Community Day

From now on, the first of every month will be Community Day, where I set aside a full day to respond to emails and comments, and to read the fanfiction stories that readers have submitted.

As time goes on, the volume of messages and submissions grows, and I’ve not done a good job of setting aside time to deal with it all on top of my writing schedule. I’m working on average ten or eleven hour days right now, both due to the normal daily updates, and some secret projects that I’m not at liberty to discuss yet due to NDAs. Finding the time to read sometimes novel-length submissions on top of that has not been easy.

I think this is a solution that will allow me to start making a dent in my backlog. If you submitted a story or you’re waiting for a reply to an email, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll get to you today, but I’ll now have dedicated time to do so. It also means that, once I get through my backlog, new submissions won’t have to wait more than a month at most to be reviewed.

Currently queued for reading are the stories submitted by Robert Gilbert, Smohn Jith, Blake, and SketchyWarrior.