Website Launch


The website is now in a state where I feel comfortable launching it, so is officially live! The goal of this website is to serve both as a repository for all of my content and to act as a backup for sites like Pastebin and Fandom. Pastebin especially has been unreliable as of late, so I’ll be posting my daily updates here in tandem. If Pastebin goes down, you can find the same content right here.

So, a little info about the site layout. Up top is an index that shows all of the content on the site using drop-down menus. There are also links to contact information, Patreon, and Amazon.

To your left is the sidebar, which has direct links to the major Wiki articles, the image galleries, and the lists of stories. I recommend using this menu for most of your browsing. There’s also a search function.

To your right, the Recent Posts section should show a feed of the latest articles and updates. If I post a story update or write a new Wiki article, it will show up there, giving you an easy way to track new content.

The only things that haven’t been added yet are a handful of older stories that need their formatting tweaked before they can go up, and an Ebook archive where you can download the free versions of the stories, but that will be coming soon.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to SnowDrakE, without whom this project would not be possible. He’s gone far out of his way to get this site up and running, teaching me the ins and outs of the WordPress software, and dealing with the brain-melting technical stuff. He has his own website which features a lot of great Monstergirl-themed content, including stories and artwork. Go show him some love!