Longhunter Cover WIP

Here’s a sneak peek at a WIP of the Longhunter cover, which is still in the early stages, but is already shaping up nicely. We’re getting a cover for this one nice and early, so I expect to be able to make a retail Ebook almost as soon as the story is finished. This artwork comes courtesy of SickJoe, and you can find more of his work over here: https://www.deviantart.com/sickjoe

Kerguelan Stalker Concept Art

Here’s the finished concept art for the Stalker, which comes courtesy of SickJoe. You can visit him over here: https://www.deviantart.com/sickjoe

The depths of Kerguela’s autumn jungles are haunted by the enigmatic Stalkers, a caste of Betelgeusian bred to embody stealth and lethality. Unlike many of the other castes that are well known to Coalition forces, the Stalkers are asocial creatures, able to live for long periods without contact from their fellow arthropods. They remain in the wilds for weeks or months at a time, able to lurk motionless in the trees, reducing their metabolic rate to a crawl. Their exoskeleton is covered in tiny spinnerets that produce a sticky, silk-like substance, which can be used to secure themselves to a perch or to cover themselves in leaves and detritus from their immediate environment, providing excellent camouflage.

As soon as their array of eyes and sensors pick up a potential target, they spring back to life, tracking them down with ruthless efficiency and inhuman patience. They will move in complete silence, remaining hidden until the perfect moment to strike presents itself.

Stalkers favor bio-mechanical flechette rifles – UNN Codename: Stinger – over the loud, bright plasma weaponry fielded by their kin. These marksman weapons are almost completely inaudible, and can fire specialized ammunition that allows the shooter to adapt to various situations. In situations where they cannot rely on their rifle, Stalkers can make use of a pair of mantis blades that grow from their wrists, vicious, serrated weapons that are capable of rending flesh and armor with ease.

Longhunter Update

1600 word update, was a bit busy with art stuff today. New content at ‘Her pace grew more and more aggressive’
I have a piece of artwork ready to upload shortly, as well as a cover for Longhunter which is now on the way.