secret, trying to hone her powers. She’s naive and a little inexperienced, but if you can wrest her away from her sleazy boyfriend, you’ll find that she’s a real firecracker.

Issil is an alien that hails from a long-lived and technologically advanced species. When her spaceship crashes on Earth, she’ll need the Agency’s help to repair it, and she might be willing to do something for you in return.

Kasi has the ability to move at the speed of sound, and her skills are paired with a burning desire to help those in need, making her the perfect superhero archetype. She’s bubbly and fun-loving, but she won’t take any nonsense from anyone. I hope you can keep up.

Kirin gained the power to wield lightning after becoming lost in the Himalayas while on an ill-fated mountaineering expedition. Making friends with her was easy enough, but if you want to become more than that, you’ll have to play your cards right.

LadyJOI was conceived during an occult ritual, giving her the power to influence the desires and emotions of others. Naturally, she used this superhuman ability to become a successful camgirl, raking in a tidy income by giving her viewers some one-on-one time. After sampling every sordid pleasure that the world has to offer, she’s hoping that you can find a way to surprise her.

Lollipop might just be the strongest woman on the planet, with washboard abs and the ability to punch her way through solid concrete. That doesn’t mean she has the confidence to back it up, though. Terrified by what could happen if she loses control, she’ll need a soft touch if she’s going to explore her more sensitive side.

Lovedoll is what happens when plastic surgery goes too far. The daughter of a pair of world-famous models, her plain appearance was a disappointment to her parents. After pursuing more and more extreme surgeries to realize her dream of becoming beautiful, she ended up more cyborg than woman. Now, she packs her synthetic body with advanced weaponry, and she’s looking for someone who can appreciate her for more than just her looks.

Exposed to bovine growth hormones in the womb, Milkybell grew larger and stronger than anyone could have anticipated. Now, she tends to her farm, moonlighting as a superhero in what she sees as a way to become an inspiration for women and girls who lack the confidence to follow their dreams.

Misty has complete control over the molecular bonds that hold her body together, weakening them on demand to allow her to pass through solid objects. She’s shy and insecure, so she’ll need someone to help her come out of hiding.

Noita was banished from a coven of witches thanks to her inability to keep her nose out of other people’s business. While she was there, she learned a powerful but incomplete magical art that allows her to create portals. It’s impossible to keep her out of secure areas, and she may be willing to try some creative positions as long as you’ll trust her to return your body parts when she’s done.

Oozy was once a celebrated scientist, but a lab accident left her with a new power that was also a curse. Her body was turned into a mass of slime that can be molded and shaped into any form she pleases, but it came at the cost of her mind. Her intellect dulled, she can no longer pursue her research, but you may be able to find a way to help her.

Rabbit’s family has mastered the art of density magic, allowing them to fight with weapons of such size and weight that no man should be able to lift them. A late bloomer, her father trained her relentlessly in an attempt to bring out the power in his daughter, eventually dying disappointed. With his scathing words still in the back of her mind, Rabbit has set out to prove that she’s ready to lead her clan in his place.

Ragnorosa lived her life as a ruthless crime boss until she was cursed by one of her victims, becoming a monster who must feed on humans to survive. While she’s resistant to joining the Agency, she can be persuaded to accompany your team on missions. Provided that you give her the appropriate tribute, of course. A contract is a contract.

Kidnapped from an orphanage as a child, Smoothie was subjected to cruel experiments in an attempt to create an artificial superhero, a team of scientists splicing her DNA with that of a cat. She doesn’t remember where she came from, or what happened to her, but she can use her unique skill set to help you in more ways than one.

Naive and idealistic, Splash decided to take protecting the Earth into her own hands, developing a portable waste recycling unit that doubles as a weapon that can spew toxic chemicals. Her activism gets her into a lot of trouble, but it might be the kind of trouble that she likes…

Thrasher is the kind of girl who likes to work with her hands, and she used her mechanical knowledge to build fleets of autonomous drones to help around the house. When corrupt megacorps tried to bury her business, she joined the Agency, using her abilities to build combat robots. Hope you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

Valkyrie is a fierce warrior who has the innate ability to sense when a battle is happening anywhere in the world, drawing her with a magnetic power. She tried to live a normal life, opening a bar in the hopes that it would distract her from her calling, but she might be ready to embrace her destiny if you can guide her along the right path.

An aspiring witch with a penchant for summoning, Violet was involved in an incident that drew the attention of the Agency. Given the choice to serve her time in prison or to have the charges dropped in exchange for a little community service, she elected to join the team. She will be a powerful asset, but only if she can keep her wilder proclivities under control.

The entity known as X-Sothoth appeared at the Agency’s doorstep one day, her only request that she be allowed to help. Judging by the surveillance cameras that watch her night and day, all she does is stand in the center of her room until she’s given an assignment. She doesn’t eat, she doesn’t sleep, and she has worrying powers that are growing stronger by the day.

So, that’s the list of all the girls! I hope you guys like the game, and let me know what you think. This post ended up pretty long, so I’ll be making a follow-up talking about my work on the game in more detail.